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Supposedly, many women dislike the car buying experience because they don’t like negotiating. But from my experience, women seem to be very effective negotiators.


n fact I would say that when the women in my life — my mother, my wife, and my daughter — negotiate with me they seem to have the process nailed. Basically it goes like this: I lose. They win. So maybe it’s more about the particular negotiating culture found in some new car dealerships, that women don’t care for so much. A lot of men don’t care for it either. One of them is Andrew Tai, co-founder of Tai started the business after thinking about his car buying experience last fall. co-founders, left, Neal Shah, Andrew Tai and Radek Garbowski.

Shown is a screen capture of’s website, which gets new car dealers to vie for your business and send you the best price on a vehicle.

“I quickly decided on which car I wanted … But that final leg of the buying process, negotiating a price, was so laborious, frustrating and time intensive … The MSRP didn’t mean that much … To figure out the true price of the car I had to go to each dealership and negotiate.” Once you’ve settled on a particular make and model of vehicle, you can go on, and for $47, the website will get the appropriate new car dealers in your area to vie for your business — they will all send you their best prices on the vehicle you desire. And according to Tai, the price quotes “really are the drive-away numbers.” No further negotiation required. There are a number of online entities in Canada

where you can comparison shop for new cars, and even complete an online purchase, but appears to be the only one where you can get “marketplace” quotes from a number of independent dealerships. In the U.S. marketplace, however, you’ll find several entities based on this model. If you think dealerships

might be unhappy with this development, think again. The Internet has been around a while, and dealerships are very aware that some customers want to do business this way and this way only. Most have “Internet” departments, who deal specifically with online customers. “Dealerships recognize the type and seriousness of the customer we’re bringing them,” notes Tai. “These customers really want to get as much done as possible online, without coming to the dealership.” And that includes credit applications and establishing a value for their tradein. The latter is accomplished via’s

partnership with Canadian Black Book, which has been establishing wholesale trade in values in Canada for decades. You choose the dealerships you want to receive quotes from. If a dealership is not yet signed on with, they will be invited to participate. The site has been up since April, and Tai notes that its customers have made deals in every major Canadian city, and with virtually all major car brands represented. (But so far it is an English-only site.) “What we’re doing isn’t exactly new,” says Tai. “On the Internet, you can compare prices on practically anything. This is trend that reaches across almost every industry. New cars is that one last piece.”

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