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Some Necessary Features in Best Watches for Men Before any of you men out there venture to buy new luxury wrist watches, do consider the presence of following features in the watch.

1. Alarm Watches with alarms can be either digital or analog although it is a feature that is more commonly seen in digital watches. Similarly, a digital watch can occasionally accommodate more than one alarm setting, but analog watches may only be able to have one alarm programmed at a time. Having an alarm on a Best Wrist Watches for Men’s is extremely useful for frequent travelers who may wish to nap in transit or for those who need to frequently check the status of anything after a specific amount of time. Watches with alarms will be very useful, but most dress watches do not have this function.

2. Atomic and Radio Controlled Watches, whether they are digital or analog, can slowly become less accurate over time. A watch may need to be adjusted every few years or even daily to keep it on time. However, atomic and radio controlled watches will always be correct down to the second. Atomic clocks use the energy of atoms to accurately mark time. Radio controlled

clocks frequently receive signals that will constantly adjust and reset the watch to the exact time. These watches are useful for frequent travelers who want to ensure that their watches are always correct. This is also a good feature for those with jobs or hobbies that have very specific time windows. While a watch that adjusts itself automatically will appeal to those who do not want to have to worry about changing the time on their watches, not everybody will find that this feature is extremely useful. The level of accuracy in these watches is beyond what most people need on an everyday basis.

3. Date and Day Dials Watch dials displaying the date or day of the week is commonly found are preferred by people these days. People who are either disorganized or tend to act forgetful highly appreciate this feature as their wristwatches are now able to remind them of the date. Business people having busy schedules can make use of this feature to stay aware about the events and tasks that they need to complete. Versatile, feature as this date and day dials are, these can be used in both digital and analog clocks. This feature can be categorized as the characteristic of both casual and dress watches.

4. Stopwatch It is a great help for those who wish to know the time they take for petty errands. These are best for athletes as they always want to measure and track their performance. These can also be used instead of alarms by those who need to perform a specific action after a fixed period of time. These are very common on digital watches though they are rarely found in analog watches. Usually watches that possess this feature have carried two significant buttons that make it convenient to quickly start and stop the timer function. This however lends them a more bulky look making them a little heavier than the other watches.

5. Light There are certain watches that have the button on the right or the left sides of the watch that even presses enables the burning of light on the screen that enables one to read the time that is displayed on the screen. This feature of glowing light can easily be incorporated into both digital and analog watches. Therefore, it is easy to find a watch that has an additional feature of light irrespective of the fact that what type of watch do you prefer. This light is a great convenience for those who are fond of camping or hiking often or for those who schedule work or activities at night. These lights are generally soft blue or green colored, however you might find light of different colors as well.

6. Heart Rate Monitor An ideal feature for the sportsperson this can be built into wristwatches also. It enables one to maintain a track of their heart rate do that one can use the information do gained to adjust and improve on their workout routine. The heart rate monitor can provide readouts that inform the wearer how quickly their heart is beating. The athletes can make use of this feature for aiming at different ranges of speed so that he can achieve different workout results. Those who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases can also make use of this feature to know whether they are following an ideal workout plan or not by looking at the heart rate. The heart beat rate monitors are only found in the digital watches, these watches are also usually water resistant, thereby adding an advantage as it will not get spoilt while worn at the workout practices that results in sweating.

7. Multiple Time Zone Dials Those men who like traveling a lot can reap the benefits of this feature. Besides the main dial that shows the time there are many small dials that can be adjusted according to ones need depending on different time zones. One can utilize it when he wishes to travel to other countries or else when one needs to maintain a constant contact with those living in an entirely different time zone. This feature is also possessed by many digital either in the form of a separate digital readout or as a screen that can accessed by a button or switch.

8. Compass It is more common on digital watches though it can also be found in the analog watches. This compass is not usually the conventional one with a needle in the center instead it comes with a digital directional readout that can be directly read on the watch's dial or else can be known of by pressing a button. This feature is appropriate for those who like hiking, camping, sailing, and other outdoor activities. Dome compass gives the only directional readout while many others show even more specific degrees indicating that not compass are equal. These compasses area many times water resistance.

9. Water Resistance One must quality of a watch must be its water resistance. There are certain watches that can resist only a few drops of water, whereas there are others that even when these are submerged in water they come out victorious as it is. Therefore, men who are adventure freaks must go in for those watches that can show resistance to water up to 100 percent


Some Necessary Features in Best Watches for Men  

Before any of you men out there venture to buy new luxury wrist watches, do consider the presence of following features in the watch

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