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will also be difficult for those who are trying to walk to a different loading bay. Another potential problem could be that buses have the potential of being late due to the heavy volume of people trying to board the buses especially the lines. 553. Don't bother showing up for the meeting. If it's anything like the "outreach" Metro did for their September proposed changes don't waste your time or your breath. Metro has made up its' mind what they are going and they are going to do it no matter what the public thinks or wants. Many people will be screwed up and many will not be able to reach a bus to travel on but one of the King Councilwomen said "a few will have to sacrifice for the good of the many." Guess what part of the county she represents? 554. I've used Metro almost every day since I moved here in 2004 and I am fully in support of Metro making this change. Most major cities have a system where everyone pays as they enter through the front door, and exits through the rear door. Once everyone is accustomed to the change it won't take long for riders to board the bus, plus oncoming riders will not have to wait for other passengers to disembark. Mostly I am in favor of this because it will make it much less confusing to know when to pay (and if anyone holds up the line it is often confused tourists). Also, you will not have to worry about your transfer expiring while still on the bus, or a a driver that didn't know you paid when you entered because the drivers switched shifts and it is now pay as you leave. And hopefully it will reduce the number of people that get on downtown and have no intention of paying as they exit. I hope this change can increase the revenue for Metro and thus help to improve and maintain service. Thank you!!! 555. As a King County Driver, I will continue to do as I have done in the past 15 years, I will not challenge anyone on fares, nor will I open my mouth and state a fare to anyone unless I am asked, The majority of the passengers are over medicated, under medicated or need to be medicated, Some times just stating the fare to them, will set off a fare dispute, I am paid to drive, assist with all ADA customers, and get passengers to there designated bus stop reasonably on time and safe. I will continue to give out transfers to anyone and anybody who ask me for one. I will never, challenge anyone over a fare dispute, lack of fare, either real money, or insufficient funds on the orca card. My goal is to keep the bus moving, getting passengers to there designated locations with a transfer and a smile. And to provide the best customer service that King County Metro Transit can offer to the traveling public at large. 556. This is a little sad but I understand why it's necessary. It will actually probably be more efficient in the end because people won't always be confused about when to pay. And you won't have freeloaders getting off outside the free ride zone and refusing to pay. 557. Good idea. In addition to the confusion of whether to pay when entering or leaving the bus, derelicts who ride the buses in the Free Ride Area will be prevented from being a burden to paying customers. 558. Sometimes I use a shopping cart for my groceries and need the lift. I am a small woman and cannot lift a heavy cart filled with groceries including large bottles (2 liter) and six packs of liquids and canned goods, so I ask for the lift. Many drivers are accommodating, others not (one cited a back problem). Will I be able to exit through the front door with my shopping cart? It would be too difficult to exit the back with stairs or a high platform. Going shopping for groceries would be impossible Will transfers still be implemented? Low income riders (such as myself) cannot pay for multiple buses going to one

Ride Free Area - Public Engagement Report  

King County Metro Transit Implementation plan for Ride Free Area elimination and transition to pay-on-entry