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Metro Connects

Executive Summary

Imagine what it could be like A world-class mobility system that gives customers more frequent, reliable, and fast service all day, every day throughout King County. A system that offers innovative new travel options; clean, safe, and customer-friendly vehicles and facilities; and information that allows travelers to connect seamlessly across different transportation modes. A system that intentionally invests where needs are greatest and addresses climate change helps everyone in King County to thrive. When a customer gets up in the morning, their smart device or computer shows the choices in an area: Take a local bus, or join a vanpool, or take an on-demand service to a transit center to catch a frequent RapidRide or express bus. Their chosen mode goes straight to their work or to a Link station. Another choice: go with someone who’s driving to the same destination using an app to find people to share the ride. This customer could drive to the local park-andride—their smart device indicates there are 12 open parking spaces. Once they leave home, this person’s device offers even more information, accessible to people regardless of abilities and language spoken. Every seat is taken on the first bus, but the one coming five minutes later has plenty of room. This rider can make a quick stop at the coffee shop and catch that next bus. On the way to the bus stop, cyclists pass by on a new bike lane next to the sidewalk. Some will put their bikes in the secure lockers at the stop and board the bus. The stop is well-lit, so riders can see who’s waiting under the large shelter. The father who drops his children at day care every morning is there. The floor of the bus is even with the stop platform so he can roll the stroller on—and there’s a place where he can stash it onboard. People who use mobility aids like level boarding, too, as well as the easy mechanism for securing mobility aids by themselves. Level boarding creates safe and easy boarding for everyone. King County Metro Long Range Plan