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30 WEEKEND, August 23-25, 2013

It’s gettin’ hot dog in here


Remember when all it took to dress a dog was a squiggle of neon yellow mustard and a splash of ketchup? We’ve come a long way and now it’s an exciting time to eat a hot dog. To help you create your own delicious masterpiece, here are some creative ways to adorn your dog THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Hawaiian • Thin slices of fresh pineapple • Jalapeno peppers • Bacon


French picnic • Whole-grain mustard • Chopped cornichons • Aioli (garlic mayonnaise), served on a baguette

• Sauerkraut • Thousand Island dressing • Swiss cheese • Caraway seeds

The Italian • Wrap the hotdog in salami • Garlic pickled peppers • Sharp provolone


Green Garden

• Pepper jack cheese • Fresh corn kernels • Pickled jalapenos • Diced red bell

• Scallion mayonnaise • Thinly sliced cucumber • Fresh tarragon • Arugula


Liquid Assets

Designer dog drinks LIQUID ASSETS

Peter Rockwell @therealwineguy

Hot dogs must hate hamburgers. Though they’re the yin and yang of the home barbecue scene, take a step off your deck and gourmet burgers are selling for a premium at fancy boutique restos while dogs are relegated to the kids menu. Not that hot dogs can’t hold their own when it comes to haute cuisine. In my mind, the whole concept of a meal in an elongated bun was designed for getting creative with elaborate toppings (and I’m not just talking ketchup). Finding a wine that will stand strong against a barrage of eclectic flavours piled on top of a well-cooked wiener is a challenge worthy of The Amazing Race. I like the versatility of the moscato grape. Originating in Italy, it’s synonymous with a slightly sweet style of white wine that’s become the darling of winemakers the world over. Australians love it, and Jacob’s Creek 2012 Moscato ($9.95 to $13.49) offers a mix of melon and pineapple that’s a perfect foil for anything a spicy, sharp, salty or sweet layer across your designer dog. PRICES REFLECT THE RANGE ACROSS THE COUNTRY. SOME PRODUCTS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE IN ALL PROVINCES.