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Metro Connects

Attaining the Vision

New guidance for prioritizing investments Since the adoption of Metro Connects in 2017, Metro has heard a desire from stakeholders to better understand how Metro will prioritize implementation of the investments outlined in Metro Connects. In response, Metro updated its Service Guidelines to direct service investments into the Metro Connects interim network. Metro also worked with stakeholders to develop additional guidance for how it would prioritize other key investments, including capital projects and RapidRide. That guidance is included below. Prioritizing capital investments 3. Significant capital investments are crucial to delivering the Metro Connects service networks. When identifying and prioritizing capital projects, Metro will lead with its core values of safety, equity, and sustainability, using the following principles: 

Support safety for Metro’s employees, customers and the community by prioritizing investments that address safety concerns and by ensuring all investments and facilities are safe

Advance equity by identifying and addressing existing gaps and by prioritizing investments where needs are greatest

Help build a resilient and sustainable King County and address the climate crisis by prioritizing investments that advance King County’s Strategic Climate Action Plan

Given the strong relationships among these values, Metro must balance efforts to support them all. Metro will prioritize capital investments in the following order to advance Metro’s Strategic Plan and Metro Connects and to align with Metro’s Fund Management Policies 29: 1. Maintain assets 2. Support existing service levels 3. Grow and improve service and operations by balancing core values Metro’s capital investments will align with Metro’s financial capacity and strategy direction, as identified in its 10-year business plan. In addition to balancing its core values, Metro will consider community input and how a project addresses community-identified needs when making decisions. Such input may come through engagement efforts for specific capital projects and higher-level policy or business plan development. By seeking input upstream and in its business planning and other processes, Metro seeks to go beyond simply seeking feedback on specific projects or proposals. Metro will use this guidance to develop capital projects, programs, and the Capital

29 The first priority in the Fund Management Policies, “Fund payment of debt service,” is not as relevant and therefore not included in this priority list.

King County Metro Long Range Plan