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West Metro Medical Foundation Staying True to its Mission As chairman of the West Metro Medical Foundation, it is my pleasure to update you on its recent activities. The Board of Directors participated in a strategic planning initiative throughout 2012, which culminated in the adoption of a new mission statement: Improving the health of the community through strategic initiatives, underscoring “access to health care” as an over-arching strategic focus. Under this umbrella, projects that direct services to the following focus priorities will be considered for grant funding: • Improving access to care for the uninsured and underinsured • Domestic violence • Obesity prevention • Medical student education Through member interviews, we affirmed that overall giving is based on each physician’s values with their career, faith and passion in the community. Therefore, WMMF will support and promote

By Richard D. Schmidt., M.D., chair


May/June 2013

projects/programs where member physicians have opportunities to be engaged and involved through volunteer opportunities. We also learned that you are mostly interested in keeping the giving local — within the Twin Cities. A monetary grant from WMMF, which can be further leveraged by active physician involvement, can make a huge impact on a local effort focused on improving the health of our community. In my letter to you last fall, requesting a donation to the WMMF, I described the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic, and WMMF’s commitment to support them — through an initial strategic initiatives grant of $7,500 and a challenge to you for a matching grant of up to $3,000. You rose to the occasion. Your designated donations totaled $6,000. Together, the Phillips Neighborhood Clinic received a total contribution from WMMF of $16,500. But, that’s not all. Our goal is to also support programs where physicians can be engaged through volunteerism. The Phillips Neighborhood Clinic offers opportunities for physicians and medical students to work side-by-side, providing care to the uninsured and underinsured in our local community. I hope you will explore how your services can be best utilized. Contact them at www.phillipsneighborhoodclinic. com. WMMF also featured the clinic in a MetroDoctors article and assisted in the promotion of their annual fundraising/ silent auction event, held on March 7, 2013. This partnership exemplifies how WMMF is holding true to its mission to improve the health of the community through strategic initiatives. Another example of a strategic

WMMF Board Members: Lisa A. Bishop, MBChB *Joseph Bocklage, M.D. Robert Fraser (medical student) *Paul R. Hamann, M.D. Elizabeth Hurliman, M.D., Ph.D. *Chris Johnson, M.D., secretary/ treasurer *Richard D. Schmidt, M.D., chair James K. Struve, M.D. Carrie A. Terrell, M.D. Joseph M. Tombers, M.D. *Denotes Finance Committee Member

partnership in process is the Mills Health Clinic. Kasey Justensen, M.D., a TCMS member, approached WMMF requesting funding assistance with a new, free medical clinic serving the uninsured in the west metro suburbs that she and her husband were opening. Although financial assistance was denied as the charitable organization status was pending and other details needed to be addressed, WMMF offered to assist in the promotion of the clinic and recruit volunteer physicians once the issues were resolved. She was encouraged to reapply for funding in 2013. A “member spotlight” article on Dr. Justensen appeared in the March/April issue of MetroDoctors, and with its 501(c)(3)


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