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METO PA Light Reliable Identification for Textile Manufacturing

Under the METO brand, Checkpoint brings a wide range of high quality Hand Labeling Solutions to retail, manufacturing and all specialist markets that require accurate information at product level. Solid handlabeller, user friendly, low maintenance and minimum physical strain in heavy usage are today indispensable for optimum hand labeling application.

The Right Solution for Text Printing n 25% less weight without compromising in Quality in heavy usage n Less fatigue because of the low weight n Shock absorbing vibration reducing n Less risk of allergic reactions n Recyclable n Possibility for different colours n Low maintenance n Easy refill n Closed housing to protect mechanism from environmental influences n Smooth & solid label transport n Durable & reliable n Character set-up adaptable to suit your company’s needs precisely n Special smudge-proof ink n Favourable pricing

Hand Labeling Solutions


METO PA * 2207 Light

Cost Effective Light Weight Tool without compromising in Quality Based on the market requests and several disadvantages of metal, Checkpoint re-designed the metal versions with a lower weight material. Modern plastics are rapidly replacing metal in precision applications. Plastics are made up of an expanding variety of characteristics for tensile strength, heat tolerance, and chemical resistance. Why working with a heavy tool when you can get the same functionality and quality you need from a handlabeller that is a fraction of the weight?

Technical Specification Technical Specifications weight

490 gr,



PA 2207

7 printing digits

PA 2208

8 printing digits

step 0-1-2*


PA 2207

4 fixed / 3 sequental

PA 2208

5 fixed / 3 sequential

label size

22 x 12


2 years

*Consecutive numbering 0 = permanent, without stepping 1 = consecutive after each labels 2 = consecutive after every second label

consumables Printing Constant pagination to indicate a complete batch. Consecutive numbering to indicate one layer or automatic counting.

1 Line printing tool with 7 numeric characters. 4 fixed and 3 sequential digits for label size 22 x 12mm. 4 fixed / 3 sequential

METO PA * 2208 Light 1 Line printing tool with 8 numeric characters. 5 fixed and 3 sequential digits for label size 22 x 12mm. 5 fixed / 3 sequential

Labels 22 x 12mm plain white, adhesive 3 for textile, non staining. 1.500 labels/roll, 42 rolls/box.

Consecutive numbering after every second label to identify left and right pre-cut parts. Standard and customized layouts.

iNKROLLS Smudge proof and quick drying 5 rolls per blister. 1 inkroll adequate for 1 box of labels = 63.000 labels.

* PA = Paginating Consecutive Numbering System

PA Light Weight Productsheet  
PA Light Weight Productsheet  

PA Light Weight Productsheet