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02 Thursday, May 15, 2014


Wynne attacks opposition during London election stop Seeing red. Premier takes aim at Horwath’s ‘slogans and nonsense’ and Hudak’s ‘dangerous ideas’ SCOTT TAYLOR

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne blew into the riding of London-Fanshawe late Wednesday afternoon to trumpet the Liberal cause and meet her newly minted candidates. Wynne’s appearance on stage lasted all of about 10 minutes, but in that time she took aim at Tory leader Tim Hudak. “He is putting forward dangerous ideas that would undercut the fabric of the society that we have built and rebuilt,” she said to a packed room at LondonFanshawe candidate Marcel Marcellin’s headquarters. “We cannot go there.” She also accused NDP leader Andrea Horwath of making things up. “She was making things Quoted

“Deb (Matthews) and I got involved in provincial politics because of what was going on under the Harris years.” Premier Kathleen Wynne

From left, London West candidate Nick Steinburg, Elgin-Middlesex-London candidate Serge Lavoie, Premier Kathleen Wynne and London North Centre MPP Deb Matthews join hands in a show of support during a Liberal election rally Wednesday in London. SCOTT TAYLOR/METRO

up about what we were going to do on transit. And now she’s talking slogans and nonsense,” Wynne said. “It just does not make any sense whatsoever.” Later, Wynne reflected back 10 years to when she and London North Centre MPP Deb Matthews ran for office for the first time. “Deb and I got involved in provincial politics because of what was going on under the (former premier Mike) Harris years,” she

NDP. Horwath promises big spending cut NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says government has to start living within it means and promised to trim provincial spending by $600 million if elected June 12. Sounding more like a hardliner than a socialist, Horwath said there is too much waste in the system and that’s why her smaller cabinet would feature a “savings and accountability” minister whose sole responsibility would be to reduce the budget by 0.5 per cent. “A minister of savings and

accountability will increase transparency, provide oversight and ensure that departments respect your tax dollars. The minister will work with cabinet to find common sense steps to streamline programs and provide more efficient service,” Horwath told a Queen’s Park news conference Wednesday. Horwath added that a $600-million cut in her opinion will not affect social programs “because I actually believe there is a lot of waste inside government.” TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE

said. Wynne didn’t take questions from the media. Earlier in the day, one of Ontario’s most influential and longest-serving mayors endorsed Wynne’s bid for re-election, while ripping into proposed cutbacks by the premier’s Progressive Conservative rival. Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion stood side by side with Wynne at an arts centre in the city as she gave the Liberal leader her nod

of approval. “As a leader, I’m endorsing her,” said the 93-yearold McCallion, who is not

running again this fall after more than 35 years in the mayor’s chair. WITH FILES FROM THE CANADIAN PRESS

Liberals in London

• London only has one Liberal sitting in Queen’s Park at the moment: London North Centre MPP and Health Minister Deb Matthews.

• Two ridings, London West and London-Fanshawe, are held by the NDP. • The Progressive Conservatives have the ElginMiddlesex-London seat.

Hudak vows to clamp down on education sector A Progressive Conservative government would increase class sizes, scrap promised raises for teachers and early childhood educators, end tuition breaks for post-secondary students, and eliminate a home renovation tax credit for seniors, says Tim Hudak. But after months of signalling reforms to Ontario’s booze laws, Hudak would not change the government’s LCBO monopoly or open up the foreign-

owned Beer Store to competition if he wins the June 12 election. “Job creation is the sole focus of the Million Jobs Plan,” he told a town hall Wednesday of 100 Conservative supporters in Toronto. With an eye toward eliminating the deficit — which sits at $12.5 billion this year — by 2016-17, Hudak is proposing some steep cuts. “In order to build a compassionate society and improve

the services that matter the most, like health and education, we have to take urgent action on a turnaround plan to balance the budget and create jobs,” he said. Hudak is expected to bring his campaign to London on Thursday, according to reports. He will be the last provincial party leader to visit the city with campaigning now in its second week. TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE