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Metro Connects


More service, more choices, one system Expanding our regional transit system to include more frequent Metro bus service to connect more neighborhoods to high-capacity transit is a tangible example of how we are creating an interconnected transportation system that gives our residents and visitors more choices to get to more places. It’s one part of our path to the future of transportation in King County, where public transit is the first choice because it’s convenient, safe, reliable, affordable, — and positively impacts our environment and economy. Metro’s mission is to provide the best possible public transportation services to improve regional mobility and quality of life in King County. To do so, we are creating an innovative, integrated, safe, equitable, and sustainable mobility agency that connects people to opportunity, protects our environment, and knits together our growing cities. And, this long-range vision—Metro Connects—is how we will get there. Decades of Metro’s innovation and commitment to eliminating disparities by race and place give us a strong foundation to build on, including the nation’s leading lowincome fare program, one of the greenest bus fleets in the United States, and our highly successful RapidRide lines. Metro Connects was shaped by input we received from passengers, King County cities, Sound Transit and other transportation agencies, businesses, and stakeholders working together to achieve a shared vision of better mobility in our region. Now, we are seeing our collective vision become reality. Metro Connects gets us where we need to go when we need to get there, supporting healthy communities, a thriving economy, and a sustainable environment.

Dow Constantine King County Executive

King County Metro Long Range Plan