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You are a creative individual. Whether at home or at work, you don’t settle. You set higher standards for yourself and your family. Driven from within, you strive to improve. You seek new solutions to common everyday problems as a parent, writer, artisan, driver, designer, chef, decorator, conversationalist, mentor and friend. The dance of the creative process moves you and lifts your spirits in indescribable ways. Modern life, however, commands your attention. Turbulent times brought on by new communication devices, market volatility, the drive to succeed and the continuous responsibilities of daily living block your natural creative flow. Awash in the current of day-to-day busyness, overwhelmed by the tidal wave of meetings, phone calls, text messages and emails, you unwittingly forfeit your most prized asset: your creativity. With distractions abounding, how do you avoid drowning in the sea of busyness?

Carve Out Creative Space Modern life doesn’t support creativity. The more technology we have, the more distracted we become. The human mind favors a quiet space to create. Set up the conditions necessary for a creative, inspiring environment.


February 2009