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Metro Connects

Service Quality Investments

INNOVATION, MODERNIZATION, AND TECHNOLOGY Rapidly advancing technologies are changing how people travel. Metro will invest in, incorporate, and encourage technological innovation. Metro will question “business as usual” and evaluate new ways to better serve customers and advance safety, equity, and sustainability goals.

What will innovation, modernization, and technology look like? Improved service management and modernization of is one of the best investments to improve service quality. Innovations in technology, such as integrated on-demand mobility platforms and automated vehicles, are changing the transportation landscape—and Metro is changing with it. Metro will continue to improve processes and technologies that enhance the customer experience, such as actively managing service to deliver more reliable and predictable service. Building on its history of innovation, Metro is testing and adopting new features, services, and products to make services safer, more equitable, sustainable, and easier to use. Metro is also working to modernize through business transformation efforts. These efforts focus on preparing Metro to deliver the vision outlined in Metro Connects, Metro is focusing on the customer in decision-making, becoming agile and nimble in the way that work is done, and developing employees to deliver on strategic objectives and meet the evolving mobility needs of the region. Metro will use new on-demand mobility options, smartphone apps, trip planning resources, and real-time information to improve the customer experience and develop new service solutions. Innovative mobility services and partnerships will complement fixed-route transit, use public space equitably and efficiently, support fair labor practices, enable data sharing while protecting privacy, serving priority populations, and advancing climate goals. Innovation in internal business practices and processes will be aimed at delivering the best possible public transportation for Metro customers. Metro is modernizing service delivery Service modernization is a top priority for Metro as it strives to improve service delivery to better meet the needs of customers, employees, and the region. Metro is transforming business processes, using technology in new or more efficient ways, employing new ways of managing service such as headway management, and investing in core functions that allow Metro’s employees to deliver better and more-efficient service.

Metro is partnering with industry leaders on a variety of pilots and service enhancements to advance its goals while applying a learning mindset to ensure outcomes are met. One example is Metro’s on-demand Via to Transit pilot program King County Metro Long Range Plan