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745. Mr. Holman. Michael. Thank you, talk to you later. Bye. 746. Hi. I just wanted to comment that I support eliminating the free ride zone and uh‌(phone disconnected) 747. My name is Kelly Kurtz. I'd like a return call, you can leave a message if I'm not here. I'm just interested in the rationale behind eliminating the free ride zone. Thank you. 748. Yes, I'm calling in hopes that my input would encourage you to retract that decision to end the ride free area. All it's going to do is create more congestion in the downtown traffic area then what it already is, it's already totally crazy and having the ride free area in the downtown area, allows people to park away from the downtown hub area and relieve some of that congestion, it's not going to cost Metro any more money for running, you're going to incur the same costs whether you have that or not so from a cost cutting measure, that's not going to do it for you. I really, really hope that you all will retract that policy and help to alleviate the traffic problems that we already have. 749. Okay, Hi. This is Mark and I want to know if you will provide a sign language interpreter for the open house this Tuesday at 4p. If you're not going to, that's fine, I just want to know if you're going to have one or not. Okay. Thank you. 750. (very difficult to make out what caller was saying). Give me a call __. My name is Bergin Telisi. Okay, bye. 751. Hi. My name is Marietta Mullins and I would like some information about the, where and what stage the proposed termination of the ride free zone is and if the people have a say, it sounds like they do. Will someone please give me a call? Thanks, bye. 752. Hi. My name is Brenda and I'm a commuter and I would like a return call. This phone will be good until 1:15p or I will try to call you again with regards to a couple questions on the Thursday meeting. If it starts on a specific time, I see that it's open house so can we come anywhere from 4-6 and what particular weight does people's voice carry with regards to the policy formulation on the elimination of ride free zone whenever you enter the bus for all King County trips. Thank you. 753. Hi. I wanted to comment on Seattle's ending the free bus service downtown in September and it's so very important to us to have it. I would rather that the city or the county whoever pays for it raise the sales tax to 10% and keep the bus service. If you have an answer, please call me. My name is Lynn. Thank you so much, please see what you can do. 754. "Transcribed from Spanish Line: My number is ___ and my name is Ricardo if you can return my call please. " 755. "Transcribed from Spanish Line: My question is if you are going to take away the free buses for the downtown area. My number is ___ to call me back. " 756. Hi. Adrienne Smith and I've been a frequent rider for more decades than I'd like to admit and I would like to thank you guys for finally coming back to the proper common sense after the hideous changes that you made to the bus routes in October in which we refer to the October from hell. At least you're

Ride Free Area - Public Engagement Report  

King County Metro Transit Implementation plan for Ride Free Area elimination and transition to pay-on-entry