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Wynne calls Good luck Hudak’s ideas sleeping after ‘dangerous’ this taxidermy During London stop, premier lullaby


also takes aim at NDP Leader Andrea Horwath’s ‘slogans PAGE 2 and nonsense’

London Hydro lands in doubt

Horton Street. Two problems with plans discussed at city hall MIKE DONACHIE

The spark may have gone out on multimillion-dollar plans to redevelop the London Hydro site on Horton Street. “The bottom line is, do we have a project?” That was the big question put forward Wednesday by city treasurer Martin Hayward, and the answer led to visible concern on faces around the council chamber. The answer was: Nobody knows. There are two big problems with redevelopment plans put forward by specialist company Kilmer Brownfield, which involves Toronto Maple Leafs owner Larry Tanenbaum. One is the amount of land

that could be used, and the other is the cost of relocating the offices and services centre that London Hydro now has at 111 Horton. Could those problems kill the project? Yes, Hayward said. Kilmer Brownfield wants to build homes and stores on the site, and it’s an ambitious plan. Even at Wednesday’s investment and economic prosperity committee meeting, Hayward was still talking about “500 fulltime, long-term jobs” and 400 in the short-term, construction phase. The proposal is for 400 residential units, worth up to $100 million in property taxes for the city. But that proposal, when presented at city hall last June, then spoke of 750 homes. It’s not clear how much land can be built upon. The problem is the floodplain. It’s a 5.5-hectare site, and only 1.4 hectares is “developable,” the city treasurer said.

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The rest is too likely to flood. The success of the project depends on its profitability, and that’s still being assessed, Hayward added. Then there’s the problem with moving London Hydro. The cost of that would be paid by Hydro or its owner, the taxpayer, he warned. But again the costs aren’t known, with committee chair Joe Swan describing a reported figure of $40 million as “inaccurate.” Kilmer plans to work with London Hydro to keep many of its buildings on the site, so costs will be far lower, Hayward said. But there are still hopes, with Mayor Joe Fontana saying the city needs “vision” and a “dream.” Hayward made Wednesday’s presentation about the project due to the departure, amid acrimony last week, of director of corporate investments and partnerships Harvey Filger.

ELVIS featuring





Artist’s exhibit examines culture in a frenzy to connect with nature PAGE 12


London Knights captain Chris Tierney will be keeping a watchful eye over Memorial Cup events outside Budweiser Gardens. The facility’s front windows were wrapped with photos of the tournament’s four team captains on Wednesday. See our special 16-page Memorial Cup section inside plus more coverage on pages 4 and 17. ANGELA MULLINS/METRO


SAT. MAY 31, 2014 8:00PM $39 London, Ontario FOR TICKETS CALL WOLF PERFORMANCE HALL 519-672-8800 OR VISIT (London Central Library)



02 Thursday, May 15, 2014


Wynne attacks opposition during London election stop Seeing red. Premier takes aim at Horwath’s ‘slogans and nonsense’ and Hudak’s ‘dangerous ideas’ SCOTT TAYLOR

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne blew into the riding of London-Fanshawe late Wednesday afternoon to trumpet the Liberal cause and meet her newly minted candidates. Wynne’s appearance on stage lasted all of about 10 minutes, but in that time she took aim at Tory leader Tim Hudak. “He is putting forward dangerous ideas that would undercut the fabric of the society that we have built and rebuilt,” she said to a packed room at LondonFanshawe candidate Marcel Marcellin’s headquarters. “We cannot go there.” She also accused NDP leader Andrea Horwath of making things up. “She was making things Quoted

“Deb (Matthews) and I got involved in provincial politics because of what was going on under the Harris years.” Premier Kathleen Wynne

From left, London West candidate Nick Steinburg, Elgin-Middlesex-London candidate Serge Lavoie, Premier Kathleen Wynne and London North Centre MPP Deb Matthews join hands in a show of support during a Liberal election rally Wednesday in London. SCOTT TAYLOR/METRO

up about what we were going to do on transit. And now she’s talking slogans and nonsense,” Wynne said. “It just does not make any sense whatsoever.” Later, Wynne reflected back 10 years to when she and London North Centre MPP Deb Matthews ran for office for the first time. “Deb and I got involved in provincial politics because of what was going on under the (former premier Mike) Harris years,” she

NDP. Horwath promises big spending cut NDP Leader Andrea Horwath says government has to start living within it means and promised to trim provincial spending by $600 million if elected June 12. Sounding more like a hardliner than a socialist, Horwath said there is too much waste in the system and that’s why her smaller cabinet would feature a “savings and accountability” minister whose sole responsibility would be to reduce the budget by 0.5 per cent. “A minister of savings and

accountability will increase transparency, provide oversight and ensure that departments respect your tax dollars. The minister will work with cabinet to find common sense steps to streamline programs and provide more efficient service,” Horwath told a Queen’s Park news conference Wednesday. Horwath added that a $600-million cut in her opinion will not affect social programs “because I actually believe there is a lot of waste inside government.” TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE

said. Wynne didn’t take questions from the media. Earlier in the day, one of Ontario’s most influential and longest-serving mayors endorsed Wynne’s bid for re-election, while ripping into proposed cutbacks by the premier’s Progressive Conservative rival. Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion stood side by side with Wynne at an arts centre in the city as she gave the Liberal leader her nod

of approval. “As a leader, I’m endorsing her,” said the 93-yearold McCallion, who is not

running again this fall after more than 35 years in the mayor’s chair. WITH FILES FROM THE CANADIAN PRESS

Liberals in London

• London only has one Liberal sitting in Queen’s Park at the moment: London North Centre MPP and Health Minister Deb Matthews.

• Two ridings, London West and London-Fanshawe, are held by the NDP. • The Progressive Conservatives have the ElginMiddlesex-London seat.

Hudak vows to clamp down on education sector A Progressive Conservative government would increase class sizes, scrap promised raises for teachers and early childhood educators, end tuition breaks for post-secondary students, and eliminate a home renovation tax credit for seniors, says Tim Hudak. But after months of signalling reforms to Ontario’s booze laws, Hudak would not change the government’s LCBO monopoly or open up the foreign-

owned Beer Store to competition if he wins the June 12 election. “Job creation is the sole focus of the Million Jobs Plan,” he told a town hall Wednesday of 100 Conservative supporters in Toronto. With an eye toward eliminating the deficit — which sits at $12.5 billion this year — by 2016-17, Hudak is proposing some steep cuts. “In order to build a compassionate society and improve

the services that matter the most, like health and education, we have to take urgent action on a turnaround plan to balance the budget and create jobs,” he said. Hudak is expected to bring his campaign to London on Thursday, according to reports. He will be the last provincial party leader to visit the city with campaigning now in its second week. TORSTAR NEWS SERVICE

NEWS Thursday, May 15, 2014


Bethesda Centre. LHSC to buy site to house its adult eating disorder service The former Bethesda Centre for teen moms looks set for a sale to London’s biggest health organization. London Health Sciences Centre has submitted an offer to buy the building at 54 Riverview Ave., and said Wednesday that it’s expected the sale will be finalized by the end of the week. LHSC said it will house its adult eating disorders service — a partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex — in the former Bethesda Centre, which was closed by the Salvation Army in 2012 due to operational deficits. “Both the current outpatient clinic and residential treatment component of the adult eating disorders services, which are currently located in separate leased spaces in the community, will now be co-located at the new centre,” LHSC president and CEO Murray Glendining said. “By consolidating both components of the program, we will be better able to serve the needs of the patients and can do so without increasing costs to the hospital.” The adult eating disorders

Murray Glendining Courtesy London Health Sciences Centre

service has been looking for a permanent home since it started in 2012. Letters have been sent to residents living in the Riverview Avenue area advising them of the purchase. LHSC will be hosting a community meeting in the coming weeks to share information and answer residents’ questions. Details about date, location and time for the meeting will be mailed to residents at a later date. Mike Donachie/Metro

Victoria Day. Labatt Brewery offering a warm welcome and a cold beer The rules have been changed to allow people to take a tour of the Labatt Brewery this holiday Monday, and it’s all ready to go. But there’s one thing missing: you. The brewery confirmed Wednesday that only 20 people have signed up for a tour of the brewery at Richmond and Horton streets on Victoria Day. It’s a specially booked private tour, too, so it’s not open to the public. But Daryl Minor, district sales manager for the beer company, said the public can expect a warm welcome and a cold beer. He confirmed the brewery’s retail store, which is currently being refurbished, will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday and people can join tours throughout the day by going into the store. “The refurb will be finished in time for Monday,” Minor said. “It will be fully operational.” He added, “We’re trying

to get word out to let people know that tours are available and get some people into the brewery on that day.” This will be the first time the brewery has been allowed to sell beers or open its doors to the public on a holiday, due to the laws guaranteeing workers a day off. Those laws have been suspended, with permission from the city, after a series of meetings sparked by a request from Labatt. The company said the exemption would benefit the city by encouraging tourism. mike donachie/metro

Book a tour

• To book a place on a Labatt Brewery tour on Victoria Day, call 519850-TOUR (8687). • People can also go to the brewery’s retail store and ask to join a tour.

Rally gives a voice to homeless women Women attend the All Our Sisters conference to raise awareness of the plight of homeless women and girls with a rally Wednesday on York Street.

All Our Sisters. Group aims to bring awareness to the need for ‘safe and affordable housing for women from coast to coast’ Scott taylor

A demonstration that backed up traffic on York Street on Wednesday was necessary, organizers said, because of the dangers

and relentless uncertainty homeless women in this country face. About 50 women carried placards and chanted slogans to get that message across as they wrapped up a three-day national conference sponsored and run by All Our Sisters at the London Convention Centre. “This is about sustainable housing for women and for girls,” conference co-chair Shelley Yeo said. “This is a call to action, it’s about safe and affordable housing for women from coast to coast.” She said homelessness

By the numbers

200,000 Number of Canadians who experience homelessness each year, according to the State of Homelessness in Canada 2013 report

can be invisible — especially for women, because they tend to hide. “They’re not necessarily in shelters, they’re not always wandering the streets,” she said. “It’s not safe to walk the streets, so they’re hiding.” Susan Scott interviewed

Scott Taylor/Metro

more than 60 women across the country for her 2007 book All Our Sisters, which was the spark for the movement. “I travelled across the country listening to stories of women,” she said. “They really opened my eyes. I never dreamed that it would roll into this huge, wonderful thing.” My Sister’s Place executive director Susan MacPhail said homeless women and girls face higher mortality rates and health issues. “It’s criminal in a country of our wealth and our resources,” she said.

Sow much for ‘tree-mendous biodiversity’ Students are taking the lead in a combined effort to get trees in the ground next week. More than 2,100 trees will be planted by hundreds of students, with help from the City of London, the Thames Valley District School Board and the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority. The participants will be planting at Sovereign Woods, near Airport Road.

“This is a four-day planting blitz involving 900 Thames Valley District School Board students planting a Carolinian forest,” explained Joanna John, community education specialist for the conservation authority. “It will be an exciting and energizing opportunity for students, and we hope they feel a great sense of accomplishment and empowerment as they contribute to this action-based, environ-

mentally positive project.” “A total of 2,100 native trees will be planted including 19 different species giving ‘tree-mendous’ biodiversity,” said Vanessa Kinsley, community projects co-ordinator with the city. “One hundred high school volunteers have also been trained to assist the tree-planting professionals.” There will also be wildflower planting by students in a separate area. metro

Make like a tree

The trees selected for the planting in the Sovereign Woods site are those typically found in the Carolinian Life Zone. • They include basswood, American beech, hickory, black cherry and American hazel.


NEWS Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jessica Trineer • Works: Student, London Knights employee • Volunteer role: Help wherever needed • Why volunteer: “For my Mom (the volunteer chair). It’s good to help her out. I do anything she asks me to do. I like hockey, obviously.”

Ron Combs • Works: Grocery store manager • Volunteer role: Vice chair of

volunteers • Why volunteer: “I think every time the city puts on a huge event, you want to make the city look good. You get a lot out of it. It’s good to welcome the people, the tourists. It’s just a lot of fun.”

From left, Memorial Cup volunteers Nancy Stanlick, Jessica Trineer and Ron Combs, along with volunteer chair Brenda Trineer, will swing into action well before the first puck drops on Friday. Angela Mullins/Metro

Memorial Cup’s mighty 500

Nancy Stanlick • Works: Retired nurse • Volunteer role: Accreditation, help out at headquarters • Why volunteer: “Because the people are so nice. I’ve met great friends, and I’m still friends with the ladies I met in 2005. You meet the nicest people.”

Volunteers. A huge part of the 10-day tournament DAve Langford

It only took five hours for the Memorial Cup organizing committee to persuade more than 500 volunteers to regis-

ter online for the festival. But it took much more time to get police record checks done on each and every one of them, a challenge the chair of the volunteer committee did not have to face in 2005. Brenda Trineer was chair when the Memorial Cup tournament hit town the first time and is facing the same challenge again. “We could have done it honestly four weeks ago and still been organized and ready to go this weekend, but we went in January because we knew the amount of time the police would need to process the police record

checks,” Trineer said. Trineer said the police checks were not a requirement in 2005, but the Canadian Hockey League insisted it be done this time around. The fee for volunteers was $10 each, Trineer said. “This was a huge undertaking — obviously, there were people that we needed to be aware of in 2005 as well — but it just kind of gives you a flavour of society and the environment that we work in,” she said. “Nobody trusts anybody anymore and I get that for liability reasons.” Trineer worked with the London police department to make certain it wouldn’t be

a case of “500 volunteers all storming the police station to try and get these things done in time.” Despite the added challenge, everything has gone smoothly in the lead-up, including two long days of orientation at the Western Fair District, Trineer said. “Last time when we did this in 2005, it was the first time so a lot of people were starting to lose sleep,” Trineer said. “We feel now like we aren’t reinventing the wheel, and we have a really good handle on it.” The jobs for volunteers are plentiful and include manning Fanfest, beer tents, the

media room, accreditation, charity fundraising and security. “Security was huge,” Trineer said. “I would say 100 per cent of the security — because we recruited a bunch of police officers this time — are police officers. So that’s going to be handled well.” And when the event’s finished on May 25, all the volunteers will be treated to a dinner, courtesy of Joe Kool’s, in the beer tent before it is taken down. Is everything ready to rock and roll? “We are so organized it’s scary,” Trineer said. “We are ready to go.”

Beer tent a boom or bust? Introducing newbies to London’s hockey hubbub The enormous Budweiser Beer Garden in place for the Memorial Cup will draw crowds, but that could hurt the tournament’s expected spinoff for local businesses. With a festive atmosphere and live entertainment, the tent near King and Talbot streets will be a beacon for ticket holders and others wanting to soak up the excitement. The question some are asking is whether people will make that the first stop of their evening or the only stop. Janette MacDonald, execu-

tive director of the Downtown London business association, thinks the tent will draw people that wouldn’t normally venture into the core. But, she knows not everyone will be happy about it. “It’s encouraging people who don’t have tickets to come down and do a few things in the downtown,” she said. “Obviously you’re always going to have someone who complains. Last time, we had people bitterly complain, but you can’t please everybody all the time, and not every event

is going to boost every single business.” Milos Kral, owner of Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium on Talbot Street, will compress separate lunch and dinner menus into one and likely add extra staff throughout the tournament just in case the crowds float his way. “I think that by default there will be lots of people around the city for 10 days, so no matter what somebody will benefit from it,” he said. “They have to eat and sleep somewhere.” Scott Taylor/Metro

Seasoned hockey fans aren’t the only ones getting excited about the Memorial Cup. Newbies to the sport, and London, are also poking their noses into all the action happening around Budweiser Gardens. Braham Harrison from the London International Academy took students from China for a stroll near King and Talbot streets on Wednesday as crews continued setup for the hockey

Braham Harrison, second from left, with students from the London International Academy. Scott Taylor/Metro

tournament. It was a hands-on lesson to

explain exactly what all the hubbub is about. metro

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06 Thursday, May 15, 2064

Year 2064: Robot waiters Today in 2064, the federal government is grappling with record unemployment levels due to leaps in artificial intelligence; a Fort McMurray restaurant has made a controversial move to hire human wait staff; and schools are under fire for a security breach in their learning modules.

Bill aims to tackle record jobless rate Guaranteed Income Act. Parliament moves to compromise on bill that will pump money into an economy stalled by 50 per cent jobless rate luke simcoe

Metro Online

A bill that would guarantee every Canadian a basic income — regardless of whether they have a job — took a step closer to fruition Wednesday, as the governing Newer Democratic Party introduced amendments to placate the Opposition. Proposed changes include indexing the minimum income to inflation, tax credits for companies that hire human workers and stricter requirements on who can apply. “The viability of the Canadian economy should transcend partisan bickering,” NDP Leader Christina Sandberg said in a holocast with reporters. “We’re willing to meet the NeoConservatives halfway, but it’s up to them to show Canadians they care more about the fortunes of people than robots.” The original bill was unveiled in 2063, less than three

Find out the real story}

• We didn’t just make this stuff up! These stories are fictional extrapolations of research occurring right now. Go to and read about Rice University in Houston’s computer scientist Dr. Moshe Vardi and his predictions on how artificial intelligence will impact our workforce.

weeks after news broke that Canada’s unemployment rate had tipped the scales at 50.3 per cent. The historic jobless numbers — driven largely by automation in the manufacturing and service sectors — sent the economy into a tailspin. “What’s the incentive for companies to make products or offer services if the majority of the population can’t afford to buy them?” Bank of Canada president Tomas Grant intoned the day after the numbers were released. The Opposition Neo-Con-

servative Party initially balked at the proposed Guaranteed Income Act, with leader Rich Wyteman calling it “a complete capitulation to socialism.” However, in recent weeks there have been signs the party may have softened its stance. Without some support from the Neo-Conservatives, the minority NDP won’t have enough votes in Parliament to pass the legislation. In a bid to get the bill to second reading, the NDP introduced a watered-down version in the House Wednesday. The planned corporate tax

100% This graph shows how canada’s unemployment rate has steadily climbed as more and more jobs become automated. stats supplied by canadian workers against ai


7% 2014











hike, which experts say is necessary to fund the program, has been reduced to 50 per cent from 65 per cent, and access to the program would be restricted to Canadian citizens. The NDP wanted coverage to include permanent residents. NDP Finance Minister Brent Francis reiterated that nearly half the $800-billion cost of the program would be found by cutting programs made redundant by the minimum income grant. “I think a lot of people forget that we’re already paying for a lot of this,” Francis said. “Once the guaranteed minimum income is in place, the government will no longer have to administer and pay for programs like unemployment insurance, welfare, skills training or child tax credits.” It remains to be seen whether the Neo-Conservatives will lend their support to the amended bill, or if they will provide an alternative solution to Canada’s increasingly imbalanced economy. “Every day the government fails to act, more Canadian families suffer,” said Kwame Johansen, an antipoverty activist in Ottawa. “The economy has changed irrevocably, and we as a country need to change with it.”

The legislation has received mixed reviews from Canada’s business community. “As staffing costs have approached zero, we’ve seen profit margins soar in our industry,” said Kevin Kelly, chair of the Canadian Restaurant Association. “If this policy gets more people shopping and eating out, our members are confident that any losses from higher taxes will be offset by increased revenues. “This is nothing but a tax on success,” countered Chad Hanson, CEO of OfficeBot Industries, an Ontario-based company that supplies custom worker soft-

ware to the finance industry. “Not only will this discourage companies from investing in Canada, it will discourage Canadians from getting the skills and education they need to thrive in this new economy.” Johansen called Hanson’s comments “misleading.” “The era of big corporate tax cuts and incentives is over,” he said. “It made sense back when these companies created jobs in Canada, but not now.”

Robot redundancy. NGO voices health concerns over Alberta restaurant’s decision to hire human waitstaff An upscale eatery in Alberta is cooking up controversy by hiring human wait staff. Tailing Ponds, a seafood restaurant in an affluent Fort McMurray neighbourhood, recently replaced its robot servers with humans in a bid to attract more clientele. “With the invention of robo-servers, dining has become increasingly impersonal,” said Frida Williams, the restaurant’s owner. “We believe there’s a market for fine

dining with a personalized, human touch.” Having to pay human staff is expected to double the restaurant’s expenses, but Williams is confident her customers will shell out more to have their haddock served by a real person. Despite the initial capital investment in robo-servers, the cost of human servers is greater over time, Williams said. “Our market research shows that not only do people

prefer human staff, they’re also willing to pay a premium for that experience,” she said. The move has caught the attention of the Alberta Sanitation Society (ASS), a healthbased NGO that sprang up in the wake of the wake of the deadly H9N1 outbreak in 2029. Members of the group protested via holocast outside of Tailing Ponds on Wednesday. “They may think this is a novelty, but having people

handle your food is a prime vector for disease transmission,” said ASS activist Lindsey Hubler. “These diners might as well be eating their meals off of the floor.” Williams said the restaurant has complied with all municipal health bylaws, and stressed that the servers have little contact with the food. “Every meal is cooked personally by our Italian-made robot chef,” she said. Luke Simcoe/Metro

Tailing Ponds restaurant is getting rid of their robot waitstaff and replacing them with humans in a bid to attract more clientele.

NEWS Thursday, May 15, 2064



As robots have replaced human workers in most fields, corporations have whittled their staffing costs to record lows. ILLUSTRATION/ALEXANDRA NEWBOULD

Isaac Asimov is considered one of the most prolific and talented science fiction writers of all time. Asimov, who died in 1992, wrote over 500 books and made sometimes eerily accurate predictions about what our future might look like. In this interview from almost 30 years ago, Asimov talks about a system of learning that uses a tool that sounds an awful lot like the Internet. See for yourself.


See that symbol? It means you can scan the photo with your Metro News app to watch an interview with Isaac Asimov.

Parents are expressing outrage after it was revealed on Wednesday that hackers had broken into LemonadeStand#2, a popular children’s teaching module, and added a disturbing sex scene. “This raises real concerns. I don’t even know what to tell them,” said Esmerelda, who says her children had previously taken courses in the LemonadeStand#2 program. The hacked software was discovered when an eightyear-old student attending Canopy Childminding Centre in Auckland, Australia, asked her facilitator why a young couple w a s naked in the L e m onade S t a n d module. The facilitator, Madiha Osman, says she blocked the module from the system and notified education officials at 4DEdu immediately. “I was shocked,” Osman told Metro. “At least the older students will be used to seeing such things but I don’t want to be the one to explain sex to the younger ones. What if the couple asked the child to join them?”

Hackers have broken into LemonadeStand#2. SHUTTERSTOCK

She says children from seven to 12 years old typically access the program developed by the private education firm, with most users being around eight or nine. The module takes anywhere from two to six months to complete and the scene in question was discovered nearly halfway through the course. It is unclear at this point when the program was hacked, but officials told Metro they are investigating. “We seriously doubt that this intrusion could have been inserted very long ago without any students mentioning it,” said Education Canada’s Deputy Minister Indira McKallie, “but we are working with 4DEdu and with police to pinpoint a timeline and safeguard against intrusions in other programs.”

Parents say the response is not good enough. “What changes in security have they made since the war hacking?” said Chwinabe Okafor, head of the Urban Canadian Parents Association (UCPA). “The ministry has to be held responsible for what our children are experiencing. I wonder how they would feel if it was their kid interacting with the couple.” Police say the student was physically unharmed but they are working with 4DEdu to determine if any other children were touched or otherwise engaged with inappropriately. Counselors will also be working with the students. LemonadeStand#2 is available in 38 countries and is a Business 1, Math 3, Reading 2, and Fitness 1 level program optimized for left-brain auditory learners, with Math and Fitness levels being adjustable. Find out the real story}

• These stories are fictional extrapolations of predictions from experts. Go to features/metro-2064 to read what education specialist John Kershaw and senior education strategist Joe Wilson think will happen to the way we educate students in the future.


Calls for oversight in wake of intrusions A number of intrusions in the past few years have led parents to campaign for greater government oversight of 4DEdu and Sail Global, the two lar-

gest education firms in the market. In March of last year it was discovered that operatives had hacked into a New Canadian Bank-sponsored B15M11 module that would lead students to conclude the bank was responsible for the market crash of 2018. Two years ago, three German hackers were discovered to have made a number of intrusions into three Second World War

modules, nearly erasing any mention of concentration camps. Twelve countries in Asia have long held screening laws to ensure purchased programs have been viewed and secured by an external body before reaching students. The UCPA has not yet called for such extreme measures but are working with ministry officials to find appropriate safeguards.


08 Thursday, May 15, 2014

Trial. Former royal editor says he hacked Kate’s phone 155 times The former royal editor of the News of the World said Wednesday that he repeatedly hacked the voicemails of Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton in the months before he was arrested for illegal eavesdropping in 2006. Under cross examination at Britain’s phone hacking trial, Clive Goodman acknowledged he had listened to Middleton’s voicemails 155 times, Prince William’s 35 times and Prince Harry’s nine times. Goodman was briefly jailed in 2007, along with private investigator Glenn Mulcaire, for hacking the phones of royal aides. But Goodman said police and prosecutors never asked him if he had also targeted members of the royal family. “I have been as open and honest about hacking as I can be, but nobody has asked me any questions about this before,” said Goodman, 56. Earlier in the trial the jury was read transcripts of intercepted phone messages be-

Kate Middleton

getty images file

tween William and Kate from the days when they were courting. She became the Duchess of Cambridge when they married in 2011. Goodman said Kate was first targeted in late 2005, when she was becoming “a figure of increasing importance around the royal family.” THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Liberal policy. Cardinal urges Trudeau to drop abortion benchmark The Roman Catholic archbishop of Toronto is asking Justin Trudeau to reconsider his decision to bar would-be Liberal candidates who do not endorse the party policy on abortion. Cardinal Thomas Collins wrote to the Liberal leader Wednesday to say he is deeply concerned about the controversy. Collins said he understands the need for party discipline, but questions whether that discipline can extend to matters of conscience. “Political leaders surely have the right to insist on party unity and discipline in political matters which are within the legitimate scope of their authority,” Collins wrote. “But that political authority is not limitless: It does not extend to matters of conscience and religious faith. It does not govern all aspects of life.” Trudeau has said the party won’t accept new candidates who are not pro-choice on abortion, although sitting MPs will be allowed to run even if they oppose the practice. “As a party, we are steadfast

Taking a stand

“As a party, we are steadfast in our belief ... that it is not for any government to legislate what a woman chooses to do with her body, and that is the bottom line.” Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau

in our belief ... that it is not for any government to legislate what a woman chooses to do with her body, and that is the bottom line there,” Trudeau said last week. “I have made it clear that future candidates need to be completely understanding that they will be expected to vote pro-choice on any bills.” In his letter, the cardinal reminded Trudeau — who was raised in the Catholic faith of his famous father — that the patron saint of politicians, Thomas More, was executed for following his conscience against the political authority of his day. the canadian press

Court upholds terror case against Harkat Mohamed Harkat and his wife Sophie Lamarche Harkat leave the Supreme Court of Canada Wednesday in Ottawa. Adrian Wyld/the canadian press

Constitutional challenge. Ruling affirms security certificate regime The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld the national security certificate against terror suspect Mohamed Harkat, opening the door to the next step in deporting him. The high court also rejected Harkat’s constitutional challenge of the security certificate regime, unanimously ruling that the process — while not perfect — is consistent with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Halifax

Teens accused of kidnapping friend, forcing him to steal Three teens from the Halifax area face charges after they allegedly kidnapped another young man and ordered him to commit robberies. The RCMP say the 19-year-old victim was arrested Monday after he walked into a convenience

“It’s difficult to put it in words,” Harkat’s lawyer Norm Boxall said Wednesday after the decision was released. “I can’t think of another word to say, other than it was devastating.” Added Harkat’s wife, Sophie, as she and her husband were getting into a car to leave: “We will fight them all the way.” Harkat, 45, has said he could face torture if returned to his native Algeria, raising questions about how, when or even if he will be removed from Canada. The former pizza delivery man was taken into custody in Ottawa in December 2002 on suspicion of being an al-Qaida store in Windsor, N.S., and told the clerk he was being forced to commit a robbery and to call police. Sgt. Anthony Pompeo says the kidnapping was not random and the victim was friends with the three suspects. The victim was not hurt and is not facing any charges. Pompeo says the man was forced into a car in the suburb of Lower Sackville earlier in the day and threatened with violence. THE CANADIAN PRESS

sleeper agent. He denies any involvement with terrorism. The federal government is trying to deport the Algerian refugee on a security certificate — a seldom-used tool in immigration law for removing non-citizens suspected of extremism or espionage. Harkat’s lawyers argued the process was unfair because the person named in a certificate doesn’t see the full case against them. In its ruling, the Supreme Court said the security certificate regime does not violate the person’s right to know and challenge the allegations they face. However, the high court provided detailed guidance on applying the process Ohio

No more kids for deadbeat dad: Appeals court An Ohio appeals court has upheld a judge’s order that a father can’t have more kids until he pays his back child support. The decision this week by the appeals court didn’t provide an opinion about whether the judge’s order was appropriate. Instead the

Similar cases

Two other men — Mahmoud Jaballah and Mohamed Mahjoub, both originally from Egypt — could face removal from Canada in long-running certificate cases.

to ensure it is fair. Federal Court Justice Simon Noel ruled in 2010 that there were grounds to believe Harkat is a security threat who maintained ties to Osama bin Laden’s terror network after coming to Canada. the canadian press

appeals court said it didn’t have enough information to decide the merits of the case without a copy of the pre-sentence report detailing Asim Taylor’s background. In January 2013, Judge James Walther said Taylor couldn’t have more children while he is on probation for five years. The judge said the order would be lifted if Taylor pays nearly $100,000 US in overdue support for his four children. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Scan the photo below with your Metro News app to see a photo gallery of the mine rescue attempt and protests in Turkey. Thursday, May 15, 2014

Recent fatal mine disasters

2013 83 workers are buried by a massive landslide at a gold mining site in Tibet.

2012 At least 60 people dead after a landslide at a gold mine in a remote corner of northeast Congo.


Fifty-two people are feared dead in southwestern Pakistan after a gas explosion deep in a coal mine.

2007 At least 90 are killed in postSoviet Ukraine’s worst mining disaster in a coal mine near the eastern city of Donetsk.

2006 65 coal miners are killed in a gas explosion in San Juan de Sabinas, in northern Mexico’s Coahuila state.

2005 214 miners die after an explosion deep in a coal shaft in southwestern China. the associated press


Turkey counts its dead Soma, Turkey. Hope dwindling in search for survivors of coal mine catastrophe Anger and grief boiled over into a violent protest Wednesday in the western Turkish town of Soma, where officials said at least 245 miners died in a coal mine explosion and fire. Nearly 450 other miners were rescued, the mining company said, but the fate of an unknown number of others remained unclear in one of the world’s deadliest mining disasters in decades. Tensions were high as hundreds of relatives and miners jostled outside the coal mine waiting for news, countered by a heavy police presence. Rows of women wailed uncontrollably, men knelt sobbing and others just stared in disbelief as rescue workers removed a steady stream of bodies throughout the night and early morning. Others shouted at Turkish officials as they passed.

In downtown Soma, protesters mostly in their teens and 20s faced off against riot police Wednesday afternoon in front of the ruling NKP party headquarters. Police had gas masks and water cannons. Authorities say the disaster followed an explosion and fire caused by a power distribution unit and the deaths were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Edrogan promised the tragedy would be investigated to its “smallest detail” and that “no negligence will be ignored.” Erdogan discussed rescue operations with authorities, walked near the entrance of the mine and comforted two crying women. He has appeared less-than-sympathetic in the past, however, saying that death was part of the “profession’s fate” after 30 miners died in a 2010 accident. Mining accidents are common in Turkey, which is plagued by poor safety conditions. the associated press

Tobacco farming bad for kids’ health: Report An international rights group is pushing the federal government and the tobacco industry to take further steps to protect children working on U.S. tobacco farms. A report released Wednesday by Human Rights Watch claims that children as young as seven are sometimes working long hours in fields harvesting nicotine- and pesticidelaced tobacco leaves under sometimes hazardous conditions. Most of what the group documented is legal, but it wants cigarette makers to


push for safety on farms from which they buy tobacco. Human Rights Watch details findings from interviews with more than 140 children working on farms in North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia, where a majority of the country’s tobacco is grown. “This report uncovers serious child labour abuses that should not occur on any farm, anywhere,” Andre Calantzopoulos, CEO of Philip Morris International Inc., the world’s second-biggest cigarette seller,

Farm workers make their way across a field shrouded in fog as they hoe weeds from a burley tobacco crop. the associated press file

said in a statement. “More work remains to be done to eliminate child and other labour abuses in tobacco growing.” Nearly three-quarters of the children interviewed in 2012 and 2013 reported vomiting, nausea and headaches while working on tobacco farms. The symptoms they reported are consistent with nicotine poisoning often called Green Tobacco Sickness, which occurs when workers absorb nicotine through their skin while handling tobacco plants. Those interviewed, many of whom were children of Hispanic immigrants but were often U.S. citizens themselves, also reported worked long hours, often in extreme heat, without overtime pay or sufficient breaks and wore no, or inadequate, protective gear. Republican Kentucky state Sen. Paul Hornback, who started worked in tobacco fields when he was 10 and now farms about 100 acres of tobacco in Shelby County, Ky., said he adheres to federal regulations to keep his workers safe but doesn’t believe further restrictions are needed. the associated press

Rows of open graves for the mine accident victims are seen in Soma, Turkey, Wednesday. At least two hundred coal miners were killed after a mine explosion. Violent protests have erupted in several Turkish cities, targeting the mine’s owners and the national government. In Soma, rocks were being thrown and some people were shouting that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was a “Murderer!” and a “Thief!” the associated Press/depo photos

Murder trial stalled. Pistorius to undergo psychiatric evaluation Oscar Pistorius was ordered by a judge on Wednesday to undergo psychiatric tests, meaning that the doubleamputee athlete’s murder trial will be interrupted, possibly for two months. The decision by Judge Thokozile Masipa followed a request for a psychiatric evaluation by the chief prosecutor, Gerrie Nel. The prosecutor had said he had no option but to ask for it after an expert witness for the defence testified that Pistorius had an anxiety disorder since childhood that may

have influenced his judgment when he fatally shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. He could be acquitted if it’s found that he was not criminally responsible for Steenkamp’s shooting because of a mental illness. The judge said it was important to assess his state of mind because of questions raised by the prosecution that Pistorius might argue he was not criminally responsible for the shooting because of his anxiety disorder. the associated press

Oscar Pistorius leaves court in Pretoria, South Africa. Themba Hadebe /The Associated Press


Wikileaker may receive gender hormone therapy In an unprecedented move, the Pentagon is trying to transfer convicted national security leaker Pte. Chelsea Manning to a civilian prison so she can get treatment for her gender disorder, defence officials said. Manning, formerly named Bradley, was convicted of sending classified documents to anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. The soldier has asked for hormone therapy and to be able to live as a woman. Transgender people are not allowed to serve in the U.S. military and the Defence Department does not provide such treatment, but Manning can’t be discharged from the service while serving her 35-year prison sentence. The former intelligence analyst was sentenced in August for six Espionage Act violations and 14 other offences. After the conviction, Manning announced the desire to live as a woman and to be called Chelsea. the associated press


business Thursday, May 15, 2014

EU aims to put an end to ‘walls of death’ European Union. Proposal looks to ban drift nets, infamous for indiscriminately catching and killing anything caught within the huge nets The European Union’s execu-

tive on Wednesday proposed sible for indiscriminate fishing to ban all use of drift nets in that often resulted in huge byEU waters and on its vessels by catches with little commercial year’s end to better enforce the value. Often they were called the protection of dolphins, sharks, “walls of death” since they swordfish and bluefin tuna. Drift nets stretching for trapped and killed anything miles close to the surface have within nets that could measure often been responsible for the dozens of kilometres. “Fishing with drift nets incidental capture and killing of thousands of marine animals destroys marine habitats, endangers marine wildlife and that are important to the ecoT:6.61” system. They were also respon- threatens sustainable fish-

eries,” said EU Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki. These type of nets were previously used in the hunt for endangered bluefin tuna in the Mediterranean until the EU banned such fishing in 2002. Even if laws already restricted its use, drift net fishing often continued illegally and a total ban on drift nets would make catching cheats easier. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

The proposed ban on drift nets would help protect dolphins, sharks, swordfish and bluefin tuna. Dean Purcell/Getty Images

Beginning of the end. After 62 years in Canada, Sears likely to disappear Sears is considering selling its struggling Canadian operations, a move that will likely lead to the closure of its brick-and-mortar stores in this country and make room for a new retailer to enter the market. The U.S. parent company, owned by Sears Holdings in Chicago and controlling shareholder Edward Lampert, said Wednesday it was North America

DOLLAR 91.89¢ (+0.23¢)


Netflix increased its share of fixed-line Internet traffic in North America in the first half of 2014, accounting for 34 per cent of data flowing to consumers during peak times, up from 32 per cent in the latter half of 2013. That’s according to a new report from Sandvine Inc., a Canadian networking services company. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

TSX 14,673.73 (-6.08)

OIL $102.37 US (+$0.67)

GOLD $1,305.90 US (+$11.10)

Natural gas: $4.38 US (+$0.01) Dow Jones: 16,613.97 (-101.47)

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Angela Mullins/metro

Memorial Cup 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

INSIDE: Your guide to London hosting the Memorial Cup hockey tournament, May 16-25

The Members of the Argyle BIA wish the London Knights success in the Memorial Cup!

Go Knights Go! Go Knights Go! Go Knights Go! Go Knights Go! Go Knights Go!


Memorial Cup Thursday, May 15, 2014

What’s inside

Schedule, history and more tidbits about the Memorial Cup. Page MC4

Fanfest features plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Page MC6

London’s 2005 Memorial Cup victory was full of firsts for the Knights and the city. Getty Images File

Can history repeat itself? Seeking another title. Knights aim to capture their second Memorial Cup on home ice DAve Langford

It took the London Knights 40 years to win their first Memorial Cup. Nine years later, the Knights are only 10 days away from their second. So buckle up and enjoy the ride. And if it’s anything like 2005, what a ride it will be, with Bo Horvat, Max Domi and Nikita Zadorov replacing Corey Perry, Brandon Prust and Dan Girardi as the leading men. While the 2005 Memorial Cup run was arguably the biggest sporting event to hit this city, this year’s tournament has the chance to match, and possibly exceed that drama, euphoria and excitement. But there also needs to be some perspective as to where this tournament can and

needs to lead us. The first Memorial Cup tournament in London was just that, the first. Along with that came many built-in attributes, including: The first Memorial Cup game ever played in London; the first time the Knights had been in the Memorial Cup; and the first time in the modern era that the Memorial Cup was contested without NHL games as competition due to the lockout. Or as Sportsnet’s Peter Loubardias said so eloquently, telling a national television audience in the final minutes of the championship game: “London, you have waited 40 years for this. Your team is about to win your first Memorial Cup!” And that first victory came with the Knights’ Perry outshining a kid named Crosby and the media stands full of NHL beat writers looking for

the best hockey available in the land. The city of London was also in a better state, with the unemployment rate hovering at about 6.5 per cent, the Ford plant was still open and Kellogg’s had a bright future. The mayor at the time was leading the cheerleading rather than facing a day in court. The years between hosting Memorial Cups have been fruitful for the Knights, with three more conference titles, two more OHL championships, two more trips to the Memorial Cup, the ongoing development of top-of-line NHL players and a trip by the head coach to the NHL and back. The NHL players who worked their way through London have included Steve Mason, Patrick Kane, John Tavares, Olli Maatta, Nazem Kadri, Jarred Tinordi and Michael Del Zotto. And Dale Hunter left the team in 2011 to take over the head coaching duties with the

Can this season’s Knights duplicate the feat of the 2005 team? Pages MC8-9

Character and leadership

“I think the organization has a lot of faith in this young man. He’s got a lot of character and we knew his skill would come. He shows great leadership and the desire to win ... He cares and I can’t say enough about him ... He’s done a lot for the organization.”

Guelph Storm aim to light the lamp in their bid for a CHL title. Page MC13

Knights’ general manager Mark Hunter on this year’s Knights captain, Chris Tierney

Washington Capitals, only to return, by choice, to London after a strong NHL playoff run at the end of that season. Now we look at the next 10 days with our eyes wide open, hoping a team that has not lived up to its potential — to this point — exceeds expectations and wins the Memorial Cup on home turf. We need this in many ways more than we did in 2005. On that occasion, it was fun to be involved. While a loss would have hurt, it would not have been the end of the world. This time is different. London hockey fans need this title, essentially to validate

what they have been doing with their hockey dollars since 2005 and to put a smile on faces from Huron and Highbury to Byron and all parts between. This team, despite some critical injuries, can win this championship. The organization, from ownership on down, is the finest in the land. The will to win is unmatched, year after year. That confluence of hockey smarts and abilities with a London fan base that needs a glorious outcome will become one entity for the next 10 days. Watch and, above all, enjoy.

Defence is the name of the game for the Edmonton Oil Kings. Page MC14

Dramatic endings have followed the Val-d’Or Foreurs. Page MC15



Memorial Cup Thursday, May 15, 2014

Memorial Cup in a nutshell DAve Langford

Champions (since 1980)

The Memorial Cup tournament, in case you hadn’t noticed, is about much more than just hockey. Yes, the hockey is the focal point, but it has become a 10-day festival that also includes beer gardens, fan festivals, awards ceremonies and a golf tournament. Here is a look at the tournament in a nutshell: • Champions of the Ontario Hockey League, Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and Western Hockey League, along with the host team, make up the four-team tournament. • In all, 60 teams start the Canadian Hockey League season vying to play in this prestigious tournament. • The tournament is a roundrobin format, followed by the second- and third-place teams meeting in the semifinal. The semifinal winner takes on the first-place team in the championship game.

2012: Halifax Mooseheads 2011: Shawinigan Cataractes 2010: Windsor Spitfires 2009: Windsor Spitfires 2008: Spokane Chiefs 2007: Vancouver Giants 2006: Quebec Remparts 2005: London Knights 2004: Kelowna Rockets 2003: Kitchener Rangers 2002: Kootenay Ice 2001: Red Deer Rebels 2000: Rimouski Oceanic 1999: Ottawa 67’s 1998: Portland Winterhawks 1997: Hull Olympiques 1996: Granby Predateurs 1995: Kamloops Blazers 1994: Kamloops Blazers 1993: Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds 1992: Kamloops Blazers 1991: Spokane Chiefs 1990: Oshawa Generals 1989: Swift Current Broncos 1988: Medicine Hat Tigers 1987: Medicine Hat Tigers 1986: Guelph Platers 1985: Prince Albert Raiders 1984: Ottawa 67’s 1983: Portland Winterhawks 1982: Kitchener Rangers 1981: Cornwall Royals 1980: Cornwall Royals

Schedule Friday: Val-d’Or vs. London, 7 p.m. Saturday: Guelph vs. Edmonton, 4 p.m. Sunday: London vs. Edmonton, 7 p.m. Monday: Guelph vs. Val-d’Or, 7 p.m. Tuesday: Edmonton vs. Val-d’Or, 7 p.m. Wednesday: London vs. Guelph, 7 p.m. May 22: Tiebreaker (if necessary), 7 p.m. May 23: Semifinal, 7 p.m. May 25: Final, time TBA • All games will be played at Budweiser Gardens in downtown London. • The arena, which opened in 2002, holds 9,000 fans for hockey.


Awards • Tournament MVP: Stafford Smythe Memorial Trophy • Sportsmanship: George Parsons Trophy • Outstanding goaltender: Hap Emms Memorial Trophy • Leading scorer: Ed Chynoweth Trophy

For Canadian Hockey League teams, it’s all about hoisting the Memorial Cup at the end of the season. The Canadian Press File

The Memorial Cup idea was brought forward by Capt. James T. Sutherland, who was the Ontario Hockey Association president at the time. He suggested the trophy be named in honour of the men killed in the First World War and that it would be awarded to the best junior hockey team in Canada. It was first awarded in 1919. In 1972, the idea of the three-league tournament format took over from an East-West championship in place at the time. In 2010, the tournament was rededicated to honour all soldiers in Canada who died fighting in any conflict.

Wishing the Knights good luck in the Memorial Cup!



Memorial Cup Thursday, May 15, 2014

Party central

Schedule of events

• For a full schedule of Memorial Cup events on and off the ice around the city, visit

King and Talbot streets will be focal point

Memorial Cup signs have been cropping up in London, including this sticker on a Talbot Street sidewalk that points people to the upcoming fun at nearby Budweiser Gardens. Angela Mullins/Metro

Mike Donachie

What’s that? An amazing hockey tournament just

isn’t good enough for you? Then check out the Memorial Cup’s Fanfest throughout the event. The focal point of the city will be King and Talbot

streets, with a lot to offer for fans outside Budweiser Gardens, whether they have game tickets or not. Every day from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., from Thursday to

May 25, the attractions will celebrate the Ontario Hockey League and the Hockey Hall of Fame outside Bud Gardens and the Covent Garden Market.

Activities will include a family area, and a PlayStation experience with games to try. Organizers are also planning a theatre-style set-up with a video tribute

to the Canadian Hockey League, and, of course, official merchandise on sale and plenty of giveaways. The official entertainment tent will include live bands each night before and after the games. Acts include the Sheridan Band, the Recklaws, Thunderstruck, Soul Sausage, Marcellus Wallace, Doghouse Rose, the Trews and the Rizdales. The same tent will show the Memorial Cup games on eight TV screens, while the Bud Gardens parking lot will have 23 tents for sponsors to host their own events. And expect a special visit by the Clydesdale horses that are featured in Budweiser commercials Thursday through Saturday. Other events surrounding the tournament include the CHL Awards at The Grand Theatre on May 24 and a golf tournament on May 22. Oh, and expect beer to be on sale. Lots of beer.

No matter what the game, we’re in it with you.

No matter what the game, No matter what the game, Getting involved in the community rewards us all. we’re in it with you. Scotiabank proudly supports the team and everyone we’re in it with you.

No matter what the game, No matter what the game, we’re in it with you. we’re in it with you. Getting involved in the community rewards us all. who works hard to make it a success. Thank you for Scotiabank proudly supports the team and everyone Getting involved in the community rewards us all. theyou opportunity to participate. who works proudly hard to supports make it athe success. for Scotiabank team Thank and everyone the opportunity who works hard to to participate. make it a success. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Getting involved in the and community rewards us all. Good Fromproudly the Official of the London Getting involved in the community rewards us Luck all. Scotiabank supports theBank team Good Luck From the Official Bank of the London everyone works hard to Bank makeof it athe success. Thank you for the Scotiabank opportunity.proudly supports the team and everyone Good Luckwho From the Official London Knights!!

Knights!! Getting involved in the community rewards us all. Knights!! Scotiabank proudly the team and everyone Good Luck From thesupports Official Bank of the London Knights!! who works hard to make it a success. Thank you for London Main the opportunity to participate. 420 Richmond Street London London,Main Ontario 420 Richmond Street 519-642-5056 x 2001 London, Ontario GO KNIGHTS Good LuckGO!! From 519-642-5056 x 2001 GO KNIGHTS GO!!

Main the Official Bank London of the London 420 Richmond Street Knights!! London, Ontario Registered trademarks of The Bank of Nova Scotia. 519-642-5056 x 2001 Registered trademarks of The Bank of Nova Scotia. GO KNIGHTS GO!!

who works hard to make it a success. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Good Luck From the Official Bank of the London Knights!!



London Main 420 Richmond Street London, Ontario 519-642-5056 x 2001

Memorial Cup Thursday, May 15, 2014


Proving the committee right DAve Langford

Gord Kirke is a Toronto lawyer who has represented a who’s who list of athletes, entertainers and major league sports teams, including the Toronto Blue Jays. He is also the Ontario Hockey League’s legal counsel. And it’s in that role that he participates every three years in the selection process to choose the OHL host site for the Memorial Cup. He has been involved more than 10 years. His non-voting role is to review the presentations, ask and answer all the legal questions and determine if all the agreements are in place. “The guys are usually very knowledgeable in the briefs that are submitted and the briefs are very fulsome,” Kirke said in an interview with Metro. “The teams, frankly, do a great job.” Kirke and OHL commis-

“To be honest, it was absolutely outstanding,” Gord Kirke, right, said about London’s bid to host the 2014 Memorial Cup. This will be the second time London has hosted the Canadian Hockey League tournament. Contributed

sioner David Branch are the ex-officio members of the selection committee, with five other sports and television types doing the actual voting.

This year marks the second time London has been awarded the Memorial Cup in the past 10 years, beating out Barrie and Wind-

sor in the final round one year ago. “Everything else being equal, it comes down to which team is likely to be the

best team,” Kirke said about the selection process. While there was some controversy at the time, the fact the Knights finished 26 points ahead of both Barrie and Windsor confirms the committee’s decision. Kirke was impressed with the London bid presentation. “They do a first-rate job,” he said. “I mean, since they have presented before on a couple of occasions, they’ve got it down to a fine art, and it is. “From experience, they know the points that are important, they touch on them, they cover them. They’re fully prepared in the live presentation.” And Kirke will return to London to see the finished product. He also visited London in 2005. “I thought it was great. I thought it was fun. I thought the ancillary activities were fun and they do a very good effort overall. These are quality hockey people who know what they’re doing.”

Selection committee

The following made up the site selection committee: • Paul Beeston, Toronto Blue Jay president and CEO • Frank Bonello, former NHL and OHL executive and director of central scouting • Colin Campbell, NHL senior executive vicepresident of hockey operations • Jim Gregory, NHL senior vice-president of hockey operations • Scott Moore, president of broadcast, Rogers Media (Sportsnet) • David Branch, OHL commissioner (ex officio) • Gord Kirke, OHL legal counsel (ex officio)

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Memorial Cup Thursday, May 15, 2014

Now & then

Memorial CUp Thursday, May 15, 2014

How they stack up As London GM Mark Hunter says, any comparison between the Knights from 2005 and the 2014 team is largely unfair. With that being said, here are some of the strengths of each team.


Comparing 2005 and 2014. Can these Knights ascend to the top of the CHL mountain? DAve Langford

The London Knights face several formidable challenges in this year’s Memorial Cup, not the least of which is being compared endlessly to the 2005 championship team. It’s not fair, actually, to take this year’s team, which finished third in arguably the toughest single division in the Canadian Hockey League, and size it up against the Memorial Cup-winning team from nine years ago. Many people, including OHL commissioner and CHL president Dave Branch, anointed the 2005 team. “The London Knights are one of the greatest junior teams ever to play,” Branch said after the Memorial Cup ended in London in May 2005. Knights GM Mark Hunter said comparisons are difficult. “Apples and oranges,” he said in an interview with Metro. “This team has won two OHL titles the last two years, so, for longevity, it’s been doing more than the ’05 team. But, hopefully, we can win a Memorial Cup. “That’s what we are here

to do, and that will put these guys who have been here for three years on a high level.” This year’s Knights have a large core of players who were here for the OHL winning seasons in 2012 and 2013, advancing to the Memorial Cup tournaments in Shawinigan and Saskatoon. And while this season did not result in a third consecutive OHL title — the Knights lost in five games in the second round to Guelph Storm — there are many reasons for the series loss. They include the devastating absence of starting goalie Anthony Stolarz (suspension) and defencemen Zach Bell (broken leg) and Brady Austin (mono) for the entire Guelph series. To be fair, backup goalie Jake Patterson played extremely well in the absence of Stolarz and goaltending did not decide the outcome. Meanwhile, Hunter may have been the busiest person on the Knights this year, as there was constant pressure to make certain the team was capable of winning the Memorial Cup, whether they went in as OHL champs or the so-called “back door” as hosts. For more, see Page MC9.

339 Horton Street London, On N6B 1L6 519.282.5759 Monday to Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Service Dept. 24HRS


Bo Horvat was a powerhouse in the playoffs last year, and is considered one of the finest defensive centres in Canadian major junior hockey. Terry Wilson/OHL Images

Continued from Page MC8

The Memorial Cup makes its way through downtown London as Knights fans celebrate the team’s 2005 win. The Canadian PRess File



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“We didn’t have (Nikita) Zadorov or Olli Maatta and you’re waiting around to see what to do there and you didn’t want to pull the trigger too quickly because if you do and then one of them came back (from the NHL) you didn’t have to make that move,” Hunter said. “So, at the end of the day, it was a different kind of year because the players were gone and what to do and how much to do was critical.” This year, the Knights will have been idle for 35 days before they play the Quebec champion Val-d’Or Foreurs in the opening game Friday night. This year’s Knights are full of NHL draft picks, including four 2013 first-round selections in Bo Horvat (Vancouver, ninth), Max Domi (Phoenix, 12th), Zadorov (Buffalo, 16th) and Michael McCarron (Montreal, 25th). And while the promise is


The 2004-05 Knights began the season going 31 games without a loss (29 wins, two ties) before losing their first game Dec. 17, a 5-2 setback to the Sudbury Wolves. They won 59 games and only lost seven in the regular season, amassing an OHL record 120 points.




They won the OHL Western Conference playoffs in 13 games, losing only once in three series against Guelph, Windsor and Kitchener. They won the OHL final in five games against Ottawa.


The Knights went through the Memorial Cup tournament without a loss, beating Kelowna, Ottawa and Sidney Crosby’s Rimouski Oceanic twice, including in the championship game. Corey Perry was named the tournament’s most valuable player.

Forward Max Domi has been one of the leaders on the London Knights this season. Getty Images File

there for solid NHL careers, the 2005 team has already been there, done that and is still doing it. As Branch pointed out, it was a team for the ages, with the NHL year-long lockout that season allowing many CHL teams to flush out their

rosters with players who might not have stayed in junior hockey. That Knights team was led by Corey Perry — who outplayed a kid named Sidney Crosby in the tournament — Brandon Prust, Dan Girardi, Marc Methot and

David Bolland, all who continue to play at a high level in the NHL. And this is nine years later. And many others — including captain Danny Syvret, Drew Larman, Robbie Schremp, Danny Fritsche and Bryan Rodney — have


played more than 500 games between them. “It was a really good year,” Hunter said. “Think we had 59 wins (during the regular season) and we had a lot of players who were really hungry to win an OHL title and a Memorial Cup, which we were lucky to do. It was a great team.” Do the NHL players drafted have to be your best players for this year’s team to catch up? “Well, we’ve got lots of them, so, yes, they have to be,” Hunter said. “Josh Anderson and Tierney and the

This year’s team enters the Memorial Cup as the host team, but it also marks the third consecutive season the Knights have been involved, winning the OHL title in 2012 and 2013. In 2006, the Knights lost in the OHL final to Peterborough. The Knights have 10 players who have been drafted by NHL teams, including four in the 2013 first round. Also, many others were invited to NHL camps in the fall.


This year’s team won 49 games and finished with 103 points in a division in which they finished third behind Guelph and Erie. That type of OHL opposition did not exist in 2004-05. Max Domi, Chris Tierney and Bo Horvat finished a combined plus-88, with 256 points. Ruperts and Max and Bo and Zadorov — there’s been a group of guys that have been there for a while now. It’s their ball.” And even with a strong division this season and injuries to overcome, can the Knights win again on home ice? “Yes, it’s a very good team. Now we’ll see how good they really are when we go to the Memorial Cup.” A championship and the comparisons would continue — a third consecutive Memorial Cup loss and any doubts would be erased.


Memorial Cup Thursday, May 15, 2014

Zach Bell, #7 Defenceman Age: 21 In 40 regularseason games with the Knights, he had three goals, 14 assists, and 53 penalty minutes.

Christian Dvorak, #10 Forward Age: 18 In 33 regularseason games, Dvorak recorded six goals, eight assists and had a plus-8 rating.

Owen MacDonald, #11 Forward Age: 17 He played 47 regularseason games this season, netting seven goals and seven assists.

Gemel Smith, #14 Forward Age: 20 In the 201314 regular season, he played 69 games, recording 37 goals and 38 assists.

Max Domi, #16 Forward Age: 19 In 61 regularseason games, Domi posted 34 goals, 59 assists and 90 penalty minutes.

Anthony Stolarz, #43 Goalie Age: 20 In 35 regularseason games, Stolarz posted a win-loss record of 255, and a GAA of 2.52.

Dakota Mermis, #44 Defenceman Age: 20 In 66 regularseason games this year, he posted five goals, 20 assists, and 76 penalty minutes.

Matt Rupert, #46 Forward Age: 19 In 53 regularseason games, he recorded 33 goals, 35 assists and 69 penalty minutes.

Alex Basso, #52 Defenceman Age: 20 In 63 regularseason games, Basso recorded 10 goals, 30 assists, and 61 penalty minutes.

Bo Horvat, #53 Forward Age: 19 In 54 regularseason games, Horvat tallied 30 goals, 44 assists and 36 penalty minutes.

Interactive PlayStation Gaming Experience

Your 2013-14 London Knights

Tim Bender, #55 Defenceman Age: 19 In 45 regularseason games, he had two goals, five assists, and 16 penalty minutes.

Canadian Hockey League Video Tribute

Brady Austin, #57 Defenceman Age: 20 In 60 regularseason games, he recorded eight goals, 20 assists, and 36 penalty minutes.

Chandler Yakimowicz, #21 Forward Age: 18 In 33 regularseason games, he notched three goals, four assists and 45 penalty minutes.

Michael McCarron, #24 Forward Age: 19 In 66 regularseason games, he recorded 14 goals and 20 assists with 120 penalty minutes.

Tait Seguin, #26 Forward Age: 19 Seguin played 38 games with the Knights in the regular season, recording one goal and three assists.

Brett Welychka, #27 Forward Age: 20 In 68 regularseason games, he recorded 22 goals, 34 assists and 29 penalty minutes.

Jake Patterson, #35 Goalie Age: 19 In 39 regularseason games, he posted a record of 22 wins and nine losses with a GAA of 3.15.

Ryan Rupert, #64 Forward Age: 19 In 68 regularseason games, he recorded 21 goals, 52 assists and 54 penalty minutes.

Nikita Zadorov, #65 Defenceman Age: 19 In 36 regularseason games this season, he notched 11 goals, 19 assists, and 43 penalty minutes.

Chris Tierney, #71 Forward Age: 19 During the regular season, he posted 40 goals, 49 assists and 12 penalty minutes.

Josh Anderson, #77 Forward Age: 20 He recorded 27 goals, 24 assists and 81 penalty minutes in 59 regular-season games.

Mitchell Marner, #93 Forward Age: 17 He played 64 regularseason games this season for the Knights, netting 13 goals and 46 assists.

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SPECIAL Thursday, May 15, 2014

Memorial Cup Thursday, May 15, 2014


There’s a Storm on the horizon OHL champs. Guelph enters tournament full of confidence after ousting North Bay DAve Langford

You only have to know one statistic to fully understand what a strong team the Guelph Storm put together this season. The Storm’s 340 goals for were the highest total for an Ontario Hockey League team in 15 seasons. And that was playing in arguably the single toughest major junior hockey division, not only in the OHL, but including the full complement of 60 teams competing under the Canadian Hockey League umbrella. Many veteran junior hockey observers consider the 2004-05 London Knights one of the best — if not the best — teams to ever play in this

country. Guelph outscored them. The same London Knights won the past two OHL titles. Again, Guelph exceeded their goals-for totals. Yes, this season the Storm are the real deal. They finished first in the OHL Midwest Division with 52 wins in 68 games. They were two points ahead of the Erie Otters and five ahead of the two-time defending champion Knights. Three teams with more than 100 points in one fiveteam division was precedent setting. Guelph also boasted the fourth best goals-against total. Nothing much changed in the playoffs, with the Storm winning four consecutive series — each in five games — to capture their first OHL title since 2004, their third league championship in franchise history. Knights’ captain Chris Tierney, now in his fourth season in the OHL, was impressed. “They are a good team, obviously,” Tierney said. “They

Steven Trojanovic celebrates with the Robertson Cup after the Guelph Storm defeated the North Bay Battalion to win the Ontario Hockey League championship. Aaron Bell/OHL Images

won a championship and they’ve got a deep lineup of forwards and D and their goalie is playing well. “They find ways to win. I think everyone is looking for-

ward to getting a chance to play them again and kind of redeem ourselves.” Every hockey fan in London has next Wednesday circled on their calendars as the

Knights face the Storm in the third Memorial Cup game for each team. Tierney said he thought the Storm would win the OHL title after eliminating the Knights.

“We thought they were a heavy favourite after the way they played against us and from what we saw from them. We thought they had a real good chance of winning, and we thought whoever came out of the west had a good chance of winning it.” After finishing the regular schedule with five of the league’s top 20 scorers, the Storm continued their offensive rampage in the playoffs. Kerby Rychel, Zack Mitchell, Robby Fabbri, Scott Kosmachuk and Jason Dickinson accumulated 142 combined points in 20 games. Fabbri only played in 16 of Guelph’s 20 games, but posted 13 goals and 15 assists and was named the OHL’s most valuable player in the playoffs. He was only the third 17-year-old to win the Wayne Gretzky 99 Award. The Storm also feature plenty of NHL experience in the coaching ranks, with head coach Scott Walker and assistants Bill Stewart and Todd Harvey playing close to 1,800 games combined.

Celebrate the MasterCard Memorial Cup at Lace up and enjoy free skating on our gigantic indoor rink at Centre Court 11 am to 10 pm. Free Skate Rentals from 2-6 pm daily!

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Memorial Cup Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Kings of the West WHL champs. Edmonton will try to shut down opponents with its strong defensive philosophy

Steve Macfarlane For Metro

Using a strong defensive philosophy and timely offence, the Edmonton Oil Kings battled their way back to the Memorial Cup this season. Their second Ed Chynoweth Cup in three years came in dramatic fashion, dropping the first two games of the Western Hockey League final, clawing back with three straight wins to give themselves a shot at winning on home ice in Game 6, then becoming the first road team in league history to win Game 7 of the championship series. This was supposed to be a rebuilding season for the Oil Kings, having lost three of their top four scorers from a

year ago, and 10 key players overall, including their top goaltender. While they had timely offensive support all season — scoring the third most goals (290) in the Western Hockey League during the regular season — there is no doubt the Oil Kings’ strength starts on the back end. They allowed the fewest goals against in the league (179) and showed in the WHL final just how effective they can be at shutting down a talented offence by smothering Portland Winterhawks stars Oliver Bjorkstrand, Derrick Pouliot, Brendan Leipsic and Nicolas Petan for much of their seven-game series. This season was a coming out party for goalie Tristan Jarry, who watched from the

Strong play from Edmonton Oil Kings goalie Tristan Jarry helped the team capture the Western Hockey League crown. Marko Ditkun photo

bench as predecessor Laurent Broissoit backstopped the Oil Kings to the Memorial Cup two seasons ago, and again when they fell short against the Winterhawks in the WHL

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final last spring. In his first season as a starter, Jarry had the lowest goals-against average (2.24) in the WHL, put together the most wins (44) and was tied

for top spot with eight shutouts. His save percentage, a respectable .914, was good for seventh. It helps when you have Griffin Reinhart clearing bod-

ies and rebounds from the front of the net. The 6-foot-4, 205-pound fourth-overall pick of the New York Islanders from 2012 was named WHL playoff MVP for his efforts.

Go Knights Go!

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Memorial cup Thursday, May 15, 2014


Foreurs feature flair for dramatic QMJHL champs. Val-d’Or is led by Anthony Mantha, who has 24 goals in 24 post-season games

Scott MacIntosh For Metro

The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League champions head into the Memorial Cup riding a major adrenaline rush. The Val-d’Or Foreurs could very well be a team of destiny after they reeled off a pair of heart-stopping series victories to capture the third President Cup title in franchise history. The Foreurs appeared to be well on their way to a solid Game 7 victory over the topranked Baie-Comeau Drakkar Tuesday night, holding a 3-0 lead entering the third period, but the home team would not go quietly. The Drakkar, inspired by a raucous crowd of 3,042 at Centre Henry-Leonard, scored

Val-d’Or Foreurs forward Anthony Mantha enters the Memorial Cup on a goal-scoring tear, netting 24 goals in 24 playoff games. Francois Laplante/Getty Images

three times in the final period, including the tying goal with 1:59 remaining on the clock. Undaunted by the momen-

tum shift, who else but goalscoring machine Anthony Mantha would come through in a clutch moment for Val-

d’Or, as the big forward wired home a one-timer with less than one minute to go in the game, giving the Foreurs a 4-3

victory and a berth in the Memorial Cup. Mantha comes into the Memorial Cup with 24 goals

in 24 post-season games. The Detroit Red Wings prospect has scored 81 goals in his last 81 games overall. Talk about consistency. Val-d’Or features a strong blue-line, led by high-scoring defencemen Guilluame Gelinas and Randy Gazzola. Gelinas, who finished the year with 92 points, has picked up in the playoffs where he left off in the regular season, with 11 goals and 23 assists in QMJHL playoff action. However, goal scoring is not the only strong point of the QMJHL representatives. Goaltender Antoine Bibeau stymied both the Drakkar in the President Cup final and the defending Memorial Cup champion Halifax Mooseheads when it counted in their QMJHL semifinal matchup. The Toronto Maple Leafs draft pick, who was named the playoff MVP, made more than 40 saves in four of the seven games in the league final. The Foreurs opened the post-season with a series sweep of Acadie-Bathurst, before taking down Drummondville in six games.

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VOICES Thursday, May 15, 2014


ALL HAIL VICKY, QUEEN OF BBQS here are a few interesting true facts about Queen Here’s a two-four gun salute to Queen VicVictoria Daye and the holiday that bears her toria, namesake of the best holiday on the enname. tire calendar. Sure, the full-bodied Crown Vic doesn’t Did you know? have the same cache as Santa’s sleigh, but that’s the point. * Victoria Day is named after Queen Victoria, No gifts to buy, no relatives to visit, no Ruler of Barbecues, Defender of Gardening and dates to remember. The lazy long weekend Empress of Putting Your Boat in the Water. May Day is the best precisely because it’s no * Her real name: Robert Zimmerman. emergency. * Victoria was the longest-sitting U.K. soverLong live holidays that aren’t tied to anyeign, staying in her royal Barcalounger for three thing of importance, I say. Long live Queen HE SAYS straight weeks while she caught up on all seven Vicky whispering sweet, sweet nothing in seasons of William Shakespeare’s series The my ear from her ignored corner of history. John Mazerolle Henrys. I know, I know. There are people out there * Winner of several wars against her French that feel some sort of bizarre kinship to a long-dead sort-of leader who kind of ruled us when our country counterpart Queen Capitula. * Founded Victoria’s Secret in 1871. The closely guarded sewas born, forever inspiring the Canadian people with her era’s cret, held close to the chest until 2005, was that lingerie will strict table manners and fear of sex. not turn you into a buxom 20-year-old model. In the interests of keeping the die-hard Queen fans happy,

* Victoria faced six assassination attempts, most of them by men who missed with pistols at close range, providing George Lucas with the real-world inspiration for the storm troopers in Star Wars. * Almost always depicted wearing black, because it did a good job hiding the Yorkshire pudding stains. * Despite being thought of as a historically intimidating figure, Victoria was a surprising three inches tall. Her image on postage stamps of the day is life-sized. * Victoria Day is celebrated in other countries by looking in the general direction of Canada and shrugging. So, yes, Queen Victoria has done many great things, and you should talk to your local plate collector or Wikipedia page moderator to learn more about them. But to me her greatest accomplishment will always be a why-not holiday that happens just as the sun starts to spread its warmth, the leaves make their first appearance and the flowers bloom. Only in Canada? Pretty.



To wear to the amethyst castle party




3 In this issue, you can find AR enhancements on pages 6, 7 and 9 in News and page 18 in Sports




To see pages from Metro spring to life, simply download or update the Metro News app available from your device’s app store and follow these three easy steps: 1. Open the Metro News app on your smartphone or tablet device. Click the AR icon in the top right corner. 2. Hold your device over any image that has the AR logo near it. Make sure you wait for the green scanning bar to read the image! 3. Voilà! You should see the AR in action — like a video, slide show or mobile content experience. You can even move your phone away from the page and interact with the content directly on your device.


The beautiful mane: Soccer, now with lions The Borgezie Princess Constellation stilettos are priced at $337,000 US. Q&A

Designer defends diamond -encrusted stilettos You could walk off with heels worthy of Cinderella … if you’ve got £200,000 ($337,000 US) to spare. The Borgezie Princess Constellation stilettos — crafted in either platinum or 18-carat gold and encrusted with


1,290 diamonds — are the world’s most expensive shoes. Designer Christopher Shellis, who’s been working on the stilettos for seven years, tells Metro why the footwear that requires a mortgage is a “bargain.” The shoes are the price of a sports car or an apartment, so who are you expecting to splash the cash? Actually, I’ve already had an enquiry. I’ve been approached by some people, who won’t disclose their names, asking whether I could create 100 pairs of stilettos like this one. It’s for a royal engagement.

That’s ridiculous! £200,000 sounds like a lot of money but people are spending hundreds of thousands on diamondencrusted iPhone accessories or buying £500,000-plus cars. It’s a bargain, mate! (Laughs) Do you see them as an investment piece? Yeah, I think the stilettos are like the Damien Hirst diamond-encrusted skull. Actually they’re better because they’ve got a practical value as well as a display value. Does a bodyguard come with the purchase? (Laughs) The people who buy these will bring their own bodyguard. METRO


The thing about people that seem to have a mystical connection with lions is that there’s nothing really mystical about it so long as you know your way around a cat. Just watch sharply-dressed Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson in action. A few chin scratches here, a head-butt there. Add a dash of flank rubs and he’s earned enough feline devotion to spawn a spirited soccer match. There’s a lion whisperer inside all of us. Then again, so is a healthy fear of an animal that (Via Van Gils/YouTube) can kill you by mistake.


President: Bill McDonald • Vice-President & Group Publisher, Metro Eastern Canada Greg Lutes • Editor-in-Chief Charlotte Empey • Deputy Editor Fernando Carneiro • National Deputy Editor, Digital Quin Parker • Managing Editor Angela Mullins • Managing Editor, News & Business Amber Shortt • Managing Editor, Life & Entertainment Dean Lisk • Retail Sales Manager Joshua Green • Distribution Manager Rob Delvallet • Vice President, Content & Sales Solutions Tracy Day • Vice-President, Creative and Marketing Services Jeff Smith • Vice-President, Finance Phil Jameson • METRO LONDON • 350 Talbot Street Main Floor London ON N6A 2R6 • Telephone: 519-434-3556 • Fax: 888-474-3094 • Advertising: 519-434-3556 Ext. 2223 • • Distribution: • News tips: • Letters to the Editor:


SCENE Thursday, May 15, 2014


Art exhibit explores human need to connect with nature Destruction and desire. Artist’s work looks at a culture that’s out of touch yet in a frenzy to connect BACKSTAGE PASS

Mila Petkovic

The baby fisher darts out of his kennel and nibbles on her shoe. The woman backs up and he retreats. They continue this song and dance until he finally snatches up the blanket offered to him and drags it back into his temporary little home. The fisher is a guest at a wildlife rehabilitation centre and Halifax-based artist D’Arcy Wilson has just filmed his first reaction to a hand-stitched quilt she created especially for him. It’s part of her project Fleshold, in which she tries to determine if the nurturing and compassionate intentions of humans can translate to wild animals. Wilson will display the used quilts, along with video footage, drawings and photos at her Forest City Gallery exhibition, opening May 23. Wilson also presented unique handmade blankets to a mink, goldfinch, squirrels, a fox, a coyote, two fawns, baby raccoons and a skunk. “Some were biting or tearing at them, and I realized afterward that’s because my scent was all over them. It’s kind of an invasive thing to insert my scent into their small spaces,” says the artist. “I thought my labour would

D’Arcy Wilson performs Tuck, a lullaby for taxidermy animals, at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History in Halifax in 2012. COURTESY OF LEIGH KIRKPATRICK

be totally negated, but some of them really did love the blankets (like the fisher) — well, that’s my human take on it,” says Wilson, who got the quilts back after the animals were released or had passed on. Through her art, Wilson explores her desire to connect with nature and her inability to understand this world. “I feel separate from it because I’m part of a culture and species that can’t seem to coexist without destroying it. I’m grappling with that and grieving it as well. And how does that impact us psychologically — a culture that’s totally out of touch and yet in a frenzy to connect?” For another one of her pro-

Around town


“The tarsands and the Peel watershed in the Yukon, that’s being opened up for mining … I feel grief over those stories. It feels like such a loss. It’s a part of who I am, and my identity is being picked away.” Artist D’Arcy Wilson jects, Tuck (which will also be on display), Wilson visited the Banff Park Museum National Historic Site, where she encountered a turn-of-the-century taxidermy collection. “What I found amazing and tragic was that the specimens were collected and killed for the museum,” says Wilson. “They’ve been standing there frozen, returning our gaze for 100 years.”

In a filmed performance and warped attempt to offer solace to the creatures, Wilson wanders through the museum singing lullabies to each animal. “It’s another example of how separate the two worlds are. It’s clear I have no real understanding of them,” says Wilson. The installation opens at FCG (258 Richmond St.) at 7 p.m. on May 23 with an artist talk beginning at 6 p.m.

• On the stage: Sylvia is a comedy play about a man, his wife and the dog that comes between them. Performance dates are Wednesday to May 24 at The Arts Project (203 Dundas St.). Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students. • Tunes: Nightbox, Rush Midnight and Say Hello are performing on Tuesday at the London Music Hall (185 Queens Ave.). Tickets are $7 in advance and doors open at 8 p.m.

DISH Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beauty and a rap sheet: Biebs accused of briefly swiping woman’s phone



The highs and lows of being Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman has never made the choice that Grace Kelly did — quitting acting to begin another life as Princess of Monaco. But she’s rarely found equilibrium in her career and personal life. “When I won the Oscar, I went home and I didn’t have (love) in my life,” said Kidman, who won best actress in 2003, two years after she and Tom Cruise divorced. “That was the most intensely lonely experience in my life.” Kidman stars as Kelly

in Grace of Monaco, which premiered Wednesday as the opener of the Cannes Film Festival. “Strangely for me, the greatest highs have coincided with the greatest lows,” said Kidman. “So (during) my professional highs a lot of times I’ve had personal lows and they’ve collided. That’s always aggravated me that it’s gone that way. I’m hoping one day I can have a professional high and a personal high.” THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

With this paintball, I thee wed? Angelina and Brad let kids plan their wedding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt might be regretting their choice of wedding planners. The Maleficent star tells People magazine that they’ve been allowing their six kids to have some input on how best to tie the knot. “We are discussing it with the children and how they imagine it might be, which is verging on hysterical, how kids envision a wedding,” Jolie says. “They will, in a way, be the wedding planners. It’s going

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

to be Disney or paintball — one or the other.”

Jay Z shops with 100th problem Solange MELINDA TAUB

Metro World News

In perhaps an unspoken message to let us know that we will never, ever, ever know what is up with the Knowles-Z clan, Jay Z and Solange Knowles calmly shopped for jewelry together in Manhattan on Tuesday, just days after Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator after the Met Gala. The rap mogul and his 100th problem were spotted at Mr. Flawless, a high end jewelry store, according to TMZ. The pair browsed women’s jewelry for about

20 minutes, mostly separately. They spoke little to each other and left without buying anything. It would take remarkable self-possession to calmly go on a shopping trip with someone who tried to put a stiletto heel through your eye just days earlier. Maybe Jay Z just wants his peaceful home life back, so he’s trying to forge a truce. Or maybe they’re both trying to get back in Beyoncé’s good graces with a sparkly peace offering. Or maybe it’s Blue Ivy who’s pulling all the strings here, and they have to bring her diamond-encrusted baby rattles or else. Jay Z isn’t the only one who’s trying to publicly reinforce his relationship with Solange: Beyoncé has filled her Instagram with pictures of the sisters hanging out in happier times.


Justin Bieber is developing quite the weird little rap sheet. The pop star has been accused of graffiti, vandalism, getting his bodyguards to beat up a guy, and now, very short theft. Bieber was at Sherman Oaks Castle Park, a sports complex, when he and his entourage reportedly got into an altercation with a group of men by the batting cages. According to TMZ, a woman claims that during the altercation, Bieber saw her take out her cellphone and came over to confront her about whether she’d taken pictures. The woman says that when she refused to show him her phone, Bieber reached into her purse and took it. The two wrestled for the phone and Justin tore it out of her hand, but couldn’t see her photo stream because the phone was locked, she told police. Bieber gave the phone back and insisted that she erase the photos. After she unlocked the phone and showed him she’d never taken any in the first place,

Justin Bieber

Bieber finally left her alone, she said. The unnamed woman filed a criminal complaint. The LAPD confirmed to CNN that Justin has been accused of attempted robbery. However, no charges have been filed. Poor old Bieber can’t win. When he tries to cover up one potential scandal he ends up embroiled in another. Maybe he should buy a private island. Seems like the best solution for all of us if he just isolates himself in Biebervania. METRO WORLD NEWS

Twitter @ParisHilton ••••• Just landed in Nice. Hopefully the airline hasn’t lost any of my luggage. Everytime I have landed here half my luggage is missing!

••••• @carrieunderwood Breakfast by candlelight. I’m not peaceful. But I hope they get it fixed ‘cause make-up by candlelight won’t end as well!

••••• @ChloeGMoretz if you come around me with a google glass i will not speak to you. i do not trust them








WHEN YOU SPEND $75 OR MORE ON ALMOST ANYTHING AT SHOPPERS DRUG MART* Visit or the store nearest you for details. *Some conditions may apply. Offer valid Saturday, May 17 & Sunday, May 18, 2014 only. Shoppers Drug Mart card is valid until June 8, 2014. 0361-13 SDM-METRO-WK21-4C.indd 1

14-05-09 2:16 PM


LIFE Thursday, May 15, 2014


Putting your best foot forward



Toe-tal recall. You’ve spent a long winter keeping your lower limbs under the lock and key of wool and leather. How better to bust out of the blahs than by letting your tootsies take on the sun-soaked world?

Colours of the season


Rita Remark’s recommendations for this season are essie’s cobalt aqua (strut your stuff), soft lavender (French affair) and bright sunny orange (roarrrange).

Metro World News

As the weather starts to warm up, it’s natural to experience a little more spring in your step. You might be excited to shed those socks and boots, but before you start strutting around town in strappy sandals and peep-toes, you’ll want to be sure to start the season off on the right foot, says essie Canada’s lead nail artist, Rita Remark. “Because they are out in the open, our feet tend to have more issues like dryness, cracking and chipping when the weather is warm,” says Remark. With that in mind, she says treating the skin on your feet the same way you would the rest of your body is important: exfoliate where necessary and moisturize. “Use the coarse side of a double sided pedicure file to remove any calluses or rough skin, then use the finer side to soften them,” she says. “After this step, it’s good practice to moisturize because it allows for better product absorption and a longer lasting softness.” She adds that you’ll want to apply sunscreen before stepping out into the sun —

Essie polishes available for $9.99 at leading salons and retailers across Canada.

not? Skip the open toe until you (clean them up).” Of course caring for The hair way down there

Did you know that toe hair is a common area of concern for visitors to laser hair removal clinics? This little piggy definitely went to the spa. ISTOCK Fear by the foot

“When you say pedicure to a man, they think of a big, drippy, red nail.” Daniel Francoeur Owner of Bodé Spa Medi-Wellness for Men on changing the male mind about foot care

unless you want sandal tan lines, of course. And naturally, a layer of polish will kick up any spring outfit an extra notch. Revlon Canada’s nail ex-

pert, Leeanne Colley recommends gravitating towards bright colours this season, as they work with every skin tone and are a great way of working the colour-blocking trend into your look from all angles. When it comes to the question of whether bright toenails is a polished enough look for work, Colley says it all comes down to maintenance. “As long as they are chip-free, short and remain glossy,” says Colley of your professional pedicure. “If

Canadian street style Spotted in: Toronto

Name: Brittany Gray Age: 28 Occupation: Owner of Fancy Face Inc. What she’s wearing: L.A.M.B booties, Citizens Of Humanity jeans, Club Monaco vest, Louis Vutton purse, Ray Ban shades, Vintage rings, Michael Kors watch,

Tiffany’s bracelet, Ganni ‘Je T’aime’ shirt

• Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision is the first ever FDA- approved laser tool for at-home use, so you get to handle your own private laser areas in the privacy of your own home, and that includes your toesies! So bust out this tool and feel smoothe and soft in your summer sandals. Tria Hair Removal Laser Precision is sold online at TriaBeauty. ca for $299, and will be available at Sephora in the summer.

your feet shouldn’t just be a female concern. Most men might think of spa treatments as a luxury, but oftentimes they ignore real health concerns when it comes to their feet. Daniel Francoeur, the owner of Bodé Spa MediWellness for Men, with locations in both Ottawa and Toronto, says that men often suffer in silence with foot problems like warts, corns and fungus or ingrown nails. One of his clients, a senior, had been having trouble walking because his toenails were turning down. With a little attention, his problem has been solved, he’s more mobile, and he’s lost 25 pounds. “When you say pedicure to a man, they think of a big, drippy red nail,” says Francoeur. “Men often don’t consider their feet important, but once they realize what can be done with them, it’s almost always the first service we’ll see them rebooking.”



Jeanne Beker


What she’s wearing: “My inspiration usually comes from all things Boho Chic, Edgy Glam and my fashion idol is everything Rachel Zoe.” THE KIT IS A MULTI-PLATFORM BEAUTY AND FASHION BRAND WHICH INCLUDES AN INTERACTIVE MAGAZINE AND DYNAMIC APP, A WEBSITE, KIT CHAT — AN E-NEWSLETTER PROGRAM — AND A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER SECTION, TOO!

The loveliest table+the chic-est crowd around it at The Room @thehudsonsbayco, all to honour the brilliant @Erdem

LIFE Thursday, May 15, 2014


Mix and match patterns like a pro Mix it up in style. Follow these rules to create the perfect combination of patterns in a room DESIGN CENTRE

Karl Lohnes

Every well-decorated room should have some sort of pattern, whether it’s featured on fabrics, rugs, wallpaper or accessories. Even wood floors and furnishings have patterns to consider when designing a space. Patterns help to bring a room to life with movement, shape and colour. An untrained eye may never recognize the thought process that goes into creating a well-balanced room, but not incorporating pattern into your decor scheme can lead to a plain, boring room. Here are the ABC’s of incorporating pattern into your own space:

Mixing patterns

• Every room needs a straightlined pattern (such as stripes, plaids or graphics) and a curvy-line fabric (such as floral, paisley or polka dots). • Using two or more of a similar pattern (such as floral) rarely works unless the size of those patterns is distinctly different. • Solid (non-patterned) fabrics can help relieve the eye of too much visual movement but can sometimes look plain if they are not textured. Pattern shapes • Curvy or rounded patterns tend to imply a traditional or feminine look whereas straight-lined patterns imply a masculine or modern look. • When mixing straight and curvy patterns, incorporate 70 per cent of your favourite look and 30 per cent of the other for a perfect balance; never 50/50. • Wood has grain and that should be considered a pattern when decorating. Oak and walnut have curvy lines

and zebra wood has straight lines. Scale

• Put the biggest pattern on the biggest piece — that’s the proper way to choose the size of a pattern. • For impact, add an oversized print on a tiny item like a pillow. • When choosing wallpaper, the bigger the print, the fuller the room will look. This is a great way to visually fill a space where a lot of furniture is not needed, such as stairwells, foyers and powder rooms. Colour • Various patterns can work together as long as they all share the same colourway. • The third most obvious colour in the room’s main print is the colour to paint the walls of that room. • If decorating a room with just one colour, you are creating a monochromatic colour scheme. Add textured fabrics and rugs to fill the eye’s need for pattern.

Textured solids, checks, stripes and floral patterns can work together using a similar colour palette.


Microgardens. Latest in urban farming As the urban farming trend goes from strength to strength, designers are finding clever ways to accommodate the concept with city living. “Infarm” is a new design concept which brings the microgarden indoors, allowing urbanites to grow fresh produce from the comfort of their homes. Based on the principles of origami, Infarm offers mini foldable greenhouses designed by Swedish design studio Tomorrow Machine. Currently running as a

campaign on crowdfunding website Indiegogo, the Infarm Microgarden uses transparent seaweed based agar-agar gel as a growing medium, meaning the greens never have to be watered as the roots absorb moisture from the gel. “The Microgarden is the next generation of home farming, where the end result is a mix between a serving bowl and a greenhouse,” explains Tomorrow Machine. The shape of the greenhouse divides the gel in to six slices, meaning users can choose to

use one section of the greens, or place the whole garden on the table to be used as a sort of serving bowl. “Our inspiration was finger food and we wanted to give the microgreens the same feeling as canapés,” say the designers. The kit comes as a flat pack that consists of three items: a foldable greenhouse, organic seeds and agar-agar powder. The microgreens are generally ready to eat after five to 14 days. Kits are scheduled to start shipping to pledgers in October. AFP

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Sweet potatoes star in healthy veg quesadillas Grilling Week. Vegetarians, fire up the barbecue. This recipe in our series leading up to May Long Weekend is just for you.

Grilling can be light and healthy, but still delicious. Fresh Grilling by Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to do it right. The book offers 200 recipes in which vegetables and fruits shine ­­— as crunchy toppings for burgers, bright sauces and marinades for meat, chicken and fish; heaping platters of grilled veg; grilled salads and pizzas; and more. Find your grilling inspiration through recipes such as Primo Pesto Pizza, Turkey Burgers with Peaches and Blueberries, Grilled Berry Crumble and more. Metro Thursday, May 15, 2014

“The flavour and nutritional content of sweet potatoes spurs cooks to find surprising ways to work them into all kinds of dishes,” write the editors of Better Homes and Gardens in the book Fresh Grilling. “Here, they help fill super-healthy quesadillas packed with jack cheese, navy beans, and baby spinach.”

1. In a bowl combine beans, 1/4

cup of the cilantro, lime juice, jalapeño, and chili powder; set aside. For cucumber relish, in a small bowl combine cucumber, radishes and remaining 1 tablespoon cilantro; set aside.


In a medium saucepan cook sweet potatoes, covered,

Ingredients • 1 15- to 16-oz can navy beans, rinsed and drained • 5 tbsp snipped fresh cilantro • 1 tbsp lime juice • 1 small fresh jalapeño chili pepper, seeded, finely chopped • 1 tsp ground ancho chili powder • 1/2 cucumber, quartered and sliced • 3 to 4 medium radishes, halved and thinly sliced

in lightly salted boiling water for 15 minutes or until tender; drain well. Return potatoes to saucepan and coarsely mash; stir in cumin.

3. Spread mashed sweet pota-

toes over half of each tortilla. Top each with beans, spinach, green onions, and cheese. Fold each tortilla in half over the filling, pressing firmly.


For a charcoal or gas grill,

• 12 oz sweet potato, peeled and coarsely chopped • 1/2 tsp ground cumin • 4 10-inch whole wheat flour tortillas • 1 1/2 cups coarsely chopped baby spinach • 2 green onions, thinly sliced • 3/4 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese (3 oz) • Pain Greek yogurt and paprika (optional)

place quesadillas directly on the grill rack over medium heat. Cover and grill for 4 minutes, turning once halfway through grilling. To serve, cut quesadillas into wedges and pass cucumber relish and, if desired, Greek yogurt sprinkled with paprika. recipe Excerpted from FRESH GRILLING © 2014 by Better Homes and Gardens. Reproduced by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.

total time about 30 minutes This recipe for Sweet Potato Quesadillas with Cucumber Relish serves four. better homes and gardens

SPORTS Thursday, May 15, 2014


Tigers bats push past soft start from Verlander

NHL playoffs

Habs fans flock to Bell Centre Montreal’s Bell Centre was a sea of red, white and blue Wednesday night as Canadiens fans pack the arena to watch their beloved Habs play 500 kilometres away. The Bruins and Canadiens were tied 3-3 heading into the series decider in Boston. Tickets for the viewing cost $10, with some of the proceeds going to a Canadiens charity fund for children. THE CANADIAN PRESS Game coverage

Go to metronews. ca for results from Wednesday night’s game.

Schremp giving back to this year’s Knights Memorial Cup. Former OHL star gives insight to London club upon return to North America


This time, Baltimore had plenty of success against Justin Verlander. Unfortunately for the Orioles, the Detroit Tigers got to their starting pitcher, too. Nelson Cruz hit a threerun homer off Verlander in Baltimore’s five-run fifth inning, but Rajai Davis went deep to lead Detroit to a 7-5 victory on Wednesday and a three-game sweep of the slumping Orioles. “It’s hard to stay consistent,” Cruz said. “It’s a long season. But like I said, we’re not going to focus on what happened in bad situations. We’re going to focus on whatever we did good on a daily basis and that can get you going through the season.” THE ASSOCIATED PRESS



After playing professional hockey in Sweden, Austria, Russia and Switzerland for the past three seasons, Rob Schremp is coming home. And for any member of the 2004-05 Memorial Cup-winning Knights, that journey begins in London. “I just decided this week actually to come back and give it a shot (in North America) and see where it goes from there,” Schremp said this week after skating with this year’s version of the Knights. “I just told my agent yesterday so this is pretty fresh. So I will see what happens. I like to come back here. I miss home.” Home for his family has changed recently from Fulton, N.Y., to Naples, Fla., but none of that effects Schremp’s yearly off-season stop in London. “I come back here every summer to train and come back to the city and usually live here for the summer,” he said. “I usually rent or bunk up with David Bolland and always come back to see my old billets.” Schremp, who also has 114 NHL games under his belt, said he is impressed with this year’s Knights, even after participating in just one practice. “Every team is different. I

Former London Knights forward Rob Schremp was a scoring machine in his OHL days, winning a Memorial Cup in 2005 and the league scoring championship the next season. This week, he is back on the ice, helping this year’s Knights prepare for the Memorial Cup beginning Friday. DAVE SANDFORD/GETTY IMAGES

haven’t been around these guys long enough to know what their dynamic is,” he said. “It’s good to get the workout in and also help any way I can. I was helping Dylan (Hunter) with the power play. Just small things, whatever I can do to help and also get some work in myself.” Schremp said the 2005 team was a “neat group and that’s what happens when you win.” “Nine years ago we won, everybody bought in, everybody knew their job. We had

great leadership, that was the big thing,” he said. “(Captain) Danny Syvret was a great leader. He was the first guy to block a shot with any part of his body, followed by (Dan) Girardi. Those guys all really sacrificed. “I think that’s the biggest thing in a tournament like that. It’s about sacrificing and doing whatever it takes to buy into the system. The big guys just have to step up. You’ve got to get goals from everybody and big plays from everybody.”

Zadorov, Domi all-stars

Two London Knights were named to Ontario Hockey League all-star teams, announced Wednesday. • Defenceman Nikita Zadorov was selected for the second all-star team and Max Domi was selected as the third-team left-winger.

Oil Kings in a position to right the past

The Edmonton Oil Kings will be travelling to the Memorial Cup on short rest after winning the WHL championship against the Portland Winterhawks on Monday night. DEREK LEUNG/GETTY IMAGES

The Edmonton Oil Kings vowed this season to #TakeItBack. Their new Twitter hashtag is #TookItBack as they’ll represent the WHL at the Memorial Cup for the second time in three years. Edmonton retains eight players from the team that lost a tiebreaker game to the Memorial Cup host and eventual champion Shawinigan Cataractes two years ago. These Oil Kings must recover for this year’s tournament on the fly. After needing seven games


“They are going to be experienced in the type of tournament that it is, a short-term event, the media, the intensity of the event and the magnitude of the event.” Oil Kings head coach Derek Laxdal

to beat the Portland Winterhawks in the WHL championship series, the Oil Kings will

have just five days between Game 7 and their cup opener. Edmonton’s first game Saturday is against a more rested Guelph Storm, who needed five games to secure the OHL title. “We’ll gain from the experience of our last Memorial Cup two years ago,” Oil Kings head coach Derek Laxdal says. “We’re going to have to be able to ramp it up pretty quick. Our group has been a resilient group. They come to play when it’s time to play and we’ve had a lot of success on the road.” THE CANADIAN PRESS


SPORTS Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blue Jays in the AL East hunt early on MLB. Toronto in a three-way tie with New York, Boston for second place in what’s normally regarded as the toughest division The Toronto Blue Jays have had mediocre results over the first quarter of the season along with the rest of the teams in the American League East. Instead of looking up at the contenders, the Blue Jays are right in the mix. They appear to have as good a shot as any club at contending in what is normally one of the toughest divisions in Major League Baseball. “We’re not necessarily where we want to be, but we’re within striking distance with the venom to be able to make a run at it,” said Blue Jays starter R.A. Dickey. The Blue Jays have a ped-

R.A. Dickey got the win Tuesday as the Blue Jays beat the Indians 5-4. Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press

estrian 20-20 record after 40 games, but that’s still good for a share of second place in a division that is weaker than usual. Baltimore, which entered Wednesday’s games in top spot at 20-17, is followed by three teams — Toronto, New York (19-19) and Boston (19-19) — who all have .500

records. The Orioles have a lead of just 1 1/2 games, with only 4 1/2 games separating first place from the last-place Tampa Bay Rays (17-23). Toronto’s offence has shown plenty of pop this season but the bullpen has had some trouble keeping leads. There have been a few injury concerns over the first six weeks but there is still a feeling the team can get the results it wants. “I think last year we were a .500 team that was lucky to be .500. This year I feel like we’re a .500 team that should be five or six games over,” Dickey said Wednesday at a promotional event in the city’s west end. “That’s a whole different feeling. If we can stay healthy and if we can pitch — and those are two big ifs — I think we’re going to be in it at the very end and have an opportunity to give this city what it’s longed for for 21 years.” The canadian Press


Up-to-date scores Canada

Giving YOU a sporting chance.


1 215 points

c.j. - Toronto

Ulissi leaves enough in the tank for final burst and fifth-stage win at Giro d’Italia The pack begins the fifth stage of the Giro d’Italia, leaving Taranto, Italy, for Viggiano, Italy, on Wednesday. A powerful final burst from Diego Ulissi helped the Italian cyclist win the stage while Australian rider Michael Matthews retained the overall leader’s pink jersey. Ulissi came from behind with 150 metres to go to cross the line solo, with his arms raised high in celebration at the end of the 203-kilometre leg. Former champion Ryder Hesjedal of Victoria is 69th while Svein Tuft of Langley, B.C., is 171st. Using the Metro News app, scan the image to view some of the scenes from this year’s Giro d’Italia. Fabio Ferrari/The Associated Press

WITH THE METRO NEWS APP 2.0, THE NEWS OFTEN SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. So do movie features, sports highlights, celebrity gossip...

2 184 points

Dennis - Toronto 3 178 points

Saudah - Toronto 4 167 points

Samir - Toronto 5 157 points

Brad - Ottawa See this symbol? You can scan the photo above with your Metro News app to play the game. The top 5 winners in Metro will be contacted by May 16th and will win a Canadian Olympic Committee blanket. Subject to terms and conditions outlined in game. QC not eligible.

Download the Metro News App today at

PLAY Thursday, May 15, 2014



March 21 - April 20 People respond better to charm than to threats, so use the power of Venus in your sign to work your way around their defenses. You need to know when to exert pressure and when to stand back.


April 21 - May 21 There may be a clash of wills today but at least it will remind certain people that just because you’re a nice guy does not mean you are a pushover.


May 22 - June 21 You won’t be short of friends today, tomorrow and over the weekend as Mercury, your ruler, links with Venus, planet of harmony. What you do with others will be more enjoyable than what you do by yourself.


June 22 - July 23 It’s OK to be forceful but sometimes you push too hard and turn people off. That should not be a problem today though as you find new ways to get along with work colleagues.


July 24 - Aug. 23 No matter how many things may have gone wrong in your life recently your luck will change for the better today. Actually luck has little to do with it. It’s your attitude that creates your world. Start smiling!


Aug. 24 - Sept. 23 Make it a priority to kiss and make up with someone you fell out with a while back. Most likely you are genuinely sorry you got angry about something that, with hindsight, looks absurdly trivial.


Sept. 24 - Oct. 23 Let the people you feel closest to know how much you need them and appreciate them and love them. Anyone who thinks Libras lack emotion will have no choice but to think again over the next 24 hours.


Oct. 24 - Nov. 22 You could fall out with a work colleague. It’s OK to fight your corner, of course, but be sure that you are right and they are wrong. If there’s any doubt it might be wise to back off.


Nov. 23 - Dec. 21 You seem more relaxed about life and affairs of the heart. You also seem a lot less concerned with what others think about what you are doing. If it feels right to you, carry on.


Dec. 22 - Jan. 20 All sorts of opportunities are opening up for you but they will be a lot more fun if you invite family and friends to join you on your journey. Make sure what you do for yourself you do also for the people care for.


Jan. 21 - Feb. 19 Someone new will come into your life today. Is it a true love match or is it just a passing fancy? You may not know for sure until later in the year but if it’s making you smile now it can’t be all bad. Enjoy!


Feb. 20 - March 20 Business affairs will go better today if you turn on the charm and let would-be partners know you are happy to work with them. There’s more than enough profit to go around, so don’t be greedy. SALLY BROMPTON

Crossword: Canada Across and Down


See today’s answers at By Kelly Ann Buchanan

Across 1. Between G-J keyboard letter, repeated 4. Groups, briefly 9. Poet’s ‘close by’ 14. Ghoul’s cry! 15. Swift descent 16. British singer Emeli 17. Internet’s ‘incidentally’ 18. 1969 Guess Who album: 2 wds. 20. Picasso’s fashionable daughter 22. Smooth 23. Sacha Baron Cohen character 24. Pop __ (Archie Comics character) 26. Hillary Clinton was a Sen. here 27. Solar deity, variantly 28. Continue: 2 wds. 30. Get married: 3 wds. 32. Canadian singer Victoria (See #57-Across for more!) 36. ‘90s judge Lance 37. Mr. Waxman’s 39. Radio output, briefly 40. __-disant (Selfstyled) 41. Rice alternative 44. Escalate: 2 wds. 46. Shrines 48. Skating great Ms. Thomas 49. Oklahoma city 51. Glow

52. Actress Dianna 53. Hair dryer brand 55. Boucherville ‘boat’ 57. Line in #32-Across’ new single “More Than Friends” that’s quite fitting for a crossword: “We fit together like a __ __...” 59. Utmost degree

Yesterday’s Crossword

61. Rob 62. Doesn’t __ __ expected (Finishes in a stunning way) 63. Energy 64. Brains 65. Posh ‘no’ 66. Years: French Down 1. Fireplace shelf 2. Passing-an-object

quickly game: 2 wds. 3. “What’s new?”: 3 wds. 4. Tie type 5. Used the pool 6. Piano piece 7. __ sequitur 8. Range 9. “...__ __ forgive those who trespass...” 10. NWT: __ National

Park Reserve 11. Hostile human 12. All in _ __ work 13. Former mil. General’s abbr. 19. “The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz” (1974) star Richard 21. Ms. O’Grady 23. General


How to play Fill in the grid, so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1-9. There is no math involved. Yesterday’s Sudoku


25. ‘Dull’ suffix 28. __-Britannique (Pacific province, in French) 29. “The Pride __ __. Louis” (1952) 31. Fish kind 33. Jazz singer Ms. Spalding 34. Christian __ (Redsoled shoes luxury brand) 35. Use, as party platter sauce: 2 wds. 38. Dog or cat (or bird, hamster, etc.) for a comic book caped hero type: 2 wds. 42. Poem parts 43. Mid-’70s kidnappers 45. Fringe 47. In-a-military-unit war correspondents 49. Intense 50. Twelve 52. “Time is _ __ of trouble...” - Emily Dickinson 54. Ballet move, Pas __ 56. Open _ __ of worms 57. Letter-writer’s li’l afterthoughts 58. Magician’s name suffix 60. Some printers, e.g.







& balloons for the kids.




4 cyl, auto, power windows and doors, heated seats, Gold. Only 19,294 kms. #E365A1


4 cyl, 5 speed, CD, cloth, bluetooth, Silver. Only 41,733 kms. #P6792A


2.0L, heated seats, cruise, bluetooth, Inferno Red. Only 51,206 kms. #P6800

4 cyl, auto, former demo. Tungsten. Only 12,389 kms. #P6737

$ $ $ $ $ $ 16,450 OR $129 FOR 84 14 ,450 OR 115 FOR 84 12 ,450 OR 132 FOR 60 15 ,945 OR 119 FOR 84 2014 DODGE 2008 DODGE RAM 2014 DODGE












1500 4X4 SXT





4X4, auto, quad cab, Black.GMC TERRAIN SLE2 BRAND2010 BRAND NEW NEWDODGE JOURNEY AWD R/T 2014 JEEP PATRIOT 4X4 NORTH 2014 JEEP COMPASS 4X45.7L, SPORT 2010 Only 59,343 kms. Includes fees #E044A, #E1634X4, former daily rental, includes freight 3.5L, in price. #E411sunroof, 7 passenger, back-up 2.4L, auto, 4X4, former rental, Blue. includes freight in2.4L, White. 2.4L, 4 cyl., A/C, auto, back-up camera, Black. leather, $ $ $76,311 kms. #P6796VA $ Only 27,500 kms. R0609 Only camera, OROnly$20,100 kms. #R0611 OR OR $ Black. Only 75,043 kms. #E298A







$ + HST $ Biweekly Biweekly + HST$ Biweekly 22,450 OR $170 FOR 84 23,450 OR $175 FOR 84+48HST $5.99% 15 ,950 OR 165 FOR 60 18,450 OR $189 FOR 60 96 3.99% 96 3.99%









2010 DODGE JOURNEY AWD R/T 2013 DODGE DURANGO CREW 5.7L, AWD, leather, bluetooth, 6.5” screen, Red. Only 18,862 kms. #E180A

35,900 OR $279 FOR 84





2010 FORD F150 4X4 XLT/XTR

23 950









8 cyl., Crew, tonneau cover, power windows and doors, Grey. Only 65,283 kms. #E159A




2008 DODGE RAM 1500 4X4 SXT

3.8L, auto, hardtop, leather, power windows and doors, White. Only 38,624 kms. #E083A

26 950




5.7L, 4X4, auto, quad cab, Black. Only 59,343 kms. #E044A

18 450






3.5L, leather, sunroof, 7 passenger, OR OR FOR FOR 4FOR cyl, auto former demo, tungsten. , , , rental. OR 2.4L, MONTHS auto, 4X4, formally daily back-up camera, Black. BIWEEKLY BIWEEKLY BIWEEKLY MONTHS +HST +HST MONTHS +HST MONTHS Only 12,389 kms. Includes fees #P6737 White. Only 20,100 kms. Includes fees #R0611 Only 75,043 kms. Includes fees #E296A DISCLAIMER: *Denotes former daily rental. **Payments based on $500 deposit, biweekly, APR 5.99 - 6.99% OAC. Your good credit may qualify you for lower rates. Gift images are for illustration purposes only. See dealer for details. +HST




OR $189 18,450 + HST Biweekly FOR




60 @ 5.99%

OR $119 15,945 + HST Biweekly FOR


2010 CHEVROLET EQUINOX 4 cyl, AWD, white. #P6781V




84 @ 5.99%

OR $175 23,400 + HST Biweekly FOR



5 spd, new tires, super clean. #P6795V





4 cyl, auto, leather, sunroof. #P6810BV



84 @ 5.99%


2 dr sport, 6 speed manual. #N233AV




2005 MAZDA 3

5 speed, 2 door, super clean. #P6809V 4 cyl, auto, clean car, low mileage. #P6815V





DISCLAIMER: *Denotes former daily rental. ** Payments based on $500 deposit, biweekly, APR 5.99 - 6.99% OAC. Your good credit may qualify you for lower rates. See dealer for detail. Cost of borrowing example: 2013 Dart $15,945 @ 5.99% is a cost of borrowing of $4102.26. Vehicles in photos are for illustration purposes only.

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