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Keyda’s Korner

Spend a day with Keyda at Eckert’s Farms!

Southern Region

2013 EXPO

Back – to - School B.A.S.H. (Backpack And Supplies Handout *)

WHEN: Thurs., July 25, 2013 (12PM - 7PM) WHERE: Regency Conference Center (O’Fallon, IL) WHAT: Come check out all of the AWESOME kid/family-friendly services and resources located RIGHT HERE in our local area – for


Entertainment, demonstrations, hands-on activities, exhibitions, cool giveaways, special guest appearances, and much more!)

You don’t want to miss out on all the

F-U-N! OR by calling 618-792-4570 / 618-628-4769 On-site Registration available at the door.


 Backpacks and supplies will be distributed one (1) per child ages 5-12 while quantities last,

FREE BACKPACK and SUPPLIES* (while quantities last)

as follows: Attendees pre-registered on-line or by phone in order received; Attendees registered at the door; Unclaimed backpacks and supplies as of 6pm from pre-registrations to attendees on-site that have not receive a backpack and supplies.



CONTACT INFORMATION: Carolyn McCarty ● 618-792-4570 ● ● Desiree Tyus ● 618-628-4769 ●


Growing Scholars Educational Center ● Metro East Parent Magazine









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Parent metro east

Dr. Angela Tenholder, DMD, FAACP We would like to invite you to our family dental office and give you a few more reasons to choose us to care for your dental needs. • We treat all patients... from 1 to 100! • We provide orthodontic services! • We offer custom mouthguards and Sports Dentistry! • We offer evening and weekend hours! • Convenient location with second location coming soon to Columbia!






June Special

Linda Jakel, Julie Fiorelli 618-407-5281

anti-Snore appliance


$100 OFF

Dr. Angie has over 18 years of clinical experience along with additional training in orthodontic and craniofacial development, sleep disordered breathing, neurologic implications of altered facial growth as well as the dental related treatment of headaches and pain. Her PASSION is to ensure that the children/ adults that she treats have the best possible opportunity to achieve proper dental and facial development to prevent future complications and to ensure beautiful healthy smiles for life.

See “aSK DR. anGie” in this publication

Call Now


Ronny Rust, Sue Hezel


Alexander Jones, Quinn Lawrence

METRO EAST PARENT 618-407-5281 2913 Old Caseyville Rd Swansea, IL 62226



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InsideJ u n e Vol. 1 Number 8



Great Gifts for Dad


Keyda’s Korner: A Day at Eckert’s Farms

Wondering what to get the Perfect Dad? Here are some perfect ideas for Father’s Day!

Come spend the day with 2nd Grader, Keyda, as she discovers the incredible Eckert’s Farms on Memorial Day.

18 Highland’s Farmers Market teaches the Kids! Check out to see what Highland’s Farmer Market is doing to get kids involved.


Highland: Your New Home for Business

There is a new home for business in the Metro East Area, in beautiful historic Highland!

23 Weekend Getaway: Metropolis

Get up, up, and away this month at the Superman Celebration and other great ideas in Historic Metropolis!


6 Letter from the Publisher 9 Voice of Generation “I”

Extra, Extra... 10 Tooth Talk with Dr. Angie 13 Stand By Me: David Robinson’s monthly contribution. 21 Garrett Peek: Black Music Appreciation Month 22 Organization is key to Kid’s Closet 29 ...ask the trainer: William Miller 30 Potty Talk with Dr. Steph! 32 Dr. Almeda Lahr-Well’s explains why nutrition is importants to kids at school

25 Summer Treats

Cool Delicious Ideas for Summer Treats!

27 Area June Fairs and Festivals

Find all the Fairs and Festivals of the area!

Events Calendar



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letter from the publisher...

Robert Ludwig

When people first find out that I am a single father with full custody of my son, the first question usually asked is what was wrong with his mother. I often wonder if that is the first question asked to single mothers. I am sure that it is not.

We live in a society where half of all marriages end up in divorce, and the majority of children are placed with the mother for no other reason than their gender. Fathers are discriminated against thousands of times in the court system on a daily basis purely because of their gender, yet nothing is ever said. I have seen it too many times where a father is just as equally capable of raising their children, yet they are limited to just weekends and maybe a night a week solely because they are a male and not deemed fit to raise children without the aid of the mother. Studies have shown that children that have an active father in their life grow up to be better prepared in life socially, educationally and financially. The Department of Justice did a study that showed that 78% of all juvenile inmates grew up in a single mother household without the presence of a father, even though only 15% of all children are raised without a father. 70% of all teenage pregnancies, 71% of all adolescent substance abuse, and 90% of all homeless and runaway children come from homes without a father. And yet we as fathers have to fight for the right to have access to our children when it is clearly in the “best interest of the child” that fathers have more of an active role in that child’s life. Please do not get me wrong here. I am a product of a single mother household, and I am what I am today because of the strength my mother had in raising six children by herself. Til this day I am forever in her debt for the love and encouragement that she gave to each one of her children. But I often wonder what my life would have been if my father had not walked out on us and never looked back. My mother raised us without any financial support from my father, and never complained once about it. She did what she had to do to do for her children, and still continues to do so today. There are many mothers just like my own that are due all the credit in the world. Instead I place the onus squarely on the shoulders of the fathers out there. Fight for your children. Too many fathers do not know what it means to be a dad. Too many fathers accept the myth that they are less than equal when it comes to parenting their children. We must show the court system and society that equality in the home is a two way street. We must demand the rights as parents that is so often taken away by the courts. So please remember this. The next time that you don’t have time to spend with your children, especially when you are given so little of it by the courts. The next time you do not help out financially with your children beyond what is court ordered. The next time you impregnate a woman and hide when the authorities come knocking because you refused to pay child support you have given the proponents of this unbalanced court system a reason to doubt our ability as fathers to have those equal rights to our children. You have made it harder for those of us who do wish to spend every possible moment with our children. You have made it acceptable to ask single fathers like myself what is wrong with the mother. So, as you celebrate Father’s Day this month please remember this: Every day is father’s day. We owe it to our children to be there for them as much as possible.

Check us out online at

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Photo courtesy of Getty Images


Family Features

hopping for some dads is easy — neckties, gift cards or golf balls are sure to bring a smile to his face. Others want something a lot more creative and unexpected. This year, get your favorite father a gift that creates special memories. Take him fishing, host a family barbecue featuring his favorite grilled fare or let him rock out with his favorite guitarist. No matter what type of dad you have, here are a few great gift ideas sure to make this Father’s Day one to remember.

Catch Some Memories with Dad

A rod and reel, some bait, a cooler of snacks and sand­wiches, fishing licenses and his favorite fishing buddy; all these together make for a perfect Father’s Day gift. Spoil dad with a day on the open water with no distractions. He’ll be glad you opted for tackle instead of the tie. For more details on how to purchase fishing licenses, supplies you will need, where the fish are biting, and how to hook ’em, visit

Wine, Wisdom and Rock Experience

Wow dad with a once-in-a-lifetime gift: The “Wine, Wisdom and Rock Experience” at the Louis M. Martini Winery, presented by Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, Aug. 16 to 18. This unbelievable weekend will blend classic rock with classic cabernet in one of Napa Valley’s most historic wineries. Dad will taste world class cabernet with Michael Martini, third-generation master winemaker, and jam with classic rock guitarist Joe Satriani and other rock legends. For more information, visit or www. California Table Wine, © 2013 Louis M. Martini Winery, St. Helena, CA. All rights reserved.

Gifts That Sizzle

For the man who has everything, give dad the gift that brings the whole family together. With the grilled good­ness of Omaha Steaks’ Favorite Gift package, he’ll have every­thing he needs for an incredible feast — from extra tender Filet Mignons to bold, beefy Top Sirloins and savory sides. Not only will he love the incredible fare, he’ll also love the extra family time. Remember, a well-fed dad is a happy dad. For information, visit www.

Grill Up Some Good Times

An icy beverage, the sun beating down and the smoky smell of a sizzling cut of meat — these are a few of dad’s favorite things. If dad is a novice to the grill, open up a new culinary world to him this Father’s Day with the gift of a new grill. Is he already a seasoned master of the flame? Think about upgrading his old rig for one that’s shiny and new. It’s a gift dad will enjoy using all year long.

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Voice of Generation “I” by Xavier Ludwig

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”

With new beginnings there must be an ending of something else. This month for me was full of new beginnings, and sadly it was also full of endings. They say that your whole life can change in an instant, but it can also change as a result of a culmination of many things, many instances that form a ladder to where you are today - this very minute. This month started with my birthday. Another year behind me, another year to look forward to. I awoke that morning with my Father sitting on the edge of my bed staring at me, giving me that awkward smile that he does too frequently when he has to say something but does not know quite how to say it. He simply said that he loved me and got up and left the room, leaving behind a present. Inside was an heirloom that had been passed down from generation to generation as the next son reached manhood. It was my father’s way of telling me that I have received the rites of passage into what he considered manhood. Another beginning, another ending. Also within the month I graduated the 8th grade in a class of only ten students in a school of less than a hundred. Next year my high school will have over Page 9

~ 1 Corinthians 13:11

a thousand young men from all walks of life. Another beginning, another ending.

passage into manhood, but the verse that shortly follows is what I believe that marks one as a man, the true passage.

My father and I moved from a small rural town to a city where there are more people in our subdivision than the whole town where we came from. Another beginning, another ending.

“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” ~1 Corinthians 13:13

But the one beginning that I am most proud of was my confirmation into my faith at the church of my namesake. Before I was born my father passed by St Francis Xavier College Church every day on his way to work and named me after the Saint. It was only fate that led me back to that very same church fourteen years later to take my Sacraments. Before God, my family, and friends I was able to take the First Communion and Confirmation to show the world that I am always in His service. Again my father had that awkward look that I now interpret as love and pride. A look that I will cherish forever no matter where I go. But this beginning of my Faith does not necessarily have an ending. This beginning is merely an extension of what I have always felt in my heart and known to be true. I am here, we are all here, to be of service to each other. No matter what religion we call our own, we are only as good as our deeds to one another. We are only as strong as the bonds that we create with each other, and with God. In the beginning of this column I referred to 1 Corinthians 13:11 as that

Charity does not have to come in the form of money, it can come in a fatherly smile to his son when he takes that leap of faith into manhood. Charity can come with the attention and reassurance that a teacher gives their students, or a simple gesture to someone that desperately needs a lift. But most of all, Charity can be just a moment out of your life to spend with those who you love, or with someone who is starving for new beginnings. Though no one can truly go back and start again, they can always start from this point on and make a brand new ending. I would like to thank Angie Doerr of St Fancis Xavier College Church for preparing me for the Holy Sacraments; my mother for making the trip to share this with me on this special day; my father for being the rock along the shore for me to hold onto in the storm; Aunt Cherie for providing me shelter in my storm; Aunt LuAnne for standing by my side as I make that leap into my Faith; and for Mitch and his family for rejoicing in life with me as we venture into the uncertainty of our future.

You may email Xavier with any questions to:

QT&o oA th Talk

with Dr. Angie A healthy, balanced smile is not only about esthetics, but about life, death and proper function. ...

It’s fair to say that every parent wants their child to be a successful, attractive, intelligent individual with a great attitude and exceptional athletic ability. A nice smile can help with all of those lofty goals, not only for the sake of appearances, but also for function. Facial development is visible from the outside. The airway and nervous system are on the inside and seem to be emerging as the key to health. With obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) seeming to become a central issue in cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer, it is hard to ignore the importance of good facial development. If those problems can be prevented with orthodontics, you may improve your child’s life as well as their smile. An integrated orthodontic approach aims to undo the structural damage to the face that may have occurred while the face was forming. The combination of the lack of breastfeeding and nutrients in the modern diet, the lack of chewing and biting difficult foods at an appropriate age, as well as food allergies or oral habits such as thumb sucking and pacifiers may result in altered facial development. Mouth breathing further misaligns the jaw. In a less than ideal growth pattern, the upper and lower jaws will fail to grow horizontally. They drop down and back. If the lower drops more than the upper, it can look like upper front teeth “stick out.” The upper jaw often needs widening to form a U shape for the roof of the mouth (palate) that will accommodate normal tongue posture, which is up against the roof of the mouth. When the upper jaw is in a more forward position, the lower jaw and therefore the tongue can position itself more forward as well. This integrated orthodontic approach tries to improve the position of the facial bones of the child as the face is still forming with the emphasis on avoidance of pulling teeth backwards or removing permanent teeth. In doing so, this technique has been shown to increase the airway size and make the face more attractive than conventional braces.

There is a high probability that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) will become the number one chronic disease in industrialized societies. The structural basis of OSA is often related to the width and position of the roof of the mouth, which is the number one indicator of an insufficient airway. OSA would likely not exist if the upper and lower jaw were ideally related to the rest of the face. Poor posture and inflammation of the soft tissues of the airway can also contribute to the structural basis of OSA. In addition, research and statistics show that: • • •

65-80% of stroke patients suffer from OSA Research also indicates a 10 point drop in I.Q. in children with OSA We must also consider the irreversible nature of cardiovascular and neurologic changes that begin to occur in children with OSA including ADD/ADHD

A healthy, balanced smile is not only about esthetics, but about life, death and proper function. Good facial development also relates to improved athletic performance due to proper jaw joint position, optimal airway and nervous system function. A good way to measure your child’s (or your) facial development is by using the measurement from the biting edge of the upper front teeth to the tip of the nose. The ideal measurement equals the age of the child plus 23. This millimeter measurement varies only slightly with body size. An increase of 5mm or more from these standards indicates undesirable facial growth. (Adult female: 3842mm) (Adult male: 40-44mm)

For more information on OSA call 618/476-XRAY

Dr. Angela Tenholder, DMD,FAACP

Dr. Angie is a 1994 graduate of Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine. Her office is in Millstadt, Illinois and she is opening an office in Columbia, Illinois early 2013. You can find more information about her and her practice at

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s ’ a d y e K Korner

Memorial Day at Eckert’s Farms... by Keyda W.

This Memorial Day I woke to a huge surprise! Uncle Robert had planned a day at one of my favorite places, Eckert’s Farms in Belleville at the Memorial Day Festival. We started off at the the Fun Farm with rides, miniture golf, and of course the Jurassic Adventure Bouce House! Uncle Robert had to have one of the giant Turkey legs and shared it with me. I got to feed so many goats and llamas and other animals! They were so cute! One of the llamas had teeth just like Uncle Robert.

Keyda with the Band of Mid-America Then we went and picked Mom some strawberries so she can make strawberry shortcake for dinner for us. There were so many big delicious strawberries, most of them were eaten before we got back to the tractor to take us back to the festival. (That was all Uncle Robert) We went to restaurant to have the best macaroni-and-cheese in the world. Uncle Robert had the salmon salad and let me try some, it was so delicious I ate most of it myself. He was full from the turkey leg and strawberries. The hot biscuits and apple butter were incredible also. Then the best part of the day came when we went to the Custard Shop and had Mango Smoothies and Strawberry Shortcake (Sshh, don’t tell Mom we had Strawberry Shortcake before we had hers) We sat outside and listened to the Air Force Band, Band of Mid-America as part of the Summer Concert Fest. I got to dance Page 11

with a lot of other kids and help sing a song. It was awesome! They were awesome! The singers and guitar player was amazing! Unfortunately, the storm came and we had to run back to our car to get home and cut up the strawberries we picked. The most important part of the day was when Uncle Robert explained to me about Memorial Day and how we celebrated all of the veterans and everyone in the military now. He told me all about his time in the Marine Corps and all of the great places he went.

Eckert’s Farms has awesome festivals all summer, including concerts every week this summer. Any time is a great time at Eckert’s, there is always something to pick, something to eat, and something to do. See you there!

Eckert’s Summer Concert Fest June Dates

U.S. Air Force Band of Mid-America Check Out the USAF Band of Mid-America’s Website and Facebook Page for Upcoming Concerts!

June 1 - Avenue Zero (Classic Rock) June 7 - Zydeco Crawdaddys (Zydeco) June 8 - Evan Webb Band (Classic Country) June 14 - Woo Daddies (Rockabilly) June 15 - Justin Heskett Band (Country/Blues) June 21 - Jeremiah Johnson Band (Mississippi River Blues) June 22 - Vintage Jam (Acoustic Trio, Bluegrass) June 28 - Kevin Mitchell 4 (Jazz) June 29 - Doug E Rees (Singer/Songwriter)

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Stand by Me... by David Robinson

So, the kids are done with school now. The quotes of many parents: “Thank goodness! No more late night homework assignments.” or “When are these kids going to quit nagging me?! I can’t wait until school starts!” And how about those kids: “I am SO glad summer is here! No more homework or having to wake up early.” or “Mom, I’m bored. What are we going to do today?” These quotes are probably resonating with many of you. Can you believe it? Not even a full week into the summer break and these are the words that can be heard even in the house of two educators! However, my wife and I find ourselves with different plans for our summer. We have plenty on our plate and lists of things for the kids to do, believe me. My time in the St. Louis metro has come to a close. I will be moving to serve as a school principal in Colorado. The summer list for my family: packing a house and moving across the country. Your summer list for your kids might include things that will help keep the mind sharp as well as the house in tidy order for those drop-in family members or friends who just want to say “Hi!” Being PREPARED is what our summer is all about. Some see it for educators as a chance to shut down for the summer with nothing to do but our 10-month job. Well, let me share with you what might be taking place for a school and educator: wrapping up the grading and final report card so you know how your child performed at the close of the year, permanent record file updates, ordering new textbooks and consumable products for the next year, year-end reports to present to the state for audit purposes, reviewing the new Page 13

textbooks that will be on the desks in the fall, preparing records for students who are moving to a new school, preparing records for graduates going on to high school, receiving records for students transferring from another school, end of year evaluations of staff members, summer maintenance projects, minor and major renovation projects, meeting with prospective families, preparing supplemental material for classes in which you’ve written your own curriculum, and…. Well, maybe you can see that it’s not just a “summer break” for the teachers and the school office. Thank you to those who really understand that we do work during the summer! See, we must be PREPARED for the fall. We can’t just fly by the seat of our pants. The work that it takes to be PREPARED must be done in advance, kind of like getting my house ready to sell. The “staging” process is a pain, let me tell you; but it is necessary. My realtor has stressed it, and potential buyers will notice it. Once that is complete, then we move into the daily maintenance and showing of the house. It kind of works that way for a school. Teachers and administrators do a great deal during the summer to make sure that the school is PREPARED and ready to have students in the classrooms come the first school day in August. So the preaching is done on what “we” do during the summer. How about you and your child? What can you do to be PREPARED for the beginning of school in the fall? All the area department stores take care of the supply list items. Don’t worry. That shopping day is still two months away! My son showed me a cool packet prepared by his teacher called “Forget Me Not…over the summer.” It has daily activities including devotions and prayers for classmates, worksheets with timed math tests, map reviewing, spelling lists, and the like. I am happy to see that my son has already started on it. Let’s see if it continues! Your child will be stepping into a new class next

year with new grade level expectations. How about going to your local library and joining the summer reading program? Step up the reading challenge and take time to read alongside your child. My son and I join the summer reading club together. (There may be great prize incentives! My son and I both won last year.) Consider heading to the local teacher supply store for a summer activity packet or build your own through some wonderful online resources. There may even be some suggestions of educational trips or activities for you and your family right here in the Metro East Parent Magazine! Being PREPARED is what the Boy Scouts of America use as their motto. It’s a good thing whether you’re on a camp out with the necessary supplies, a road trip with a spare tire, or summer vacation with plenty of sunscreen for those blistering days at the poolside. Being PREPARED will help you step into the next chapter of school for your child and make that transition as smooth as possible. On my end, being PREPARED might just help my house show a little better and sell more quickly. Thank you for allowing me to share with you over the last six months a little from the perspective of a principal and parent just like you. I have enjoyed writing for Metro East Parent Magazine and hope that through some of the words I’ve shared, you have been PREPARED for school for your child. Together as the home and school community, we have a great task of seeing to it that the children in our care are PREPARED for what life brings their way. My hope and prayer is that you will ‘Stand By Me’ for the most precious thing in your life and mine: our children. Whether it is my own children or yours that you place in my care on a daily basis, I will strive to be all that I can for them in guiding them in the way they should go. Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (KJV)

Sponsorship & Participation Form Player names

1. __________________________________

2. __________________________________

3. __________________________________

A portion of the proceeds will benefit:

Please come out to support the

American Cancer Society

EdwardsvillE Edwardsville

th Annual Presents the the 77th Presents Annual

4. __________________________________


Sponsorship Level: _____________________


Contact Name:________________________


For additional forms please visit

by participating in a


Amount Enclosed: $____________________

For additional information please contact Robin Jaeggi at 618.659.5138 or Julie Gilliland at 314.494.2851.

Relay for Life

Auction item to be donated:_____________

cannot participate, but please accept my tax deductible donation of $________________

Pay and register online at

June 17, 2013

Sunset Hills Country Club • Edwardsville, IL 62025 To find out more about available resources at the Siteman Cancer Pay and register online at Participation and Sponsorship Form

Center please call 1,800.600.3606 or visit

event near you!

Please send this completed form to 1254 University Drive, Suite 300 Edwardsville, IL 62025 Please make all checks payable to Swing Fore Hope.

Golf GolfTournament Tournament

Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for the sales and distribution arm of The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates. Swing Fore Hope is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


A portion of the proceedsJune will 17, benefit the Siteman Cancer Center 2013

Sunset Hills Country Club Edwardsville, IL 62025

2013 American Cancer Society618.659.9900

Metro East Relay For Life Schedule




June 7 & 8 June 7 & 8 June 14 & 15 June 21 & 22 June 21 & 22 June 21 & 22 July 12 & 13 July 19 & 20 July 26 & 27 August 2 & 3 August 23 & 24 September 13 & 14 September 13 & 14

Collinsville Riverbend O’Fallon Dupo/Cahokia Freeburg Jersey Highland East St. Louis Belleville Clinton County Troy Bond Monroe County

Dorris Intermediate School Rox-Arena O’Fallon High School Dupo High School Freeburg Community High School Jersey Community High School Glik Park Ralph Jordan Stadium Belleville West High School Central High School Tri-Township Park Bond County Fairgrounds Gibault High School

For more informaon, contact the Maryville ACS office at 618-288-2320 #3

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Bring in this ad & Receive $5 OFF a $25 Purchase!*

*Expires June 30, 2013. Not applicable to prior purchases, gift cards or other offers. Valid at the Fairview Heights location only.

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We oFFer: Facials • Manicures • Pedicures • Make-up analysis and of Course Top Quality Hair Care and styles great for Mothers Day or Graduation!

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• Use of Entire 22,000 sq. ft. Facility for 2-1/2 Hours • Attentive Coaching Staff • (2) 40-foot Tumble Tracks • Olympic Sized Trampoline • Indoor Soccer $ • Obstacle Course • Bounce Houses memb • Party Room • 4-Large Pizzas ers $ • 4-Liters of Soda • Birthday Cake 3


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us bank builDinG on The 4Th floor 1000 Broadway Highland, il

A Professional Referral Organization We are a group of local businesses working together. Our goal is this: To help each other increase our business through the philosophy of “givers gain.”

GENERAL CONTRACTOR Scott Belcher Timberline ConsTruCTion Office: 618-791-5147 SHIPPING & FULFILLMENT Don BergStrom The uPs sTore Office: 618-651-8877 TAXES AlySSA Bircher hi-Tek business soluTions, inC. Office: 618-654-8257, 618-667-7907, 314-272-0626, 800-548-9581 THIRTY-ONE ORGANIZATION PURSES, TOTES, GIFTS & ACCESSORIES JAmie Bricker-miTcHell ThirTy-one GifTs Office: 618-792-9805 DENTIST TimOTHy H. DrOege, D.m.D. breese DenTal Care, P.C. Office: 618-526-2020

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SIGNS & GRAPHICS chriStiAn eBl DiGiTalarTz Office: 618-651-1500 cell: 618-210-3126 FINANCIAL PLANNER Donnie D. eDDy norThwesTern muTual finanCial neTwork Office: 618-659-9900 x118 cell: 618-791-8048 ADVERTISING linDA JAkel meTro easT ParenT Office: 618-407-5281 cell: 618-514-1310 INSURANCE - EMPLOYEE BENEFITS krisTine m. JOHnsOn-OsTer bauGher finanCial & assoCiaTees Office: 288-4900 Toll Free: 800-645-2026 PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS AmeliA morgAn reCoGniTions awarDs anD more Office: 618-228-7600

HOME MORTGAGE AsHley m neWTOn wells farGo Office: 618-622-2894 cell: 618-530-9504 FLOORING JeFF OsTer osTer floorinG Office: 618-228-7304 cell: 618-920-7314 LANDSCAPING & LAWNCARE JoSeph plog final TouCh lanDsCaPinG & lawnCare Office: 618-304-4004 HEATING & COOLING StephAn plog off The wall, inC. Office: 618-972-0639 REAL ESTATE mOnny kAy sAnDiFer ColDwell banker brown realTors Office: 618-654-1234 cell: 618-304-5631

NETWORKING Joe VArDA hi-Tek neTworkinG soluTions Office: 618-667-7907 INSURANCE DAViD Viox aaDvanTaGe insuranCe GrouP Office: 618-692-4440 cell: 618-407-5522 REAL ESTATE SERVICES JAnet VoSS illinois real esTaTe serviCes, inC. Office: 618-588-7700 cell: 618-593-4397 PAINTER keiTH WilliAms williams PainTinG Office: 618-581-9427 DRUG & ALCOHOL PROGRAM MANAGEMENT cAssAnDrA WueBBles safelink DruG anD alCohol ComPlianCe Office: 618-526-0610 Toll Free: 877-219-9651

Highland Farmers Market reaches out to Little Sprouts! to eat and buy local. Harlan and her committee hope that by educating the kids now about the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet and encouraging them to try new foods, the seed will be planted for a lifetime of healthy eating. The Highland Farmers Market starts this year with a special “Market Preview” on May 30th from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. The market officially begins the season on Thursday, June 13th and runs every Thursday throughout the summer until Oct. 3rd from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. For questions please call Deanna Harlan at 618-531-5111.

(Rain Date Aug. 4th)

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August 3, 2013 - 11-8pm

Community spirit is sprouting at the Highland Farmers Market. Since the market began five years ago, Market Master, Deanna Harlan has struggled to find ways to engage kids and get them interested in the market, eating healthy, and buying local foods. Because the market typically begins about four weeks after school lets out for the summer, it’s been hard to effectively communicate with the children throughout the summer about different weekly activities. While attending a conference earlier this year, Harlan collected ideas from various speakers about involving children in the farmers market. She learned about a program in Minnesota that could work in Highland. However, it proved to be too costly to do without a corporate sponsor. So, Harlan mentioned to committee members, Jonell Safford and Susie Dewaele, that she wanted to have a Kids Community Garden at the Highland Farmers Market and the seed was planted. After some brainstorming sessions the three moved forward with the idea. A flier was created and sent out as an e-mail blast to all elementary school children in the Highland School District. Railroad ties, topsoil, planters, plants, mulch, tilling and labor have all been donated by community members so far with more help sprouting up every day. Details are being finalized for the kids’ activities incorporating the garden but will include growing, identifying, harvesting, and tasting the vegetables that are being planted, all in fun and interesting ways. There will be activities and handouts that will help teach the children about the benefits of different fruits and vegetables, healthy eating in general, and why it is so important

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192 Woodcrest, Highland, IL 62249 Page 19

By Kathleen Mulcrone, City of Highland


ave you ever thought about opening your own business but not sure where to start? Or are you looking to expand or relocate your current business? If so, maybe you should consider Highland, IL, as your new home for business. Located thirty miles from St. Louis, Highland offers entrepreneurs a wide range of business resources and support. As a dynamic and innovative community, Highland has earned a reputation as a municipal leader in promoting economic growth by supporting local business as well as companies looking to expand or relocate to the area. The city’s business mentoring program, state-of-the-art fiber optic system, and thriving entrepreneurial community, are just a few reasons why Highland, IL, is positioned as ‘The Most Entrepreneurial Community in Southern Illinois.’ Local entrepreneurs are encouraged to take advantage of the city-organized Highland Entrepreneurship Program (HEP). It is a 12-month goal-driven process which provides effective, growth-oriented, management and tactical support to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Highland region. The HEP creates custom business mentoring programs to help small businesses develop innovative approaches to: product development, operations, marketing, customer management, finance and accounting. HEP teams are assembled with experienced, successful business mentors who provide tactical business mentoring to entrepreneurs to help them grow effectively and efficiently. In addition, this one-of-a-kind program is offered at no cost to Highland entrepreneurs. Last year, the HEP assisted a dozen businesses and created 44 jobs.

New Home For Bu siness Business mentoring that provides effective, growth-oriented, management and tactical support to start-up and small businesses in the Highland region

Cust om business ment oring program t o help small businesses develop innovat ive approaches t o: All businesses (big and small) can benefit from Highland’s fiber-to-the-home system, Highland Communication Services (HCS); the state of Illinois’ first municipally-owned telecommunications company. The fiber-optic network provides advanced high-speed Internet, cable television, and phone services to local businesses and residents. With the creation of HCS, Highland has the capacity to present companies with the most beneficial environment to fulfill their business needs. The fiber-to-the-premise infrastructure produces the opportunity for the use of affordable, advanced technology to industries that would otherwise not have been available to them in a traditional rural community setting. Lastly, (and perhaps most importantly), entrepreneurs can feel at ease moving their businesses to Highland; the community’s business-friendly climate has been a tradition for the past 175 years. Residents take pride in that many of the well-known successful businesses in Highland were started by local entrepreneurs: The Korte Company, Highland Supply Co., Wick’s Pipe Organ Co., Basler Electric Co., and Highland Machine & Screw Products Co. As a result, the community supports and embraces startup ventures and the growth of existing businesses. It’s clear to see that the numerous resources and opportunities offered to the local business community have placed Highland, IL, on the map as an up-and-coming place for start-ups and entrepreneurs. So go ahead; consider Highland, IL, as your new home for business.

Product Development Operat ions Account ing Market ing Cust omer Management Finance Mentoring is offered free of charge to entrepreneurs who currently operate a business or want to start a business in Highland.

Partnering Sponsors

For more information, please contact: (618) 654-9891 or (314) 775-8622

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Garrett Peek is the founder of Melodic Rhythms in Belleville and Breese Illinois. Melodic Rhythms is a lesson studio that offers private lessons for all instruments with professional teachers and tutoring for all grade/high school subjects. Go to for more information. Garrett will answer all questions emailed to him at By Garrett Peek June is Black Music Appreciation Month. Music has been influenced and created by African-Americans in so many different ways that it would be impossible to list them sufficiently in a column. Many know about the famous African-American artists such as St. Louis’ own Chuck Berry, Stevie Wonder, B.B. King, Louis Armstrong, and the many others. What most people seem to know the least about is the instrumental inventions that African-Americans have provided. One such instrument (that is making a huge impact in current music from groups like The Lumineers and Jason Mraz) is the cajon. The cajon is a very simple instrument. When I started using one for live performances back in 2007, everyone always wanted to know what the box I was sitting on was. It was the cajon. The cajon is just that, a box. In fact, cajon is the spanish word for “box”. The modern cajon has transformed into a mre complicated instrument. It has many unique sounds, unique applications, and can be easy to pick-up but difficult to master. The origins of the cajon are not directly applied to one “inventor” per se. When

African slaves were brought to the Americas, they were not permitted to use musical instruments or drums. They had to be inventive and use what different objects were around them to create music. One item that many slaves had readily available to them was shipping crates. The slaves started hitting on these crates and found that depending on where you struck the wood, different tones could be achieved. The cajon was born. It was impossible to prevent the slaves on the docks from using the crates as drums. This led to non-dock working slaves adapting the idea to using dresser drawers in the same drum-like fashion. cajons even started be crafted to where they would be easily disguised as seats. Many of these same features remain a main-stay of the instrument today. The modern cajon is more than just a wooden box. While there is no standard size (or shape really) that is considered to be the norm, there are several features that are becoming more and more standardized. The cajons have three thick wooden ply sides, thick top and bottom plys, but a thin wooden ply face. The thin wooden face is what allows for the different attacks while the thicker “shell” is what creates the reso-

nance. The face is screwed on with many screws to the frame. Some cajons have a couple of the screws missing from an edge or two so that the face can be slapped against the frame to produce yet another sound. Behind the face, guitar strings or a snare drum strand can be attached to add more sound varieties. Having these wires behind the face allow for the cajon to achieve several different sounds of a drum set. Because of these modern attachments, the cajon has become a very popular instrument in local music scenes and with national acts. Percussionists are now using them as replacements for drum sets in acoustic shows. Acts such as The Lumineers have even been seen on national television using the cajon in this same manner. They say necessity is the mother of invention. That is definitely the case for the cajon. It’s amazing to see this unique instrument be used in such different ways and by so many different musicians these days. This is especially true when you consider the humble origins of the instrument and the role it played in allowing African slaves to continue to create music while in the shackles of slavery.

Melodic Rhythms 110 North High Street Belleville IL 62220


Music Lessons Instrument Sales, Rentals & Repairs School Tutoring ACT/SAT Prep GED Training

572 Memorial Drive Breese IL 62230


Call 618-407-5281 Today to ADVERTISE in... metro east

Parent Growth is Life

2931 Old Caseyville Rd. Swansea, IL 62226

Parent e n i l On metro east

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Metropolis, IL This month get up, up, and away from the Metro East Area with a quick trip to the Southern part of the state to one of Illinois’ treasures: Metropolis. June marks the 35th Annual Superman Celebration with so many festivities geared towards the family it will make you want to don your cape and red boots as Supermom and Superdad. The festival is packed with family fun events, autograph signings from Superman celebrities, and even a chance to hit the Guinness World Record Book as the largest gathering of people wearing Superman outfits. The SuperMuseum located in the heart of Metropolis on Superman Square is home to the world’s largest privately owned Superman collection. There you will find original costumes, movie props, toys, original artwork, posters, stills, games, statues, action

figures and so much more on display. This is a must visit for the Superman enthusiast! Don’t forget to take your pictures in front of the Superman statue in the middle of Metropolis at Superman Square. But Superman is not the only hero of the Metropolis area. One of the State’s most historic sites is located at Fort Massac State Park, Illinois’ first state park. Fort Massac is a captivating reminder of days gone by, a fascinating excursion through the entire course of American history, and the perfect place to relax in soothing natural surroundings and explore the life style of our young country. The historic site is a replica of the 1802 American fort that was on site. The historic fort area contains two barracks, three block houses, officer quarters, well, stockade and a fraise fence. The site also has the archaeological outline of the 1757 French Fort. A visitors center/office complex with a museum complete the infrastructure. Recreations of pioneer life of the 1700s take place during the annual Fort Massac Encampment and several living history weekends each year to bring the past to life, letting you experience it yourself. With all this, and the picnicking, camping, hiking, boating and hunting opportunities available in the rest of the 1,450-acre Massac County park is an alluring, complete and self-contained family vacation spot. To delve further into the history of the area your family can visit the other many sites of the area including Kincaid Mounds Archaeological Site. Kincaid Mounds State Historic Site is a nationally significant Native-American archaeological treasure. From about 800 AD to 1500 AD it was the ‘capital’ of a chiefdom that stretched from Brookport to Hamletsburg along the Ohio River. Today, the mounds still exist and a constructed overlook platform and interpretive panels tell the story of the significant contribution and historical value of the Native American culture. Your family can also learn how to scuba dive at Mermet Springs, just a few miles from Metropolis. Mermet Springs gives scuba lessons, guided tours, and opportunities for your family to bond this summer. Check out the underwater plane crash, it is so cool. The plane was used in the movie US Marshals.

Wonderwoman and Supergirl in front of Superman Statue in Superman Square Page 23

Boeing 747 at Mermet Springs You cannot visit Southern Illinois in the summer without visiting the local wineries. There are always events happening for the entire family, as well as tours to visit many wineries in one afternoon. As far as lodging, there is always camping at various sites including Fort Massac State Park, Mermet Springs, and many others with electricity, showers, and other amenities. There is also a host of hotels including Harrah’s Hotel with 252 rooms. But if you want to get pampered a night at one of the area bed & breakfasts hits the spot. Old Bethlehem School Cottage was once a one-room schoolhouse, now a charming cottage with 3 bedrooms, large eat-in kitchen, living room and bath. The cottage is set at the edge of the Shawnee National Forrest with a scenic view of the rolling hills from the front yard. Pets are welcome. Summers Riverview Mansion Bed & Breakfast has five master suites available in a Victorian home overlooking the Ohio River. Private bath with claw-foot tub and shower, telephone, cable TV, internet, whirlpool tub, fireplace and Wedding Chapel. Chapel may also be used for other special events. This B&B also offers free use of bicyles to its guests. Take a ride along the new George Rogers Clark Discovery Trail during your stay. A quick internet search will reveal other B&Bs in the area. You can visit Metropolis Tourism Board for all your needs in planning the perfect getaway this summer. Have Fun!

Fort Massac State Park and Fort

Summers Riverview Bed and Breakfast

Kincaid Mounds

Get an autograph from Michael Rosenbaum, aka Lex Luther. Other celebreties will be available for autographs.

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Step up to the plate for fun

Your kids will love these summertime recipes, inspired by a partnership between Bomb Pop and Little League Baseball and Softball. You’ll score big when you invite the kids into the kitchen to create edible bats, their favorite baseball players and a super sweet scoreboard.

Page 25

Family Features


othing says summer more than base­ ball, America’s favorite pastime, and refreshing frozen treats. During these warm months, find the kids something fun to do to fill their days of leisure. Here are five super summer activities sure to be a grand slam for your family. Encourage your kids to think beyond the couch, and add a little excitement to their summer routine. n Make it a triple play in your backyard by setting up the sprinkler, playing limbo with the water hose and laying out a tarp for a do-it-yourself water slide area.

n Gather up the team for a visit to your local library. This is a perfect way to get some of their summer reading completed. n Hit a home run with ice necklaces and bracelets. Freeze flowers and other baubles in an ice tray with a ribbon dangling into each cube. As the jewelry melts, your kids will cool down in style. n Cover your bases by always keeping cold treats stocked and ready in the freezer. Fun, fruity ice pops are always a favorite. n Score big by making your own homemade lemonade or sun tea. Kids can get creative by adding fresh fruit or other favorite flavors.

Sweet Scoreboard

Prep time: 10 minutes Yield: 4 servings 4 (3 x 2 inch) rice crispy treats Sugar cake decoration letters and numbers to spell “Home,” “Guest” and team scores 2 Original Bomb Pops Arrange the sugar candy letters GUEST and HOME across the treats, placing number next to each for the score. Place treats on dessert plate. Place a Bomb Pop on each side of “scoreboard” as posts. Serve immediately.

Edible Baseball Bats

Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 2 minutes Yield: 6 servings 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs 8 ounces white chocolate candy coating 6 Original Bomb Pops 3 regular-size marshmallows, cut in half Place graham cracker crumbs on a large plate. Melt candy coating according to package directions; quickly spread on all sides of Bomb Pop. Roll immediately in graham cracker crumbs, pressing

to stick to Bomb Pop. Press cut side of marshmallow onto narrow end of Bomb Pop to resemble baseball bat knob. Eat immediately or freeze until serving time.

Build Your Favorite Baseball Players

Prep time: 10 minutes Yield: 4 servings 4 medium strawberries, stems removed 4 Sour Wower Bomb Pops 1 tube white frosting in pastry bag with writing tip 8 (1/2-inch) sugar cake decoration letters 8 mini candy-coated chocolate pieces 4 graham cracker sticks, cut in half Cut a thin slice off one long side of each strawberry. Hollow out center to fit on end of Bomb Pop. Place a dab of frosting where the strawberry begins to taper to a point, and attach sugar letter. Set aside. Working quickly, place 2 dabs of frosting for the eyes, and press a candy coated chocolate piece on each. Attach each graham cracker half with frost­ing for arms. Place a strawberry baseball helmet on top of each Bomb Pop. Serve immediately.

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May 30- June 23

Circus Flora - A Trip to the Moon, behind Powell Symphony Hall. 718 N. Grand Blvd., St Louis. In its 27th big top production, St. Louis’ own Circus Flora goes where no circus has gone before: to the moon. Powered by Ameren and inspired by Georges Méliès’ groundbreaking 1902 film, A Trip to the Moon, Circus Flora’s creative team captures the film’s imaginative spirit under the big top.

June 1

Mascoutah Ice Cream Festival Walk. 200 E. Main St. 5-, 10- or 20K walk through Mascoutah. Ice cream samples along the way.

June 1-2

Shriners Circus. 2 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday, 2 and 7 p.m. Sunday, Belle-Clair Fairgrounds, Belleville. $14 adult; $10 child. Tickets from any Shriner, call 618-874-1870 or at any Schnucks, Hucks or Moto Mart Store. Proceeds benefit Ainad Shriners operations.

163, Belleville (north of Millstadt). Fried chicken and sides; dine in or carryout. Quilt raffle. Doll, Toy, Bear, Dollhouse and Miniature Show. 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m. Belle-Clair Exposition Hall, 200 South Belt East, Belleville. Early bird buying, 8 a.m. $5 admission. Door prizes hourly. Doll appraisal, 1-2 p.m. Doll stringing on site. Silent auction and special exhibits.

June 3

Shriners Circus. 7:30 p.m., Monroe County Fairgrounds, Waterloo.

June 6-8

Marissa Coal Festival, 5-10 p.m. Thursday, noon Friday to 1 a.m.; 9 a.m. Saturday to 1 a.m. Marissa Park.

June 7-8

Belleville Optimist Rodeo. 7 p.m., Mid America Airport. Events include bull riding, saddle bronc, bareback bronc, tiedown roping, steer wrestling, team roping and girls barrel racing.

Taste of Midtown Art Fair, Locust Street St. Louis.Mid Town Art Fair Presented by Blue Moon, Miller Lite, and The Riverfront Times will feature the best in arts, crafts, entertainment, and restaurants in this St. Louis street festival for two days. With main stage entertainment, and lots of activities, our estimated crowd of 60,000 will delight in this fun family oriented event.

Route 66 Festival, Edwardsville City Park. Sock Hop kickoff at the Crystal Ballroom. Family fun, entertainment, roadside art fair, children’s activity area, historic displays, 10K run.

Summer Rendezvous. Fort des Chartres, Prairie du Rocher. Hundreds of re-enactors set up camp. 18th century contests, trade goods, artisans, military displays.

St. Elizabeth Parish Picnic. Friday, parish grounds, 2300 Pontoon Road, Granite City. Family Days Saturday and Sunday with prices rolled back on selected foods to $1 from 1 to 4 p.m.; ride matinee, noon to 3 p.m.

June 2

Strawberry Festival and Chicken Dinner. 11 a.m.-3 p.m., Concordia United Church of Christ, 7600 State Route Page 27

June 7-9

Schweizerfest, Highland. Celebrate Swiss heritage with rides, entertainment and food. Parades Saturday and Sunday nights.

June 7-10

Illinois Free Fishing Days at Carlyle

Lake, Free Fishing Day at Carlyle Lake is an ideal time to take part in boating and fishing activities. Free Fishing Days allow the public to fish without a license. Free Fishing Day is open to everyone of all ages.

June 8

Kids Day Fun Fest 2013, Mastroianni Orthodontics, Glen Carbon, IL. Local families are welcome to take part in the Kids Day Fun Fest 2013, which will feature bounce houses, photo booths, bite impressions, safety demonstrations, and so much more! Belleville Brew & Que. 11 a.m-9 p.m., third block of East Main Street, Belleville. Belleville’s 1st Annual BBQ Challenge and Craft Beer Walk. There will be a Craft Beer Walk where attendees can pay $15 for craft beer samples. There will also be a BBQ challenge where the public can vote for the best BBQ, and purchase BBQ. Live music will also be present. For more information visit or call (618)233-2015. Bluegrass Festival. Alton Riverfront Amphitheater. Festival activities begin at 3 p.m. with banjo and fiddle demonstrations, contests, quilting fair. Food and drink vendors. The Feed the Need concert starts at 5 p.m. to help Senior Service Plus’ Meals on Wheels program. Get Outdoors Under the Arch, 9:00 a.m.2:00 p.m Gateway Arch, St Louis. An event that promotes outdoor activities, healthy lifestyles & healthy food to encourage people to connect with nature & active lifestyles & to embrace our parks, forests, & other public lands & waters. Offered today: Bicycle safety, bicycle tours, walking tours, a climbing wall, fishing, exercise classes & learning about wildlife & info booths. FREE

June 8-9

Dadfest. Eckert’s Country Store, 951 Green Mount Road, Belleville. Barbecue contest, bands, kids activities, carnival rides, food, pony and camel rides.

Okawville Heritage Days. Surrey rides, bands, heritage crafts, vendors, food, flea market, town-wide rummage sale, games for kids.

June 15-16

31st Annual Belleville Antique American Glass Show & Sale, Belle-Clair Fairgrounds.

June 12

Prairie du Rocher Party in the Park. 7 p.m., city park. Music by Lock and Load, food. Free; donations for musical guests. In case of rain, moves to American Legion Hall.

June 14-15

Glen Carbon Homecoming. Main Street by the Covered Bridge. Parade. Carnival rides, pony rides, food and drink booths, two beer gardens, bands. Tethered balloon rides Friday Night. 5K 1K Fun Run Saturday morning. Parade and fireworks Saturday night.

June 14-16

Dock Dog Diving. Eckert’s Orchards, Illinois 15, Belleville. Dock diving. Canine carnival, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday. Adoptable dogs, noon-3 p.m. Saturday. Dog Frisbee contest Saturday. Dog dress-up contest. Sponsored by Camp Bow Wow and Belleville Area Humane Society. Benefits Splash for Rescues.

June 15

St. Dominic Parish Picnic. 4 p.m. St. Dominic Church, Breese. Youth Fishing Derby. Caseyville Park, 40 W. Reynolds, Caseyville. Free event for kids 15 and under, accompanied by an adult 18 or older. Bring a fishing pole, bait and a bucket for fish. Information and pre-registration:

Shiver Me Timbers Towboat Festival, Grafton Harbor, Water St, Grafton. Experience “Life on the Mississippi” during this annual festival. Take free tours of a working towboat and learn about the river with hands-on exhibits. There will also be a treasure hunt, giveaways, live music and activities for the entire family. For more info, call (618) 786-7678.

June 18

Porta Westfalica Festival. Downtown Waterloo. Celebrates Waterloo’s relationship with sister city Porta Westfalica, Germany. Food, music, parade.

June 19

Prairie du Rocher Party in the Park. 7 p.m., city park. Music by Lynn Rose Terry and friends, food. Free; donations for musical guests. In case of rain, moves to American Legion Hall.

June 21-22

Holy Rosary Summer Festival. 5-11 p.m., Holy Rosary Church, Fairmont City. Parade at 6 p.m. Friday. Mass at 4 p.m. Saturday. Homemade Mexican food, pork steak dinners, fish, burgers, funnel cakes. Children’s carnival area, rides, games. Cash raffle.

Dorchester Kids Triathlon, 7:30 am. Dorchester Swim Club, Belleville. This is a super sprint for children that would like to try something new. Distance for 5 years to 9 years of age will be 50 yard swim in the pool, bike will be 1.01 mile, and run will be .5 miles in the park. Distance for 10 years to 17 years of age will be 100 yd swim, bike 2.2 miles, and 1 mile run in the park.

June 28-29

Okawville June Jubilee. Downtown Okawville. scavenger hunt, outdoor movie, Soapbox Derby, custom bike show, Bazaar with artists, crafters and vendors, Kids Zone with inflatables, Velcro wall, rock climbing wall, clowns, bags tournament, children’s float parade, kids march in costume, decorated bikes, wagons, strollers. Fireworks at 9:30 p.m. Saturday. Marine Homecoming. Village Park, Marine. Parade, food, bingo, rides, bands, dancing.

June 29

Blackjack Bluegrass Festival. 3-8 p.m. 8729 Lebanon Road, Troy Carlyle Lake Fireworks Spectacular, Dam West Recreation Area. Bands, sand castle-building contest, volleyball tournament, fireworks. Optimist Truck and Tractor Pull. Monroe County Fairgrounds, Waterloo. Food and beverages.

June 22

St. Pancratius Picnic, parish grounds, 2213 N. Second St., Fayetteville. Polka Mass with Polka Connection, 4 p.m. in the church. Polka Connection will perform throughout the evening. All-you-can-eat fried chicken dinners, 4 p.m. in air-conditioned parish center. Quilt and cash bingo. Sandwiches, games.

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ask the trainer... Guest columinsts, William Miller of Dynamic Fitness Management will answer any and all questions emailed to him at and place some of the more pertinant answers in his column every month. How do I get rid of the jiggles? - Shirley P. O’Fallon, IL

I wish I had a nickel for every time a woman asked about her jiggles. This is one of the most colorful descriptions for excess body fat that I have heard. This is a concern that crosses the spectrum of fitness levels. Bodybuilders and sedentary women alike all want the same thing: body parts that stop moving when the rest of their body stops moving. Most of these concerns revolve around specific body parts. Some of the more common complaints I hear are women being unhappy with the back of their arms, hips, thighs and butt. With regard to the individual body parts the hardest thing to accept is that you can not localize fat loss. The fat that you burn as a result of your healthy lifestyle will come off of your body in a very generalized way. You will lose the fat from your arms and legs at about the same rate as the rest of your body. The first issue to deal with is how to reduce body fat. The first way this will be achieved is through healthy nutrition. A diet that consists of a variety of proteins, plenty of healthy fats and low carbohydrate intake and is what I recommend for fat loss. You should also try to avoid processed foods at all costs. In addition to creating a healthy diet you need to increase your muscle density and size. The best analogy to illustrate this point that I have heard is that muscles are machines and the fuel they use is calories. Like any other machine, the larger they are the more fuel they use. So larger, denser muscles will cause you to burn more calories in everything you do throughout the day. Once you get the fat coming off your whole body you can begin to target your problem areas. While you cannot lose fat from specific body parts you can increase muscle size in specific parts. The combination of shrinking the amount of soft body fat from an area and increasing the amount of lean muscle in that same area will start to give you that “toned” look and rid yourself of the much feared jiggles.

How do I get my kid off the bench and into the starters? - Angel R. Collinsville, IL

Great question Angel, thanks for asking! Regardless of the sport in question there will be a particular skill set that is exclusive to that sport. In baseball you have hitting a ball with a bat or catching with a glove, in football you have to change direction mid sprint quickly and be able to tackle efficiently and safely, in curling you must be able to sweep furiously and not fall but there are some skills and abilities that will help in most every sport. By developing an athlete of any age’s abilities in the more general athletic skills you will greatly increase their chances of getting more playing time. Most any coach would agree that if you bring them a potential athlete with explosive strength, high level accuracy and lasting endurance they will have potential to go far in most any sport. When I refer to explosive strength I am talking about the ability to go from a state of rest to a state of maximal exertion very very quickly. Sprinters on the starting blocks or a football lineman waiting on his quarterback to snap the ball are both perfect examples of this. When the starter pistol fires or the quarterback yells “hike” the athlete must go from perfectly still to explosively fast full power movement as quickly as possible. In many cases and in many sports the athlete who makes the transition from rest to maximum output the fastest will be the victor. Accuracy refers to precision of movement of body parts. When a fast-pitch softball pitcher throws three fastballs in a row that are all strikes she has achieved accuracy in every part of her pitch, from the placement of her feet, through the arm swing and the exact point that she releases her grip. All of it has to come together perfectly every pitch. The same principles apply to a boxer throwing a punch, a sprinter taking a stride and a kayaker placing his ore in the water. Endurance is simply the body’s ability to repeat a cycle of movements over and over for long periods of time. This requires training for the heart as well as for the muscles involved in the movement in order to be able to keep working for longer periods of time. Even if your athlete’s sport does not require high levels of endurance during competition they will need to practice the skills for their sport quite often, which requires fairly high level endurance. Developing these athletic abilities in any athlete will give them a competitive edge no matter what sport they play. Find your child a good trainer to help your child develop the general athletic abilities like power, accuracy and endurance and then find them a good coach for their sport to develop the specific skills needed for that game. This is sure to have an immediate and lasting effect on the amount of playing time your child receives.

About William I was born and raised in the Metro East. After graduating from Belleville East I joined the Marine Corps. Upon returning I attended SWIC and then KU where my academic focus was on Psychology. Since college I have dedicated my career to learning everything I could about becoming the best personal trainer I can be. I currently work for DFM as the Director of Personal Training in the Fairview Heights Club Fitness location. William Miller NFPT, CrossfitL1, USAW L1

Page 29

© 2011 CFA Properties, Inc. Chick-fil-A Stylized® is a registered trademark of CFA Properties, Inc.



Chick-fil-A at Green Mount Commons

5:00 - 8:00 PM

Open seating available on a first come, first served basis. No reservations necessary!




ON FALL REGISTRATION New Customers Only. With Coupon Expires 7/28/13

• Strong academic foundation • Christ-centered education • Educating for 165 years • Pre-school through 8th grade • Christian caring community • Accelerated Saxon math exclusive to the area!

Open Enrollment for Pre-School through 8th Grade is available now for the upcoming 2013/2014 school year. Learn about our new community outreach promotions, family discounts and the tuition assistance that is available • Advanced reading programs • Extensive music program: strings, choir, brass, hand bells - lessons during school day

• Sports and physical education programs • Safe, convenient and affordable • Before and after school programs • Hot lunch program Voted #1 Child Care

Holy Cross Lutheran School ~ Since 1848

304 South Street • Collinsville, IL 62234 • 618-344-3145 •

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Potty Talk with Dr. Steph

by Dr. Stephanie B. Berk

This month is national potty training month. Therefore, I am going to answer broader questions that are a bit squeamish for many people. And yet, these questions come up often – even making it into headline news.

Q. A.

If the restaurant or store that I am in does not have a diaper/ pull up changing station, what should I do? Great question! This was just on the news last week. A woman was at a well-known coffee shop with her baby. The baby’s diaper needed to be changed, and there was no changing table in the restroom. She changed the baby’s diaper on the seat next to her, and the manager of the restaurant asked her to leave, citing sanitary and “grossness” reasons. Regardless of whether you have a child in diapers, or a child who is potty training, places to change a diaper or clean up after an accident, differ based on availability. Not many people would argue that changing a wet diaper, discretely in a corner, is okay in most places. BUT the

dirty diapers, with the odors, should not be changed where people are eating. If there is a changing station, that is still the best place to go. If there is not a changing station, some “acceptable” options are: 1) going to your car to make the change and clean up, 2) going outside, and finding a somewhat secluded spot, 3) going into the restroom and either using a large diaper pad on the floor, or you can change the child while he/she is standing, and 4) taking the child home.


My 3 year old and I often go to playgrounds and restaurants on the weekends. She is currently potty training and needs to be taken to the bathroom. As dad, I can’t go into the women’s restroom. What age is too old to take her into the men’s room?


This is another great question. With many dads actively parenting, some restaurants and stores now have changing stations in the men’s restroom. But not all. You can probably take your daughter into the stall of the men’s restroom until she is about 5 years old. I recommend you walk her quickly in, and close the door of the stall. Since she spends so much time with you, it is not her curiosity that is as much of a concern, as the curiosity of other men that might be in the restroom. Once she is 5 years old, and fully potty trained you can take her to the door of the women’s restroom, and wait outside while she goes in. I have 4 boys, 2 of whom are too old to go into the women’s restroom with me. Our rule of thumb is, “If there are any creepy people in there, just come right back out.” A creepy person is someone who makes them feel uncomfortable. Learning to rely on that instinct is a helpful skill, not just with potty training and bathroom use.

Potty-training a child can be an overwhelming and frustrating task for parents and caregivers. It doesn’t have to be. Instead, with the 3 C’s and the 3 Pro’s, it can be a rewarding and positive experience. This book provides a day by day schedule in Chapter 4, that tells you what to do and say to your young child. This second version of How to Potty-Train Your Dragon/Child provides an expanded chapter on night-time potty-training, and some other additions based on consumers’ feedback. About Stephanie – Stephanie is a mother of 4 young boys, with a degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Cornell University, a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from University of Connecticut, a post doctoral fellowship at Yale, and is currently a post-doctoral fellow at Washington University in St Louis. She has taught university classes on child and adolescent development, cognitive psychology, and the linguistics of American Sign Language and Deaf culture. When not doing research or teaching at Washington University, she gives classes on potty training based on her book, How to Potty Train Your Dragon/Child. Page Page 31 31

Is Breakfast Essential for a Student’s Performance? By Dr. Almeda Lahr-Well, Founder, President & Director of Lahr-Well Academy in Edwardsville, Illinois Does what you feed your children for breakfast influence how well they do in school? You bet it does! Our children need nutritionally-dense foods to fuel their bodies and support their brain activity. They won’t receive that nutritional support from processed cereals or sugar-laden “pop-ups” at the breakfast table. And what about the children who skip breakfast because they are running late for school? How can they stay awake in class … let alone be mentally alert? Over the years we educators have witnessed a growing number of “good” children turn into underachieving, misbehaving students. Across the country too many dedicated, outstanding teachers have had to adapt their teaching methods to confront growing numbers of students with a variety of learning problems. These problems can be caused by a variety of reasons. However, all children (as well as adults), but especially young children, are susceptible to malnutrition because what they eat lacks the essential vitamins and minerals to help them grow, remain strong and fight off infections and diseases. How can they learn if their bodies are malnourished? They can’t. However, schools, parents, and physicians are considering the importance of good, daily nutrition as a means of helping with this dilemma. So, are we feeding our “kids” what they really need…for good nutrition? Food journalist Michael Pollan, a food expert featured in the highly acclaimed documentary, Food, Inc., believes the best solution lies in the consumption of “real” foods. A good portion of the foods we eat today are fast/convenient foods. Also, Pollan says, “A lot of what you see in the supermarket, I would argue is not really food. It’s what I call edible, food-like substances.” Our children are becoming “addicted” to these high-calorie, low-nutrient-content foods. These nutritionally-deficient foods cause our children’s bodies to crave more food…which, very likely, helps to explain the rapid rise in childhood obesity. It’s difficult to imagine that obese children can be so undernourished. Unfortunately, the decreasing health of our children directly correlates to this rise in the consumption of convenience foods and the decrease in the consumption of nutritionally-dense fresh fruits and vegetables. Did you know that in the 2000 World Health Organization rankings of “health of population,” that the U.S. ranks 72nd of 191 countries listed? Additionally, for the first time, children in the United States may not live as long as their parents. So what do we feed our kids? The nutritional food pyramid is a good guideline, and supplementation is now an important part of our daily nutritional needs. But which supplements are good? Ninety-five percent (95%!) of

all vitamin-mineral supplements on the market are synthetic and have petroleum or coal tar as their base. Should you be thinking, “Oh, that can’t be the vitamins and minerals I take…or give my children!”...then I have a kitchen experiment for you. Place your vitamins-minerals in a preheated oven at 350º …for 15 minutes. The black spots that begin to appear before your eyes are…petroleum! But, don’t take my word for it. Do the experiment yourself! The body knows the difference between real food…and chemicals or rock salts. Be certain that the nutrients list the foods from which the vitamins and minerals are derived. And yes, minerals should also be plant-derived. Don’t let the word natural confuse you. Petroleum is natural. Chalk is natural calcium. Read the label...and between the lines! As a friend says, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Well, now you know!

Lahr-Well Academy is offering a

Summer Camp/Summer School June 17-28th 9:00-11:00 AM

The program focuses on basic skill development, K4-Grade 12. The cost is $600.00


903 NorTh 2Nd STreeT edwardSville, il

Page 32

Calendar of Events

Have an event you would like to see in Metro East Parent Calendar?

Email us at with the details and we will be happy to place it in there for you! Also, there are more events online at our new interactive website!

Every Monday

5pm - 8pm Chick-fil-a - Family Night @ Green Mount Commons, Belleville Featuring 99 cent kid’s meals and a family friendly activity

9:30am - 10:30am Preschool Story Time @ O’Fallon Library 10am - 10:20am Fun for Ones @ Edwardsville Library 11am - 12pm Lego Story Time @ Columbia Public Library Come build a love of books. We will share stories and Legos.

11am - 11:30am Time for Twos @ Edwardsville Library 1:30pm - 2:30pm Story Time School @ O’Fallon Library 5:30pm - 7:30pm The Summer Jubilee of 2013 InterGenerational Summer Program @ The Belleville Philharmonic Youth Orchestra At the Philharmonic Hall, 116 N. Jackson, Belleville

All Events Are FREE and Open to the Public July 4th

at Tri-Township Park at Dusk

The Summer Jubilee of 2013 Inter-Generational Summer Program All Musicians ages 9 to 99! Let’s have a Blast with two months of Incredible, Exuberant, Stress-free Music that will keep your Family Together and your Toes Tapping! Join us, Monday evenings 5:30-7:30 p.m. June 10 through July 15, 2013 At the Philharmonic Hall, 116 N. Jackson, Belleville Concert will be held on Saturday July 20, 2013; Ice Cream Float Party Follows! No auditions! But you must be able to read music and have at least two years instrumental experience.

6pm - 8pm Bunko Night @ Eckert’s Country Restaurant

(Every other Monday, June 10 & 24) An old-fashion game for all ages. Play Bunko at Eckert’s Country Restaurant on the second and fourth Monday of each month. $5 per person includes game, prizes, beverages, and snacks. Open to the public. No reservation required. For more information call Eckert’s Country Restaurant at (618) 233-0513 x 3.

Every Tuesday

9:30am - 9:50am Fun for Ones @ Edwardsville Library 9:30am - 10:15am Kids Art Programs @ The Magic House 9:30am - 10:30am Tales for Tots@ Chick-fil-a Green Mount Commons Story-Telling; coloring and playtime with new friends

10am - 11am Story time @ Collinsville Library 10am - 11am Nature Playtime @ Willoughby Farm

Bring your preschooler to learn, explore and play on the farm at Nature Playtime at Willoughby Farm. A farm and nature expert will lead activities designed for ages 3-5 and their families. You’re welcome tobring a picnic to enjoy after playtime.

10:15am - 11:15am Ballroom Dancing @ MSCC

1003 N. Main ST, Edwardsville 618-656-0300 Pull out those dancing shoes and get ready to move! Betty and Gene Fedder will be teaching Ballroom Dance at MSCC. Everyone is welcome and you don’t have to have a partner to participate. The instruction is for basic ballroom only.

10:30am - 11am Babygarten @ Columbia Public Library 11am - 11:30am Time for Twos @ Edwardsville Library Movie Location: Tri-Township Park (access from gazebo, northeast side) • Entertainment Location: Tri-Township Park in the gazebo In the event of inclement weather, all entertainment will be moved to the Wiesemeyer Center.

Proudly Sponsored By:

All events will be held at Tri-Township Park Hwy 55, Exit 18 in Troy, IL Contact the Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob Chamber of Commerce (618) 667-8769

A portion of the funds for the Troy Family Summer of Fun events are provided through tourism funds (hotel/motel taxes) from the City of Troy

Page 33

12pm - 1pm Free Tuesday Matinees @ Globe Theatre – Greenville 7pm - 7:45pm Preschool Story Time @ Edwardsville Library 8pm - 9pm Rib Mania @ Eckert’s Farms Belleville

Rib Mania is back by popular demand. Receive one rack of applewood smoked ribs FREE when you purchase one at regular price. Don’t miss this tasty deal.

6pm - 7pm Yoga @ CARD

s Bouncers & InflataBle for all occasIons

6pm - 7pm Teen Initiative @ Collinsville Library 6pm - 8pm Thursday Night at the Movies @ Collinsville Library 8pm - 10pm Arts in the Park 2013 @ Edwardsville City Park


mention this ad for a discount

rozanne & John mulcrone

Every Wednesday

8am - 1pm Volunteer Work Day @ Willoughby Heritage Farm These volunteer days are for outdoor work. Be sure to wear weather-appropriate clothing. Contact CARD for more details at (618)346-7529.

9am - 10:30am B-I-N-G-O @ Chick-fil-a Greenmount Commons

Come and play Bingo for your chance to win Chick-fil-A food and merchandise. (This event is offered every other Wednesday June 5 & 19)

9:30am - 10:30am Babygarten @ O’Fallon Public Library 10am - 10:45am Preschool Story Time @ Edwardsville Library 10:45am - 11:45am Beyond the Garten @ O’Fallon Public Library

Bring a picnic, a blanket, and your neighbors and friends to one of Edwardsville’s most treasured summer events - 7 weeks of arts entertainment and activities in Edwardsville City Park – Absolutely FREE!

Every Friday

8am - 7pm Prairie Farms Summer Zoo Weekends @ Saint Louis Zoo 10am - 1pm Animal and Farm Display @ Suson Park

Suson Farm Fridays are the perfect way to experience all the fun at Suson Park! Take a barn tour, a hayride through the park, get your face painted, ride a pony and play on an awesome playground. For kids up to age 12. Admission is $8 per child in advance and $10 at the gate. Adults are free. Park programs are designed for kids of all abilities. Suson Farm Fridays are held in all weather. To register call 314-615-8822.

11am - 1:30pm Free Lunch Friday @ Immanuel UMC EDW 800 N. Main ST, Edwardsville Open to all, in the church fellowship hall.

12pm - 1pm Free Friday Matinees @ Globe Theatre – Greenville 3:30pm - 4:30pm Tween the Gartens @ O’Fallon Library

5:15pm - 6:15pm Zumba @ CARD

(Every other Friday, June 7 & 21) For children ages 12-24 months and a parent or caregiver. Explore books, music, and rhyme with your baby and interact with other parents and children.

Every Thursday

4:30pm - 7:30pm Fish Fry @ Edwardsville K of C

10am - 10:45am Preschool Story Time @ Edwardsville Library 10:30am - 11:30am Storyteller Gail Long @ O’Fallon Library

Come listen to the amazing story teller Gail Long as she takes your kids into the great fantasy world of literature!

1pm - 1:45pm Preschool Story Time @ Edwardsville Library 4pm - 7pm Highland Farmers Market @ Highland Square Where you see food, farmers, and friends!

5pm - 7pm Photo Fundamentals @ CARD 5:30pm - 7pm Golf: Golf Clinic @ Arlington Golf Course

Ages 16 and up Designed for all levels of golf experience, this covers grip, stance, alignment, swing motion, fundamentals, iron play, woodplay, chipping and pitching shots, putting and review. Bring your own clubs (some loaner clubs are available). $60 / $50 with Benefit ID

7132 Marine Road(Hwy 143), Edwardsville, Illinois 62025 Enjoy a variety of menu items including fried cod, catfish, shrimp, and appetizers in a family setting. Carry outs available.

5pm - 8pm Jungle Boogie Friday Night Concert Series presented by Chevy Music Showcase @ Saint Louis Zoo

Bring the whole family for a free concert in the center of the Zoo. No concert on June 21

7pm - 9pm Summer Concert Festival @ Eckert’s Farms Belleville

We are excited to host our second annual Summer Concert Fest, featuring fifteen weekends of live music on Friday and Saturday nights. The live music will take place in the plaza area, outside the Country Store from7pm - 9pm. This free event is perfect for all ages. We will have kid’s activities and custard as well as grilled food and wine/beer available for purchase. Bring a lawn chair or blanket and enjoy a beautiful evening with family and friends. If it rains, the concert will be cancelled.

Wednesday “Grandparents day” 15% discount with picture

Page 34

Every Sunday

8pm - 9:30pm Arts in the Park 2013 @ Edwardsville City Park

June 14 Blue Skies “Impressionistic Rock” with strong lyrical & melodic quality June 21 Bottoms Up Blues Gang Acoustic Blues with a little Delta & Dixieland mix June 28 Five & Dimers Americana band with a focus on original music July 12 Elemental Shakedown Riverfront Times’ Best Bluegrass Band of 2012 July 19 Miss Jubilee & The Humdingers Old timey Jump Blues, Swing & Hot Jazz July 26 Gumbohead New Orleans inspired Zydeco, Funk, Blues and more

Every Saturday

8am - 7pm Prairie Farms Summer Zoo Weekends @ Saint Louis Zoo 9am - 10:30am Arts in the Park 2013 @ Edwardsville City Park (Starts June 15)

Children’s Art Classes (K-4th) June 15 Catching a bite to eat Create webs big and small, and the hungry diners. June 22 Daubers Coils of clay and little pots – how do they know where to dig? June 29 Avian Architects Weaving twigs and grasses, create the birds and their veiled nests. Taught by local artists and art educators, Arts in the Park provides age appropriate art experiences for children 5 – 10. For more information, call the Edwardsville Park Office at 692-7538.

10am - 11am Saturday Story Time @ Greenville Library

June 1

Mascoutah Ice Cream Festival Walk, Summer Rendezvous @ Fort des Chartres, 2pm & 7:30 pm Shriner’s Circus @ Belle Clair Fairgrounds Park (See Festivals Page 27) Horseradish Festival @ Woodlawn Park, Collinsville

May 31- Jun 2 - Come to the festival for live music, food booths, root toss, root golf, root sacking contests, craft fair, Bloody Mary contest, Little Miss Horseradish Festival Pageant, horseradish recipe contest, children’s area, the annual Horseradish Root Derby and much more. Admission is always free! Parking is always free! Live musical entertainment is always free!

Jakey in June Bar-B-Que Cook-off @ St. Jacob

May 31- Jun 1- Jakey in June BBQ Cookoff Adult cook off Kid’s cook off 5k run and 1 mile fun run Musical entertainment.

8:30 am Fishing Derby @ Woodland Park Lake, Collinsville

1pm - 2pm Yoga @ Glen Carbon Library 7pm - 9pm Summer Concert Festival @ Eckert’s Farms Belleville

St. Louis Tour de Cure @ Alton Riverfront Amphitheater

1pm - 2pm Free Saturday Matinees @ Globe Theatre – Greenville

Have an event you would like to see in Metro East Parent Calendar? Email us at

(See Friday Night for Details)

St Louis Art Museum Family Sundays Rock, Paper, Scissors Hands-on art activities and a lively 30

Our annual fishing derby returns during this year’s International Horseradish Festival. Winners will receive prizes and there will be giveaways for all entries. Each participant will also receive a hot dog and a soda. This competition is open to individuals of all skill levels; the Southwestern Illinois Special Recreation Association will host a competition for children with disabilities. Bring equipment, bait, and a bucket for fish. A limited number of poles will be available for loan. Free event for children 15 years old and under.

1pm - 4pm Family Day @ St Louis Art Museum

Page 35

Family Sundays @ St. Louis Art Museum

Join over 1,000 cyclists for the St. Louis Tour de Cure. New features are Start/Finish at the Alton Riverfront

Sunday 10 – 2 Monday – Thursday 9 – 7 Friday 9 – 9 Saturday 9 – 7

Amphitheater and routes that take you through rural Illinois with terrains from flat to moderately rolling. Cyclists of any age will find suitable routes on this well-supported ride. Rest stops located approx. every 10 miles are stocked with snacks, beverages and first aid. Support vehicles patrol routes for your assistance and safety. Afterwards enjoy an extraordinary party including live music and great food! This is more than a cycling event: it’s a life-changing event. A day of fun and excitement where riders of all levels join forces in the fight to Stop Diabetes® and raise critical funds for diabetes research, education, advocacy and support of the American Diabetes Association. Join us for the Ride of Your Life, register today at

Strawberry Festival @ Eckert’s Farms

This is the weekend to share with family and friends. And what better place to share it than the family farm! Enjoy outdoor festival foods and live entertainment at this old-fashioned all-American festival. Free wagon rides. Kid’s activities include pony rides, children’s play area, petting farm, carnival rides, and inflatable. Strawberry treats in the bakery, custard shop and restaurant! Fee charged for some activities. 9am – 5pm For more information call (618) 233-0513.

Wild Saturday @ St Louis Science Center

On selected Saturdays, learn more about local wildlife rescue efforts from area animal organizations and interact with live animals! The featured group this Saturday is World Bird Sanctuary with their armadillo, Russell.

9am - 4pm Camel Rides @ Saint Louis Science Center

See the new exhibition Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science at the Saint Louis Science Center and begin your journey with a ride on areal camel! The camel rides will be located outside the Saint Louis Science Center’s main building at 5050 Oakland Ave. Camel rides are $5for everyone. The camel can seat up to two children and one adult. Children must be at least two years old and children between 2 and 4are required to ride with an adult. As an added feature, visitors can see and pet a baby camel for free. Rides are weather permitting and at the discretion of Double R Exotics. Friday, May 31 and Saturday, June 1from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. More information:

9am - 10am Golf: Junior Golf Clinic @ Arlington Greens Golf Course

Ages 7-14 This clinic is a great introduction to the game of golf and covers the basic fundamentals of swing, as well as short game and sand play. $50 / $40 with Benefit ID

10am - 2pm 1st Annual Safety Day @ Highland Middle School

Presented by Highland Kiwanis Club Safety Demonstrations and information and a variety of topics! Be one of the first 50 to arrive and receive a FREE bicycle helmet! Attendance prizes and BOUNCE HOUSE!

8am - 9am Paws Around the Park @ Wilson Park, Granite City Dog Walk and Benefit for the Red Cross

9am - 12pm Build a Lawn Mower Pencil Holder Workshop for Kids @ Local Home Depot

mower and get to take it home. All participants will receive a free Kids Workshop Apron and certificate of achievement. They’ll also get a sense of pride and accomplishment! All supplies are provided. 9 a.m. to noon at local Home Depot stores. To register and find the workshop nearest you, go to workshops

10am - 5pm Yard Sale @ Girls’ Night Out

At this free hands-on workshop, kids ages 5 to 12 will learn how to make a pencil holder shaped like a lawn

453 North Illinois St, Swansea Casual and Cocktail dresses starting at just $3. Prom and Homecoming dresses starting at $30. www.

Call 618-407-5281 Today to ADVERTISE in

Metro East Parent

area storytelling times O’Fallon Public Library – 120 Civic Plaza 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM ................. Every Thursday.................................Storyteller Gail Long 9:30 AM & 10:45 AM.................. Every other Monday.........................Preschool Storytime 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM ....................... 3rd Monday of Month......................Fun and Furry Reading — Program — 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM.................... Every other Wednesday...................Babygarten 10:45 AM -11:45 AM................... Every other Wed. and Friday...........Beyond the Gartens 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM.................... Every other Friday............................Tween the Gartens

Eckert’s Country Restaurant 951 S. Green Mount Rd, Belleville

Your children will sure to be entertained during our holiday story hour. The kids will be enjoy hearing the story of the gingerbread man. After the story is over, each child can make a gingerbread craft. Fun for kids of all ages. FREE. Story will be told at 9 am and 11 am in the Garden Center. For more information call Eckert’s at (618) 233-0513

Belleville Library Presents

DIAL-A-STORY Dial 234-0555 and a child can listen to stories over the phone!

There is a new story every week!

Page 36

10am - 12pm Happy Feet Youth Soccer League @ Airplane Park, Edwardsville

Join us for the 2013 Happy Feet Early Summer Soccer League! Develop coordination, balance, and have a ton of fun! Increase listening skills, boost selfconfidence and learn the basics of the game in a fun, non-competitive setting.

10am - 3:30pm Primate Awareness Weekend @ Saint Louis Zoo

Show some love for the lemurs, monkeys and great apes! Zookeepers will offer keeper chats, interactive games for visitors, enrichment feedings for the animals and more at the Primate House and Fragile Forest. Learn about animal adaptations, their special skills, behaviors, conservation challenges these animals are facing in the wild and how you can make a difference. See more about primates.

10am - 5pm Sandcastle Creations @ The Magic House Can you dig it? Join world-champion sand sculptor Dan Belcher as he builds a 75-ton sandcastle outdoors on the shores of The Magic House. Surf over to the museum’s Exhibit Patio and learn how to create your own “sandsational” sculpture using only sand and water. Free with museum admission.

10:30am - 11:30am Family Workshop @ St Louis Art Museum

Each of these child-centered workshops combines a playful visit to the galleries with an art activity. Adults participate and create along with children — no experience necessary. Pre-registration is required.

10:30am - 11:30am Photoshop 1 @ Glen Carbon Library

Summer Rendezvous @ Fort des Chartres, 2pm & 7pm Shriner’s Circus @ Belle Clair Fairgrounds Park, 9:30am - 3pm Doll, Toy, Bear, Dollhouse and Miniature Show. @ Belle-Clair, 11am 3pm Strawberry Festival and Chicken Dinner @ Concordia United Church Of Christ (See Festivals Page 27) ARCH Retreat @ Grafton

The weekend gathering is for young adult (18-30) survivors of childhood cancer and designed to promote an environment for participants to connect with each other and enhance their social network; teach tangible tools for healthy coping and living; and develop an annual forum for participants to receive support surrounding their medical, emotional, social and vocational concerns. For more information you can check out or call 618-410-7212.

10am - 3:30pm Primate Awareness Weekend @ St Louis Zoo 1pm - 2pm Lecture: Purple Martins @ Cahokia Mounds

Learn about purple martins at Cahokia Mounds Free.

June 7

Marissa Coal Festival, Superman Festival @ Metropolis, Route 66 Festival @ Edwardsville City Park, Schweizerfest @ Highland, St. Elizabeth Parish Picnic (See Festivals Page 27)

Lost Egypt @ Saint Louis Science Center

Discover the lost secrets of ancient Egypt at the Science Center’s June First Friday event. See the newest exhibit - Lost Egypt: Ancient Secrets, Modern Science, see an Egyptian belly dancing performance, try your luck at trivia, and participate in a Science Cafe with Dr. Michelle Loyet of Webster University as she discusses traditional mummification in Egypt. There will also be a special presentation in the James S. McDonnel Planetarium about how ancient Egyptians and other ancient cultures used the stars to navigate. Parking is free on First Friday nights and there is special pricing on OMNIMAX films. At the OMNIMAX Theater, all tickets are $6: Air Racers will play at 6 p.m. Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs at 7 p.m. Mystery of the Nile at 8 p.m.

8am - 4pm Columbia Kiwanis/Firestone Golf Tournament @ Annbriar Golf Course, Columbia

June 3

21st Annual Columbia Firestone Golf Tournament Format: 4 Person Best Ball -make your team

(See Festivals Page 27)

11am - 12pm Magic with Chris @ Columbia Library

7:30pm - 9:30pm Shriners Circus @ Monroe County Fairgrounds, Waterloo

June 4

7am - 5pm Large Item Trash Curbside Pick-Up @ Columbia

Join us for a magic show! Call 281-4237 or stop by the library to register. This program will be held in Metter Park if weather allows. Please bring a blanket to sit on.

5:30pm - 9pm Centene Fitness First @ The Magic House

1pm - 2pm Dino Dinner @ Saint Louis Science Center

12pm - 2pm Aquatic Adventures @ Forest Park

7:30pm - 9:30pm Rush Studio of Dance Presents Right Between Wrong @ Wildey Theatre

1pm - 3pm Summer Reading Kick-Off Party @Edwardsville Library

Children can earn free admission and take the first step toward a healthy lifestyle on the first Friday evening of every month. Families can stretch their muscles and their minds as they take the 1,000 step circuit through the museum touring hundreds of fun, educational exhibits and looking for “Fit Facts” filled with useful health and nutrition information. Each month will feature a different fitness theme as well as special guests and activities to get families energized about getting fit. All ages. 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Free with museum admission.

1pm - 3pm Young Scientist @ Kute Rec Center, Highland

7pm - 10pm Belleville Optimist Rodeo @ Mid America Airport

Ever wonder what dinosaurs ate for dinner? Science Center staff will lead an exploration of dinosaur dinner menus and how dino teeth adapted for specific meals. Participants will make their own cast of a dinosaur tooth! Fun for all ages.

“Right Between Wrong” is the newest debut production by Rush Studio of Dance’s company dancers, and it tackles the very relevant issue of bullying that continues to remain prevalent in schools and neighborhoods around the country. Join RSD and “Right Between Wrong” in exploring the powerful abstract imagery of how one single incident of bullying can ripple through the entire community. A portion of the proceeds made through this performance will be given to the anti-bullying advocacy group “Stand for the Silent.” Do not miss this powerful performance by local dancers and choreographers!

8:30pm - 10:30pm Movies in the Park @ City Park, Edwardsville

June 2

Horseradish Festival, Strawberry Festival @ Eckert’s Farms, Sandcastle Creations @ The Magic House. (See June 1 for Details) Page 37

Games and exploration will fill the afternoon at Picnic Island, a shallow waterway that’s perfect to dip your food into. Meet at Picnic Island between the Grand Basin and the Dwight Davis Tennis Center. Kids should wear shoes that can get wet, bring a water bottle, hat, sunscreen and a snack. For ages 6-12. Noon to 2 p.m. Free.

Do your kids love science? Keep their mind working this summer and let them complete a variety of fun and educational experiments. Different ones at each session.

June 5

10am - 11am Wednesday Morning Play Dates @ Contemporary Art Museum 5:30pm - 8pm Family Game Night @ Belleville Library 8pm - 9pm Babygarten @ O’Fallon Public Library

June 6

Marissa Coal Festival, Superman Festival @ Metropolis (See Festivals Page 27)

Events include bull riding, saddle bronc, bareback bronc, tie-down roping, steer wrestling, team roping and girls barrel racing. Calf scramble two age divisions and a calf catch for FFA member teams. Food vendors, pony rides, petting zoo. Tickets at the gate are $12 adults; $6 children.

7:30pm - 9:30pm TGIF at Splash @ Splash City Family Waterpark

Live music, lots of giveaways, full use of the waterpark, high-fives all around; yeah, these Fridays at Splash City are pretty awesome. $5 per person to enter from 7:30-9:30pm. Live music by Exit 12

June 8

Marissa Coal Festival, Superman Festival @ Metropolis, Route 66 Festival @ Edwardsville City Park, Schweizerfest

@ Highland, St. Elizabeth Parish Picnic, Bluegrass Festival. Saturday @ Alton Riverfront Amphitheater, Okawville Heritage Days, Get Outdoors Under the Arch, Belleville Brew & Que (See Festivals on Page 27 for Details)

8am - 12pm Habitat Restoration Day @ Watershed Nature Center, Edwardsville

Our monthly efforts focus on invasive control and removal, replanting, and general site maintenance. Bring gloves, a water bottle, and tools like pruners and clippers, if you have them. Please register by contacting Watershed Nature Center at 618-692-7578 or email:

8am - 2pm The Tossed & Found 52 Item Challenge Sale and Fun Day @ Wee-Peats 208 Frank Scott Parkway Swansea Huge Fun Day Benefiting the “Make-a-Wish Foundation”

9am - 10am Golf: Junior Golf Clinic @ Arlington Greens Golf Course (See June 1 for Details)

10am - 1pm Kids Day Fun Fest 2013 @ Mastroianni Orthodontics

2220 S. State Route 157, Glen Carbon Bring your family to this free, family-friendly event and enjoy great activities including bounce houses, bite impressions, safety demonstrations, photo booths, giveaways, and much more!

10am &1:30pm Xtra Fancy Tea Party @ Eckert’s Farms Belleville

It’s tea time and you’re the hostess! We’ll get ready for our tea party by creating invitations, setting the table with some fancy décor created by you, and enjoying delicious tea time snacks. Come dressed in your favorite hat, gloves, jewelry, or whatever makes you feel extra fancy

12pm - 3pm Family Day / Carnival @ ESIC Baptist Church

1000 University Dr, Edwardsville ESIC Baptist Church is hosting a Family Day/ Carnival: complete with Bounce Houses, game booths, face painting, crafts, popcorn, snow cones and other family-style entertainment. Please join us for a fun-filled afternoon.

7pm - 10pm Belleville Optimist Rodeo @ Mid America Airport (See June 8 for Details)

June 9

Superman Festival @ Metropolis, Schweizerfest @ Highland, St. Elizabeth Parish Picnic, Okawville Heritage Days (See Festivals on Page 27 for Details)

Raptor Awareness Show @ Cahokia Mounds Learn about native birds of prey through a demonstration and flight show presented by naturalists from the World Bird Sanctuary.

6pm - 8pm Music at Metter @ Metter Park

Outdoor concert in the park featuring The Dynamic Combo Band (Polka’s, Big Band, Jazz, Easy Listening and more). Grilled brats, hotdogs, soft drinks & beer available for purchase. Bring a lawn chair or blanket.

June 10

10:45am - 11:45am Preschool Storytime @ O’Fallon Library 5pm - 6pm STARS with Dogs (Sit Together and Read Stories) @ Glen Carbon Library

Read your favorite stories to CHAMP Therapy Dogs

June 11

6pm - 8pm Cooking Class @ Eckert’s Farms Belleville

Fresh Summer Favorites Summer produce lends itself to so many delicious dishes. We’ll feature our favorites including Summer Salad with Grilled Vegetables, a pasta with fresh tomatoes, grilled summer chicken and a delicious summer dessert. Learn some handy tricks as well, like how to enjoy corn on the cob without the work of de-silking, and more! Event will take place from 6pm to 8pm.

6pm - 7pm Golf: Ladies Golf Clinic @ Arlington Greens Golf Course (See June 1 for Details)

6:30pm - 7:15pm Evening Family Story Time @ O’Fallon Library Join us on the second Tuesday of each month for a family story time. We will listen to stories, play games, sing songs and have a great time together.

Page 38

Open MOnday – Friday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Ages six weeks – 12 years old

Individual, age-appropriate classrooms • Art and learning programs for all ages • Field trips

DAY CARE ~ PRESCHOOL SCHOOL-AGE CARE SMithtOn 514 North Main Street (618) 234-8707

red Bud 1270 West Market Street (618) 282-4555

On the web at:

6:30pm - 8pm Teen Read @ Belleville West Branch Library

June 12

Origami Class @ New Art Legacies

5605 N Illinois Fairview Heights, IL Come join us to learn the art of Origami. Call for times: 618-257-0705

1pm - 2pm Jackie and Papa Wright Puppet Show @ Edwardsville Library 6pm - 8pm Ladies Night @ Jack Schmitt Cadillac

An evening that’s all about the ladies! Join us for the latest summer travel trends in fashion, makeup, salon styles & more.

7pm - 10pm Party in the Park @ Prairie du Rocher Music by Lock and Load, food. Free; donations for musical guests. In case of rain, moves to American Legion Hall.

June 13

Origami Class @ New Art Legacies (See June 12 for Details)

12pm - 2pm Adult Movie Matinee @ Edwardsville Library 1pm - 2pm “Swords and Roses” Pirate Show @ Columbia Library

Interactive swashbuckling silliness for all ages. Please call 281-4237or stop by the library to register. This program will be held in Metter Park if weather allows. Please bring a blanket to sit on!

4pm - 5pm Chess Club @ O’Fallon Library 6pm - 8pm Dodgeball @ Weinheimer Community Center, Highland

Participate in dodgeball contests, enjoy pizza and soda, and win prizes.

June 14

Dock Dog Diving @ Eckert’s Farms Belleville, Glen Carbon Homecoming (See Festivals on Page 27 for Details)

8am - 3pm Tee Off for Autism 30th Annual golf tournament @ Stonebridge Golf Club Page 39


New & New To You

NAME BRAND CLOTHING Infant through Adult Sizes

Stop In For All Your Spring & Summer Clothing!


*Excludes hand-made items. Not valid with other coupons and previous sales. EXPIRES JULY 1, 2013


Woodcrest Plaza, Highland, IL - Behind KFC/Taco Bell Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9-4, Sat. 9-1

Now Accepting Seasonal Clothing For Consignment! Call For Appointment.

5pm - 7:30pm Family Fun Night @ SWIC

SWIC Intramural Gym 2500 Carlyle Ave., Belleville, IL Children of all ages will have the opportunity to participate in games, activities, and create masterpieces. Call 618-855-4806 for additional information.

6pm - 10pm Troy Summer of Fun @ Troy Township Park

Troy Family Summer of Fun Free Movie Night The Adventures of TinTin—sponsored by The Bank of Edwardsville Before the movie: “A Tribute to Elvis” featuring Steve Brandes.

June 15

Dock Dog Diving @ Eckert’s, Glen Carbon Homecoming, 4pm - 12am St. Dominic Parish Picnic @ St. Dominic Church- Breese, Youth Fishing Derby @ Caseyville Park, Dadfest @ Eckert’s Country Store, (See Festivals on Page 27 for Details)

Wild Saturday @ St Louis Science Center (See June 1 for Details)

7am - 2pm Troy City Wide Garage Sale Tri-Township Park and throughout Troy

9am - 10am Golf: Junior Golf Clinic @ Arlington Greens Golf Course (See June 1 for Details)

10am - 2pm Bump Day @ Shiloh Chiropractic

1207 Frank Scott Parkway East #100, Shiloh Shiloh Chiropractic is hosting a day for expectant and new mothers. We recommend chiropractic care for expectant mothers to help with pelvic balance, low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, proper fetal positioning and difficult labor. Guests can expect to meet our doctors, receive free spinal screening, shop local vendors such as It Works!, Thirty-One Gifts, Merle Norman, Lactations Boutique and more*, and receive pampering while enjoying free food and drinks! The first 50 to RSVP and attend the event will receive a goody bag from our office and various vendors.

10am - 4pm Electronics, Appliance & Battery Recycling @ Columbia Dept. of Public Works

10am - 3pm Festival of Fossils @ Science Center

Learn all about dinosaurs, fossils, Paleontology, Paleotrek and more with these fun and free hands-on activities. Bring in fossils you have found and try to have them identified

4pm - 12am Father’s Day Family Camp Out @ Willoughby Heritage Farm 5pm - 6pm Jack Schmitt Ford/Lincoln Presents Josh Gracin and the Well Hungarians @ Collinsville Gateway Center

American Idol finalist Josh Gracin along with Well Hungarians will perform LIVE at “TURN THAT SCHMITT UP” Concert Series #3. A portion of all proceeds goes to military relief funds, including LPE. Tickets available at Jack Schmitt Ford or online

June 16

Father’s Day Dock Dog Diving @ Eckert’s (See Festivals on Page 27 for Details)

June 17

1st Kids Take Home Craft Begins @ Edwardsville Library Art Camp with Kate! @ CARD 9:30am - 10:30am Wilderness Walk @ Watershed Nature Center

Free, open to the public. Registration requested for groups of 10+.Looking to boost your health and well-being in 2013? Whether you naturally enjoy spending time outside or need a little prodding to get you out the door, there is little refuting the benefits and effects of nature.

4pm - 5pm Fun and Furry Reading Program @ O’Fallon Library

Check out our new “Fun and Furry Reading Program”. Our new friends Normand Izzy will be here every third Monday afternoon from 4:00 - 5:00. So if you like dogs and just need a little more practice reading, checkout our new program. Norm, Izzy, and their owners are from C.H.A.M.P.Assistance Dogs, INC. Sign-up to insure a time with the dogs.

June 18

Porta Westfalica Festival @ Downtown Waterloo (See Festivals on Page 27 for Details)

June 19

10am - 10:20am Books for Babies @ Edwardsville Library

Zentangle @ New Art Legacies

10am - 11am World’s Largest Swimming Lesson @ Splash City Family Waterpark

For all ages Join participants at aquatic facilities around the world as we help to set a new Guinness World Record. You’ll join over 24,000 ‘students’ in 15 countries for this special swim lessons. Tragically, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death for children under 14-years-old. Attend this event to learn and help spread awareness of water safety. Limited number of spots available. Register now. Lesson free with the price of regular admission. Season pass holders get in for free.

11am – 1pm International Picnic Day @ The Magic House

Celebrate International Picnic Day. Grab a blanket on the front lawn of The Magic House and enjoy free ice cream, listen to music, get your face painted and shake flippers with Norton the North Star Penguin. You can bring in food to eat or purchase traditional picnic favorites from The Museum’s Picnic Basket Cafe. Free with museum admission.

4:15pm - 5:15pm Cultural Adventure Club @ O’Fallon Library

You are invited to SEE THE WORLD on every third Tuesday at 4:15! We will learn about other cultures and traditions through games, guest speakers, crafts, and an occasional snack. For 2nd grade and up.

5pm - 8pm Daddy Daughter Date Night @ Chick-fil-A at Green Mount Commons

Open seating available on a first come, first served basis. No reservations necessary!

505 N Illinois Fairview Heights Based on the book Zentangle Basic’s by Suzanne McNeill, CZT Call for times 618-257-0705

11am - 12pm Yo-Yo-Ology @ Columbia Library

See the world on a string as Ian Cole engages his audience with the science and history of yo-yos. A very popular St. Louis performer.

12pm - 1pm Lunch and Learn Class @ Eckert’s Farms Belleville

Berries and More Our new crop of blueberries has inspired some wonderful new recipes. Learn our tricks to preserving berries for later use and try our blueberry lime salsa, a fresh salad featuring berries and a Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Peaches. Lunch portions will be served

7pm - 8pm Education for Alzheimer’s or Other Related Dementia Caregivers @ Columbia Rehab & Nursing Columbia Rehab & Nursing invites you to attend their Hospice of Southern Illinois and Alzheimer’s Association sponsored family education classes. Bring your loved one with you for live entertainment, activities, and social fun while you are at the meetings.

7pm - 9pm Social Media Safety Presentation for Teens & Parents @ Edwardsville Library

Middle School teens and parents are invited to attend a Social Media Safety presentation from the IL Attorney General’s Office’s High Tech Crimes Bureau, Free, but space is limited 80. RSVP to greenelise@ Presented by Girl Scout Troop 722. Topics include: cyberbullying, digital citizenship, sexting, online predation, current trends in digital platforms - risk of newer social medial tools, tips on how to use apps safely, why kids are so plugged in.

1pm - 2pm Animal Underground Show @ Edwardsville Library

June 20

6:30pm - 7:30pm International Fiction Book Club @ Collinsville Library

Dress like a pirate for crafts, games, and a snack.

Meet us at the Blum House on the 3rd Wednesday of the month! Everyone welcome.

1pm - 3pm Pirate Party @ Korte Rec Center - Highland

1pm - 2pm Yoga Storytime - Ages 5 to 8 @ Columbia Library

6:30pm - 7:30pm Teen Advisory Group (TAG) @ Belleville Main Library

Kids will learn poses through storytelling, music, fun, and games. Yoga sessions will be held with Mary Holtkamp. Please call 281-4237 or stop by the library to register.

7pm - 10pm Party in the Park @ Prairie du Rocher

2pm - 3pm Yoga Storytime - Ages 9 to 12 @ Columbia Library

Music by Lock and Load, food. Free; donations for musical guests. In case of rain, moves to American Legion Hall.

June 21

5pm - 11pm Holy Rosary Summer Festival (See Festivals on Page 27 for Details)

PERSONAL ASSISTANCE NEEDED We are looking for an Office Assistant. Apartments NOW Available

To learn more, visit or to schedule a tour, call (618) 971-7706.

Email Resumes To: IF INTERESTED

Driving classes offered at our main location, at Althoff each quarter, and in Evansville, IL

• Driving Classes NOW Forming! Driving classes classes offered offered our at our main main location, location, at Althoff at Althoff •Driving Adult driving and at remedial classes available. each each quarter, quarter, andand in Evansville, in Evansville, IL IL

• Individualized TUTORING for ALL grade levels with certified teachers!

• Driving • Driving Classes Classes NOW NOW Forming! Forming!

• Adult • Adult driving driving and and remedial remedial classes classes available. available. 10% off all

20% off all

this ad!


tutoring services • Individualized • Individualized TUTORING TUTORING forfor ALL ALL grade grade levels levels tutoring services for Bellevilleat#118 Driving classes offered at our main location, Althoff ifcertified you mention with with certified teachers! teachers! Students each quarter, and in Evansville, IL and

• Driving Classes NOW Forming! 20% 20% off off all all 10% 10% offoff all all Brad Garland, B.S. Ed. & Elissa Garland, M.S. Ed. tutoring tutoring services services tutoring services services •tutoring Adult driving and remedial classes available. for for Belleville Belleville #118 #118 4212 North Belt West, Belleville, IL 62226 if you if you mention mention Students Students andand • Individualized TUTORING for ALL grade levels thisthis ad! ad!277-7323 graduates! graduates! Phone: (618) – Fax: (618) 277-6786 with certified teachers! Email:

Under New Management – Same Exceptional Service! Brad Brad Garland, Garland, B.S.B.S. Ed. Ed. & Elissa & Elissa Garland, Garland, M.S. M.S. Ed. Ed. 20% off all 10% off all tutoring services 4212 4212 North North BeltBelt West, West, Belleville, Belleville, IL 62226 IL 62226 tutoring services for Belleville #118 ifPhone: you(618) mention Phone: (618) 277-7323 277-7323 – Fax: – Fax: (618) (618) 277-6786 277-6786 Students and this ad! graduates! Email: Email:

Duties include greeting clients, answering phones, and routing mail, data entry and retrieve, scheduling and calender maintenance. Ideal candidates will have proven customer service skills in an administrative setting and experience with Microsoft Office applications.

• Driving Classes NOW Forming! • CPR/AED Classes Offered • Adult driving & remedial classes available. • Individualized TUTORING for ALL grade levels with certified teachers!

Brad Garland, B.S. Ed. & Elissa Garland, M.S. Ed. 4212 North Belt West, Belleville, IL Ph: (618) 277-7323 Fax: (618) 277-6786 Email:



Fine Jewelry

Loans & More

618-651-0610 919 MAIN ST. HIGHLAND, IL 62249

Page 40



With Fall Enrollment New Customers Only. With Coupon Expires 7/28/13






With Fall Enrollment New Customers Only. With Coupon Expires 7/28/13

Our Childcare is open all through the summer and we’d love to care for your child! We offer full-time and part-time care for children ages three through six. We explore a new theme each week and have a variety of activities and special visitors. We also offer summer activities for school-age children!

Contact Mrs. Reuter for more information at (618) 344-3145 ext 204, or email

Holy Cross

Lutheran School ~ Since 1848 ~

304 South Street Collinsville, IL 62234

618-344-3145 Page 41

11:30am - 5pm 6th Annual Big Brothers Big Sisters of SWIL Ladies Golf Tournament @The Orchards Golf Course 5pm - 9pm Emerson Free Family Night @ The Magic House Some of the best things in life are free! The Magic House holds Emerson Free Family Nights every third Friday of the month from 5:30 pm to 9pm. These special nights enable a family (no more than two adults and four of their own children) to enjoy more than 100 hands on exhibits in the museum at no charge through the generosity of Emerson. Reservations are not required.

7pm - 12am ZOOFARI 2013 @ St Louis Zoo

Creative black-tie fundraiser benefits the Saint Louis Zoo. Graze from more than 50 restaurants, caterers and bars, bid on spectacular items at the silent auction and dance under the stars. Music by Huey Lewis and the News. Chairing the event are Barbara Archer and Steven Schankman. Honorary chairs are Danny and Susan Ludeman. Reservations required. $225/general public; $175/Zoo members.

June 22

4pm - 7pm St. Pancratius Picnic @ Fayetteville, 5pm - 11pm Holy Rosary Summer Festival (See Festivals on Page 27 for Details)

9am - 12pm “Radtour” Bike Ride @ Columbia

The Columbia Kiwanis Club will be sponsoring the “Radtour” kids ride and 20, 40 or 60 mile bike ride.

9:30am - 11am Mommy and Me Cooking Class @ Eckert’s Farms Belleville

Pick, Ride and Cook Enjoy a wagon ride and picnic with your little one as we make our way out to the fields to pick fresh produce. Back at the classroom, we will whip up a farm friendly lunch that includes Pizza on the Farm, Berry Salad from the Farm and Country Lemonade. We will then pack up our lunch and head out to the patio to enjoy.

National Camp Out Day @ Silver Lake Park Archery Range- Highland

The ‘Learn2Camp’ program is for all levels of campers, from first-timers to experienced campers. Knowledgeable staff will provide your family with the information you need for a great outdoor experience. Preparation is the key!

1:30pm - 3pm Picnic at the Farm @ Eckert’s Farms Belleville

Come with us for a fun wagon ride out to the farm to pick some fresh produce. Back in the classroom, we will cook up some tasty farm favorites like Pizza on the Farm, Berry Salad from the Farm, Country Lemonade and for dessert, Berry Delicious-ness. We will then pack upour lunch and take it out to the patio to enjoy.

3pm - 8pm LEAPS OF LOVE NIGHT AT THE RACES @ Highland Speedway Gates Open @ 3pm, Grandstands Open @ 5:30pm, Pill Draw Ends @ 6pm,Races Start @ 6:30pm, $15 General Admission ($5 per ticket benefit LOL) Proceeds to benefit LEAPS OF LOVE A Highland

based organization that embraces families affected by childhood brain tumors and late-effects of childhood cancer. Come out and meet some of the families!!

7pm - 9pm Sentimental Journey Dance Band @ Lindenwood University -Belleville

All Shows are from 7-9 p.m. $20 per show, $50 for all three shows For Tickets please call: (618) 239-6297

June 23

National Camp Out Day @ Silver Lake Park Archery Range (See June 22 for Details) Car and Truck Show @ Coulterville City Park

Sponsored by Grand Cote Cruisers. Registration 9 a.m.; judging noon.$15 registration; $10 display only; $100 club participation. Trophy presentations, 3 p.m. Attendance prizes, 50/50 drawing, goody bag.

5am - 6am Summer Solstice Observance @ Cahokia Mounds

Meet at the reconstructed Woodhenge. Arrive by 5:10 am. to hear an explanation of the discovery, form and function of this ancient poscircle calendar. Free.

10am - 4pm Car Cruise @ Fischer’s Restaurant

2100 W. Main St., Belleville Celebrating 60th anniversary of Belleville Gear Jammers Hot Rod Club. Hot rods, custom and antique cars. Dash plaques will be awarded to first 100 cars to arrive.

3pm - 5pm 28th Annual Patriotic Concert @ St. Paul United Church of Christ 115 West “B” Street, Belleville

6pm - 8pm Music at Metter @ Metter Park (See June 9 for Details)

June 24

1pm - 3pm Kids Movie Matinee @ Edwardsville Library

June 25

10:30am - 11:30am Monster Truck Madness @ Columbia Library

Come with your toy truck or car and try your skills on our outdoor obstacle course. This program will be held in Metter Park.

June 26

11am - 12pm Tales to Tails @ Columbia Library

Therapy dogs Millie and Bella will be available to help kids practice reading out loud. They’re excellent listeners! Make an appointment by calling 281-4237 or by stopping by the library.

1pm & 2pm Nitro Joe Science Show @ Edwardsville Library 4:30pm - 5:30pm ‘Tween Book Club @ O’Fallon Library

Tweens Ages 9-12 join us each month to talk about books! We’ll have snacks, activities, and FUN.

June 27

10:30am - 11:30am Sketching with Elizabeth @ Columbia Library

AGES 10 - ADULT. Learn the techniques of figure drawing with chalk. Please call 281-4237 or stop by the library to register.

4pm - 7pm Dr. Who Party@ Glen Carbon Centennial Library Play games, make a Sonic Screw Driver,eat snacks,

5pm - 8pm Dr. Who Party@ Glen Carbon Centennial Library Play games, make a Sonic Screw Driver, eat snacks,

6:30pm - 7:30pm Author Visit - Elizabeth Walter @ Columbia Library AGES 12 - ADULT. Elizabeth Walter will discuss her book “Barefoot in the Rubble.”

June 28

Marine Homecoming (See Festivals on Page 27 for Details) 12pm - 6pm Electronics Recycling @ TheBANK Of Edwardsville – Glen Carboin 7pm - 10:30pm Battle of the Bands @ Splash City

For all ages Talented teens show what they’ve got at this event. The competition is open to teenage talent (band members should be 12-21 years old). Bands must submit an application and demo of two to four songs to the CARD offices, 10 Gateway Drive in Collinsville, or send the link to their My Space or Facebook page to Be sure to friend Splash City’s Battle of the Bands on Facebook to see the bands scheduled to appear and information about giveaways and other special appearances that night. $5 per person and includes admission to the Battle of the Bands and full use of Splash City. Lot’s of giveaways that evening.

June 29

Marine Homecoming, Carlyle Lake Fireworks Spectacular, Optimist Truck and Tractor Pull @ Monroe County Fairgrounds, 3pm - 8pm Blackjack Bluegrass Festival @ Troy (See Festivals on Page 27 for Details)

Wild Saturday @ St Louis Science Center

many fish as you can!: 11:45am Air horn will blow, fish will be counted, prizes for biggest fish and most fish caught will be awarded! First 50 participants receive a goodie bag & Free Cherry Limeades! (All children must be accompanied by an

10am - 11:30am Grill Like a Master @ Glen Carbon Library

Brick Patio at Library Entrance Instructed by: Rob Schneider This grilling demonstration will teach you how to maintenance and prepare your gas grill for cooking. Learn how to grill a Pork Tenderloin, Asparagus, a Squash and Zucchini medley, and for dessert a grilled Apple Pizza. Each dish will be served in bite sized portions. Recipe cards will be handed out to each participant. Registration is required. Register online at glencarbonlibrary. org or by phone at 618-288-1212.

1:30pm - 3pm Picnic at the Farm @ Eckert’s Farms Belleville (See June 22 for Details)

June 30

1pm - 4:30pm Cooking Class @ Eckert’s Farms Belleville

Canning Basics - Home Canning Essentials Learn simple steps to preserving peaches, cucumbers and tomatoes using a hot water bath. From equipment selection to preparing produce, recipe selection and the final step, processing your jars safely this demonstration class will give you canning confidence. Classic Bread & Butter Pickles and Herb Tomato Juice and Peach Apple Salsa recipes are perfect ways to preserve seasonal produce. Sure to be family favorites. All recipes will be tasted. Event will take place from 1pm to 4:30pm

(See June 1 for Details)

6:45am - 9pm Project Restore SummerFest 2013 @ Hamil

Project Restore Inc. is a 501(c)3 humanitarian development and relief agency with a purpose to assist in program development that fosters self reliance and sustainability. This is achieved by attention to major inter-related global issues; clean water/sanitation, medical care, education, nutrition and food supplies. This event will be a funday for the WHOLE FAMILY. Events for the day include a 1 mile walk, 5k,and 10k, a sand volleyball tournament, art & crafts exhibitions, live bands, games, food, drinks, Rib/Pork Steak cookoff, and much much more.

9:30am - 11am Mommy and Me Cooking Class @ Eckert’s Farms Belleville (See June 22 for Details)

10am - 12pm Fishing Derby @ Leclaire Lake Edwardsville

Kids Must be 15 or under to participate. 9:30am Registration Begins: 10:00-10:30am A representative from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources will discuss fishing safety and give tips on how to catch that big one!: 10:30-11:45am Catch as

Page 42

Page 43

Join Mastroianni Orthodontics as we host Kid’s Day Fun Fest 2013 on June 8! This FREE event, geared toward kids and their parents, will have fun activities for the whole family with an emphasis on kids’ safety and health.

When: Saturday, June 8th 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

When the children arrive they will get their “Passport to Safety,” which allows them to make their way through several fun activities like bounce houses, fingerprinting, fire safety demonstrations, toothprint stations, and much more.

Where: 2220 S. State Route 157 Children will get up close and personal with the fire fighters Glen Carbon, IL 62034 and their equipment all while learning about safety. Local Meridian Centre 2 Building vendors will be on hand for a day of fun and activities.


There will be goodie bags and giveaways throughout the event for the kids to enjoy. This is a fun family-friendly event and is free to the public.

Kids will get to be a part of several activities including: • Bounce Houses

• Toothprints (bite impressions to serve as accurate identification)

• Giveaway Bags

• Fire Safety (Glen Carbon Fire Department)

• Fingerprinting and child IDs (Glen Carbon Police Department) ...and much more! MastroianniOrthodontics

For more information: (618) 288-0600


Page 44

What STAR NET Can Do For Parents As a parent of a child with special needs, it is important to know that you are not alone. STAR NET is an early childhood focused program that provides resources and support regarding children with special needs. You can communicate with other parents who may be facing similar situations, learn more about your child’s disability, learn about your child’s rights, how to advocate for your child and help you understand the services provided by the early childhood community. Fellowship Funds for Families

STAR NET provides: •information on specific disabilities. •free workshops and conferences on specific topics and disabilities, including an annual conference just for families. •networking opportunities with other families whose child has a similar disability. •a lending library with many resources, including books and DVDs, on specific disabilities. •financial assistance to attend conferences in-state or in the St. Louis area. STAR NET Mission

Funds are available for family members who have children ages 3, 4, or 5 with an IEP. The funds may be used to attend conferences in Illinois or in the St. Louis area. Funds may be used for lodging, child care reimbursement, and/or registration fees.

Illinois STAR NET provides a variety of opportunities for personal and professional growth for those who touch the lives of young children, ages birth through eight, with an emphasis on children with special needs. STAR NET supports family-centered researched and effective practices in early childhood education and care.

STAR NET is a statewide grant project, funded by the Illinois State Board of Education, through federal funds, that provides training opportunities and technical assistance to families of young children (ages 3, 4, or 5 with IEPs) and the professionals who work with these children. For more information, please contact Sheri Kraus at 618.825.3969 or



A er



New Art Legacies

Page 45

m Ca

Page 46


n o i t a r b e l e C n a m r e Sup 13 0 2 , 9 6 E N JU ebration l e C n a m Super 2013 AL U N N A H THE 35T

- 9, 6 E N U J ANNUAL

A LL UA NU NN AN A H H T T 5 5 3 3 E E H TH T U A3L5 T H A N N U A L NE UTAHL A N H N N A 5 H 3 T T THE 35 THE , 2013


n o i t a r b e l e C Superman JUNaEt6io- 9nbrSautpioenrmleabnraCJJteUUilNoNeEEnb66 e r e C l b e e C l n e a C n m a r n m e a p r m e u p r S e u Sup S JUNE 6 - 9J, U2N01E36 - 9, 201J3UNE 6 - 9, 2013 SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCES BY:





Tracy Scoggin, Laurie Mitchell Roberts, Gregory Moffett. Margot Kidder and Michael Rosenbaum THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING SPONSORS:

Tracy Scoggin, Scoggin, Laurie Laurie Mitchell Mitchell Rob Rob Tracy Tracy Scoggin, Laurie Mitchell Roberts, Gregory Moffett. Margot Kidder and Michae Gregory Moffett. Margot Kidder and Michae Gregory Moffett. Kidder and Michael Rosenbaum TracyMargot Scoggin, Laurie Mitchell Roberts, THOR’S GYM Tracy Scoggin, Laurie THANK Mitchell THANKYOU YOURoberts, TOTHE THEFOLLOWING FOLLOWINGSPONSO SPONSO TO Tracy Scoggin, Laurie Mitchell Roberts, Tracy Scoggin, Laurie Mitchell Roberts, THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING SPONSORS: Gregory Moffett. Margot Kidder and Michael Rosenbaum Gregory Moffett. Margot Kidder and Michael Rosenbaum Gregory Moffett. Margot Kidder and Michael Rosenbaum Gregory Moffett. Margot Kidder and Michael Rosenbaum THOR’SGYM GYM THOR’S THOR’S GYM THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING SPONSORS: THANKSPONSORS: YOU TO THE FOLLOWING SPONSORS: THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING SPONSORS: Tracy Scoggin, Laurie Mitchell Roberts, THOR’S GYM Rosenbaum Gregory Moffett. Margot Michael THOR’S GYM Kidder and THOR’S GYM THOR’S GYM



ringg oarin Soa S ! your way soonyo ! Soaring S on so ay w ur oaring ! oarin y soonS g your way soon ong! your wa METROPOLIS AREA your waSyoasorin SoaringMETROPOLIS

at 800.949.5740 or at For more information, call the For more information, call the or For more information, call the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce SUPERMAN and related characters and elements trademarks and Comics. (s SUPERMAN and allall related characters and elements areare trademarks of of and ©© DCDC Comics. (s13 Metropolis Chamber of Commerce Metropolis Chamber of Commerce at 800.949.5740 or at or at 800.949.5740 or at at 800.949.5740 or at SUPERMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics. (s13) or or or SUPERMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics. (s13)



SUPERMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics. (s13) SUPERMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics. (s13)


SUPERMAN and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © DC Comics. (s13)

Metro East Parent Magazine June Issue  

Metro East Parent Magazine June Issue

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