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MetricStream Why MetricStream Robust Enterprise Compliance Platform with a broad set of functional applications Ability to configure off-the-shelf solutions to adapt to best practices followed in the company Powerful reports and dashboards that provide visibility for driving continuous improvement Web-based architecture with an intuitive and easy-touse user interface that ensures quick adoption

The solutions have be deployed on the MetricStream Enterprise Compliance Platform, an integrated framework for supporting all compliance and quality processes in a company and for driving effective risk management and corporate governance. By improving operational efficiencies in quality systems, Maxim has lowered the cost of compliance and created a transparent environment for proactively identifying, tracking and resolving quality issues.

“Powerful IT systems are critical to Maxim’s mission to offer highquality healthcare. We initiated the process of selecting a robust compliance and quality system, evaluating proven qualities of the application, implementation capabilities and the cost of ownership. At the end of the evaluation process, the MetricStream solution emerged as our preferred choice. It comes with rich out-of-the-box features and the flexibility to be expanded and modified to meet our future needs.” says Tom Rawlings, National Director of Corporate Compliance, Maxim Healthcare Services.

“Powerful IT systems are critical to Maxim’s mission to offer high-quality healthcare,” said Rawlings. With MetricStream’s solution, Maxim has achieved a significant improvement in its performance metrics and set a new standard for its own operations.

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Quality and Compliance in Patient Care  
Quality and Compliance in Patient Care  

Case Study - MetricStream solution has been implemented at Maxim a healthcare company, to automate business process, improve auditing, corre...