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support systems matter: check in on yours •

by mary e. vandenack

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“May you always be pleased with freedom, both inside and outside of yourself!” as i wriTe This arTicle, i am aT The end oF one oF The more diFFiculT monThs “We considerinevery day lostsuch on which wepasT havemonTh, not danced least once.” i haveshould experienced. liFe phases as This i am at reminded “When you fall in love with yourself, you begin to feel the positive how much The supporT i have builT around me really maTTers. self-esteem that comes when we don’t deflate ourselves.” During the past month, so many people have showed up for me in so many different BARBARA FROM “FOURbusy GATEWAYS HAPPINESS” ways. some~dropped whatBECKER they wereHOLSTEIN doing in their extremely lives to beTOthere for me. we all have busy lives but my thought for this month is to look around and take stock of what we have around us to support us. having a great support system isn’t easy in the world we live in. re-evaluate and keep “support system” on the priority list. Family. some of us have families that are functional and naturally provide support systems. others have families that don’t function well. There are periods of life that any of us might need to separate ourselves from our family or members of our family but, with some exceptions, family members are one of the groups most likely to provide support when we need it. keep family relationships strong. There may be family members with whom you have struggled. whatever challenges you may have had in the past, try to keep doors open. Friends. choose friends well. once established, keep friendships alive. Friends who support you in your darkest hours are the friends to keep closest. Find time to nurture important friendships. Churches and Community Groups. churches and community groups have long been a foundation of support, resources and assistance. if you don’t belong, give thought to joining one. Find one that has values that you strive for and people you like.

by “mulberry lane”

spring fever spring’s eternal hope

“It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” ~ MARK TWAIN oh, The FirsT signs oF spring… hearing a bird’s song in The morning, wiTnessing rain ThaT doesn’T Turn To snow, or spying a liTTle green sTem peeking ouT oF The ground - does someThing come over you? can you no longer stand to wear dark colors or sweaters, even if the temperature says you should? do you lust for fleece shorts, jeweled sandals, and highlights? do you find yourself in line at the home goods store in a floral skirt and t-shirt, with spring pillows in your cart, behind a woman in a puffy parka, buying a space heater because it’s still 33 degrees? If you’re anything like us, after a long winter of bland grays and whites, you’re ready for the riot of color, for the vitamin d sunshine, and for a pedicure. and because it’s almost the season to plant a garden, eat fresh blueberries and carrots from the farmer’s market, bike through the park, hike across Fontenelle Forest, or take the kids to visit the new baby goats and chicks at the petting zoo, you find yourself getting excited for that perennial transition. even though cold and snow can be miserable, and sloppy as it melts, at least you know it won’t last forever. you dream… soon, you’ll be enjoying weekend bbQs, looking for a cool shady spot in your backyard, as you sip margaritas and hear the laughter of kids playing kickball and hide and seek. soon, you can actually drive a car that stays clean for more than a day. yes, your winter boots will retire to the back of your closet and your flip flops? Front and center.

Support Groups. For almost every life challenge, there is a support group. while friends and families are the foundation of support, there is a lot of value to finding others who are experiencing what we are going through. support groups are offered through community organizations, churches, hospitals, civic groups, individuals reaching out to others. The support found in these groups can be lifesaving. if you have a life challenge, reach out.

To get to that carefree time, you must endure the stubborn snow piles and remnants of dirty snow slush that still splash your car, your boots, and your spirit. but it’s this transitional time of year that whispers in your ear what you’ve known since you were little, that hope springs eternal. and spring’s eternal hope is that you remember through winter’s dirt splashed dreams, you remember through the monumental task of shoveling the sidewalk, you remember through the scraping of a windshield with numb fingers, that tough times don’t last forever. They often melt away, like that stubborn snow, to a better day.

Facebook. i have my issues with facebook generally but note that internet social networking can have great advantages. i’m not one to post details about my breakfast consumption on the internet; however, using facebook to let others know that something is up can lead to some unexpected sources of support. i often find that someone i know has experience in an area i didn’t know about.

As you enter the rainy April season – you keep in mind the symbolism and lessons of this time of year. embrace your showers and there’s your flowers, embrace your cross and there’s your resurrection, embrace your chaos and there’s your peace.

Help Others. one of my all time favorite phrases is that of “when things are tough, help someone else.” it’s one of my favorites because it works. A deep bow of gratitude and appreciation to the family and friends who have showed up for me in so many ways in recent months.

embrace your spring and all its messy transitions and you’ll find the beautiful summer promised.

Thank you.

Mary Vandenack, while a lawyer by profession, has studied extensively in mind/body areas of fitness and wellness. She is Yoga Alliance RYT-200, Power Pilates certified and ACE certified.

You can hear “The Mulberry Lane Show,” a music, arts, and lifestyle talk show every Saturday morning on The Mighty 1290 KOIL from 10am – noon, brought to you by Elisa Ilana Jewelry. Visit 25

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metroMAGAZINE's April 2013 Issue  

metroMAGAZINE's April 2013 Issue is online now! metroMAGAZINE is published monthly by ALH Publications, serving the Omaha/Lincoln/Council Bl...