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“Most of our guests are seasoned world travelers for whom the destination is still the attraction.” Kevin Wallace

TRAVEL Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Riverboat cruising Destinations. Here’s how you can travel to multiple destinations — without having to lug your suitcase. Ocean cruising has its perks. Tropical destinations, all-you-can-eat buffets, water slides, bowling, free booze: It’s a $30 billion-dollar business meant to cater to every whim. But sometimes the excessiveness of ocean cruising can overwhelm. What if you want to experience the joys of traveling by sea without thousands of people crammed alongside you — without paying extra for excursions or having to adhere to a rigid schedule while visiting increasingly homogenized ports of call? Riverboat cruising

Go to to see where in the world you can go via riverboat. / VANTAGE

plucks the aspects that make ocean cruising so attractive — the ability to hit multiple destinations without unpacking; the collegial atmosphere on board; an international, knowledgeable staff; a cosmopolitan experience — while being more refined and smaller than


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their big-white-boat counterparts. As the name implies, riverboat cruising uses smaller vessels that stick mainly to rivers, mostly in Europe but also in Asia and the South Pacific, the Mediterranean and Northern Africa, and even Antarctica. “Most of our guests

are seasoned world travelers for whom the destination is still the main attraction. For them, it’s not about all-night buffets or skating rinks or other novelties you find aboard big cruise ships — it’s about the discovery,” says Kevin Wallace, COO of Vantage Deluxe World

Travel, a premiere riverboat cruising company based in Boston. “You unpack once, then sail right into the heart of ports great and small, where sightseeing and intercultural activities are always included.” With riverboat cruising, you sacrifice water

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