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Metro Connects

The Service Network

The enhanced system will: 

Advance equity and address climate change by providing additional service in areas with unmet need 11 and making transit a more competitive option to driving alone.

Connect people to Sound Transit’s expanding regional transit system by working in concert with Sound Transit’s existing, planned, and proposed investments.

Meet current transit needs identified in Metro’s annual System Evaluation Report and future transit needs identified in cities’ growth plans.

Provide more flexible services that improve mobility by connecting people to key locations and to the fixed-route network.

Move Metro toward an all-day service network that operates from earlier in the morning to later at night.

Figure 3 illustrates the anticipated percentage of Metro’s fixed-route bus service, by type, in 2050. Figure 3

Anticipated Service in 2050 Network

As shown in Figure 4, Metro will provide a more robust all-day network by increasing service throughout the day, with the largest relative increases in the middle of the day and the evening.

11 Per the adopted Mobility Framework, unmet need is defined as areas with high-density, a high proportion of priority populations, and limited midday and evening service.

King County Metro Long Range Plan