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110. All I can say is GOOD JOB! The change to eliminate ride free is way over due. This will make it better for all riders and no confusion as to when to pay. I'm looking forward to the Rapid Ride busses on Aurora also.... Thanks. 111. pay 25 cent on free ride area or reduce on bus pass. 112. Please reinstate funding for rear-door ORCA readers. This should allow riders to use all doors, and help mitigate delays after the Ride Free Area is eliminated. This combined with the new OBS/location aware coaches should allow distance and zone based fares with minimal intervention from the operator. This isn't a new problem, agencies around the world do the same thing... and riders board and alight expeditiously. There is no need for Metro to re-invent the wheel -- just reinstate the funding and enable a tap on/tap off system. 113. I am very disappointed to hear that Metro is considering eliminating the Ride-Free Area. This strikes me as highly unprogressive, at a time when we are trying to reduce car use and pollution throughout our society, encourage transit use, and create more walkable neighborhoods. RideFree reduces congestion by allowing downtown shoppers and event-goers to easily hop a few blocks, thus discouraging them from getting into a car. RideFree speeds up bus boarding in busy downtown areas, making buses more efficient and appealing. I can't imagine that the added revenues would be so great as to justify this choice. ARE WE GOING TO LET PORTLAND KEEP TAKING ALL THE CREDIT FOR BEING THE "COOLER" CITY??? 114. The Ride free Area is a welcome and needed service in Seattle. In an effort to make the downtown area car free or certainly car unfriendly this service compensates for the inconvenience once one gets downtown. I can imagine that instituting fare collection will slow down buses. Also if one is trying to eliminate "vagrants" from riding the bus I can only imagine that pedestrians will be queried again and again for change so that they can get on the bus. Also I am wondering why are you soliciting input on what seems like a "Done Deal." This is what breeds cynicism to a government that seems like it's not listening to the public anyway. 115. Our Mayor wants us to be car free, so I can't understand how he would support elimination of the ride free area. Shopping is vital to downtown. With the increase in parking fees, now to 8 pm as well, it just doesn't make sense to discourage more shoppers. Also I worry about the time it will take having people only enter and exit from the front of the bus. With so many people downtown, this will discourage riders and add to traffic delays for all vehicles. 116. I do not think that it should be eliminated in September 2012. 117. I don't want the free zone to be eliminated. I've used it every day. It will be a great burden if it is taken away. 118. I need the Free Ride Zone to get to my appointments. 119. The Free Ride Zone is very beneficial for everybody. 120. I feel that the FREE RIDE ZONE should be left as is "FREE RIDE" ZONE. I need it to and from downtown Seattle.

Ride Free Area - Public Engagement Report  

King County Metro Transit Implementation plan for Ride Free Area elimination and transition to pay-on-entry