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T206 Conversation Transcript One: Location: Herman B. Wells Library, West Wing, Floor Four, Near the Elevators Scenario: Three People Work on a group project Person 1: I just asked Lisa if we had to include our investigations in our case report, and she said we did. Person 2: It seems like we need a header here. Person 3: Ha Ha, I feel like I am on two different investigation teams. Person 1: She was like; I am going to put the input in the case report. Person 2: Is the “the” capitalized? Person 1: No, it’s only capitalized if it is at the beginning. Person 3: You’re right about that consensus thing by the way. Person 2: We need a real introduction, don’t we? Person 3: Oh, yeah that test wasn’t that bad by the way. Person 1: By the way, why did she put our last names in alphabetical order that bothers me. Person 2: Yeah, I was like, eh, that’s not okay.

T206 Conversation Transcript Two: Location: Herman B. Wells Library, West Wing, Fourth Floor, in the back corner. Scenario: Three (completely different people from scenario one) work on Organic Chemistry homework. Person 1: I changed my profile picture and my mom said she didn’t like it, and I should take it off. Person 2: I have no idea what the fuck you just said. What’s letter B? Person 3: I feel like this just makes it longer and more annoying. Person 2: This is going to be a long page with lots of pluses… stupid, stupid Organic Chemistry. Short break in conversation Person 3: Oh! You’ve got to be shitting me. Person 1: So, the answer to number eight is 2T cosine plus… no minus 2 sine… Person 2: What? There is a number thirty-eight, I didn’t write down a thirty-eight. Person 3: There is a number 38.14. Person 2: Oh, I did that a long time ago. Person 3: Okay, please tell me this is the right answer. (Begins Singing) “We are the champions, my friends…” Person 1: No, no. No singing please.

Assignment 3: T206  
Assignment 3: T206  

Two transcribed conversations from the Herman B. Wells Library in Bloomington, Indiana.