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Metro Connects

Figure 4

The Service Network

Growth in Vehicles in Service in 2050

As shown in Figure 5, the proposed Metro Connects network includes: RapidRide, frequent, express, local, accessible transportation options, and marine service (water taxi). RapidRide is Metro’s arterial bus rapid transit service. Frequent and express are fixed-route bus services that operate on regular schedules and pathways. Local services include fixed-route transit and flexible services that are tailored to local needs and connect riders to regional transit services. The majority of Metro services will continue to be fixed-route transit. However, Metro Connects envisions flexible services, such as on-demand services and community vans, expanding as part of Metro’s suite of travel options in the future. Metro currently operates some routes that run only when demand is the highest (peak-only routes). These routes might have trips in the morning and evening but little or no service at other times of day. While Metro Connects will expand many express routes to provide all-day service, peak-only service will still be an important tool for serving certain markets. Metro also operates Access Paratransit service and will continue to focus on improving Access while also making its other fixed-route services more accessible for people of all abilities. Additionally, Metro operates and envisions expanding marine (water taxi) services. Metro Connects uses a network of local fixed-route bus service to approximate the future locations and quantity of local service. However, guided by community King County Metro Long Range Plan