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Ontario ranked second on green report card

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British Columbia is the greenest province in Canada, says a nationwide report set for release on Earth Day today. The first ever Green Provincial Report Card issued by the independent Corporate Knights group says B.C. gets a C+ with 69 per cent, and Ontario places second with 67 per cent. Prince Edward Island is the brownest province in Canada, earning an F with a score of 32 per cent. The report’s authors looked at 10 categories, including greenhouse gases, green jobs, green energy, organic food, water use, biodiversity and car dependency. Corporate Knights spokesman Toby Heaps says B.C. comes in first because of its green jobs, green buildings, organic food and energy efficiency. Prince Edward Island ranks lowest due to its poor record on protecting land, car dependency, green building, energy efficiency and environmental rights.



GoGreen Metro is marking Earth Day with a series of articles to get you to Go Green: TODAY LOCAL. About 1,000 Ontario

schools will be more energyefficient thanks to a $550million program. Page 3 Ontario will have the toughest rules when its pesticide ban takes effect. Page 4 COMMENT AND VIEWS. Paul Sullivan weighs in on what a fatter planet will mean for the environment. Page 14. GO GREEN. Metro’s special Earth Day section takes a look at environmental issues around the world — from what changing climates mean to wine producers, to the effect plastic is having on our oceans. Pages 19-22. METRO DRIVE. We take a look at Toyota’s reinvented Prius hybrid. Page 29. An expert tells us why variety in Green technology is needed. Page 30. ENTERTAINMENT: Our movie reviewer takes a look at the documentary Earth, and Harrison Ford lets us in on his green initiative. Page 42. ONLINE: Visit for more Earth Day stories.

In honour of Earth Day, Metro Toronto will be published on recycled paper every day this week.


Happy Earth Day Albert Einstein famously predicted that if bees were to cease to exist, humans could last only four years after the last bee died. A shocking estimation, but these pollinators truly make our ecosystems

work. What’s frightening is that the world’s pollinators, predators, prey, vegetation and oceans that we rely on for food, oxygen and water are at risk. Which is precisely why Metro is dedicating this

year’s annual Green Metro to the topic of biodiversity — a term that, quite simply put, means the vast variety of plants, animals and natural resources found on Earth. Like bees. So read on — and plant

a garden. Ride your bike. Remember the oceans, the bees, the worms — they are your neighbours ... and our heroes. MAGGIE SAMWAYS/METRO WORLD NEWS

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a garden. Ride your bike. Remem- ber the oceans, the bees, the worms — they are your neighbours ... and our heroes. Albert Einstein famousl...

USA (Page 1)  

a garden. Ride your bike. Remem- ber the oceans, the bees, the worms — they are your neighbours ... and our heroes. Albert Einstein famousl...

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