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Metric Tiles


Telephone: +61 (0)3 9547 7633

Looking for Pool Tiles in Melbourne?

Looking for visually striking tiles in water for your swimming pool? Metric Tile has a great range of pool tiles in Melbourne to choose from. Visit us to explore and order.

Great Range of Granite Tiles

Granite has been admired for its strength and is considered to be the number one application for kitchen tops, barbeque areas and many other spaces in the kitchen area. These tiles are heat and colour resistant. For great range of granite tiles in Melbourne, visit Metric Tile.

The Premium Quality Floor Tiles

Floor tiles suit both the interiors and exteriors in every way. So, they go well with every budget quite well. Metric Tile has the premium quality wall and floor tiles for every project. Get in touch with us for floor tiles in Melbourne.

ADDRESS Metric Tile Co Pty Ltd 38-42 Westall Rd, Springvale, Victoria, Australia 3171 MEL REF 79H7

Telephone: +61 (0)3 9547 7633 Facsmile: +61 (0)3 9547 3189 Email:

Attractive Wall Tiles in Melbourne  

Metric Tile is one of the most preferred providers of wall tiles in Melbourne. We offer great range of different sizes to make your place ap...

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