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Scams taking funds in firefighters’ names Shocked and appalled. The Boston firefighters union president said it’s “low” that people would try to profit from his fallen brothers. Give wisely. The state attorney general’s office advises people to research an organization before making their donations and avoid giving though telemarketers. PAGE 02



Need a tip for your next trip? Greece is the word! Center fielder Grady Sizemore went 2 for 4 on Opening Day, though the Red Sox fell 2-1 to the Orioles in Baltimore on Monday. / GETTY IMAGES

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New England

MBA Forum Thursday, April 10, 5 pm – 8 pm Boston Marriott Copley Place


-«œ˜ÃœÀi`ÊLÞ ÀiiÊ,i}ˆÃÌÀ>̈œ˜\ ÜÜÜ°“L>ˆ˜LœÃ̜˜°œÀ} GREATER BOSTON

Panel Presentations UÊ ‡-V…œœÊ*Àœ}À>“Ê"«Ìˆœ˜Ã Uʈ˜>˜Vˆ˜}Ê9œÕÀÊ i}Àii UÊiÌ̈˜}Ê˜ÌœÊ ‡-V…œœ

MBA CONSORTIUM Babson College | Bentlely University | Boston College | Boston University | Brandeis Heller School for School Policy & Management | Brandeis International Business School | Bryant University | Clark University | Harvard Business School Hult International Business School | MIT Sloan School of Management | Northeastern University | Simmons College Suffolk University | UMASS Amherst | UMASS Boston | UMASS Lowell | Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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Donors beware: Firefighter unions warn of scammers Fallen heroes. False fundraising scams have been abusing good citizens’ charity after the recent death of two local firemen. In the rush to help the families of the two fallen Boston firefighters, multiple charities have sprouted online. But fire officials want to make clear that not all of those efforts were created with kindness in mind. In recent days, the Professional Firefighters Association

of Massachusetts and Local 718 have shared pictures on social media of charity scams. “There are some people selling T-shirts and giving to the fund, but when others sell T-shirts and don’t give [money] to the fund, that’s pretty bad. It’s low. If someone is trying to make money off my two brother firefighters … I’m pretty mad at it,” said Rich Paris, president of Local 718, the Boston firefighters union. Lt. Edward Walsh and Firefighter Michael Kennedy were killed last Wednesday after becoming trapped in a Beacon Street home that caught fire. The investigation into the


“When someone tries to make money off their bodies, their names, their backs, there’s no place in my life for those people.” Rich Paris, president of Local 718

9-alarm blaze is ongoing. The funerals for the firemen are set for later this week. While the attorney general’s office has received no complaints about a particular firefighter fundraising scam,

the unions have posted images of donation pages that they said are scams and contain improperly used union logos on shirts. The Boston Fire Department also urged people to donate only to credible charities. “It is unfortunate that people would use this tragedy for profit. Please do not support any unofficial fundraising efforts,” the department said on its Facebook page. An official fund has been set up through the Boston Firefighters Credit Union. Donations to the Lieutenant Walsh - Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund can be made at

The attorney general’s office has tips for people to give wisely. The office suggests that people donating online make sure that websites belong to legitimate, established and registered charities and that the website and charity match. Also, people should avoid donating through telemarketers. “I’m proud of my firefighters and Local 718, and I don’t want anybody making money off of the back of my brother and sister firefighters,” Paris said. MICHAEL NAUGHTON @MetroBosMike

Police pursuit

Man leads cops on violent chase through towns Top 3

What’s trending online


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‘VIDEO: Ad in Denmark asks citizens to have more sex’


‘PHOTOS: The best April Fool’s Day pranks anyone can do’

Police probe daytime shooting of man near Mission Hill Boston police are investigating the shooting of a man near Mission Hill on Monday afternoon. Police said a call came in for shots fired at about 11:47 a.m. in the area of 17A Smith St. A man was found shot and was taken away in unknown condition, police said. Officers and detectives responded to the area to search for a suspect. Crime scene investigators marked evidence with cones and took pictures of the scene. / NICOLAUS CZARNECKI, METRO

A man was arrested Monday afternoon after leading police on a chase through multiple towns and firing at officers who were pursuing him. The man, who was not identified by press time, was arrested after hitting a utility pole in Bedford. Crime scenes were being examined in Newton, Carlisle, Billerica and Bedford, as well as other communities. The man allegedly ditched a car stolen from Newton in Billerica and then stole another car, police said. Police reported shots fired, but it was not immediately clear if anyone was hit. METRO

Today’s tweet

“Just saying if you’re not a RedSox fan unfollow me because the majority of my tweets are going to be about baseball now. #OpeningDay #Boston” Fair warning from @TheC_RAE

MBTA arrest

Man arrested after verbal T tirade A Boston man was arrested Sunday night at Downtown Crossing station after allegedly sneaking in behind a woman and screaming derogatory names at her. Transit Police say Eric Schell, 49, crept into the station after piggybacking behind the woman. Accord-



ing to police, “Before she was completely through the gates Schell was pushing her from behind and shouting ‘hurry up.’” Schell was located inside an Orange Line train around 7:51 p.m., where he allegedly refused to cooperate and continued his tirade toward the woman. He was due to be arraigned yesterday in Boston Municipal Court for a charge of disorderly conduct. METRO

Marathon. Foundation to honor Lu Lingzi set up The family of a 23-year-old Boston University student from China who was killed in the marathon bombings announced on Monday the formation of a foundation to honor her memory. The Lingzi Foundation, named for Lu Lingzi, is a nonprofit that will help provide

educational opportunities for courageous, adventurous and ambitious students like Lingzi and support organizations that are making a positive impact in their communities, the organization said. Lingzi was one of three people killed in the April 15 blasts. MICHAEL NAUGHTON


“Overflows with spirit, passion and humanity. The dance is simply staggering.”

“Spellbinding... remarkable cast. A multicultural spectacle.”




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BOSTON Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Painful Varicose Veins and Swollen Legs? Now is the time to take care of it! Varicose veins are MORE than just a cosmetic problem. They can also be a warning sign of a condition called Venous Insufficiency that kills over half a million people every year.

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>Ài»ÊwÛiÊ̈“iÃt UÊ*ˆœ˜iiÀʈ˜Ê“œ`iÀ˜ÊÛiˆ˜ÊÌÀi>̓i˜ÌÊÌiV…˜ˆµÕið UÊ >̈œ˜½Ãʜ˜ÞÊVœ>Ã̜̇‡Vœ>ÃÌÊÛiˆ˜ÊVˆ˜ˆV° UÊÊ œV̜ÀÃÊ-Ì>vvʘVÕ`iÊ œ>À`‡ iÀ̈wi`]Ê>ÀÛ>À`Ê>˜`Ê -Ì>˜vœÀ`Ê/À>ˆ˜i`Ê-«iVˆ>ˆÃÌà UÊÊ >̈œ˜½ÃÊ/œ«Ê6iˆ˜Ê ˆ˜ˆV]ʘœÊœÌ…iÀÊVˆ˜ˆVÊV>˜ÊLœ>ÃÌÊÃÕV…Ê iÝVii˜Viʈ˜ÊÛiˆ˜ÊV>Ài Do not commit to any other vein center without getting an evaluation from USA Vein Clinics. You will be very pleased you did.

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Cambridge likely to get more year-round Hubway Optimistic. Cambridge officials said its winter Hubway pilot was well received. Winter blues didn’t keep Cambridge’s bike enthusiasts off the roads. Cyclists made about 32,000 Hubway trips between December and mid-March. Although no formal decision has been made, the healthy bike share ridership may mean Cambridge cyclists can expect year-round operations to continue. “We received a considerable amount of positive feedback from Hubway users about keeping the system open yearround, and the team did a great job of managing operations — including through the various storm events,” said Cara Seiderman, transportation program manager at Cambridge’s Community Development Department.

Cambridge has embraced year-round bike sharing. / NICOLAUS CZARNECKI, METRO Lots of trips Roughly 32,000 Hubway trips were made between December and mid-March. •

The busiest Cambridge Hubway stations were at MIT, Central Square, Kendall Square and Inman Square.

“The other municipalities are considering what they will do, and I expect an announcement will be forthcoming — although their focus right now is on spring re-opening and getting new stations out,” she said. Hubway is set to launch its spring operations Wednesday. MORGAN ROUSSEAU @MetroMorgan

If you’re injured you need AGGRESSIVE and EXPERIENCED help! Boston’s Injury Attorney Over 20 years of Legal Experience

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Students score meeting with Gov. Patrick


Students who left class to call on Gov. Deval Patrick to block new fossil fuel infrastructure said they had secured a meeting with the governor. A Just and Stable Future said 200 students walked out of classes Monday in favor of a ban on infrastructure such as a pipeline and a natural gas plant in Salem. SHNS

The Plymouth district attorney’s office said in a statement that “there has been growing family tension between [Benzino] and Gai Scott.” •

Benzino said he paid his respects to his mother in private at a Quincy funeral home but wanted to skip the procession and burial because of family tensions over money.

The Boston native was released Monday from South Shore Hospital in Weymouth. In a bedside interview, he told “I’m more embarrassed than anything else to be honest with you, because of me being a public figure then having people to see that me and my family is going through that. “It’s unfortunate,” he added. “Money brings the worst out of people.” MORGAN ROUSSEAU


Walk out

Benzino. Nephew claims self-defense in shooting The nephew of Boston hip-hop and reality television star “Benzino” claims he shot his famous uncle during a family funeral procession in order to protect himself. Gai Scott, 36, of Randolph, pleaded not guilty Monday in Plymouth District Court to armed assault with intent to murder for allegedly shooting his uncle, whose real name is Raymond Scott, on Route 3 in Duxbury. “When the dust settles with respect to this case, it’s going to be abundantly clear that Mr. Scott, a licensed gun owner, was acting in self-defense and in defense of his family,” Scott’s attorney said. Scott was ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing Wednesday. Benzino, 48, appears in the VH1 series “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” The shooting allegedly happened when Benzino came upon the funeral procession, which was for his mother, Mary Scott of Dorchester.


Spring cleaning

Street sweeping starts today

Groups make push for jobs, better benefits Members of the Boston Jobs Coalition and community organizations held a rally in Downtown Crossing on Monday against Boston area developers. The groups took aim at the company developing the former Filene’s site and claimed it has failed to provide Boston with the benefits they agreed upon. Protesters urged developers not to take tax breaks to build luxury housing without creating higher-wage jobs and meeting the city’s construction hiring and affordable housing goals. / NICOLAUS CZARNECKI, METRO

It’s that time of year again when the vehicle shuffle starts. Street sweeping begins Tuesday in Cambridge, Boston and Somerville. The cities issued alerts leading up to the annual launch, urging car owners to pay attention to posted signs. METRO

ROLL IN READY TO ROCK OUT. Downtown-to-downtown service on the Northeast Regional SM gets you to the heart of the city — and the heart of the music — without the hassles and delays of traffic. So you can get to the show before the band starts up.



























This offer is valid for travel on the Northeast Regional train service only. Advance reservations are required a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to travel. Once purchased, tickets are nonrefundable; exchanges are permitted within the ticket validity period. Blackouts apply on the following dates: 11/25/14–11/26/14, 11/29/14–11/30/14, and 12/19/14–12/21/14. Seating is limited; seats may not be available on all trains at all times. Fares are subject to availability. Up to 2 children ages 2–12 may accompany each adult at half the regular (full) adult rail fare. This offer is valid for Coach seats only; no upgrades permitted. This offer is not combinable with any other discount offer. In addition to the discount restrictions, this offer is also subject to any restrictions, blackouts, and refund rules that apply to the type of fare purchased. Fares, routes, and schedules are subject to change without notice. Once travel has begun, no changes to the itinerary are permitted. Other restrictions may apply. Amtrak and Northeast Regional are registered service marks of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.

A Show of Contemporary Art, Craft & Design Presented by The Society of Arts and Crafts

Mary Lynn O’Shea


THE WORD Dorothy Robinson takes on the world of gossip. DOROTHY ROBINSON @dorothyatmetro



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Bachelor gets bonked

Juan Pablo Galavis won’t tell the world if he loves Nikki Ferrell or not, but Atlantic City has no problem telling him they definitely don’t love him. / = GETTY IMAGES

Atlantic City didn’t have the kindest of receptions for “Bachelor� star Juan Pablo Galavis and his girlfriend, Nikki Ferrell, who came to the resort town for a special appearance at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City on Saturday night. Galavis and Ferrell appeared on the red carpet around midnight — and the locals were angry. Galavis was originally to sit at a VIP table next to the stage until someone (it is not known who this local hero was) threw

an aluminum beer bottle at him. After that, the organizers moved him to a cabana area for his own safety. According to reports (read: the publicist who sent me this), Ferrell joined Galavis in the VIP cabana area where they “kissed� and “held hands� until around 3 a.m., hopefully fulfilling all contractual engagements. Read: The two didn’t stick around for very long. Once they collected their paycheck, they flew to Miami the next day.

Schumer glares at guest Michael Ian Black, an “interracial wedding photographer.� / MATTHEW PEYTON

Real talk. Comedian Amy Schumer is back with jokes with substance Amy Schumer isn’t just in it for the laughs anymore. As the second season of “Inside Amy Schumer� begins (Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central), so do sketches, stand-up and interview segments that ask more of their audience than to sit back and giggle. “I guess because my profile as a comedian has gone up and people are watching the show, I feel a little bit more responsibility to be actually saying something,� Schumer says of the new season, in a voice much more vulnerable than the brassy bellow she uses onstage. “Something� can mean anything from sketches poking fun at misogyny in comedy to stand-up about being insecure. In one sketch, a focus group of men respond to questions about a show by an unnamed woman. As the focus group

Remote control

What she’s watching Schumer does stand-up five nights a week, so she says it’s hard to find time to zone out in front of the TV, but when she does, it’s usually with her sister. “There’s this really insane show called ‘Total Divas’ about female [WWE] wrestlers. My sister and I like to drink some wine and watch that show.�

leader asks increasingly leading questions — “but how did you like how she looked?� — the men fall into buffoonery. But for those who are just fine with comedy and television the way they are, season two of “Inside Amy Schumer�

revels in the same silliness that made season one such a standout. “I watched a lot of ‘The Twilight Zone’ growing up and I feel like a lot of the scenes enter ‘The Twilight Zone.’ My mind goes to the absurd,� Schumer says. Don’t be surprised when comedian Michael Ian Black shows up to sell his services as an “interracial wedding photographer� or a fake commercial peddles “finger blasters� snacks. Along for the ride is a cadre of guest stars that Schumer says she feels lucky to have booked based on the first season’s popularity. Actors and comedians like Zach Braff, Mike Birbiglia and Paul Giamatti make appearances. Absurdity eclipses any message when Schumer and Giamatti make out, and that’s just fine. JULIA FURLAN

A Show of Contemporary Art, Craft & Design Presented by The Society of Arts and Crafts

Mary Lynn O’Shea



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Postcard-perfect Oia When people say “Oh, I would love to visit Greece,� the town of Oia, on the island of Santorini, is usually the image in their mind. The traditional whitewashed structures — with churches capped in blue domes — are poised on the edge of a slope that leads to a perfectly azure ocean. The view is tough competition for even the most delicious Mediterranean meal.

When in Greece ... While you’re already hopping the flight to the Mediterranean, there’s no reason not to extend your sea voyage to get more time on land. And if you’re willing to forgo room service — and overpriced fare — taking a shot at living like a local has a romance about it that’s hard to deny. A $150 Airbnb rental will get you a penthouse overlooking the Acropolis, complete with a roof deck framed by rose bushes. A major reward for renting a home and having



By sea. A cruise of mythic proportions doesn’t need a gigantic ship. It’s impossible not to become an Odysseus wannabe among the bleached-white houses and blue-domed churches dotting Greece’s Mediterranean landscapes. In fact, it’s easy to take on a touch of Homer while traveling his terrain — there are mythically gorgeous vistas and unforgettable meals. But ultimately, it’s Homer’s own currency — stories — that make each moment of a trip like this come to life. This is a place where the rich history means everywhere you go, there’s a story in it — and knowledgeable locals will help you understand if you’re interested in knowing more. With so much to see, opting to visit Greece and Turkey by sea is a convenient way to take in the many, many sights and sounds (not to mention the meals!). On ships like the 686-person Azamara Journey, travelers don’t have to worry about getting lost on the ship — they can put their energies into getting lost on shore. And when everything is steeped in centuries of ancient history, cruising can help organize a kaleidoscope of beauty into one memorable voyage. It’s no wonder Odysseus wanted to go back so badly.



A side of Turkey

Classical and cats

With Azamara, you’ll get to explore after other cruises have sailed away. Blip this page to see more. / ALL PHOTOS BY TIM FATATO Adventures by night

Mykonos Part of the Azamara experience is getting the chance to explore after the sun goes down. Sometimes, that can mean an impromptu jaunt to a restaurant like Hippie Fish, where the sardines are fresh and Greece’s national drink, ouzo, makes it very easy to forget that the ship does, in

fact, depart. Racing through the maze of shops and restaurants in the Mykonos town to get back on the ship is only part of the adventure. And if you stop to take a photo with the town’s resident mascot, a pelican named Petros (the second or third, depending on who you ask), the only thing that really matters is that you make it back on time.



This is no joke! Don’t be a fool and miss out saving 45% on your next vacation!

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BOS de from airport co

k for – loo


1-800-SONESTA *Book by April 1st Five-night minimum stay. Travel April 1-March 31, 2015.

an adventure is that you’ll get to stock your fridge, which is its own pleasure. Bonus: Gesticulating wildly about various kinds of olives will get you some samples, and they will be well worth the trip. JULIA FURLAN @juliastmi

Traveling on what is essentially a oating building can mean small destinations are overrun with people who just hopped o the same ship as you did. Azamara tries to change that, oering excursions built into the cost that are a little dip into something special. At the ancient ruins at Ephesus in Turkey, an archaeological gem goes cultural. As the cats of Ephesus (the cutest and least eective security guards ever) skitter around the Odeon, guests take in the sunset to the sounds of a quartet playing familiar, gorgeous Bach and Beethoven.


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Aries | March 21-April 20. A new moneymaking opportunity will develop. Unexpected bills will be incentive for you to explore new possibilities that could help increase your earning potential.

Libra | Sept. 23-Oct. 22. It’s time for a change. If an emotional situation is causing you anxiety or headaches, consider moving on. Take a look at available real estate or a community that interests you.

Taurus | April 21-May 21. Your skills and knowledge should be put to better use. Finding ways to budget better and to increase your skills and talents will help you get ahead financially and ease stress.

Scorpio|Oct. 23-Nov. 21. Spice up your love life with a little romance. Whether you go dining, dancing or just stay at home, tune out any distractions and devote yourself to someone you enjoy being with.

Gemini | May 22-June 20. Don’t let restlessness be your downfall. Use energy to make improvements to your home or self. Updating your image can provide you with inspiration.

Sagittarius | Nov. 22Dec. 21. Strive to get into a position that allows you to help others. Use any chance you get to improve your professional relationships and gain respect.

Cancer | June 21-July 22. Widen your social circle. Get involved in group activities or a club. Your generous nature will be put to good use, and you will make some interesting new friends.

Capricorn | Dec. 22-Jan 20. Interacting and socializing with clients and co-workers will help you gain valuable business connections. Consider taking in a sporting event, or devise your own friendly competition.

Leo | July 23-Aug. 22. Now is a favorable time to make a move. Use every resource available to you. Interviews and employment possibilities will have positive results. You will impress others with your professional insight.

Aquarius | Jan. 21-Feb 18. You’ll face opposition regarding a decision that changes the landscape at home or your workplace. You will win in the end, but don’t go over-budget.

Virgo | Aug. 23-Sept. 22. You may be hardworking, but you need some recreation also. Mix business with pleasure and you’ll make new allies.

Pisces | Feb. 19-March 20. Whether you are involved in group functions or meetings, compromise will be the key. Get together with loved ones and plan a trip or activity that everyone will enjoy. BERNICE BEDE OSOL

Food fight for freedom

for Obama.

this is no laughing matter. Let’s alI hope and pray that Ms. Cyrus is able to find the help and support needed to overcome this; there’s been enough talent and beauty lost from this illness as it is. JOSEPH CONNELL, VIA EMAIL


Depression is no joke

The Obama administration has refused a request from Ukraine for weapons and ammunition. Instead, rations will be sent. All is not lost. The rations — known as MREs (Meals Ready To Eat) — can be thrown at invading Russian soldiers. Anything military related referred to by initials sounds intimidating anyway. The Russians might think that the rations are a peace offering and be deterred from their evil designs, which would result in yet another Nobel Peace Prize

Re: ‘Is Cyrus depressed?’ (Metro, March 25) I’m frankly disgusted by the dismissive tone about reports about Miley Cyrus suffering the onset of depression. Suffering from chronic depression myself, plus having lost at least one family member to depression-related suicide and seeing the signs of it in several others, I can safely say

Animal cruelty is post-Flood

faithful to the Bible, at least to the Book of Genesis, our only source for the story of Noah. It is only after the flood that humans get permission to eat animal flesh. Even then, the Bible stipulates that lives of only select animals may be taken and always with reverence and minimal cruelty. This is a far cry from today’s slaughterhouse practices. BERNARD JACOBSEN, VIA EMAIL

Glenn Beck and other stalwarts of the Christian right have attacked the recent blockbuster “Noah” as being “pro-animal” and unfaithful to the Bible. The film is both pro-animal and Keep them as brief as possible, preferably under 100 words. Metro reserves the right to edit all letters. Please include your name and contact info.

Sudoku: Easy and hard

6 8 4







9 2


4 2



6 3

1 5




6 4 7


9 1


2 2

3 7


8 9













5 6






How to play Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9. There is no math involved. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic.

7 8


9 1


Across 1 Cowboy meet 6 Rattler’s defense 11 Centurion’s sweet nothing? 14 Lancaster group 15 Hippodrome 16 Astonished cry 17 “Goodfellas” actor 18 Kind of ribbon 20 Big bang ltrs. 21 “Bloom County” penguin 23 Bete — 24 Midwest airport 26 Glided 28 Soft wool 30 Shallow dish 31 Poker stakes 32 Prepare mushrooms, maybe 33 Finish first 36 More than misled 37 “Oh, for — sake!” 38 Crow’s-nest cry 39 Explain further

40 European capital 41 Hotel offering 42 Car import 43 Arrange 44 Daydream 47 Brief review 48 Kuwaiti leaders 49 Luxury fur 50 Brownie 53 “Amazing, plus!” 56 Hair-raising 58 Riviera summer 59 Terre— 60 Long lock 61 August kid, maybe 62 Sign up for 63 Nobelist from Egypt

Down 1 Absorbed 2 Birds of ill — 3 Not unbiased 4 PC button 5 Canton natives 6 Faint

7 Makes a faux pas 8 Prefix for “classic” 9 Switch positions 10 Tycoon 11 Be in store 12 Ripple pattern 13 Held title to 19 Trellis coverer 22 For 25 Rushed off 26 Detectives’ leads 27 Equine fodder 28 Powers of Hollywood 29 Oklahoma town 30 Terrace 32 Fill the bill 33 Mewled 34 Slightest trace 35 “Da” opposite 37 Sanskrit dialect 38 Mystique 40 Upscale wheels 41 Places for bulbs 42 Name meaning “truth” 43 Marsh

44 Defy authority 45 Ham it up 46 Audio partner 47 Choir platform 49 Speechless

51 Louvre’s “Mona —” 52 Gala 54 Auric’s creator 55 Umpire’s yell 57 Geologic division

Yesterday’s answer

rd swo s o r C You can use your smartphone to discover today’s crossword answers — right now! Download and open the Blippar app on your smartphone and hold the screen over the puzzle. It’s that easy!

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MLB. NESN breaks recent tradition, replaces Dell with male Sox reporter

Junichi Tazawa and the Red Sox dropped Game 1 of their 162-game season Monday in Baltimore. / GETTY IMAGES

Red Sox see an Opening Day dud in loss to Orioles MLB. The Red Sox fell in their first game of the 2014 season as they struggled to produce runs. Red Sox starter Jon Lester threw 104 pitches over seven innings in what would typically be considered a terrific first start — but it was his 93rd pitch that he would like to have back. With the game tied at one in the bottom of the seventh, Orioles slugger Nelson Cruz belted the first pitch of the inning over the wall

On the road again It marked the fourth straight and 16th out of the last 19 years that the Red Sox opened the year on the road, going 7-8 prior to Monday. •

The Sox won on Opening Day last season, an 8-2 victory over the Yankees.

They visit the White House on Tuesday to celebrate their World Series title.

They next play Wednesday at 7:05 p.m. on NESN as John Lackey goes up against Ubaldo Jimenez.

By the numbers


Grady Sizemore hit his first home run since July 15, 2011, or 990 days, on Monday. The solo shot accounted for Boston’s lone run on Opening Day.

in left field, putting the Orioles ahead for good in their 2-1 win over the Red Sox on Opening Day on Monday. Grady Sizemore continued his hot spring and triumphant return to baseball as he went 2-for-4 with a home run. Every player in the Red Sox lineup recorded a hit, except Daniel Nava and Will Middlebrooks. Dustin Pedroia extended his season opener hit streak to eight, passing Mo Vaughn for the longest in club history. The Red Sox had their chances to tie the game as they left two runners on in both the eighth and ninth innings, including a David Ortiz fly out to center with the tying run on second in the ninth. Overall, Boston went 0-for-9 with runners in scoring position. RYAN HANNABLE @Hannable84

Broadcasts of Red Sox games on NESN will look somewhat different now than they did in 2013. On Opening Day, NESN threw something of a curveball at Sox fans as the network had Gary Striewski reporting on the sidelines. The sideline reporter job has been in flux at NESN since Jenny Dell went public with her relationship with Boston third baseman Will Middlebrooks in late December. Dell was “re-assigned” and appears on NESN SportsDesk. Female reporters Elle Duncan and Sarah Davis had worked several spring training games on NESN in March, but it was Striewski who got the nod on Opening Day against the Orioles. Striewski is the first male Red Sox sideline reporter since Eric Frede (2004-05). He follows the likes of Tina Cervasio (2006-08), Heidi Watney (2008-11) and Dell (2012-13). Striewski was hired as a NESN

3 SPORTS Watch online

Jenny Dell was nowhere to be seen on Opening Day. / GETTY IMAGES

“features reporter” last June but goes by the title of “Sports Ninja at NESN” on Twitter. Many Sox fans voiced their displeasure about the situation at NESN on Twitter, as “Jenny” was trending in Boston for much of Monday afternoon.

Find a recap and video from last night’s Celtics-Bulls game at:


An entire city on lockdown. Nowhere has the full story been told—until now.

Boston Globe reporters bring readers the definitive story of the Boston Marathon tragedy and the city’s inspiring, heroic response.

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PEN HEMINGWAY AWARDS Sunday, April 6 • 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Patrick Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway’s son, presents the PEN Hemingway Award for best first published work of fiction by an American author. This year’s winner is NoViolet Bulawayo for We Need New Names. Pulitzer Prizewinning author Geraldine Brooks (March, People of the Book, Caleb’s Crossing) is the keynote speaker. The ceremony also includes the presentation of the PEN New England Awards, honoring best works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by New England authors. This year’s honors go to News From Heaven by Jennifer Haigh, What Matters Most by Douglas Bauer, and Frost in the Low Areas by Karen Scolfield. The Kennedy Library is the major repository of Ernest Hemingway’s works.

50TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT Monday, April 7 • 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Todd Purdum, author of An Idea Whose Time Has Come: Two Presidents, Two Parties, and the Battle for the Civil Rights Act of 1964; John Stewart, chief aide to Hubert Humphrey; and civil rights activist Elaine Jones discuss the legacy of the Civil Rights Act. WGBH radio host Callie Crossley moderates.

A CONCERT OF HOPE AND PEACE Sunday, April 13 • 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

A CONVERSATION WITH BILLY COLLINS Tuesday, May 13 • 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

WBZ News Anchor Lisa Hughes will introduce the Hawthorne String Quartet, who will perform pieces from Mozart and Previn, among others, and author Richard Hoffman will read a selection of poems. This concert of hope and peace, marking the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, is part of the citywide collaboration,

Former Poet Laureate Billy Collins discusses poetry with writer and former New Yorker editor, Daniel Menaker.




RESERVATIONS & INFORMATION: All forums are free and open to the public. Reservations are strongly recommended. They guarantee a seat in the building but not the main hall. Doors to the main hall open one hour before the program begins. To make a reservation, you may either call 617.514.1643 or register online at Please check our website periodically for updates to our forum series. For past forum transcripts and more information about the Library, visit our website at To view live forums on-line, go to

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Perhaps it was inevitable that the vigorous, young President who made physical fitness a national priority would join forces with the red-caped, comic book hero whose feats of super-human strength so captured the popular imagination. SUPERMAN is ™ and © DC Comics

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12 boston Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In 1963, the publisher of SUPERMAN collaborated with the Kennedy White House to create a story promoting the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. The story was published in July 1964, eight months after the President’s assassination, as a special tribute to him.

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