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22 Weekend, February 3-5, 2017

Things to DO in Paradise CITY (A.K.A. Mexico City)

In October, my L.A. pal Kenny texted me: “Wanna go see Guns N’ Roses in Mexico City next month for our 30th birthdays?” I typed back “yes” faster than you can say, “Slash.” We were so focused on our reunion and our dance moves for Welcome to the Jungle, that we kind of forgot to plan the rest of our trip. What should we do when we got there? A lot it turns out. JENNFER FODEN/FOR TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE

Take an epic walk

Take in a local sports game

Kenny Porpora/For Metro

One of the best ways to explore the culture and diversity of Mexico City is by simply roaming its neighbourhoods. We walked for hours, from the posh Condesa to the funky Hipodromo to the historic Coyoacan and beyond. We stumbled upon musicians and dancers in Art Deco plazas, bright and colourful cemeteries and lush, open green spaces

If you’re into sports, head straight for lucha libre (wrestling). For less than $20 dollars each, we scored front-row seats at Arena Coliseo for several matches over a few hours (Arena Mexico is another option.) It can be a hassle to book tickets in advance, so just purchase them at the stadium day of.

Eat everything

Go see Kahlo in person The art scene is booming in Mexico City, from the murals that line the streets and alleyways to large contemporary art galleries (like Galeria OMR) to museums dedicated to Mexico’s most famous artists (Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.) If you head to the Frida Kahlo Museum (highly recommended) be sure to book your tickets online or arrive early. all photos, except where noted, jennifer Foden/For Metro


Explore the mysteries of history

Located 50 km northeast of Mexico City is Teotihuacan. The area, often compared to ancient Rome, was settled by 400 BC and experienced growth over the next several centuries (however, the origin and language of the natives is unknown.) You can explore the mysterious pyramids by joining a tour, hiring a car or navigating public transit.

The food in Mexico City is as varied as its activities. You can taste everything from tacos and tortas (sandwiches) on the street to chocolate and cornbread in the outdoor markets (all for less than a dollar.) If you’re looking for something slightly more upscale than an outdoor vendor, Lardo (for brunch) and Huset (for dinner) were two of our favourites.