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Register Today!!! Call 212-567-7132 Photoshop: Graphic Design (30 hrs) Students will learn how to use and master Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended in our new state-of-the-art iMac/PC computer labs. Students will learn how to create photo collages, professionally retouch, manipulate and edit photos. Students will create graphics, logos, web designs, illustrations . Photoshop: Graphic Design T, Th 5/21-7/11/13 5pm-7pm $265 Photoshop: Graphic Design M-Th 7/22-8/14/13 5pm-7pm $265 Coding for Web Development (30 hrs) Learn how to hand-code in HTML 5 and CSS 3 for web site development. Students will be able to make a complete three page website with full interactivity, animations, movies and more by the end of the course. Coding for Web Development T, Th 5/21-7/11/13 7pm-9pm $265 Coding for Web Development M-Th 7/22-8/14/13 7pm-9pm $265 Certificate in Web Development (70 hrs) Successfully complete Photoshop: Graphic Design and Coding for Web Development.

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InDesign & Illustrator (40 hrs) This course covers Adobe InDesign CS6 and Illustrator CS6 in our new stateof-the-art iMac/PC computer labs. With Illustrator, students will generate their own professional illustrations and graphics. Students will then progress to InDesign, the print industry's leading program for the development of magazines, brochures, catalogs, newsletters and posters InDesign & Illustrator M, W 5/20-7/10/13 6pm-9pm $399 InDesign & Illustrator Friday 6/21-8/30/13 2pm-6pm $399 Certificate in Desktop Publishing (70 hrs) Successfully complete Photoshop: Graphic Design and InDesign & Illustrator.

QuickBooks: Computer Applications in Accounting (24 hrs) Take control of your business and save time with this easy-to-use accounting program. Create professional invoices, make deposits, write checks, receive payments, enter and pay bills, issue credit memos, reconcile accounts and generate important financial statements and reports. QuickBooks 2012 Sat 5/4-6/29/13 10am-1pm $199 QuickBooks 2012 M, W 7/22-8/28/13 7pm-9pm $199

Professional Certificate Programs Teacher Assistant Certificate (54 hrs) Functions of Teacher Assistant M, W 5/6-5/8/13 Child Development & Learning M, W 5/13-5/22/13 Language Arts & Math M, W 5/29-6/10/13 Theories and Practice (12) Strategies for Managing M, W 6/12-6/17/13 Best Practices M, W 6/19-6/24/13 Reporting Child Abuse M, W 6/26-7/1/13 School Violence Prevention CPR/Community First Aid M, W 7/8-7/10/13

6pm-9pm $65 6pm-9pm $125 6pm-9pm $125 6pm-9pm 6pm-9pm 6pm-9pm

$60 $60 $85



Security Guard 8 Hour & 16 Hour Certification Course (24 hrs)

8-hr Pre-Assignment Training 8-hr Annual In-Service Training 8-hr Pre-Assignment Training 6-hour On-the-Job-Training

Sat Sat Sat Fri, Sat

4/27/13 5/11/13 6/1/13 6/7-6/8/13

9:30am-5:30pm 9:30am-5:30pm 9:30am-5:30pm 9:30am-5:30pm

Non-Profit Management Certificate Program (50 hrs)

Program Design & Project Mgmt. Program Measurement & Evaluation Dynamics of Supervision I Dynamics of Effective Coaching I Basic Accounting & Budgeting Successful Grant Writing Human Resources (Law & Ethics) Marketing & Fundraising Internet Research & Productivity Tools Dynamics of Board Relations & Development

CUNYin the Heights Division of Continuing Education & Workforce Development

212-567-7132 5030 Broadway, NY, NY 10034

$65 $65 $65 $125

T, Th T, Th

5/7-5/9/13 5/14-5/16/13

6:30pm-9pm 6:30pm-9pm

$75 $75

T, Th T, Th T, Th T, Th T, Th T, Th T, Th

5/21-5/23/13 5/28-5/30/13 6/4-6/6/13 6/11-6/13/13 6/18-6/20/13 6/25-6/27/13 7/9-7/11/13

6:30pm-9pm 6:30pm-9pm 6:30pm-9pm 6:30pm-9pm 6:30pm-9pm 6:30pm-9pm 6:30pm-9pm

$75 $75 $75 $75 $75 $75 $75

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