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Matt Darling is Vice President of Donor Services at the Omaha Community Foundation

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MAKING family GIVING personal Generations coming together around philanthropy can be incredibly impactful. It offers a chance for both sides to learn and teach, to engage in meaningful conversation, and to spend time together away from the hectic nature of everyday life. In late October, the Omaha Community Foundation (OCF) hosted its third annual Youth in Philanthropy program. This event was an opportunity for some of the youngest members of our donor family to participate in hands-on philanthropy while learning more about giving back to the community. Nearly 50 parents, grandparents, and their youngsters gathered for a behind-thescenes look at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore. The program presented a chance not only for the families to learn about housing needs in our community and Habitat’s work to address them, but also for the youth to participate in a grantmaking experience of their own. Multiple generations ate, conversed and learned from each other. It was a special evening that showed the immense value of bringing our children into the philanthropic process. The upcoming holidays also offer ample opportunity for families to come together around giving and set aside time to thoughtfully consider what impact they can have both in the coming weeks and throughout the coming year. Here are some other simple ideas to inspire your family’s charity this giving season: Make family giving a holiday tradition – Many families use the holidays as a chance to give to specific nonprofits or provide gifts to families in need. You can use the OmahaGives.org site year-round as a resource to find new nonprofits as a family to give to, and let your children search by cause (education, animals, etc.). Additionally, several local nonprofits have programs where you can “adopt” a family to purchase gifts for during the holidays; make your children participants by letting them choose the gifts.


Engage in volunteering or a family service project – Volunteering offers an active way for families to engage in the philanthropic process while making a difference in our community. Encourage a giving spirit now – Another easy way to incorporate philanthropy into a child’s everyday life is by matt darling encouraging them to start saving their own money to give back. At our Youth in Philanthropy event we use “Moonjars” to help jump-start a conversation about money and philanthropy. These easy giving tools (which are available from OCF) introduce the concepts of saving, spending and sharing. Give the gift of philanthropy to your children – The Omaha Community Foundation also offers Youth Giving Funds which empower the next generation to begin a philanthropic journey. The funds allow children to make grants from their online accounts to any nonprofits in amounts as low as $25. It can be a simple, yet impactful way to involve your children early on in your family’s charitable legacy. It can seem intimidating to start a conversation about community need with our children and introduce them to the complex issues that go along with this, yet we know that philanthropy offers unique opportunities to bring families closer together. Sharing where and how to give can help spur conversations about values, priorities, and how your family can make a difference. It is always a privilege to work with families to create a meaningful, personalized philanthropic experience for their loved ones of all ages. To learn more about our Youth Giving Funds or how to engage your family in giving, please reach out to our Donor Services staff at giving@omahafoundation.org or 402-342-3458.

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metroMAGAZINE’s DECEMBER 2018 Issue  

metroMAGAZINE presents our DECEMBER 2018 issue online now! metroMAGAZINE is published bi-monthly by ALH Publications, serving the Omaha/Linc...

metroMAGAZINE’s DECEMBER 2018 Issue  

metroMAGAZINE presents our DECEMBER 2018 issue online now! metroMAGAZINE is published bi-monthly by ALH Publications, serving the Omaha/Linc...

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