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news Thursday, July 26, 2012

London Games. Local watering holes ready for Olympic spirits As Canadian athletes prepare to go big to reach the Olympic podium, Ottawa’s bars are ready to go big in their own way. “The opening ceremony is Friday and we’re having a party all day and all night to celebrate,” said Megan Bishop, general manager of the St. Louis Bar and Grill on Elgin Street, adding that the bar will be decked out in Olympic-themed decorations. Bishop said as the Games progress and Canada emerges in the events the bar may also consider moving up their opening hours to accommodate excited fans. The most popular events are usually the 100-metre, swimming finals, triathlon and cycling, said Dean Vasilas, owner of the Local Heroes Bar & Grill in Nepean. “Those are the ones from over the years that stand out,” he said. “There’s anticipation for those events. People like the showy ones.” For Jamie Lennox, general

World Hepatitis Day. While awaiting liver transplant, Ottawa native is encouraging others to get tested Jessica Beddaoui

Can’t be there? Many bars in town will be showing Games coverage. Charlie Riedel/The Associated Press

manager of the James Street Pub, soccer is where it’s at. “We have a pretty good soccer crowd in Ottawa,” he said, “so we’re used to the time difference with most of the soccer games in Europe. Graham Lanktree/Metro

Pipe malfunction


Carp boil-water advisory lifted

Blue Jays Super Camp in town

Carp residents can now breathe a sigh of relief and drink their tap water. The City of Ottawa lifted the boil-water advisory for the 1,800 residents who use Carp’s communal-`well system Wednesday following the pipe malfunction that occurred Sunday afternoon. The city says the tap water is now safe for all consumption purposes, but residents are advised to run the water cold before use. WJ _ first 4 8 7 4 _ Y O W_ M e t

More than 100 kids will get to brush shoulders with Toronto Blue Jays alumni and ex-Major League players Thursday at the 2012 Blue Jays Honda Super Camp. Kids aged 10 to 16 will learn techniques from the pros at Kinsmen Field in Kanata from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. At each of the 14 Super Camps across Canada, the Jays Care Foundation will also give five scholarships for entry fees to r help o . pkids d f playP amateur a ge 1 baseball. Joe Lofaro/Metro

Joe Lofaro/Metro

Comedian aims to raise Hepatitis C awareness

Michael MacDonald knew at an early age that he liked to make people laugh. Growing up, the Ottawa native would watch Bugs Bunny cartoons and think about how people took life too seriously. “I was just bored, anti-authoritative.... I thought high school was too strict and boring and I always saw the joke in everything,” MacDonald said. At 23, he had his first gig in Ottawa — it was a huge hit. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Toronto and spent the next 10 years performing standup comedy. MacDonald believes it was during this time that he contracted hepatitis C, although he wouldn’t be diagnosed until May 2011, almost 25 years later. Since his diagnosis, MacDonald has moved back to Ottawa, where he lives with his mom, and is waiting for a liver transplant. He’s put comedy on the backburner for the moment, and has teamed up with the Canadian Liver Foundation to spread awareness about World Hepatitis Day on July 28 and the importance of getting tested. “It’s a sense of trying to give something back,” said MacDonald, who feels he’s been blessed with an out7pouring / 2 4 / of1 well 2 , wishes 1 : 1 from 8 P his fans. MacDonald admits that

Hepatitis C

• Hepatitis C can be contracted from unsafe blood transfusions, experimental intravenous drug use, tattoos, intercourse, or any form of blood-to-blood contact. • People can live with the infection for years without showing symptoms. • The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the Canadian Liver Foundation recommend baby boomers (people born between 1945 and 1965) get tested for hepatitis C since they are five times more likely to have contracted the disease than other adults. • There is an estimated 110,000 Ontarians who are living with hepatitis C.

he was ill-informed about hepatitis and never considered getting tested until his wife noticed he was acting strange. “She was noticing that I was slurring my words and that I dropped a couple of things like a plate or a glass or two,” MacDonald said. He’s still unsure about how or when he contracted the disease. “The popular thing was the intravenous drug-use, which I did go through (during) a period of time in Toronto as a young man ... the heroine, cocaine and stuff, which I stopped doing M25 years ago, cold turkey, through prayer and stuff,” MacDonald said.

Canadian-born comedian Michael MacDonald remains hopeful that, after hearing his story, more Canadians will get tested for hepatitis C. Jessica Beddaoui/For Metro Quoted

“It’s a simple thing. It’s a blood test. Just go to your doctor and say you want to get tested.” Comedian Michael MacDonald, who is urging people to get tested for hepatitis C.

“I also led a pretty sexually active life before I met my wife.” While MacDonald waits for his transplant, he remains hopeful that his story will push Canadians to take

action and get tested. “If it’s caught at the early stages it can be eradicated much more easily with drugs, rather than having to go through a transplant,” MacDonald said.

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