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TURN-O-MATIC USPs Enhanced Customer Service

TURN-O-MATIC queuing




smart and simple way to offer your customers better service, and at the same time earn more money - what more can you ask for?

Customer Flow Management

WHY USE TURN-O-MATIC IN MY STORE? To encourage additional sales To better control customer flow To reduce stress among your staff To allow customers to move around freely while they are waiting to be served

WHAT CAN TURN-O-MATIC DO FOR ME? The staff says: We work better as a team Customers are more civilized. They act calmer and are less pushy Our work is less stressful Customer contact is more positive The customers say: Service is more fair It´s nice to know how many people are to be served before me I like to be able to move around while I am waiting I can use my waiting time to shop around and maybe buy more


TURN-O-MATIC smart and simple way money better service, and at the same time earn more to offer your customers - what more can you ask for?

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