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The Service Network OVERVIEW The expanded service network in Metro Connects is essential to building a regional, innovative, and integrated mobility network that is safe, equitable, and sustainable. If implemented, this network will support healthy communities, a thriving economy, and a sustainable environment. There will be more than a 70 percent increase in Metro bus service by 2050, dramatically expanding the number of places people can go and decreasing the time it takes to get there, increasing Metro bus ridership to a projected 200 million annually by 2050. 9 Metro Connects includes two networks: an interim network (targeted for delivery before Sound Transit’s Ballard Link extension) and a long-range 2050 network. Both networks are ambitious, integrated with services of other agencies, and not fully funded. Metro looks forward to working with transit agencies, cities, and other partners to fund and implement the expanded system. Services included in the Metro Connects networks and described in this section are: 


Frequent service

Express service

Local service

Accessible transportation options

Marine service (water taxi)

Local service includes fixed-route and flexible options, such as buses, on-demand services, and community vans. Expanded and improved local service improves mobility by helping people get to destinations in their communities and providing connections to the regional transit network.

How the network will change Metro Connects will add approximately three million new service hours to Metro’s service network by 2050, on top of the approximately four million hours of service Metro provided in 2019. 10

The Puget Sound Regional Council VISION 2050 projects the region will grow by 1.8 million people and 1.2 million jobs by 2050, and Metro’s annual service is envisioned to grow from approximately 4.25 million hours to approximately 7.25 million hours annually.


10 The 4.25 million service hours for Metro bus service was before impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. It does not include any Sound Transit service operated by Metro.

King County Metro Long Range Plan