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Promoting the use of ORCA cards to speed board and publicizing where ORCA cards can be purchased and reloaded. Provide incentives to use ORCA for fare payment. Begin notification of the September changes early.

Representative comments: •

“Metro needs to make it clear to riders that ORCA is much better than cash and much quicker.”

“Post signs at bus stops with wording along these lines: ‘Please have your exact fare, transfer or pass ready when boarding.’"

“When a stop is requested, use the new on-board automated system to announce ‘stop requested - please use the rear exit.’ This will help remind everyone to exit through the rear and improve passenger flow.”

“Please post NOW temporary signs in downtown core: ‘Free Zone ends Sept. 29.’ Please add new voice instructions to automated announcer voice to ‘please exit at the back door -- thank you.’"

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Ride Free Area - Public Engagement Report  

King County Metro Transit Implementation plan for Ride Free Area elimination and transition to pay-on-entry