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Fleet, Infrastructure, and Workforce OVERVIEW The Metro Connects network, a mobility system that supports healthy communities, a thriving economy, and a sustainable environment, is founded upon critical physical and people infrastructure that supports service expansion—as Metro’s fleet, facilities, and workforce do. Enhancement and expansion of Metro’s fleet and facilities will be essential to delivering the increased service envisioned in Metro Connects. To deliver 7.2 million service hours, Metro will need a larger bus fleet, and additional bus bases with newer, greener technologies to support this growing fleet. And, Metro’s non-bus fleets such as Rideshare, Access, and other support vehicles will also need to grow as Metro’s suite of mobility services grows. Metro’s commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions will affect fleet and facilities. Metro will transition buses and other vehicles to zero-emissions vehicles powered by renewable energy and invest in charging infrastructure. Metro will build its facilities differently as it incorporates green building practices. More well-maintained layover areas—where buses rest between trips—will help ensure buses arrive on time and drivers get the breaks they need. Finally, supporting and growing Metro’s workforce is essential to ensuring Metro can reach the Metro Connects vision for significantly expanded service. This will be especially important as changing transportation technologies will require new and equitable training and development opportunities for employees, and as Metro builds a diverse workforce that reflects the communities it serves. Sections in this chapter include: 



Facilities and other support systems

Layover areas

Metro’s workforce

King County Metro Long Range Plan

Alignment with Strategic Plan goals Invest upstream and where needs are greatest Address the climate crisis and environmental justice Keep passengers, employees, and communities safe Provide fast, reliable, and integrated mobility services Build a skilled, diverse, and well-supported workforce that has opportunities to grow Be responsible stewards of financial resources and invest in line with values and goals