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Attaining the Vision OVERVIEW Metro cannot achieve Metro Connects all at once or do it alone. Collaboration, partnerships, continuous improvement, and demonstration of value will be key. Consistent with how Metro Connects was developed, Metro will continue to collaborate with jurisdictions, transportation agencies, and the public to move toward this shared vision. Metro Connects is a living document that Metro expects to update every six to ten years, in alignment with updates to the Strategic Plan and Service Guidelines. As a long-range vision, Metro Connects and its networks will not change drastically with every update. However, this iterative process will contribute to an enduring consensus about the future of transit and will help cities and the region realize their visions for the future. Metro will use existing planning processes to strive to make progress toward Metro Connects. Metro will continue to collaborate with jurisdictions, community organizations, riders, and community members on service changes and capital projects. The Service Guidelines will ensure that near-term investments align Alignment with Strategic Plan goals with the Metro Connects networks. Invest upstream and where Service restructures will remain an needs are greatest important tool for achieving Metro Address the climate crisis and Connects. Metro will follow guidance in environmental justice Metro Connects for prioritization of Support thriving, equitable, capital projects and will document that transit-oriented communities planning through its 6-year Capital that foster economic development Improvement Program, which informs Improve access to mobility biennial budgets. Metro will plan for its mid-range future through its planning and budgeting processes. Metro understands that jurisdictions, employers, and community stakeholders need targets to plan toward, and the Metro Connects interim network provides those targets for service expansion. Metro will continue communicating its plans to elected King County Metro Long Range Plan


Provide fast, reliable, and integrated mobility services Be responsible stewards of financial resources and invest in line with values and goals Conduct deliberate and transparent community engagement