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Oklahoma Reads Book Reviews Picture books for Preschoolers

Non-fiction for grades 4-6

Mitch & Max Visit the Farm

Uncover a Dolphin

(CQ Products, Spiral-bound $12)

by David George Gordon (Silver Dolphin Books, book with embedded model, $18.95)

This deceptively simple book will be a hit with younger children. Read the story, match the animals, guess the animal sound, make new animals, search for animal parts, or mix up the animals on purpose. Read it to your child or let her play with the book, the laminated pages resist destruction. A great book to stash in your purse or the car.

Curious children can virtually dissect an animal through this book with embedded plastic model. Learn about what makes a dolphin swim so well, how its bone structure is unique, how this sea mammal breathes, eats, sees, hears, reproduces and survives in the deep, wide oceans.

Fiction for grades 1-3 Kung Fu Panda Create-A-Story

Fiction for grades 5 and up

(Brighter Minds Media, hardcover spiral-bound, $9.95)

Hoobachoo by Robert B. Davis (Tate publishing, softcover, $12.99)

Fans of the DreamWorks hit movie “Kung Fu Panda� will love to recreate the movie with this flip book with four separate panels per page that let him choose the location, character and actions that happen. Your child can create thousands of story variations while sneakily learning about sentence structure.

What exactly is a Hoobachoo? Well, according to this book, it’s a monkey. And like a monkey, this book is a bit crafty. Wrapped up in a tale about a Hoobachoo monkey society are lessons on the importance of education. While setting out on a quest for a mythical, magical banana, the monkeys must use science, history and math lessons to be successful. A fun, far-flung adventure by an Oklahoma author.

Reviews by MetroFamily Magazine editor Mari Farthing.

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