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Woman tries to rob banks in Cambridge Gas and tobacco taxes will increase today, and the 6.25 percent sales tax will be newly applied to certain computer systems services. The taxes go into effect at the stroke of midnight. The Department of Revenue is developing a Web page to inform people about the tax changes. METRO

The countdown By the end of day Wednesday, the defense team had called two more witnesses, bringing the total so far to four. •

Bulger’s lawyer, J.W. Carney Jr., said that there are about nine additional witnesses left to call.

“He’s had two months to make that decision,” he said. After Wednesday’s testimony, Casper asked Bulger’s lawyer, J.W. Carney Jr., to outline the remaining witnesses. After he named them, Carney was coy. “That may not be the limit to the defense witnesses, your honor,” Carney said, leaving everyone guessing whether Bulger will take the stand. Before the trial began, Carney had repeatedly said Bulger would testify. MICHAEL NAUGHTON


Impatient robber

Whitey trial. Prosecution wants to know if Bulger will take witness stand With the defense team making its way through its witness list and moving closer to the possibility that James “Whitey” Bulger may testify, prosecutors demanded that they be told whether or not that will actually happen. Assistant U.S. Attorney Fred Wyshak made the request in front of Judge Denise Casper before testimony began Wednesday in the trial of the 83-year-old mob boss. “We’re obviously in one of the final days. … I think the government deserves to know whether or not the defendant is going to testify in this case,” Wyshak said. Prosecutors have made the request for that information earlier in the trial. Casper said she planned to address the issue after Wednesday’s testimony and wanted to give the defense more time to consider it after hearing from more of their witnesses. However, Wyshak didn’t want to wait for the answer.


Pay up

Gas, tobacco tax hikes take effect

Finding Waldo has never been easier Red-and-white-striped “Where’s Waldo?” fans gathered at Coolidge Corner in Brookline Wednesday for the “Find Waldo 2013!” grand finale. The Waldo-themed costume party encouraged visitors to not only dress up, but to bring a camera and snap pictures of hidden Waldos for a chance to win prizes. The event was put on by The Brookline Booksmith. / ERIN BALDASSARI, METRO

State legislator-approved increases to gas and tobacco taxes took effect Wednesday. The gas tax was raised three cents per gallon. Tobacco taxes vary, but a pack of 20 cigarettes was increased from $2.51 to $3.51. METRO

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