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Metro Connects

Some of these strategies are in use or possible today. Metro’s RapidRide system lets passengers at stations pay their fares offboard and get on the bus through any door. Metro is moving toward all-door boarding throughout its system in 2022. New technology could allow mobile payment at less-expensive onboard readers.

Service Quality Investments

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All-door Boarding Saves Time

Several Metro programs contribute to steadily increasing use of ORCA. The ORCA Passport business account program has greatly expanded the number of ORCA riders. In 2019, ORCA business accounts represented 44 percent of Metro’s boardings (up from 30 percent in 2015, the last figure in this plan). In 2020, Metro, Sound Transit, and eight human service agencies launched a demonstration project to determine the feasibility of expanding the paper human service bus ticket program to include ORCA options. Results of the demonstration will inform program changes in Next Generation ORCA. Technological developments could further expand options. Strategies like these will help Metro ensure its fare system is affordable, streamlined, and easy to use.

King County Metro Long Range Plan