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protecting pets AND PEACE OF MIND At Invisible Fence of the Heartland, protecting pets is a number one priority. Through offering exclusive Invisible Fence Brand technology and services, the company works to keep pets safe, while also giving them added freedom. The nationwide company, which dates back to 1973, entered the Omaha market in 1987. Omaha branch co-owner Brett Fickler, who purchased the business with Allen Meyers in 2002, said the local dealership has remained committed to improving the lives of both pets and pet owners. “The company is constantly developing new technology to best serve our customers,” Fickler said. “From our training process to our products, our model is very unique. We recruit animal behaviorists and veterinarians to create our training program and our pet trainers are certified regularly. As far as our products go, we provide various systems that cater to the specific needs of each individual family.” Fickler said the overall process begins with an initial in-home consultation that includes customizing and designing the fence. Once the fence is installed, the training process commences. “The training takes about 14 days, but it’s worth it for 15 or more years of freedom on the dog’s part,” Fickler said. Fickler said the technology works by having the pet wear the computer collar receiver, which acts as a radio, picking up digital signal transmitted by the control panel. When a pet’s computer collar receiver crosses into the signal field, it provides an audible warning tone, then gives a gentle static correction that reminds the dog when it reaches the boundary. “The level of correction is customized to each pet,” Fickler said. ”It’s completely safe and effective in reinforcing a pet’s training.”

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The business offers both indoor and outdoor solutions, as well as an electronic pet door that unlocks as the pet approaches and then locks once the pet is safely inside. “This particular system is extremely beneficial for families who cannot let their pets out during the day,” Fickler said. “It can also save on doggie daycare or petsitting costs.” While some might be concerned about their dog’s breed, size or even personality, Fickler said there’s no need to worry as the technology works with any dog and has a 99.5 percent success rate. “People are also sometimes worried their animal will just run right through the fence, but that won’t be the case with our system,” Fickler said. ”Our various settings in combination with our specialized training will ensure the safety of the pet.” Another perk of installing an Invisible Fence is that the equipment has a lifetime warranty and can easily be transferred to a new home during a move and then reinstalled, eliminating the need to purchase a new system. Fickler said the company is not only dedicated to keeping pets safe, but also keeping pets alive, which is why Invisible Fence created Project Breathe, a pet oxygen mask donation program designed to provide oxygen mask kits to fire departments and other first responders. To date, the program has saved at least 200 pets from fire and smoke inhalation and over 25,170 masks have been distributed. Additionally, the business teams up with several animal rescue groups and veterinarians in the area. “People often think they need a physical fence to keep their pets safe, but that’s not necessarily true,” Fickler said. “Invisible Fence works better, as pets aren’t able to dig under or jump over the fence. Plus, gates can be left open with a physical fence. We offer complete containment around the entire house. When it comes to keeping your pets protected, Invisible Fence is always a safe bet.”


phone: (402) 330-4000 web: address: 1223 S 119th St., Omaha, NE 68144


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metroMAGAZINE presents our DECEMBER 2019 issue online now! metroMAGAZINE is published quarterly by ALH Publications, serving the Omaha/Linco...

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