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news Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweating hard in a flash Workouts. Free fitness class held as a Day of Action for the negotiations surrounding the 2014 Health Accord Kate howell

Nothing says “I’m out of shape” more than panting in all my sweaty glory in front of a crowd on Spring Garden Road as two really fit men tell me to deepen those squats and jump higher. Did I mention the exercise lasted less than 15 minutes? Alongside 30 or so exercisehungry Haligonians, I traded my pencil skirt for running shorts and tried to keep up with what was dubbed a free “flash mob” fitness class in front of the Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library at noontime on Wednesday. The Council of Canadians, the Nova Scotia Citizens Health Care Network and the Maritime Health Centre joined forces to put on the circuit-style fitness class. The class was held for two reasons. The first and most obvious was to promote an active lifestyle (yes, I got the message). The second was a bit more pressing for those involved: to fight for accessible public health care. “We need the premiers to stand up to the federal govern-


“We need to get the federal government back to the negotiating table and make sure that we get a health accord that works for all Canadians.” Kyle Buott

ment. This is an event to let them know we’re watching, we’re paying attention and we want action,” said Kyle Buott, provincial co-ordinator for the provincial health-care network. Ten premiers will meet next week in Halifax for the Council of the Federation. Buott said Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced in December he would be cutting health care by $31 billion over the next 10 years. The event was one of many held across the country as a Day of Action for the 2014 Health Accord. In other news, I can scratch off “exercising under the hot July sun as Olivia NewtonJohn’s Let’s Get Physical plays in the background” from my Halifax to-do list. By the end of the class, I had done countless reps of squats, pushups, crunches, burpees and certain exercises that can only be accurately described as poorly executed. All around — successful Wednesday.

Metro Halifax intern Kate Howell participates in a free public-exercise session on the lawn of the Spring Garden Road library on Thursday during the lunch hour. jeff harper/for metro Healthy living

Improving access for Haligonians The Maritime Heart Centre is providing free fitness

classes four times a week at St. Andrew’s United Church to make healthy living more accessible for Haligonians. The non-profit charity provided a free exercise class Wednesday as part of the Day of Action for the 2014

Health Accord. This was just one of many classes led by Jason Davis Fitness Consulting and his team. “The classes are meant to be all-inclusive, which is one of the reasons we dropped the cost. We think they

should be barrier-free and everyone should have the right,” said centre organizer Laura Clark. They meet Monday and Wednesday at 5:15 p.m., Thursday at 6:30 a.m. and Saturday at 9 a.m. metro

Feds dish out money for arts and culture in N.S.

Argentina’s Victor Rubilar juggles soccer balls in this photo from the 2009 Halifax International Busker Festival. metro file Business

Ontario’s pain just might be Scotsburn’s gain An Ontario ice-cream plant closing this fall may mean good news for Scotsburn Dairy of Truro. Baskin-Robbins announced on Wednesday

The federal government announced they are providing over $1.5 million in funding for over 50 organizations promoting arts and culture in Nova Scotia. Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Peter Penashue appeared in front of officials representing a number of organizations on the receiving end of the deal. “Thanks to this funding, residents and visitors to Nova Scotia will have access to a variety of cultural that its plant in Peterborough — east of Toronto — would close, leaving 80 employees without jobs. Shops in Canada that carry Baskin-Robbins ice cream will have their product made at the Truro Scotsburn plant, where some product is already made for the company. truro daily

activities and quality performance across the province,” said Penashue at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 on Wednesday. Summer festivals will reap the benefits. Ten of the organizations receiving funds are based out of Halifax, including the Busker Festival happening in August. The Africa Festival of Arts and Culture Society in Dartmouth has received $8,100. The contribution came in time for its Melissa Dawn Peacock

Funeral today for murder victim A funeral for murder victim Melissa Dawn Peacock is taking place on Thursday. The body of the 20-yearold Dartmouth woman was found earlier this month after she was first reported missing in early November. Two brothers, Dustan

Africa Festival of Arts and Culture happening next week from July 27 to 29. “This will help us be able to meet expenses, like our tents and transportation,” said treasurer Robert Edokpayi, a Nigerian immigrant who has lived in the province since 1993. Penashue said in order to receive funding, interested organizations submit proposals to Heritage Canada, which makes the decision on who gets what.

Who got what

Local funding for 2012-13:

Local funding for 2012-14:

Halifax Comedy Festival: $17,500 Halifax International Buskers Festival: $23,000 Atlantic Fringe Festival: $15,000 Atlantic Jazz Festival: $118,500 Scotia Festival of Music: $61,500 Association of Nova Scotia Museums: $40,948

Atlantic Film Festival: $17,000 SuperNova Theatre Festival: $89,000 Halifax Pop Explosion: $26,076 Live Art Productions Dance Season: $262,000

kate howell/for metro

Joseph Preeper, 24, of Halifax, and Joshua Michael Preeper, 20, of Kenettcook, are charged with her murder. The funeral is Melissa Dawn 11 a.m. at Peacock Forest Hills United Church in Cole Harbour. metro


More jobs coming to HRM: BMO HRM better wear shades, its future is so bright, according to a report from BMO Financial Group released Wednesday. BMO expects HRM’s unemployment rate to drop by four per cent by 2016, and the housing market will

continue to perform. The financial-services organization said 12,000 new jobs will be created in the area with shipbuilding activity increasing. BMO also reported home sales are at their highest level since 2008. Home prices are also up. But population growth in the province has slowed “raising significant concerns as the demand for skilled labour.” metro


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