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TURN-O-MATIC LARGE Enhanced Customer Service with Helpfull Information

Economical, flexible alternative for locations with up to 5 service queues and 30 service counters High contrast, long viewing range number displays Energy efficient number displays consume only 5 watts of power Real-time information displays; waiting customers, time waiting, help call etc. Graphical views of service statistics from included Turn-O-View software Counter-top keypad signals when customers are waiting and shows called number Stand-alone system, does not require connection to a PC for operation

Customer Flow Management

TURN-O-MATIC LARGE LARGE System Indicator 2 or 3 digits in red or green Signal lamp Counter-top keypad Automatic Ticket Dispenser System controller Software TURN-O-VIEW 3 Tickets

Start PAck L3

PLUS PAck D900A3

UAN 38460010 Includes Turn-O-View 3 software

UAN 38573300 One per Service Queue, 5 max



Complete the base system with Plugin Display and Keypad PLUS Packs

Dispenser Floor Stand UAN 39490100 + 39490200 PLUS pack SL900 x 2 UAN 38576010 For alerting Service staff to waiting customer status and for guiding customers to calling Service counter

UAN 38528200 / one per service queue Single counter (also used for showing service status info)

Consumables UAN 38538300 / one per service queue Parallel counters

UAN 38570010 / one per counter

Tickets T90 UAN 396491T0 T=Color 1=Green, 3=pink, 5=blue 6=yellow, 7=white