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POSITIVE PARENTING SKILLS Tips and advice for the modern family

A list of the top must-see spots in the U.S.

+A Fabulous You Faces & The Art of Makeup

Bassett Caterers celebrates 50 years in business SEE PAGE 10

Christian WE PAY TOP DOLLAR Adam FOR YOUR GOLD Host a Home Party to sell your gold and

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960 Bloomingdale Rd • 10309


12 January 2012 |


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PERSONAL TRAINING *First time client special


Must be 18 or older with valid local ID. One offer/person/years. See club M for e tdetails r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 5 /31/12


Table of Contents 16 H o w t o R a i s e A n O p t i m i s t i c C h i l d  26 I s Yo u r R e l a t i o n s h i p G o o d F o r Yo u ?  32 A m e r i c a ’s M o s t P i c t u r e s q u e D e s t i n a t i o n s  3 8 H e a l t h i e s t F r u i t s a n d Ve g e t a b l e s  46 W h i t n e y H o u s t o n : 1 9 6 3 – 2 0 1 2  64 M e t L i v i n g ’s To p 5 0 T h i n g s To D o . . .  72 T h e I m p o r t a n c e o f P r e s c h o o l 

ENTE R TAINMENT G U I D E : Broadway Shows L a s Ve g a s S h o w s / M o v i e s  M e t L i v i n g ’s B a s e b a l l P r e v i e w 

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J e r e m y L i n / C o m e d y H o t S p o t s 

A D VE R TO R IAL S : Bassett Catering F r a n c i s X . M a r t i n g a n o  S t . A d a l b e r t S c h o o l  L e s t e r s 

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A n g e l i n a ’s R i s t o r a n t e  A l a t s a s & Ta u b  F r e e d o m P e s t C o n t r o l  C h r i s t i a n A d a m s J e w e l e r s  E m p i r e A u t o L e a s i n g & S a l e s  B u c k l e y s R e s t a u r a n t & C a t e r e r s  P l a t i n u m S t y l e s  F a c e s & T h e A r t o f M a k e U p 


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bead o r c i M ons i t n e t Ex

Hair & Makeup For Bridal Parties

Custo m Spray ized Tans

Spa Parties

Hair Laser val Remo

8214-16 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11209 (718) 491- 3000

Massa & Fac ges ials

Mention this ad and receive 20% off any service* * Not to be combined with any other offer

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Staten Island / Sudoku Brooklyn Spring 2012 1 Standard Puzzles by,Book

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P UB LISHED EVE RY 8-12 w eeks

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Beautifyome Your H







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How to ild’s Drive your Ch

+baMthakroom We want to take this time to thank our readers and advertisers for helping er! look bigg For more Puzzles,visit the acceleration of our magazine. In just 14 short months, we have gone from a 36 page start up magazine to our next issue, which we are proud to announce is 96 pages! Because of this ascension, we welcome new readers and advertisers to this new and exciting New York City read. We are well on our way to becoming the number one High Color gloss magazine in New York City.

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L&T Modern Kitchen Inc. 201 60th street, Brooklyn, NY 718-492-8282 181 53rd street, Brooklyn, NY 718-439-0081

Kitchen Cabinets, Granite Countertops, Sinks & Tiles all of our cabinets are solid wood • all cabinets are in stock we retail and wholesale to any location over 30 colors of granite in stock • contractors welcome FREE ESTIMATES • WE’LL BEAT ANY COMPETITOR’S PRICE

landt_kitchens.indd 1

% off 10 any purchase 201 60th St. Brooklyn, NY 718-492-8282 181 53rd St. Brooklyn, NY 718-439-0081 Not valid with other offers or prior purchases. Offer expires 8-11-12

2/7/12 4:37 AM

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FORNO A LEGNA Baked In Our Wood Burning Ovens

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

HOWARD BEACH 8207 153 AVENUE JAMAICA, NY 11414 718.641.8259

MILL BASIN 6610 AVENUE U BROOKLYN, NY 11234 718.251.8030

PARK SLOPE 261 5TH AVENUE, BROOKLYN, NY 11215 718.499.9888


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m




INSALATA E FOCACCIA “Salad Pizza” A Fresh Baked Garlic  Pizza  topped with Mixed Green Salad and a Light Tuscan Focaccia

Napoletana Fresh to order ourWood Wood Fired Fired Ovens with Whole Milk Mozzarella and San Marzano Tomato and Sauce. NAPOLETANA BakedBaked Fresh to order ininour Ovens with Olive Oil Dressing. Large Round 21 Basil Small Round 12 Large w/ Large Round 18” (8 slices) Small personal size 13” 10Basil Sauce. Grilled Herb Chicken 28 Small w/Herb Grilled Chicken 17 Whole Milk Mozzarella and17 San Marzano Tomato and Thick Deep Pizzapersonal baked to order LargeSiciliana Round 18” (8 Crust slices) 14Dish Small size with 13”Whole 10 Milk Mozzarella and San Marzano Tomato and Basil Sauce. AFFUMICATA Smoked Mozzarella with a San Marzano TomaLarge Square 12” x 18” (8 slices) 17 Small Personal Deep Dish Round 10” 10 SICILIANA Thick Crust Deep Dish Pizza baked to order with to and Basil sauce and Topped with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Large Pizza SmallMarzano Pizza 3 Sweet Fennel and Sausage, Pepperoni, Sauteed Mushrooms, Oven Roasted Peppers, Carmelized Onions, Whole Milk Toppings: Mozzarella and 5San Tomato Basil Oven Roasted Peppers. Large Round 23 Small Round 13 Large Sliced Ham, Black Olives, Imported Anchovies, Sun dried Tomatoes, Sauteed Broccoli, Sauteed Spinach, Artichoke Hearts, & Fried Eggplant Sauce. Large Square 12” x 18” (8 slices) 17 Small Personal 23Soppresatta, Small Deep Round 13 Broccoli Rapa Special Toppings: Large Pizza 9 Small Pizza 5 Prosciutto di Parma, SpeckSquare Prosciutto, Wild Dish Mushrooms, & Sauteed Deep Dish Round 10” 10 Choose Whole Wheat for any Wood Fired Pizza or Wrap at no additional cost VEGETALE Fresh Sauteed BrocMARGHERITA (D.O.C.) ThisThis Tradicoli, Mushrooms, Oven Margherita (D.O.C.) Traditional Pizza was named after the Queen Margherita di Savoia in the late 1800’s for her Spinach, favorite combination of Mozzarella, Marzano Wood Fired. Large Round 22 Small Round 12Roasted Peppers with MozzareltionalHomemade Pizza was namedSan after the Tomatoes, Basil and Olive Oil. TOPPINGS di Bufala - Authentic imported Buffalo Mozzarella Campania, LargeSausage, Round 25 Small Round 14 a Tomato and Basil Sauce. Largemilk Pizza 5 Smallfrom Pizza 3 SweetItaly. Fennel QueenMozzarella Margherita di Savoia in the la and Focaccia della Nonna (D.O.C.) “Grandma’s Pizza” is made with Homemade Mozzarella, Crushed San Marzano Tomatoes, Basil,24 withSmall a touch Round late 1800’s for her favorite combiPepperoni, Sauteed Mushrooms, Oven Roasted Peppers, Large Round Fresh Garlic and Tuscan Olive Oil. Large Thin Crust Sicilian 24 Large Round 24 Small Round 14 Small Deep Dish 14 nationof ofHomemade Mozzarella, 14 Large Square 24 Small Deep Carmelized Onions, Sliced Ham, Black Olives, Imported made from San Marzano Tomatoes, Fresh Garlic, Basil and Tuscan Olive Oil. San Marinara Marzano Homemade Tomatoes,Marinara BasilSauce Anchovies, Dish Round 14 Sun dried Tomatoes, Sauteed Broccoli, Sauteed Large Square 16 Small Deep Dish Round 10 Large Round 16 Small Round 10 and Olive Oil. Wood Fired. Large Spinach, Artichoke Hearts, & Fried Sauce. Eggplant CAPRESE Layers of Homemade Sottosopra “Upside 12 down” Layers of Homemade Mozzarella baked under the Marinara Round 22 Small Round Large Square 22 Small Deep Dish RoundSPECIAL 12 LargeTOPPINGS: Round 21 Small LargeRound Pizza12 9 Small Pizza 5 Prosciutto Mozzarella on a Fresh baked Mozzarella Bufala - Authentic with Biancadi“White Pizza” Whole Milk Mozzarella topped with Fresh Ricotta,Soppresatta, Authentic Pecorino, and a touch of FreshSicilian Garlic andFocaccia. Tuscan OliveTopped Oil. di Parma, Speck Prosciutto, Wild Mushrooms, Large Round 23 Small 13 imported Buffalo milkRound Mozzaslices of Vine Ripened Toma& Sauteed Broccoli Rapa rella from Campania, Italy.Pizza Large Speciale Our “Special” is loaded with Fresh Fennel Sausage, Pepperoni, Homemade Meatball, Mushrooms, Carmelized Onions, toes, Basil and a touch of Fresh CHOOSE WHOLE WHEAT FOR PIZZA OR Dish WRAP Oven Roasted Peppers & Mozzarella. Large Round 24 Small Round 14 ANY LargeWOOD SquareFIRED 24 Small Deep RoundGarlic 14 Round 25 Small Round 14 and Tuscan Olive Oil. ADDITIONAL COST Mild Provolone, Smoked Mozzarella, and Quattro Formaggi “Four Cheese” Pizza made with layersATofNO Homemade Mozzarella, Large Square 23 Small Deep FOCACCIA DELLA NONNA Authentic Pecorino Romano(D.O.C.) Cheese. Large Round 23 Small Round 13 Dish Round 13 “Grandma’s is made with InsalataPizza” e Focaccia “Salad Pizza” A Fresh Baked Garlic Focaccia topped with Mixed Green Salad and a Light Tuscan Olive Oil Dressing. Homemade Mozzarella, Marzano CRISPINO Thin Chicken crust Plumb Tomato Sicilian Focaccia Topped Large Round 21 SmallCrushed Round 12 San Large w/Grilled Tomatoes, Herb ChickenBa28 Small w/Herb Grilled 17 sil, with a touch of Fresh Garlic and Tuscan Olive Oil. Large with Homemade Mozzarella, Ripened Tomatoes, BaAffumicata Smoked Mozzarella with a San Marzano Tomato and Basil sauce and Topped with Sun Dried TomatoesVine and Oven Roasted Peppers. Thin Large CrustRound Sicilian 24 Large 24Square Small 14 Small sil13and Oven Roasted Peppers with Tuscan Olive Oil. Large 23 Small RoundRound 13 Large 23 Round Small Deep Dish Round DeepVegetale Dish 14 Fresh Sauteed Broccoli, Spinach, Mushrooms, Oven Roasted Peppers Square 26 Smalland Deep DishandRound 14 with Mozzarella a Tomato Basil Sauce. Large Round 24 Small Round 14 Large Square 24 Small Deep Dish Round 14

MARINARA Homemade Marinara Sauce made from San Marz- ROMANA “Stuffed Pizza” with Oven Roasted Potatoes, Sweet Caprese Layers Homemade Mozzarella on a Fresh baked Sicilian Focaccia. Topped with slices of Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Basil and a touch of ano Tomatoes, FreshofGarlic, Basil and Tuscan Olive Oil. Large Fennel Fresh Garlic and Tuscan Olive Oil. Large Square 23 Small Deep Dish Round 13 Sausage, Pepperoni, & Mozzarella. Half Pizza (3 slices) Square 16 Small Deep Dish Round 10 Large Round 16 Small 15 Whole Stuffed Pizza (5 slices) 23 Crispino Thin crust Plumb Tomato Sicilian Focaccia Topped with Homemade Mozzarella, Vine Ripened Tomatoes, Basil and Round 10 Oven Roasted Peppers with Tuscan Olive Oil. Large Square 26 Small Deep Dish Round 14

Romana“Upside “Stuffed down” Pizza” with Oven Roasted Potatoes, Sweet Fennel Sausage, Pepperoni, & Mozzarella. SOTTOSOPRA Layers of Homemade Mozzarella Pizzathe (3 slices) 15 Whole Stuffed PizzaSquare (5 slices)22 23 Small Deep PIZZA A METRO bakedHalf under Marinara Sauce. Large Dish Round 12 Large Round 21 Small Round 12 Thin Oven. crust Choose Squarefrom Pizza (8 slices) cooked our WOOD BURNPizza a Metro - Thin crust Square Pizza (8 slices) cooked in our Wood Burning the following or create yourin own: BIANCA “White Pizza” Whole Milk Mozzarella topped with ING OVEN. Choose from the following or create your own: 1. Margherita with Homemade Mozzarella, basil and Drizzled Extra Virgin Olive Oil 20 w/Mozzarella di Bufala 25 Fresh Ricotta, Authentic Pecorino, and a touch of Fresh Garlic 1. Margherita with basil and Driz2. Caramelized onions, mushrooms & homemade mozzarella, fresh garlic & Tuscan olive oil 22 Homemade w/Mozzarella diMozzarella, Bufala 25 and Tuscan 3. Olive Large Round 23 Smallmozzarella, Round 13 zled Tuscan Extraolive Virgin Oil 20 w/Mozzarella HerbOil. crusted Focaccia with homemade Arugula, fresh garlic, oil withOlive either Sliced Prosciutto di Parma, di Bufala 25 2. Beef Caramelized onions, mushrooms (Smoked Pizza importedisProsciutto), or Bresaola (Imported air dried Tenderloin) 22 w/Mozzarella di Bufala&25homemade mozzarella, SPECIALE OurSpeck “Special” loaded with Fresh Fennel fresh garlic & Tuscan olive oil 22 w/Mozzarella di Bufala 25 4. Sauteed Broccoli Rapa & Sliced Fresh Fennel Sausage, homemade Sausage, Pepperoni, Homemade Meatball, Mushrooms, Car- mozzarella, & Tuscan olive oil 22 w/Mozzarella di Bufala 25 3. Herb crusted Focaccia with homemade mozzarella, Arugula, melized Onions, Oven Roasted Peppers & Mozzarella. Large fresh garlic, Tuscan olive oil with either Sliced Prosciutto di Round 24 Small Round 14 Large Square 24 Small Deep Dish Parma, Speck (Smoked imported Prosciutto), or Bresaola (ImCalzone Round 14 ported air dried Beef Tenderloin) 22 w/Mozzarella di Bufala 25 1. Calzone Traditional - Freshly baked to order with Whole Milk Ricotta & Mozzarella Cheese w/any one Pizza Topping 10 Sauteed Broccoli & Sliced Fresh Fennel Sausage, QUATTRO FORMAGGI 2. “Four Cheese” Pizza made with layers of HomeGrilled Fennel Sausage or Grilled Herb Chicken with Caramelized4.Onions, Oven Roasted Peppers,Rapa and Mozzarella 14 3. Sauteed BroccoliSmoked or SpinachMozzarella, with Mushrooms, Caramelized Mozzarella and Herb Grilled Chicken 14 homemade mozzarella, & Tuscan olive oil 22 w/Mozzarella di made Mozzarella, Mild Provolone, and Authen-Onions, Sauteed Broccoli Rapa with Grilled Fennel Sausage or Herb GrilledBufala Chicken 25 and Homemade Mozzarella 14 tic Pecorino Romano4.Cheese. Large Round 23 Small Round 13

5. Romana Just like our Stuffed Pizza with Oven Roasted Potatoes, Pepperoni, Fennel Sausage and Mozzarella 13 6. Calzone Quattro Formaggi “Four Cheese” Whole Milk Ricotta, Smoked Mozzarella, Mild Provolone & Mozzarella 12 7. Dessert Calzone - Baked Fresh to Order from our Wood-Fired oven with sweet ricotta and Nutella Hazelnut Chocolate 8

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g



Bassett Catering:

50 years of continuous fine cuisine


ou know an epicurean business is popular when you see a steady stream of repeat customers, but a steady stream of owners! Huh? That seems to be the pleasing conun drum at this Brooklynbased catering company.

A Half Century... And Counting Basset Catering is celebrating its 50th a nni ver s a r y, a nd h a s h ad a revolving door of former proprietors who come b ac k to pi tc h in. How do you explain the trend? I s i t l o v e s i c k n o s t a l g i a? Unbridled wor k et hic? Not a t a l l. I t m i g h t b e w h e n some people put blood, sweat and tears into a bu s ine s s, t hey w a nt to c ome back and see how t hings are going. Well, be proud, it looks like things are going well and busines s is booming.

Humble Beginnings B a c k i n 19 62 t h e b u s i n e s s w a s s t a r t e d b y t w o l o c a l b rot h e r s, Lo u a n d F r a n k M o r a n d i. S t a r t i n g f r o m scratch, t hey began building t he biz using old fashioned k now how and a lit tle elbow grease. When the customer base increased the brothers upgraded


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

the menu adding a wide range of gourmet of ferings. A s t he years went by t he busines s changed hands and w a s p u rc h a s e d by n e w ow n e r s, t h e D’a ntonio brot her s. “ We w a nte d t he c omp a ny to be a one s top shop for any and all catering needs. It’s not just weddings and swank social gatherings.” Eventually one of the prior owners came back to lend a hand bec ause he s aid demurely “I just mis sed t he place”.

Diversity And Quality The business just wanted to

grow wit h t he times. “These days people need ever ything catered f r o m b r e a k f a s t t o a S u n d a y B a rB- Q’s” s a i d D’a n t o n i o a n d “ We a r e t h e b e s t, a n d w i t h t h e b e s t q u a l i t y product. Although the menu has b e e n t r a n s f o r m e d t o c o v e r a b ro a d gamut of gastronomic requests we have s te ad f a s t l y ma int a ined our c ore pr incipal. We per sonalize ever y t hing, we have a ha nds on a ppro ach a nd a n a c u t e a t t e n t i o n t o d e t a i l.” H e c k t h e place has been passed down from generation to generation but from o w n e r t o o w n e r.”

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

t t e s s a B Catering Celebrating Our 50th Anniversar y

We have been honored to serve the good people of Brooklyn for the past 50 years, with our friendly full service staff We offer all types of catering to fit your needs including off premises throughout the tristate area. Plan for all your party needs


Call today for available packages

Open 7 Days

Mon–Fri 9am–7pm Sat 8am–6pm, Sun 9am–4pm

Free Local Delivery ($20 min. order)

visit us online at Scan here for a mobile version

of our menu

Call us for your next party


1404 Ave X • Brooklyn, NY 11235 M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g



DOCK SIDE Not Just Seafood

Prix-Fixe Menu (with free bottle of wine) $21 95*Per Person

Appetizers: Baked Clams • Fried Calamari • Zuppa Di Mussels • Fish Cakes • Chicken Spring Rolls • Eggplant Rollotini Mozzarella En Carozza • Fresh Mozzarella and Roasted Peppers Entrees: Stuffed Tilapia • Salmon Dijonnaise • Filet of Sole Riviera • Fish and Chips • Linguini with Clam Sauce

Mussels over Linguini • Chicken and Shrimp Scampi • Chicken Parmigiana • Ravioli Parmigiana • Penne Vodka • Sauteed Chicken Filets * Includes Coffee and Desert • Hours: Monday - Thursday 3 p.m. - 8 p.m., Friday 3 p.m. - 6 p.m.

Happy Hour at Our Full-Scale Bar Monday - Friday 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Thursday is Sangria Night with entertainment

Catering — Private Party Room – up to 40 people

Package 1

$29.00 Per Person Wine & Soda, House Salad Potato & Vegetable

Package 2

Delux Package 3

Premier Package 4

Hot Antipasto Platter Wine & Soda Potato & Vegetable

Wine, Draft Beer & Soda House Salad Potato & Vegetable Hot Antipasto Platter

Open Bar Potato & Vegetable Hot Antipasto Platter

$33.00 Per Person

$45.00 Per Person

$75.00 Per Person

Select 1 of each of each category prior to the event: Pasta, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Fish, Coffee & Dessert

Visit us all year round for your special events


369 Cleveland Ave. (across from S.I. Boat Sales) • 718-948-5588

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

Home Improvements Interior & Exterior Specialists with over 30 years Experience

• Kitchen Cabinets • Bathrooms • Finished Basements • Tiles • Vanities • Decks • Siding

• Interior & Exterior Doors • Security Doors • Roofing • Carports • Screen Rooms • Complete Renovations

• Windows COME VISIT US AT OUR NEW SHOWROOM 93 Main Street, Staten Island, NY 10307


HIC License # 1276464 NJ License # 13VH05203100

Showroom (718) 227-2632 Fax (718) 227-2066 w w w. yo u r s m i n e a n d r s . c o m M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


FAMILY & children

Francis X. Martingano: Compassionate OB/GYN Care


ow does mid August sound?” That’s what one local woman was told after needing to see her primary OB/GYN. “Maybe the 16th at 2pm, I’ll try to fit you in, after that it will probably be next month.” Ladies, have you encountered this type of response? At a time when medical exper ts say early detection and prevent ion are key to f ight ing all ailment s, some doctors are booked months in advance and get ting an appointment can be a maddening experience.   “Is there a physician out there who can actually get back to me before the end of the business day?” said one exasperated local woman. Yes, there is.

The One To Call His name is Brooklyn born OB/GYN Dr. Francis X. Mar tingano and he says patient-doctor accessibility is the cornerstone of his thriving twenty-five year practice. “My staf f and I are diligent when it comes to a patients care; women are making life altering decisions and they need correct information and a thorough evaluation before a sound choice is made. This can’t be accomplished when patients are on hold and being switched into voice-mail hell. Of fice manager Maureen, and the rest of my seasoned staf f are proud of being professional, efficient and most of all compassionate. Any doctor visit, regardless of issue is treated as our number one priority”. The practice uses st ate of the ar t technology to per form advanced surger y and also conduct s nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.  All forms of insurance are accepted and Dr. Mar tingano has of fices in both Brooklyn and Staten Island. “If you need advice, a yearly check-up or just easy access please come in for a consultation and you will leave knowing your health and well being are being closely monitored by seasoned medical professionals.  


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

Francis X. Martingano, MD Obstetrician & Gynecologist Francis X Martingano, MD is a Fellow of the Amerian Board of Obstetrics and Gymecology His areas of expertise are Advanced Minimally Invasive Laproscopic Surgeries , Laparoscopic Hysterectomies , Outpatient Sameday procedures, InofďŹ ce Colposcopy and LEEP procedures for abnormal Pap Tests , InofďŹ ce Cosmetic Facial procedures as well as full Obstetrical care.

Most Major Medical Insurance Plans Accepted

25 years experience BOARD


9000 Shore Road, Brooklyn, NY (718) 630-8870 97 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island, NY 10306 (718) 987-9888 M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


FAMILY & children

The Importance of Preschool Childcare or preschool?


hildcare centers are generally an option for working parents who need their children to be taken care of during the day; centers accept babies as well as toddlers and are full-time, full-year programs. Preschool refers to an early-childhood educational class for 3- and 4-year-olds. Many offer a part-time schedule (for example, a few hours a day, two to five times a week) as well as full-day care, but only from September to May. Yet the terms are often used interchangeably. A childcare center with experienced, well-trained teachers and stimulating activities offers kids similar advantages to a preschool. In fact, many preschools are part of childcare programs.

Is preschool important? “There’s increasing evidence that children gain a lot from going to preschool,” says


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

Kathleen McCar tney, PhD, dean of Har vard Graduate School of Education, in Cambridge, Massachuset ts. “At preschool, they become exposed to numbers, letters, and shapes. And, more important, they learn how to socialize — get along with other children, share, contribute to circle time.” Every child should have some sor t of group experience before he star ts kindergar ten, preschools teach kids how to be students. Your child will learn how to raise her hand, take turns, and share the teacher’s at tention.

What will children learn? In addition to strengthening socialization skills — how to compromise, be respect ful of others, and problem-solve — preschool provides a place where your child can gain a sense of self, explore, play with her peers, and build confidence. “Kids in preschool discover t hat t hey are capable and can do things for themselves.” s a y s A n g e l a C a p o n e, P h D, s e n i o r p r o g r a m manager at Sout hwest Huma n Developme nt ’s Arizona Institute for Childhood Development, in Phoenix. “Plus, 4- and 5-year-olds have begun asking some wonder ful questions about the world a round t hem — w hat h a ppe n s to t he w ate r af ter the rain? Do birds play? To sit kids down and ‘teach’ them is the wrong w a y, t h e y l e a r n b e s t through doing the kinds of ac t i v i t ie s t hey f ind interesting — story time, talking to their teachers about stars, playing with blocks. To help kids learn language and strengthen pre-re ading s k ills, for instance, teachers might play rhyming games and

let kids tell stories. Keep in mind that for small children, school is all about having fun and acquiring social skills — not achieving ac ademic mile s to n e s. K id s n e e d to b e imaginative and to socialize — that’s what fosters creative, well-rounded people. It’s not whether they can read by age 4 or multiply by 5. An ideal curriculum? Parading around in dress-up clothes, building forts, and being read to. Most preschools serve 3-, 4-, and 5-yearolds, and many kids begin at age 4. (Some preschools will star t accepting children at around 2 1/2, but that doesn’t mean your child will be ready when he reaches that age.) Your choice will depend on your family’s situation — working moms might prefer five days a week — and on your child’s temperament.  

Visit the Classroom Check out the basics: Is the facility clean and safe? Keep your eye out for smoke detectors and first-aid kits. Is there a well-kept outdoor play area? Are there plenty of ar t materials, age-appropriate toys, and books? Are they in good condition? Is the atmosphere friendly and fun? Student work should be displayed in the hallways and around the classroom, hung at kid-level. The classroom should have a variet y of activity areas and children should not all be doing the same thing at the same time; they should be playing with toys or other kids but still be well super vised. Find out about the teachers’ training and credentials. Ideally, head teachers should have a minimum of an associate’s degree and formal training in early-childhood education. Visit a class while it’s going on. A good teacher talks with children, asking a lot of questions and patiently answering theirs. She makes kids feel welcome and fosters their self-confidence. Talk with the teacher about a typical day, and ways in which she’ll keep you informed about your child’s progress. If she’s responsive to your questions and you’re happy with her answers and her classroom style, you’ve found a good fit. Finally, do you feel comfor table? Always trust your feelings. w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g



M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

FAMILY & children

St. Adalbert School: Developing Young Minds


he Catholic s c h o o l ’s p r o p e r function is to create for the school community a special atmosphere animated by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity, to help youth grow according to the new creatures they were made through baptism as they develop their own personalities, and finally to order the whole of human culture to the news of salvation so that the knowledge the students gradually acquire of the world, life and man is illumined by faith.” - His Holiness Pope Paul VI, October 28, 1965

Education For God And Country St. Adalber t School has been developing young m i n d s f o r o v e r a c e n t u r y. The exclusive co-ed c a t h o l i c s c h o o l c o v e r s p rek i n d e r g a r t e n t o 8 t h g r a d e. T h e h i g h l y re ga rde d le a r ning in s t i t u t ion is loc ate d in S t ate n I s la nd a nd p romote s a s t ro ng educational curriculum combined with a n e m p h a s i s o n s p o r t s, t h e a r t s a n d a f t e r s c h o o l a c t i v i t i e s . P r e s e n t l y, t he kids are co-writing a book, t he t h i r d i n a t r i l o g y, w i t h l o c a l v e t e r a n s about the shared fundamental belief o f p a t r i o t i s m. T h e b o o k s n u r t u r e t h e


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

children’s under st anding of our count r y a n d t h e h i s t o r i c a l s a c r i f i c e s o u r fe ll o w A mer ic a n s have made. T he proud p r i n c i p a l, D i a n e H e s t e r h a g e n s t a t e s “ We a s e d u c a t o r s f e e l t h a t t h i s i s a huge help in teaching bec ause it br ings a human voice to the subject mat ter and allows the kids to ask questions a n d i n t e r a c t w i t h t h e v e t s”. T he school also boa st s a prominent

af ter s chool progra m a nd a renow ne d s umme r c a mp t h at ke e p s yo u n g s t e r ’s act ive and t hink ing while having a great t ime. O ne p a rent s ay s “It ’ s o specia l to s e e k ids le a r ning a nd grow ing in a fun environment while at t he s ame t ime absorbing life long lessons in morality and positive values.“ The non-competitive coeduc at ional day c amp k icks of f anot her bount iful year t his summer.

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

St. AdAlbert School Staten Island’s Most Patriotic School

Serving the Staten Island Community for Over 100 Years Pre-K through Grade 8 Course Offerings Include: • Computers • Art • Spanish • And More! Breakfast, Lunch, Early Drop Off and Afterschool Programs Offered. Sports, Chorus, Scrapbooking and Scouting Available.

Summer Camp

Toilet Trained 3-13 • Sessions: Mon-Fri • 8am-4pm Extended Hours Available A safe adventure filled atmosphere with arts and crafts, movies, sports, computers and theme days. Weekly rates available.

355 Morningstar Road • 718-442-2020 Mrs. Diane Hesterhagen, Principal Father Eugene Carrella, Pastor

A Wonderful Place to Learn SAINT_ADALBERT_full_ad.indd 1

11:10 M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g2/22/12 21 AM



Saturday, March10, 2012, 9am–noon Saturday, April 14, 2012, 9am–noon Please join us to meet our staff and tour our campus. No RSVP needed. Children welcome.

Swimming Lessons for children 2 and up Camp Programs for children ages 4–16


Four weeks, July 5–July31. Grades 3–12. Credited enrichment and remedial work in small classes. SUMMER EXPERIENCE DAY CAMP

Six weeks, July 2–August 10. Pre-K–Grade 8. Counselor training for Grades 9 and 10. Campers enjoy arts, dance, sports, swimming, special events, and games. SUMMER SPORTS CAMPS

Several one-week sessions. Various ages. Unsurpassed instruction in soccer, squash, basketball, lacrosse and baseball. PERFORMING ARTS CAMP

Five weeks, July 2–August 3. Grades 4–9. Professional mentoring for young actors, dancers, singers, and musicians. TECH CAMP

Three one-week sessions. Children ages 5–12. Exploration of new technology, HTML coding, digital imaging, and more. TEST PREP

PSAT and SAT preparation, July 5–July 31. ISEE Preparation, August 6–August 10.

Poly Prep Country Day School 9216 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11228

To request a brochure, call (718) 836-9800, ext. 3220, e-mail: or visit:


Advanced Test Prep & Tutoring Services

Send your children where the teachers go, we prepare teachers for State certification exams! NYS ELA & Math Test Preparation Grades 3-7 • SAT Preparation • 14 week program • SHSAT & TACHS • Early start for 7th grade students • Regents Review — All Subjects

SUMMER ADVANTAGE Grades 1 to 7 Reading, Writing & Math PLUS SHSAT +TACHS + SAT NYS Certified Teachers, Over 15 years experience

718-351-3168 • 99 New Dorp Plaza, Staten Island NY 10306 Mention this ad to receive a discount


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

ew n l Al

S ’ N IO

Z Z I F stock in

Come See Our


CAPEZIO, BODYWRAPPERS, ADAGE, Tia’s, Trendy Trends, Sugar & Bruno and more... Mon-Wed & Fri 10am-6pm, Thurs 10am-7pm, Sat 10am-5pm

718-317-8800 • 318 Nelson Avenue (Below Hylan Blvd.) Visit us at: • e-mail: • Raisingthebarre_ad half.indd 1

7/8/11 5:40 PM

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


FAMILY & children

How to Raise An Optimistic Child


he benefits of optimism have been proven many times over by research. Optimists enjoy better health and increased longevity o v e r p e s s i m i s t s, e x p e r i e n c e l e s s s t r e s s, and ac hieve more in life. While much of our personality traits are inbor n, you can i n f l u e n c e y o u r c h i l d ’s t e n d e n c y t o w a r d o p t i m i s t i c o r p e s s i m i s t i c t h i n k i n g. H e r e are some ways you can help instill this valuable trait and raise the optimistic child: Difficulty: Average Time Required: 18 Years

Help Them Experience Success: Children develop self-esteem and optimism by experiencing success, even in the face of some challenges. So, starting young, let your child do things for themselves (with you in a suppor ting role rather than doing for them), and acknowledge their success.

Give Credit For Success: When your child faces a success, help them see how they contributed to it, and label those actions as strengths. For example, “You did well on your test. You’re really smart!” 26

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

or “You’re a hard worker to have been so prepared!”.Giving them credit for their own accomplishment s builds self-ef fic acy and contributes to optimism.

Look For Future Success: When dealing with successes, focus on what traits in the child made the success possible, and examine other successes that can come from these traits.

Don’t Praise Indiscriminately: Opt imism re s e a rcher M a r t in Seligma n believes that telling a child that everything they do is great puts the child at a disadvantage, creat ing an over ly st rong self-focus and actually making them more vulnerable to depression! So validate that success, but do acknowledge when their ef for t s aren’t successful as well. Children learn to see through empty praise.

Validate, But Question: When your child faces failure or negative situations, validate your child’s feelings, but ask questions that can cause them to see things more optimistically.

Remember Success in the Face of Failure: When things go wrong, acknowledge your child’s feelings, but also help them focus on other successes they’ve had, and move on.

Look For The Positives: Help your child see that there is good and bad in ever y situation, and make a game of looking for the silver linings in seemingly negative situations.

Don’t Use Negative Labels: Correct unacceptable behavior, but don’t label your child with negative labels — ever! This more damaging than some parents realize. It perpetuates the ver y behavior you find so objectionable!

Make an Example of Yourself: Children watch us and see us as constant examples, whether we like it or not. When you achieve success, don’t downplay it with false modesty, but give yourself credit for a job well done. When things go wrong, don’t catastrophize, put things in perspective. w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

Enjoy life without the fear of allergies Hay Fever • Asthma • Sinusitis • Chronic Cough • Itchy Eyes • Sneezing • Diagnosis & Care of Asthma and Rhinitis • Allergy Testing • Food Allergies • Allergen Immunotherapy • Insect Sting Allergy • Eczema & Dermatitis Diagnosis & Treatment

Center For Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Gadi Avshalomov, MD Board Certified in Adult & Pediatric Allergy & Asthma Fast Diagnosis Means Faster Relief!

2084 East 67th Street

175 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 320

560 Northern Blvd., Suite 204

Brooklyn, NY

Syosset, NY

Great Neck, NY

Tel: 718-444-8014

Tel: 516-921-6780

MTel: etro p o l i ta n L i v i n g 516-487-6200


There’s a special every day at the recently renovated STRIKE 10 LANES. With a full bar featuring Karaoke & DJ Nights, Pro Shop, Party Room, and Café- make this the place for your weekly exercise or weekend fun!

Spring Leagues beginning soon! Check our website for details. Schools- Start planning your “end of the school year trips” now! Call and ask for Gina to book your date.

Family Fun Pack Special ONLY $49.99- Monday-Friday ONLY $69.99- Saturday-Sunday INCLUDES: Up to 5 People/Lane, 2 Hours of Bowling & Shoe Rental Bring this ad with you for a 10% discount on the package of your choice! Sorry, no reservations taken, offer not available during Glo-Bowling or after 6pm on Friday & Saturday, F/S bowling must be completed before 6pm


6161 Strickland Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11234 718-763-6800 Sunday - Thursday: 9 am - 1 am Friday - Saturday: 9 am - 3 am We’re on

Strike_10_half.indd 1

CAre PhArmACy

! 1/23/12 10:20 AM

“Our Name Says It All” Care PharmaCy where our name says it all.

It is Family owned and operated and has been a neighborhood staple for 20 years. The Care PharmaCy name has filled more than 1 million prescriptions. Here the staff is always friendly, professional and eager to assist you in all your pharmacy needs. Come shop at Care PharmaCy and experience the difference.



Pill Case While Supplies Last. No purchase necessary. expires 5/31/12

15 pk. bouNTy pAper ToWeLS

$10 Gift CertifiCate With Any New or Transferred prescription With this coupon only. Purchase must exceed 10 dollars. No duplicate prescriptions. Certain items may be restricted. Not redeemable for cash. One gift certificate per family. Not valid on refills.

expires 5/31/12

$12.99 expires 5/31/12

5 9 1 5 Av e n u e n • B r o o k ly n , n y 1 1 2 3 4 • ( 7 1 8 ) 2 0 9 - 2 2 2 2 2 8 care_pharm.indd M e t r 1o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n 3:21 m 2/8/12 AM

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


FAMILY & children

Lesters: Over 60 Years Of Fashion & Service Where Do You Go


an I ask you a silly question? Where can I find a place to get name labels to my son’s clothes? (she laughs) He’s headed off to camp and he always comes back with another boy’s sock’s?” One fellow mother answers “Go to Lester’s immediately, they’ve been taking care of my family for year’s and alway’s have what we need”. Forget the hassle of the mall or drear y old Amazon, she says assuringly, I don’t k now what I’d do wit hout t hem. They have an extremely helpful web site www. that is 24/7 and can procure any t ype of clothing or shoe I require.” That resounding endorsement is echoed by consumers around the Big Apple who are in the know, and spreading the word.

Fashion for the City

Lester’s clothing shoes and accessories is the pre-eminent emporium for clothes horses wanting to make a statement. The Brooklyn based landmark clothing mecca is a fixture in the Tri-state area with six stores altogether. The family owned and operated clothing chain is celebrating it’s 64th year in business. They have t wo locations on Long Island-one in Huntington and the other in Greenvale. One Manhattan based store on the upper east side and a store in Rye, NY. They also have a summer location in Deal, NJ. The clothing and shoe juggernaut specializes in the latest fashion


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

trends while concentrating on the basics as well. “We carr y ever ything you could imagine, from toddlers to teens to grownups” explained co- owner Barr y Cohen, “Lester’s has been around since 1948 and we have seasoned buyer’s working ever yday to secure brand merchandise that is of the moment while not being a wallet buster. In addition we specialize in handling ever y thing you need from Bar Mitzvah’s to Communions, to a new born baby’s layet te”.

What You Want When You Need It Lester & Lillian Kronfeld star ted the apparel company on ave. U to ser vice local communities but it expanded rapidly through dedication, a growing demand and a grateful clientele. “Lester’s is so convenient and such a life saver when it comes to new trends” said one satisfied

shopper, “I know I can just show up and what I need will be in stock. It is as New Yor k as Cent ral Par k”. T he venerable trendset ter handles the gamut of fashion possibilities, from luxur y name brands, to proven staples, and other af fordable alternatives as well. In addition Lester’s has it’s own popular clothing line called “Rock Candy”. They always say “listen to your mom and life’s a fashion show.” Those sentiments are hammered home with conviction when descr ibing t his contemporar y fa shion house. An Institution that prides itself on consistency while always anticipating what the customer needs. You undoubtably have heard the term “clothes make the man.” Notwithstanding, Lester’s philosophy is “We are here to ser ve you any way we can and we are prepared to bend over backwards to ensure our customers receive the best product at the best price.

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

clothing . shoes . accessories

spring 2012


$15 off

your purchase of $100 or more !

Expires 5/31/ 12 SKU 193640 *Must present coupon for savings. One per customer. Cannot be combined with other offers, used on prior purchases or to purchase gift cards. Some exclusions apply. Brooklyn store only.

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g L.MET.02.03.2012.indd 1


1/25/12 5:08 PM

FAMILY & children

Is Your Relationship Good For You?


veryone deserves to feel happy and safe in their relationships and we can all learn ways to make our relationships healthier. But somet imes it is hard to k now if a relationship is healthy or unhealthy. Healthy re l at io n s hip s he lp u s fe e l b et t e r a b ou t ourselves and about our place in the world. Unhealthy relationships make us feel unhappy, insecure, or even unsafe. We can work to make all our relationships — with family members, friends, romantic p a r t ne r s, a nd ot he r s — a s he a l t hy a s possible. And we can learn how to tell when a relationship is not healthy and how to improve it or end it.

What Makes a Relationship Healthy? H e a l t h y re l a t i o n s h i p s h a ve s i x b a s i c qualities: Respect, honesty and trust, fairness and equality, good communication. In an unhealthy relationship, some or all of these qualities may be missing. And because they are missing, the relationship may feel unfair or make us feel unhappy or unsafe. People should consider each other’s needs and make compromises so they both feel happy. One of the best ways to decide if a relationship is healthy is to think about how your partner makes you feel most of the time. 32

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

Does your par tner make you feel safe and cared for most of the time? Or does your par tner make you feel sad, afraid, or bad about yourself most of the time? No relationship is per fect. And sometimes even healthy relationships may have some unhealt hy moment s.

Respect A healthy relationship should be based on shared respect for each other. People who respect each other are proud of each other. They are accepting and like each other for who they really are. They also listen to and value each other’s ideas and opinions. Ask yourself whether you and your partner respect each other. Do you usually listen to each other’s ideas and feelings? Do you treat each other as friends? Are you proud of each other? Wit hou t re spect, relat ionships c a n be hur t ful. Many of us think it takes a slap or a punch to hurt someone. But insults and unkind words hurt just as much. They can destroy our self-esteem — how we feel about ourselves.

Honesty and Trust Honesty and trust are important parts of any healthy relationship. When we trust someone, we feel safe sharing our thoughts and feelings with each other, which helps to bring us closer.

In a healthy relationship, people can tell each other the truth even when it’s dif ficult. Lack of trust can lead to worry and jealousy. Jealousy is a normal feeling — ever yone feels jealous, sometimes — but we all have a choice about how we act on our feelings. Ask yourself whether you and your partner are honest and trust each other. Do you both tell the truth without fear? Do you both usually admit when you’re wrong? Do you feel sure of each other’s love? Good communication is impor tant in any healthy relationship, whether in person, on the phone, through e-mail, texts, or through body language. Couples that have healthy communication with each other feel comfor table and safe sharing thoughts and feelings. If they are worried or upset, they know the other person will listen to and support them. Don’t assume you know what someone else is thinking or feeling. Ask, but make sure you are ready to hear the answer. Communicate openly and honestly about sex. This is the only way your par tner will really know what is comfor table for you and what gives you pleasure. Remember that, in any relationship, both people must be willing to put in the effor t. One person cannot build a healthy relationship alone. w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m




* Real Estate * Landlord/Tenant * Purchase & Sale of Property * Business Law * Commercial Litigation * Civil Litigation * Collections * Personal Injury * Car Accidents * Mass Transit Accidents * Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents * Premises Liability * Dog Bites * Wrongful Death * Estate Planning * Probate & Estate Administration * Bankruptcy * Child Custody, Support & Uncontested Divorce * Drug Charges * DWI & Traffic Offenses * Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists

Protecting your best interests since 1959. 5919 20th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11204-2408 tel: 718.395.7067 • fax: 718.331.2400 17 Nottingham Dr. Howell, NJ 07731 tel: 732.730.2390

Chez Madlen

Kings Kosher Cafe / Wig Shop Boutique / Private rooms

805 KINGS HWY. BKLYN NY, 11223 718.339.0222 beauty salon & spa Become a professional Makeup Artist

Bridal Hair & Makeup • Up-do’s—Latest Styles • Japanese Hair Relaxers • Hair Extentions: Glue Weaves & Clips • Hair Cuts • Color • Blow Dry • Highlights • Hair Treatments • Facials • Manicure/Pedicure Body wax • Laser Treament • Body Massage • Threading • Spray Tanning • Professional Makeup Workshop

SPECIALS Manicure & Pedicure...................$15 Wash/Cut.....................................$15 Wash/Blow...................................$15 Wash/Cut/Blow.............................$30 Full Head of Highlights...............$100 Roots Touch-up............................$25 Full Body Spray Tanning...............$36 Eyebrow & Lip..............................$10 Full Leg & Bikini...........................$25 Full Body Massage 60 min. .........$65 Regular Facial 60 min. .................$65


GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE • Promotions only on Mon. & Tue. except Jewish holidays

Tully Spagnoli & Son

Chez_Madlen_half.indd 1

Parquet & Hardwood Floors Sanded, Stained & Refinished Floors Repaired New Floors Installed 10 % off labor cost with mention of this ad

4822 Avenue N, Brooklyn, NY 11234 Call David cell (917) 559-1451 tel (718) 252-9128


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

1/21/12 4:00 PM

Brenman’s Prime Meat Market Since 1927

Providing USDA Prime Dry Aged, All-Natural, No Hormone Beef • Hot and Cold Catering • Homemade Salads • BBQ Headquarters • Home of the Buttersteak Open Mon–Sat 8am–6pm Sun 8am–3pm Full Service Butcher Shop For the holidays - hot and cold catering

FREE DELIVERY 718-743-0555 • 718.743.3600 2496 Gerritsen Ave. w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

The #1 leading GOLD BUYER on Staten Island We’ll beat any price on the spot

Where Staten Islanders Get Engaged

2 3 2 3 R I C H M O N D A V E N U E , S TAT E N I S L A N D , N Y 1 0 3 1 4 ( H e a r t l a n d P l a z a )

718-761-5870 viks_half.indd 1

3/6/12 6:07 PM

World Mall

Bridal Dreams e specialize in European style:


• Designer Wedding Gowns • Mother of the Bride • Bridesmaid • Sweet 16 • Wedding Favors • We Customize Beyond Belief • Quinceanera • Communion • Christening • Flowergirl Dresses • Veils • Headpeices • Shoes •Evening Bags • Jewelry • Alterations 7905 5th ave. Bay Ridge NY Contact: (718) 333-5041 (347) 282-7667 Fax: (718) 871-2848 email: website: Visit our page

bridal_dreams_ad.indd 1

10:22 PM M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n10/13/11 g 35




Come to us for a truly exceptional experience 324 New Dorp Lane • Phone: (718) 980-1660 36

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

Visit Ivory & Co. on

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m




Dr. anDrea Chiappetta Dr. Louis Chiappetta

JEWELERS Home of the

Serving the community for over 30 years


2083 E. 64TH STREET BROOKLYN N.Y. 11234 TEL: (718) 444-6364 FAX: (718) 209-5102

chiappetta.indd 1

Come in and find: Engagement rings, Bridal Gifts, Wedding Bands,

Prime Restaurant Consultants LLC. Looking to open your restaurant?

Religious Jewelry, Childrens Jewelry,

New Restaurant Start-up Improving Existing Business Marketing Investment Strategies

Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Pendants, Watches, Charms, 14KT, 18KT & Much More


2169 86th St. Off Bay Pkwy. Next to Fabco Shoes Phone: 718-996-5773

jbd_half_vert.indd 1

2/9/12 9:59 PM

10/6/11 3:12 PM

America’s Most Picturesque Destinations

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California



A spen is an aut hent ic mount ain town best k nown for it s world – clas s sk iing in winter mot hs a nd a s a n ou tdoor playground for mount ain bik ing, raf t ing, f ly f ishing, rock c l i m b i n g, h i k i n g, a n d m o r e i n w a r m e r mont h s. Ever y dr i ve into A s pen h a s t his beautiful view, ever changing from red rock to snow-covered. It ’s like somet hing from The Lord of t he Ring, Breat ht ak ing!!!

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod has long been a summer vacation destination made popular by, among others, t he Kenne d y Cla n. T he 400-s qu a re mile peninsula is f illed wit h beaches and c aters to tour ist s. T he C ape’s nat ural be au t y is compelling. In Providence Town, Cape Cod, Race Point Beach is the most gorgeous place of the national sea shore. Experienced in the evening wit h one of t he most breat ht ak ing sunset s on ear t h, it s beaut y will be etched in your mind forever.


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco California

Golden Gate is unlike anything ever built. At 4200 feet, the main suspension spin is easily one of the worlds largest. An engineering mar vel, ar t deco icon, in one of the worlds most striking cities.

hidden on t he island of Oahu, wit h b r i g h t, w h i t e, s of t s a n d, a n d c l e a r, b l u e, w a r m w a t e r. T h i s i s t h e p e r f e c t b e a c h f o r a ro m a n t i c p i c n i c o r g e t t i n g m a r r i e d. A c t i v i t i e s s u c h a s s n o r k e l i n g, s t a n d-u p p a d d l e b o a r d i n g, o r k a y a k i n g o u t t o t h e b e a c h o n t h e M o k u l u a I s l a n d, w i l l l e a v e l a s t i n g, p o s i t i v e i m p re s s i o n.

Grand Teton

New Port

T he s t unning v ie w of t he G r a nd Teton, mountain range will have you coming again and again to this spectacular spot. You can just sit and look at these mountains anytime of the day and night. In the winter, you can ski, in springtime, see the wild flowers, during the summer months, hike and raf t, and in the fall see the color changes. Af ter this experience, ever y time you close your eyes you will continue to see this magnificent view.

Wit h New Por t s whar fs, historic mansions and famed clif f walk along t he east shore, t his you’ll agree w ill be a must see. T he N e w E ngla nd c o a s t a l tow n’s s pe c t ac ula r scener y and a vibrant downtown area makes it a perennial tourist ’s favorite.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Lanikai Beach Oahu, Hawaii

Lanaikai Beach is a strip of paradise

Rhode Island

Sedona Arizona

Sedona’s natural beaut y, t akes your breath away. The Red Rocks inspire such awe that t his had to be added to our list. This is t he most beautiful and peaceful place we believe you’ll ever visit in United St ates.

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

Join us and experience the NEWLY REMODELED

Cuccio’s Bakery 75th Anniversary Reopening Celebration

Order Early for Easter & all your special occasions Family Owned & Operated Since 1937 320 Avenue X, Brooklyn New York, 11223 718-336-1944

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


Fortune J E W E L E R S Since 1980 Expert Jewelry Repair

Custom Made Jewelry Assorted 14 & 18 Carat Gold The Finest Sterling Silver


Top $$$ Paid for Gold

310 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island NY 10306 (718) 273-2901

fortune ad half.indd 1

3/5/12 8:16 PM

Trying to have a baby? We can help

At Genesis our mission is to help patients realize the dream of parenthood. We deliver high quality, cutting-edge and comprehensive care for infertility in an environment that addresses the personal needs and privacy of every patient. Under the leadership Jennifer Makarov, MD

of Dr. Jennifer Makarov and Dr. Richard Grazi, specialists in Reproductive endocrinology, the Genesis program has earned recognition as one of the nation’s top Centers of excellence for infertility by Contemporary ObGyn, one of the most widely read journals among women’s health professionals...and now conveniently

Richard Grazi, MD

located in the Park slope community! 808-8th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 1355 84th street, Brooklyn, nY 11228 1855 Richmond Avenue, staten island, nY 10314 1175 West Broadway, Hewlett, nY 11557 (718) 283-8600 •


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Donor Egg Program • Most Major Insurances Accepted

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Coral Bay Cafe


& Clam Bar

Open 7 Days • Serving Lunch & Dinner Private Parties • Happy Hour: Mon–Fri 3-5pm Spectacular Oceanfront Dining

Come and Enjoy Our Delicious Dishes!

Everything from Pasta to Steak & Seafood Specialities. End Your Meal With One Of Our Fabulous Desserts, a Cappuccino or Expresso

Rockaway Street, Staten Island, NY 10307 Just off Hylan Blvd. in Tottenville



oral Bay Cafe is Staten Islands best kept secret located & hidden in Tottenville! Celebrating their 5th anniversary. The ambiance of the restaurant is a cozy atmosphere with ocean front dining. At coral bay cafe you will feel like you are in little italy. they cater to the entire family or perhaps a romantic dinner date for two special people. all dishes are prepared fresh. some of the most delicious specials include sette pietanze (incluudes 7 different types of delicious fresh seafood over risotto), fresh chilean sea bass, famous stuffed pork chops, thick & tasty 24 oz. porter house porcini & much more

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Angelina’s: The Essence Of Tuscany


feel like I am back in Italy. The sunset reminds me of the Amalfi coast”. That’s what one patron said after spending the day at this family owned and operated river-fronting Italian restaurant located at the southern tip of Staten Island. The three story former Tudor style structure has been converted into a palatial Tuscan villa. Every detail makes you feel as if you are dining with Franciscan monks at the turn of the 17th century. This gastronomic juggernaut has been around for close to twenty years. From the succulent por terhouse to the countless pastas that are made on site you can’t find such delicious cuisine anywhere in the borough. Try the famous Cocoa linguini or the fresh Branzino, either one will leave you wanting more. Or sit back and sample


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

a fine Cabernet from the extensive wine cellar. Your taste buds will thank you. “Benvenuti nella mia cucina,” is the greeting you receive upon arrival. The matriarch, Angelina, and her family leave no stone crab unturned as they effortlessly cater to their guests ever y whim. The family specializes in southern cuisine and boasts an award winning Sicilian chef who turns out mouth watering concoctions that are too delicious to describe. The mot to of the establishment is Mangiare di festa: make people feel at home while experiencing delectable delights with flair. The family is expanding the restaurant, which is only a blessing for it’s loyal followers. The villa can accommodate p a r t i e s of a ll s i ze s a n d h a s t h re e b re a t h t a k i n g o u t d o o r p a t i o s w h e re guests can dine al fresco. In addition

the restaurant has a thriving off-premises c ater ing busine s s t hat c a n onl y be defined as ex traordinar y. Leave ever y aspect of your holiday par ty or special event in Angelina’s hands and you will not be dis appointed. From menu to ser vice to completion, your event will be a tremendous success that will keep people talking. “It’s great when guests arrive and feel right at home” Angelina says, “it brings a smile to my face knowing they trust us with the most impor tant thing Italian… Food! Angelina’s Ristorante is located at 399 Ellis Street, Staten Island, NY 10307. For more information, call: 718-227-2900; email:, or visit us online at

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M I D P L A Z A R E A L E S TAT E 718.646.3600 OFFICE | 718.646.7939 FAX |

Mill Basin - Custom built 1 family on waterfront. 1000 sq ft master suite w/ walkin closet and jacuzzi bath., custom mahoney chefs kitchen, lg lr, spa w/ jacuzzi and guest room. All oak floors, 2 car garage plus 2 car parking. 125ft backyard. Excellent condition. A must see!!!!! Asking $1,850,000 ref# cf760

Sheepshead Bay – Nice 1 bedroom CO-OP. Mint condition unit has hardwood floors, new kitchen w/ corian counters, new bath, new windows. Small pets allowed. Building has a laundry rm, night time doorman, outdoor pool. One block from beach, across from Bay. Asking $249,000 Ref# CF798

Gerritsen Beach - 1 Family – New Construction. All quality appointments. Spacious master suite Large closet, wrought iron railings, attic, 1 car Parking. Large rooms, hardwood floors, spiral Staircase, Pella windows, huge basement. Pick Your Kitchens and Baths Now! Stainless steel appliances . Crown molding, decorative lighting. Asking $479,000 Ref#CF794

Midwood – Spacious and sunny. 2 family on kid friendly block. Owners apt. duplexes with basement which has 2 bed & 2 baths. Modern kitchens in both apts. Move right in. Large new front porch and carport. Asking $689,000 Red# AA051

Brighton Beach - Beautiful 2 bed CO-OP New carpet, freshly painted, large walk-in closets. Low maintenance includes elec, gas, new fridge and stove. 1/2 block to beach. New laundry facility. Asking $269,000 Ref# SN001

Midwood - Great building! 2 bedroom co-op. Living room, dining room. Eat-in-Kitchen , full bath. Very sunny with parquet Floors. Asking $239,000 Ref #KS058

Marine Park – Full detached brick with Parquet floors. 2 new bathrooms. Home Is fully alarmed. New very large kitchen with sliding glass doors to large deck.Beautiful home. A Must See ! Asking #529,000 Ref# CF799

Mill Basin – Reside in new community of 1 family waterfront homes. 4 bed, 5 bath, full finished basement, alarm, central air, deck, garden patio. Asking $1,050,000 Ref# TVB002

Sheepshead Bay – Immaculate ! Very clean unit needs no work. 2 bedrooms beautifully kept building. Features include a separate dining room, loads of closet space, hardwood flooring thru-out. Kitchen has plenty of counter space, cabinets, & eat-in area. Asking $176,700 Ref# SS003

Alatsas Alatsas & Taub:

Your Neig

Your Neighborhood Law Firm with Citywide Experience


s we enter 2012 it is clear there are more and more obstacles that impede the progress of many New Yorkers. These issues can be very daunting and sensitive because sometimes they involve what is the most precious commodity of all, family. These sentiments are addressed wholeheartedly by the law partners of Alatsas & Taub. Since its inception, the prominent sixteen-year-old firm has made Brooklyn its home and has seen its share of conflict and uncertainty. “I really was not aware of my legal standing and I was unsure of what my options were?” one client exclaimed, “they really guided me through some rough waters”. That seems to be the universal ringing endorsement for this thriving local practice by it’s satisfied clients. “We are a hands on law firm, your call does not get re-routed to voicemail. We want to speak with you ASAP!” Theodore Alatsas ESQ. states, “We are very sensitive and meticulous when it comes to each situation and we use our vast legal knowledge and expertise to assure the best outcome for our clients, both monetarily and emotionally.” The firm specializes in divorce, family law and personal injury cases. As dedicated family men themselves, the partners are very concerned about the client’s best interests because they are well schooled in all aspects of the legal system. Each year there are new laws enacted which can affect the client both directly and indirectly. We take a special interest in the uncertain legal system and prepare a tactical game plan. A strategy that achieves the ultimate goal of winning the right settlement or claim that is best for you.

Asher Taub

Law School in 1995. He is also fluent in Spanish. His emphasis Asher Taub was born, raised & in practice is negligence & still lives on the same block that personal injury law. he grew up on in Kew Gardens, Queens. Seeing the inequities He has been a member of the & uncaring manner in the way NYPD Clergy Liaison program his father was treated after since its inception in 1995. being injured was a contributing His duties include being the factor in making him want to be voice of the community and a lawyer. He was determined to representing their needs and help others in similar situations. concerns to the NYPD. He is He is married and has five presently a candidate for the children & a granddaughter. congressional seat for the He gr aduated Cum L aude 6th Congressional district of from S t. John’s Universit y New York.

Call Now For A Fr (718) 89

& Taub

ghborhood Law Firm with Citywide Experience 2115 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11229 (718) 891-1200

Tough, Experienced Divorce & Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan & Long Island. We Are Dedicated to Achieving the Following 8 Goals for Our Clients: 1. Experienced & knowledgeable attention you deserve.

Theodore Alatsas, Esq.

Univer sit y S chool of L aw. During his early 20s,While wo r k ing his way t hr ough T h e o d o r e A l a t s a s , E s q . college and law school, he was born the child of Greek actively participated in and lead immigrants in the early 1970s. various civic organizations. Growing up in Sheepshead T h e o d o r e ’ s c o m m u n i t y B a y, B r o o k l y n , T h e o d o r e involvement was recognized learned the impor t ance of in New York Newsday, the hard work and dedication to Bay News and various other his community at an early age. c o mmu ni t y p a p e r s . A f t e r He often volunteered his time g r a d u a t i n g l a w s c h o o l , to help those who needed it. Theodore began the practice Theodore attended Brooklyn of law in the same location Technical High School, New where his parents owned a York University and St. John’s Greek deli.

ree Consultation 91-1200

2. Aggressive representation to meet your needs. 3. Be thorough & honest in informing you of your rights & options. 4. Allow you to make final decisions. 5. Keep you apprised of the progress of your case. 6. Return phone calls & keep appointments. 7. Help you through this difficult time. 8. Treat you with dignity & respect. We honor our promises as you honor us with your trust, when you retain us.

Healthiest Fruits and Vegetables Fruit


Apple: 1 medium: 81 calories, 0 g fat — An

apple’s 3 g of fiber help you meet your fiber goal of 20 g to 30 g daily. High-fiber diets can lower heart disease risk. Apricots: 3: 51 calories, 0 g fat — Good source of beta-carotene (converted to vitamin A by the body), equivalent to 35% of the RDA for vitamin A Bananas: 1 medium: 105 calories, 0 g fat — Bananas are a great source of potassium, which plays a key role in heart health and muscle function. Plus each one has 2 g of fiber. Blackberries: 1 cup: 74 calories, 0 g fat — This fruit boasts a whopping 10 g of fiber per cup. Blueberries: 1 cup: 81 calories, 0 g fat — Blueberries help prevent and treat bladder infections by making it hard for bacteria to stick to urinary tract walls. Cantaloupe:1 cup, cubed: 84 calories, 1 g fat — Antioxidant double rich, with 68 mg of vitamin C and enough beta-carotene to cover 65% of your daily vitamin A quota. Cherries: 1 cup: 84 calories, 1 g fat — A good source of perillyl alcohol, helps prevent cancer in animals. Heart-protective anthocyanins give cherries their color. Cranberry juice: 1 cup: 144 calories, 0 g

fat — Fights bladder infections (like blueberries do.) Grapefruits: 1/2 fruit: 39 calories, 0 g fat — A good source of vitamin C and a compound called naringenin, which helps suppress tumors in animals. Purple grapes and juice: 1 cup seedless: 113 calories, 0g fat — Offer 3 heart-

guarding compounds: flavonoids, anthocyanins and resveratrol. (Green grapes are not rich in them)

Vegetables Artichokes: 1 medium: 60 calories, 0 g fat

— In addition to their high fiber content (6 g), artichokes contain a flavonoid that has been shown to reduce skin cancer in animals. Arugula: 1 cup: 5 calories, 0 g fat — A cruciferous (cabbage family) veggie, this tangy green contains cancer-preventative compounds such as

Avocado: 1/2 avocado: 170 calories, 13 g fat — High in the heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Good source of vitamin E. Beets: 1/2 cup, sliced: 37 calories, 0 g fat — Beta-cyanin, gives beets their reddish-purple color, is a disease-fighting antioxidant. Bok choy: 1 cup, cooked: 20 calories, 0 g fat — Contains isothiocyanates, plus lots of calcium (158 mg per cup) and vitamin C (44 mg per cup). Broccoli: 1 cup, cooked: 44 calories, 0 g fat — Loaded with sulphoraphane. Plus 72 mg of calcium, 78 mcg of folic acid and all the vitamin C. Broccoli sprouts: 1/2 cup: 10 calories, 0 g fat — As protective as broccoli is, these little sprouts may be even better. They’re sprouting up in health food stores and supermarkets. Brussels sprouts: 1/2 cup, cooked: 30 calories, 0 g fat — Along with good-for-you isothiocyanates and indoles, these vegetables give you an impressive 48 mg of vitamin C. Cabbage: 1 cup raw, chopped: 22 calories, 0 g fat — The indoles in cabbage help make it a cancer fighter. Cauliflower: 1 cup, raw

24 calories, 0 g fat — Another great source of indoles; plus it’s high in fiber (2.5 g per cup) and vitamin C (72 mg per cup). Expert Design Assistance Team Custom Stone Fabrication Family Owned & Operated 37 Years in Industry Large Showroom 1402 65th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11219 Phone: (718) 232-0800 Fax: (718) 256-4341 e-mail: 46

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m


Achieved by Combining Three cutting edge technologies 1. DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY Creates a surface appearance indistinguishable from natural stone. Each piece unique from the other. 2. KRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY Developed by Sant’Agostino, a thick coating of specially engineered glass granules is applied. After firing the surface is polished to a mirror finish. The result is a tile with 3-D visual depth that is extremely durable and easy to maintain. 3. RECTIFIED Each tile is precision rectified, making it possible to install with minimal grout joints. The result is a rich, low maintenance, durable application that will last many years.

Piazze Toscana Krystal 24x24

Available in Brown, Beige and Ivory


richmond tile & bath You deserve the experience!

(718) 317.8500 Hours

Mon, Wed & Fri 10-6 10-9 the foot of the Outerbridge Tues & Thurs 10-5 31 North Bridge Street Saturday Sunday 11-4 Staten Island, NY 10309 Contractors Desk47 8am M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g Showroom Located at

Home Improvement 2-12-09:Layout 1


s, TV. New dio! x d o l a F a nd r, Her ews R a C N e , AB r Ledg WINS S B 10 nC Sta n o cord, on 10 e e s e d As the R ne an i n z di ga ure ss Ma t a Fe sine Bu NJ

9:42 AM


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Is it real or is it JM Synthetic Grass? Attention Homeowners: Disappointed with the look of your lawn? Fed up with the time, cost and aggravation of maintaining it? More and more homeowners now use our grass to enhance their property. It covers unsightly roots and eliminates bald spots. It’s perfect for areas around pools, ponds, and for weekend and vacation homes. It is also the safest and softest state approved surface for use in schools, day care centers, playgrounds and athletic facilities.

JM Synthetic Grass: Offers the look and feel of natural blades of grass – without the maintenance. This means no watering, mowing, seeding, weeding or chemicals. Kids love to play on it and pets can’t destroy it. No more messy mud and dirt brought into your home. Installation is key: That’s why we personally install the grass for all our clients. It can be applied to virtually any surface – asphalt, cement, dirt or blacktop. Jobs range from 100 to over 10,000 square feet.

Guaranteed: We are a family owned and operated business. We stand behind our product – for all applications we offer a 10-year guarantee. Now is the best time to schedule your spring or summer installation. If you have any questions, or would like a free consultation, please call us today at 201-220-2609, or visit us at

NJHIC #13VH04757800







718-984-0883 / 917-418-2835 LICENSED & INSURED WEBSITE: WWW.PRECISEMECHANICALNY.COM 505 BRITTON AVENUE precise_ad half.indd 1


7/8/11 7:45 PM

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


Ceasar’s Second Chance Being prepared for his golden opportunity

A spiritual awakening


eeing the light at the end of the tunnel was the sign one native New Yorker needed to change his life around and build a future for himself and his family. The man is certified pest eliminator, Cesar Soto Deleon. The forty-six year old single father was raised on the mean streets of Bedford Stuyvesant during the height of the cities crack epidemic. Soto navigated the rough and tumble 1980’s by using his natural street smarts and determination. In retrospect he often wonders how he survived to be where he is at today. An accomplished business owner with a full time staff and a pest-hating beagle named Tre to boot. Before that he was what he describes as “a product of my environment”.

Stepping over the line... and back Although Soto grew up in a staunchly religious catholic family he was lured into the “gangster lifestyle”. The promise of money and future security overshadowed any other outside influences. For over a decade Soto had multiple brushes with t he law culminat ing in several prison ter ms. E ac h t ime he c a me b ac k to civilian life he was directly or indirectly thrust back into “the life”. This rotating


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

li fe s t y le c a me to a s c re e c hing h a l t while ser ving a five-year bid upstate on drug charges. A kind gesture by a “by the books” prison guard restored Soto’s faith in the human spirit and made him realize that he had a purpose on this earth. After getting out of prison, the former alter boy made a complete u-turn on the highway of life and now has a future that is not only positive but lucrative.

In 2003, t he avid Big A pple spor t fan began working in the family pest cont rol busines s. Predicting the present bed bug infest at ion problem, S ot o m ove d o n a n d s t a r t e d h i s o w n f i r m. H e i n v e s t e d h e a v i l y i n v e r m i n r e s e a r c h, prevention and permanent ex terminat ion. He also boast s t hat he was t he f irst to bring on a feist y c anine to help him embark on his treacherous c a m p a i g n a g a i n s t a l l p e s t s. To d ay a ll h i s h a rd w o r k h a s paid of f. w w w.E covers the entire Tri-State area and receives high mar ks from s at isf ied client s all over town. No job it too big or too small. Soto concentrates on the origin of infestation and the quickest ways to eliminate the problem. The succes s he has gar nered has also helped him give back to the cit y he loves. He formed an organization called “the youth intervention group” which helps troubled teenagers. Soto also speaks at schools tr ying to hammer home the pit falls of the criminal lifest yle and how determinat ion, love and fait h w ill point you towa rd t he light at t he end of t he tunnel. Soto has also been fe at u re d in s eve r a l p romin e n t me di a o u t l et s a n d m ay b e l a n din g h i s o w n pest realit y show. Cesar Soto Deleon was given a second chance. Too bad pests won’t get one.

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

Freedom Pest Control

The Leader in Bed Bug Eradication • Your Environmentally Friendly Company


Integrated Pest

NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association)

to correct pest problems —

• Green Application • Heat Treatments • Heat Chambers • Bed Bug Seminars & Presentations Available

When necessary, green,

Management (IPM) is a proven strategy designed

whenever possible, without the use of chemicals.

Meet Cesar & Tre:

low-risk products are utilized. Heat treatments


and heat chambers are also available for the


eradication of bed bugs.



FREE ESTIMATES Major Credit Cards Accepted CESAR SOTO DELEON (646) 748-5501


No Sales Person! Deal Directly with Cesar Soto Deleon — who has appeared on TV, radio and in various media outlets. • M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


Creating and Crafting Better Kitchens & Baths

Your dreams begin here... ...with cabinetry from Kitchens N’ Things. We offer the creative choices, flexible options and real world value that can take your dreams to reality. Stop in soon to learn how easy it can be. 53 new dorp Plaza, Staten Island, NY • 718-979-5450 • M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


Get the free mobile app for your phone

http:/ /

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R E S T A U R A N T |


“C on si stantly E x celle nt” — SI Adv ance Daily Lunch Specials Starting At $9.95

*** ½


INCLUDE: Occasion Cake, Champagne Toast, Coffe, Soda

Book Now For Your Holiday Parties

Starting At $29.00 Call For Details 139 New Dorp Lane, Staten Island, NY 10306


Bergen Basin: Real Estate 2012 What to expect

the buyer receiving a mor tgage commitment and the seller delivering marketable title to the proper t y. You should review the cont ract and k now your right s a nd re sponsibilit ie s. Af ter t he contact has been signed by both parties, the buyers typically deliver the down payment to the seller ’s at tor ney to be held in escrow.


ccording to many Real Estate Experts and their predictions, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that there are 1 ½ million homes already in the foreclosures process, 3 million people behind in their mortgage payments and 10 million under water with their mortgage who cannot refinance. The median home price in the U.S. has plunged nearly 40% in a li t t le over 5 ye a r s, bu t t he worst is over. T he mar ket has finally rung out the least excess valuations born of the housing bubble. Pr ices will recover fa ster in c i t ie s w i t h t h r i v in g high t e c h industries. Examples are Austin, Texas, Massachuset ts, suburbs o f C a m b r i d g e, N e w t o n a n d Framingham, Rochester, N.Y. REOs and shor t sales will become the new normal as banks continue to foreclose and dispose of the backlog of homes on their hands. Mortgage rates are at a minimum. More buyers=more home sales= less homes on the market=value increase. Bar bara Corcoran quoted, “T his will be the year of buyers get tired of waiting and that alone will turn the whole market around. Get ready to rock and roll!”

Home Purchasing guide New York City

6. Mortgage Application

Onc e your of fer is ac c epted by t he seller, you should order a home inspection and termite inspection. 4. Binder

Af ter the inspections are completed, and if you have decided to move for ward with the purchase, you will most likely be asked to sign a binder. A binder is a document that includes the transaction details including: the purchase price, down payment amounts, anticipated mor tgage amount s, realtor infor mat ion, at tor ney information and an anticipated closing date. You should always make the binder subject to at torney approval.

1. Seek pre-approval for a mortgage

Pr ior to shopping for a new home, yo u s h o u l d c o n s u l t w i t h a m o r t g ag e professional to determine your eligibilit y for a mor tgage. 2. Find a house

Consult with a licensed and experienced real estate broker to assist in locating a home that meets your needs and budget. 3. Home Inspection


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

5. Sign a contract

Once the at torneys receive the binder, the seller’s attorney will typically draft the contract of sale and contract negotiation commences. The contract of sale identifies the parties, fixes the purchase price, down payment amount, describes the proper t y being sold, and expresses the personal proper t y t hat will be par t of t he s ale. Among other things, the contract usually states that the sale is contingent upon

Af ter the contract is fully exe c u t e d by b ot h t h e b u ye r s a n d t h e s e l l e r, t h e b u y e r i s required to submit a mor tgage a p p l i c a t i o n. U n d e r s t a t e a n d federal law, the mor tgage lender is required to disclose all of the fees and expenses a s sociated with the mor tgage loan and closing. It is impor tant to review these disclosures carefully and immediately discuss any issues with your at torney. 7. Title Review

A title report is ordered for the benefit of the buyer, lender and the title insurance company. Among ot her t hings, it will disclose any aliens, judgments, boundary line is sues, violat ions, open building department permits, property and/or school tax amounts, and bankruptcy filings. All title issues must be resolved before the closing so that the buyers can obtain clear title and title insurance at closing. 8. Closing

At t h e lo s in g, t i t le to t h e home i s transferred to the new owners by deed af ter the balance of the purchase price is paid to the seller. Prior to the closing, you required by t he c ont rac t of s a le. Adjustments to the amount due will of ten be made to allow for ta x credits, w ater/s e wer c h a rge s, rent s, s e c ur i t y, deposits, etc. The buyer will sign all of the mor tgage loan documents at closing. After disbursement of all the proceeds, the title will record the deed and mor tgage in the count y clerk’s of fice. w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

Golden Days Ahead


he economic downtur n in America over the past few years has been characterized as “the great recession”. Not since the 1930’s has the country seen such fiscally chall e n g i n g t i m e s. A s w e t i r e l e s s l y p r e s s f o rward many citizens are in need of an influx of cash.

W h o C a n Yo u Tr u s t With gold at a 30 year high many of us are digging through our personal treasure troves to see what we could sell. But with fluctuating hourly exchange rates and cash changing hands there is a litany of pit falls to be avoided. Ever yday folks need seasoned professionals on their side to guide them through the process so they can achieve the best deal at the best price.

Expanding the Circle Christian Adam Jewelers of Staten Island, has been in the precious metals game for so long they probably played stickball with Franklin Mint. The family-run store has expanded their business becoming the largest wholesaler of watches in the entire borough. Meanwhile gold is where t he hear t is. “We handle any pos sible gold t rans act ion” s ays owner Chr ist ian B e n n a r d e l l o, “ w e c l o s e l y m o n i t o r r a t e s s o y o u a l w a y s w a l k a w a y s a t i s f i e d ”. The demand has been so high the gem palace has recently opened an outpost d o w n i n B o c a R a t o n, F l o r i d a . “ I t w a s a n o b v i o u s c h o i c e ”, l a u g h e d B e n n a r d e l l o , “We already ser vice t he f ive boroughs w h y n o t t h e s i x t h .”

Party & Profit The company also organizes gold p a r t ie s. Huh? W h at ’s a gold p a r t y ? A gold party is a friendly get together that allows you to sell your gold while you socialize with friends. A licensed wholesaler will attend and the host receives a percentage of the


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

sales. “What could be bet ter’ said one gr inning devotee, “I got a phone n u m b e r a n d m a d e a c o u p l e o f b u c k s .”

Tu r n G e m s I n t o C a s h The company suggests you investigate what sedentary gold you h a v e s i t t i n g a r o u n d. “ Yo u w o u l d b e surprised at how much hidden booty loc al citizens don’t even realize they

h a v e. W e e n c o u r a g e y o u t o c o m e d o w n and see us. Our goal is to exhaust all available options to ensure the process is financially beneficial and as painless a s p o s s i b l e .” — C h r i s t i a n A d a m J e w e l e rs o f S t a t e n I s l a n d i s l o c a t e d a t: 9 6 0 B l o o m i n g d a l e R d. S t a t e n I s l a n d, NY 10 3 0 9. F o r m o re i n f o rm a t i o n o r t o s c h e d u l e a g o l d p a r t y, C a l l: 718 . 5 54 .4 0 8 6

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m


Loan Officers Wanted

We Wo Lov rk e Wit ing Re h alto rs

We are growing! Get in on the ground floor. Call Today.

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


Empire Leasing: Enjoy the Ride


inding an honest car salesman is like looking for a Porsche is among the many needle in a haystack: that’s vehicle lines represented what one disgruntled car by Empire Leasing. buyer said while trying in vain to purchase a brand NEW vehicle. “I swear I could find Jimmy Hoffa before I could find a dealership that was on the up and up”. Well, fear not because one local company has come to your aid. Brook lyn-ba sed Empire Au to Leasing and Sales is exactly what i t cla ims to be: a ha s sle-f re e alternative to buying or leasing a motor vehicle from a dealership. The company was formed over five years ago and serves a unique and discerning nationwide cliental. The owners, having had in the past their own personal car buying problems, are model you need and expedite all aspects of committed to making it easier, less expensive the deal. Second, if you are working with a and faster for the consumer. On point: the fixed budget Empire can give you the advice company operates in two very efficient ways. you need so that you can drive away with the First, Empire can locate whatever make and best vehicle at the best price.

“There are too many loopholes and hiccups a consumer must navigate these days” one manager says, “we can streamline the process so that you, the consumer, are being served... and not taken for a ride.”


Treat your pet to the best



M A N A G E M E N T & R E A L E S T A T E , LT D . JOSEPH TROIANO: Professional Property Manager (10 years Exp.) & Licenced Real Estate Broker


Petspa & All Breed Pet Grooming Supplies 25 Years Experience Showstyles Expert Scissoring

ANY SIZE BUILDINGS THROUGHOUT BROOKLYN Professional Property Mgr. with 10 years Experience • Reasonable Fees • LIC. Real Estate Broker 718-781-9945 • 718-238-4590 Email: trioanojoseph58@aol,com

83 New Dorp Plaza,Staten Island, NY 10306 60

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

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caters to discerning clients who are looking for cars that perfectly fit their needs. We provide our clients with a simple, easy solution to finding their next auto. Working with high-volume dealers, we insure that every promotion and incentive is passed on to our clients. Searching for a car is oftentimes a time consuming and stressful process. It doesn’t have to be anymore.

Empire Auto Leasing & Sales finds the car, negotiates the deal, and delivers the vehicle right to your door. We save our clients time and turn the process of buying or leasing a new car into an easy, stress-free experience.

We can get you the best deal possible on any make or model

7610 13th Avenue 2nd Floor (between 76th & 77th St.) Brooklyn, NY 11228 Tel 718-680-2277 • Fax 718-680-1237 M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


F A M I LY O W N E D A N D O P E R AT E D F O R 2 0 Y E A R S

BROOKLYN ZOO & AQUARIUM Inc. Puppies • Kittens • Reptiles Hand Feed Parrots Exotic Mammals Premium Pet Foods Pet Boarding/Grooming Pick Up Service Available Marine & Fresh Water Fish & Inverts Custom Built Aquarium & Terrariums Aquarium Delivery/Set Up & Maintenance Available WE WILL MATCH ANY LOCAL COMPETITORS ADVERTISED PRICES!

2377 Ralph Ave. (718) 251-PET9 (7389) Store Hours: Sat. – Sun. 10 – 6 Mon. – Fri. 10 – 8 62

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56 New Dorp Plaza, Staten Island, NY 10306

“Your Pets’ Paradise”

Ph: 718-351-7387 Fax: 718-351-7389

Servicing all of Staten Island •••••••••••• “Professional Grooming” by our expert team of experienced groomers •••••••••••• We offer cageless boarding for the short stay or the long term, so your pet can feel at home when you’re not at home. •••••••••••• Take advantage of our pick-up and drop-off service •••••••••••• Take your pet on a shopping expedition with our large array of outfits, supplies and accessories. petsvilla_ad.indd 1

7/5/11 1:27 PM

Let it happen with

No Brushing Required! February is “Pet Dental Health Month” and Petzlife Oral Care Spray and Gel is an easy way to have your beloved pet’s teeth and gums become healthy again without anesthesia and scaling. Did you know that 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have oral disease by the time they are three years old? Staggering! The good news is that pets can live longer, healthier lives if oral health care is managed and maintained throughout their lives. Petzlife Oral Care breaks down the plaque and tartar that leads to gum disease and gets to the root of the problem by killing off the bacteria that causes bad breath as well.

Easy To Use 100% Natural 100% Safe 100% Guaranteed Vet Recommended entered on the firstpage of the checkout or call and mention code “MET”

Made in USA

Works for me!

Whitney Houston: 1963–2012 T

he la t e W hi t ney H o u s t o n’s mu sic a l le gacy is le genda r y. H er bigge s t single is her ic o nic “ I W ill A l way s L ove Yo u,” f r om her f ilm “ T he B o d ygua r d.” T his t r ack s p en t 14 week s a t o p t he B illb o a r d H o t 10 0 lis t a nd a t t he t ime wa s t he lo nge s t- r unning N o. 1 single in his t o r y. W hi t ney H o u s t o n die d a t age 4 8 . H er mu sic w ill li ve o n f o r ever. M e t r o p oli t a n L i v ing M aga zine pr e s en t s H o u s t o n’s t o p 2 0 single s . N o t sur pr isingl y, “ I W ill A l way s L ove Yo u” t o p s t his lis t , f ollowe d by “ I Wa nna D a nc e W i t h S omeb o d y ( W h o L ove s M e),” t he f o ur t h o f 11 c a r eer N o. 1s f r om her 8 mul t i- pla t inum a lbums M s . H o u s t o n, We w ill a l way s love yo u.

1. “I Will Always Love You” (1992) No. 1 (for 14 weeks) 2. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” (1987) No. 1 (2 weeks) 3. “Greatest Love Of All” (1986) No. 1 (3 weeks) 4. “All The Man That I Need” (1990) No. 1 (2 weeks) 5. “I’m Your Baby Tonight” (1990) No. 1 (1 week) 6. “So Emotional” (1987) No. 1 (1 week) 7. “How Will I Know” (1985) No. 1 (2 weeks) 8. “Didn’t We Almost Have It All” (1987) No. 1 (2 weeks) 9. “Saving All My Love For You” (1985) No. 1 (1 week) 10. “Exhale (Shoop Shoop)” (1995) No. 1 (1 week)


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

11. “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” (1988) No. 1 (2 weeks) 12. “My Love Is Your Love” (1999) No. 4 13. “Heartbreak Hotel” (w/Faith Evans & Kelly Price) (1999) No. 2 14. “You Give Good Love” (1985) No. 3 15. “I Have Nothing” (1993) No. 4 16. “One Moment In Time” (1988) No. 5 17. “I Believe In You and Me” (1996) No. 4 18. “I’m Every Woman” (1993) No. 4 19. “Count On Me” (w/CeCe Winans) (1996) No. 8 20. “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay” (1999) No. 4

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

Buckleys: Sophisticated Elegance


n t he food busines s, a rest aurant ’s longev i t y is a key f ac tor in dete rmining how good or popular the place is. One loc al est ablishment is celebrating just t hat. “I c an’t believe we are st ill around and as popular as we are.” That ’s what co-owner Christ ine Buc k ley s ay s a bou t her f a milie s densely populated eater y and c atering hall. Buck ley’s Catering celebrates it s 40th year in operation, and has satisfied customers and a loyal cliental to thank.

Value Begins With Quality In 1972, t he Ir i s h p at r ia rc h of t he Buckley family (who sadly passed away July 16, 2011) st ar ted t he place wit h h i s l o v i n g w i f e a s j u s t a p u b. O v e r t he ye a r s w i t h t he help of his bet ter half and t wo determined children, t he rest aurant has evolved into not only a t ast y Gast ro pub but also a high-end catering-hall that can handle any and all social functions. Buckley’s want s to be more that just a steak and chop house, it wants patrons to know coming in that t hey’re get t ing a f irst clas s meal at a reasonable price. “We like to consider our selves a rest aurant t hat promotes s o p hi s t ic at e d e le g a n c e at a f r ac t io n of t he pr ic e” s ay s Buck ley. We w a nt ever y person who comes t hrough our doors to k now t hey’re t able or par t y is our f irst priorit y. The family as signs a Mait re D’ to ever y hosted engagement to ensure t hat all aspect s of t he event go according to plan.

Remembering The Beginning To r ing in t he e st ablishment ’s mile


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

s t o n e y e a r, t h e y c e l e b r a t e d t h e i r annivers ar y (March 2, 2012) wit h “roll b ac k ” p r ic e s fo r t w o w e e k s. Eve n i f y o u m i s s e d o u r “r o l l b a c k p r i c e s,” Chr ist ine s ays t he family enc ourage s

all of t he rest aurant s pat rons and new comers to come on in where t hey will f ind qualit y food at a reasonable price w hile f requent ing a t r ue home grow n and family r un “succes s stor y. ”

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

RESTAURANT & CATERERS 2926 Ave. S, Bklyn., NY 11229 P: 718-998-4222 • F: 718-376-1182

The Ultimate in affordable Elegance Buckley’s: Celebrating our 40th Anniversary M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g



Mill Basin/ B e rg e n B e a ch

Platinum Styles: PLATINUM STYLES Hair Styling at its Finest Mill Basin/Bergen Beach

444 2344 kland ave y 11234 ntments the web w. leslounge m

Tel. (718) 444 2344 6001 strickland ave Bklyn, Ny 11234 For appointments Visit us on the web www. platinumstyleslounge Keep up wit .com

Tel. (718) 444 2344 6001 strickland ave Bklyn, Ny 11234 For appointments Visit us on the web www. platinumstyleslounge .com

Different types of lo

• Keep up with the Hottest New Haircu Trends @ Platinum!

• Gentlemen, we can give a Fresh Style close the Deal!

Different types of looks.


all your family • Keep up with the Hottest New Haircut andor Lifestyle

D iffer@enPlatinum! Trends t types of lo oks.


friends, Platinum Style is the place to come when

• Gentlemen, we can give a Fresh Style and you youabsolutely can stillHAVE to

h theclose Hothe look your best. The Stylists are tteDeal! st New Hair Trends @ P c u t andtheLbest latinum! ifesintythelebusiness. They listen to what the clients need, and • Gentlemen, then give them the perfect cut to we can give a Fresh Style their face. close the De and yocompliment al! u can still

Platinum Styles


Grooming Services

Gentlemen, on your wedding day, everyone is looking at her, but she only has eyes for you. We come to you with a Fresh Style for you special occasion.

Different types of looks

We can give a Fresh Style and you can still close the deal Newest, Hottest New Haircut and Lifestyle Trends @ Platinum! Telephone: 718-444-2344 6001 Strickland Ave. Bklyn, NY 11234 For appointments, visit us on the web at:

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Faces and the Art of Make-up Come Together — Beautifully Fear not Bridzillas


etting married and don’t know where to turn, what to do first or when to star t booking? Well Faces & The Art of Make-up has it all figured out. Your cry for help is not falling on de af e a r s. T he Brook l y n based beauty salon will handle all your needs in their relaxed at mo sphere on your specia l day or they will travel to any destination of your choice. Just c all and speak to t he br idal coordinator and you won’t believe how this salon doesn’t miss a beat. Your day will be saved by contract and you will not have to worry about any cancellations by a stylist tr ying to sneak and do your wedding on the side. Its all out in the open and this team of professionals will for sure make you the happiest on your day and any other day as well. But keep in mind t hey are booke d well over a ye a r in advance so its never too late to book a trial with them. Ask to speak to Danielle or Helene the Bridal coordinators to find out about the seasonal deals they may of fer. Right now you can actually book a hair and makeup trial for $99 total, just call for the details. T hey M ade my wedding day even more special then I could imagine said elegant bride Elaine Arbit Sedagati. The team came all the way to New Jersey to ser vice my bridal par ty and stayed with us till the end of our ceremony and were truly amazing in their craft and they even ran on time laughed the bride. When my


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

husband and I look at our wedding album I have living proof that Faces and The Art of Make-up was by far the best choice I made for all my beauty needs on our wedding day. From my hair color to my st yling and even my nails I truly thank you all for a job well done!

The Merger Helene, The art of make-up and Faces Salon Merge their teams. We got together to form one of the best team mergers in years. Our Newly const r ucted t wo level space is both a comfor table and professional atmosphere offering the most

up to date service’s including all cutting, styling, color, nails, waxing, and Facials along with the strongest Formal Hair & Make-up depar tment in Brooklyn. Faces Salon has kept its name in Full Ser vice Salon excellence for going to be 40 YEARS. An idea was brought to the table and a great team of people have been brought together to bring for t h real SALON POWER & PERFECTION that is the current day: Faces and The Art of Makeup located at 2205 avenue U Brooklyn New York. Working in the fashion and p h oto gr a p hy f ie ld fo r mo re t ha n 22 ye a r s, Helene a nd her st af f a re well k now n in the beauty industr y as Ar tistic E m b e l l i s h e r s. O u r t e a m of Hairstylists and Make-up Artists are experienced with all hair tex t ures and moder n st yling trends. Our company also staffs photo shoots and coordinates runway shows for many local modeling and talent agencies. Our team is featured in Bridal magazines such as Manhat tan Bride, Contemporary Bride and many more. Helene and her staf f would like to mention a special thanks to the prior owner, founder and real mom and pop of The original “Faces”. Mr. & Mrs. Barr y Gold Your Vision of beauty was your passion and you made it a realit y and a livelihood for many stylists an clients through out your ama zing 40 years in Faces history. You are now and will always be the genius behind the “Faces” of all the people you helped throughout the years. We miss you and love you, Helene and Staf f.

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

Faces & the Art of Make-Up S P A



Over 40 years Cornerstone of NYC

718-332-6557 718-232-7979 Full Service Salon Also Offering: Traveling Stylists & Make-up artists.

2205 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11229 Hours: SUN. 9:00 AM—5:00 PM MON. Open seasonally 11:00 AM—5:00 PM TUES. 11:00 AM—5:00 PM WED. 10:00 AM—7:00 PM THUR. 10:00 AM—8:00 PM FRI. 9:00 AM—8:00 PM SAT. 9:00 AM—6:00 PM


Welcomes back Helene M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


Met Living’s Top 50 Things To Do... ... during your journey on planet earth

Watch whales migrate

Be an actress in a movie

Go white water raf ting

Horseback ride along a beach

Fly a plane

Ga ze up a magnificent water fall

Learn to dance

Conquer a fear

See wild game on African safari

Taste the finest wine

Find a long lost friend

Run a marathon

Sky dive

Wr i t e a s o n g o r a p o e m f o r s o m e o n e you love

Appear on Broadway

Visit the wildest colony

Drive a NASCAR race car

Eat a cheeseburger in Paradise

Dive the great barrier reef

Helicopter over a Hawaiian Volcano

Golf on a world famous course Travel the Nile in Egypt

E xperience Weightlessness Say a special Thank you Learn another Language

Swim with the dolphins

Cruise in a Ferrari

Play in an Orchestra

See the Taj Mahal at sunrise

Paint the Big Apple red

Stroll along the Great Wall of China

Float in a hot air balloon

Ride a Harley down an open road

Sip a mint Julep at the Kentucky Derby

Feed the Sharks

Shake hands with has truly changed

Visit the Oval Of fice

Scale a famous peak

Buy a boat and learn how to sail

Trace your roots

E xplore a rain forest

Dance the tango in Argentina

Helicopter over a Hawaiian Volcano

Learn how to be a cowboy

Visit a real Blue’s bar in Chicago

Ride a wheel down t he Great Canyon

Play ball in a major league park

Cross the countr y on a bicycle


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

Sur f Attend a music festival in another country Watch an orchestra performance in Vienna someone who a country

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m


Come in and find: Engagement rings Bridal Gifts Wedding Bands Religious Jewelry Childrens Jewelry Earrings Bracelets Rings Pendants Watches Charms 14KT & 18KT

and Much More


Join Us

A career in real estate offers a lifetime of

rewards — you’ll connect people to the dream of homeownership and get paid for doing it!

And you’ll look for new ways to stand out and challenge yourself to exceed the expectations of those you serve — all on your own schedule. We invite you to learn more about Coldwell Banker, the undisputed leader in real estate: • More than 20% of individuals and teams ranked in the top 400 Real Estate Professionals List • Highest Sales Volume of any real estate franchise in North America • More than 300 classes and continuing education programs available 24/7 If you are a goal-driven, service-oriented entrepreneur who is serious about taking your career to the next level, then joining a Coldwell Banker office is the right choice. Coldwell Banker Sales Associates are supported with access to leading education programs, systems and tools that will provide you and your customers an advantage throughout the real estate process. Here, you will be more than just a real estate agent, you’ll be a well trained real estate professional.

2169 86th St. Off Bay Pkwy.

(718) 646-3600

Next to Fabco Shoes Phone: 718-996-5773

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2/9/12 9:59 PM Coldwell_joinus_half_vert.indd 1

73 2/14/12 3:56 AM

Leases start from $99-up Drive a better car for less


tel: 718-769-2886 (AUTO) | fax: 718-615-2954 | 3371 Shore Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Infinite_leasing_half.indd 1

2/9/12 7:14 AM

Starbrite Laundromat 4715 Avenue N. 718-337-6734 Free Pick-up & Delivery Commercial Accounts Accepted Starbrite_laundry.indd 1


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

1/8/12 6:59 PM w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


Entertainment Guide Broadway A Streetcar Named Desire Broadhurst Theatre: April 22, 2012

T his Puli t zer Pr ize-w inning play follow s t he stor y of Blanche DuBois, a weak and disturbed woman on a desperate prowl for some place in t he world to c all her own. Af ter losing t heir ancest ral home, Belle Reve, Blanche shows up at t he doorstep of her sister, Stella, in the French Quar ter of New Orleans. Blanche t ries to impres s her brother-in-law, and his gentle, good-nat ured f r iend, Mitch. Seek ing to esc ape from realit y, and an emblem of a lost traditional South, Blanche becomes a victim of t he harsh present.

Ghost the Musical


Lunt-Fontanne Theatre: April 23, 2012

Longacre Theatre: April 11, 2012

Set in modern day New York City, ‘Ghost The Musical’ is a timeless fantasy about the power of love. Walking back to their apartment one night, Sam and Molly are mugged, leaving Sam murdered on a dark street. Sam is trapped as a ghost between this world and the next and unable to leave Molly, who he learns is in grave danger. With the help of a phony storefront psychic, Oda Mae Brown, Sam tries to communicate with Molly in the hope of saving and protecting her.

F ro m t h e p ro d u c e r s a n d c re a t o r s of ‘Lombardi’ comes a theatrical event about t he legenda r y at hlete s L a r r y Bird a nd Magic Johnson, and t he ama zing stor y of their rivalr y and friendship. Based on conversations with the players, and classic NBA footage, ‘Magic/Bird’ transpor ts the audience into the hear t of their match up.

Nice Work If You Can Get It Imperial Theatre: April 24, 2012

O v e r f l o w i n g w i t h g r e a t s o n g s, including ‘Let’s Call the Whole Thing Of f’, ‘I’ve Got a Crush on You’ and ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’, this brand-new Gershwin musical comedy combines laughter, romance and high-stepping musical magic.

The Columnist Samuel J. Friedman Theatre (formerly Biltmore): April 25, 2012

Columnists are kings in mid century America and Joseph Alsop wears the crown. Joe is beloved, feared and cour ted in equal measure by the Washington politic al world at whose center he sit s. But as t he ‘60s dawn and America undergoes d i z z y i n g c h a n g e, t h e i n t e n s e polit ic al drama Joe is embroiled (L. to r.) Ricky Martin (Che), Michael Cerveris (Juan in also becomes deeply personal. Perón) and Elena Roger (Eva Perón) from “Evita.”

Evita Marquis Theatre: April 5, 2012

T h i s n e w p r o d u c t i o n of T i m R i c e a n d Andrew Lloyd Webber’s landmark musical hit s t he st age wit h Rick y Mar t in as Che, Olivier Award-winning Argentinean actress Elena Roger as Eva Peron and Tony Awardwinner Michael Cer veris as Juan Peron. Tony a nd O li v ie r Aw a rd-w inne r Mic h ael G r a n d a g e w i l l d i re c t a n d To n y Aw a r dwinner Rob Ashford will choreograph. This is the first new Broadway production of the Award-winning music al since it debuted on Broadway over 30 years ago.


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

Leap of Faith St. James Theatre: April 26, 2012

Charming, charismat ic and mesmerizing, Jonas Nightingale is a huckster and a hoax. With his troupe of singers and musicians, he travels far and wide, raising his tent and his voice to trade miracles for money. But when his bus breaks down in a droughtstricken backwater, he comes face to face with a strong-willed woman and a spirited boy who puts his hear t to the test. Will he f inally f ind somet hing to believe in? It ’ll t ake an ex t raordinar y leap of fait h.

One Man, Two Guvnors Music Box Theatre: April 18, 2012

Always famished and easily confused, Francis Henshall agrees to work for a local gangster as w e l l a s a c r i m i n a l i n h i d i n g, b ot h of whom are linked in a web of schemes, ex tor t ions and romant ic a s s o c i a t i o n s ... n o n e o f w h i c h F r a n c i s c a n ke e p s t r a i g h t. S o h e has to do ever y thing in his power to keep h i s t w o g u v n o r s f ro m m e e t i n g.

Peter & the Starcatcher Brooks Atkinson Theater: April 15, 2012

How did Peter Pan become The Boy Who Refused To Grow Up? This epic origin story of one of popular culture’s most enduring a nd b e love d c h a r ac t e r s p rove s t h at a n audience’s imaginat ion c an be t he most c apt ivat ing place in t he world.

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

Las Vegas April 1, 4, 6, 7, 2012 Rod Stewart — Caesars Palace April 4–8, 2012 The Color Purple — The Smith Center April 05, 2012 Kelly Clarkson — Palms Hotel April 06, 2012 Gabriel Iglesias — Mirage Hotel April 07, 2012 Gabriel Iglesias — Mirage Hotel April 13–15, 19–21, 2012 Elton John — Caesars Palace April 13–14, May 25, 2012 Jay Leno — Mirage Hotel April 13–14, May 4–5 2012 Tim Allen — Venetian Hotel April 19, 2012 Justice — The Cosmopolitan Hotel


Think Like a Man Four friends conspire to turn the tables on their women when they discover the ladies have been using Steve Harvey’s relationship advice against them. Chris Brown, Gabrielle Union • 20 April 2012

Battleship A fleet of ships is forced to do bat tle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals. Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker • 18 May 2012

Men in Black III Agent J t ravels in time to MIB’s early years in the 1960s, to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing histor y.. Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin • 25 May 2012

April 19–22, 2011 Disney On Ice: 100 Years of Magic — Thomas &

Mack April 20–21, May 4–5 2012 Ray Romano & Kevin James — Mirage Hotel April 24, 2012 Yo—Yo Ma, Kathryn Stott The Smith Center April 26, 2012 David Sedaris — The Smith Center April 27–28,2012 David Spade —

Venetian Hotel April 27, 28 2012 Jerry Seinfeld — Caesars Palace April 28, 2012 Daniel Tosh — Mirage Hotel May 09, 2012 Bill Engvall — Treasure Island May 11, 2012 Creed — Palms Casino Resort May 12, 2012 Say Goodnight Gracie — The Smith Center May 13, 2012 Lily Tomlin — The Smith Center May 19, 2012 Buddy Guy & Quinn Sullivan — The Smith Center May 22–27, 2012 Mary Poppins — The Smith Center May 26–27, 2012 Ron White — Mirage Hotel

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraf fe and Gloria the Hippo join a t raveling circus in order to get back home to New York. Ben Stiller, Jada Pinkett Smith, Chris Rock • 8 June 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Eight years af ter the events of The Dark Knight, the terrorist leader Bane arrives in Gotham City, pushing it and its police force to their limits, forcing its former hero Batman to resur face after taking the fall for Har vey Dent’s crimes. Christian Bale, Joseph GordonLevitt and Gary Oldman • 20 July 2012

Step Up 4 Emily arrives in Miami with aspirations to become a professional dancer. She sparks with Sean, the leader of a dance crew whose

neighbor hood is t hre atened by Emily’s father’s development plans Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman • 27 July 2012

Sparkle Three sisters form a singing group and must deal with the fallout of fame and drugs. Jordin Sparks, Carmen Ejogo and Whitney Houston • 17 August 2012 M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


Entertainment Guide 2012 MLB Outlook Yankees


ith spring upon us, Baseball is in the air. As usual the New York Yankees bring a forecast of another successful season. By adding Michael Pineda and Hiroki Curoda to their starting pitching, the post season will be just a formality. My pick to win it all is the LA Angels, however, I wouldn’t bet against the Yankees winning yet another World Series title. At playoff time anything can happen. — By Gandolfo Albanese, Met Living Magazine



s for the Mets, they are bringing in the fences in hopes of generating more of fense. However, with the Mets suspect pitching, my fear is it just might benefit the visiting teams. We can only hope that Johan Santana makes a full recover y from shoulder surger y — which kept him out the entire 2011 season. That should be a boost to a team that could cer tainly use one. — By John Vincent, Met Living Magazine

John Vincent’s Predictions American League East Central


Wild Cards

NY Yankees


Los Angeles & Tampa Bay

National League East Central


Wild Cards


San Francisco

Philadelphia & Washington


St. Louis

World Series — Tigers vs. Marlins — Winner: Marlins

Gandolfo Albanese’s Predictions American League East Central


Wild Cards


Los Angeles

NY Yankees & Kansas City

National league East Central


Wild Cards


San Francisco

Miami & St. Louis



World Series — Angels vs Giants — Winner: Angels 78

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

Profile: Jeremy Lin


in was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Palo Alto. His parents, GieMing and Shirley, emigrated from Taiwan to the United States in the mid-1970s. Lin’s parents are both 5 feet 6 inches tall. His maternal grandmother’s family was tall, and her father was over 6 feet

Career In his high-school senior year in 2005– 2006, Lin captained Palo Alto High School to a 32–1 record and upset nationally ranked Mater Dei, 51–47, for the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Division II state title. He was named f irst-team A ll-St ate and Nor t her n California Division II Player of the Year. When applying for college, Har vard and Brown were the only teams that guaranteed him a spot on their basketball teams. In July 2005, then-Harvard assistant coach Bill Holden saw that Lin was 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m), which fit the physical at tributes he was seeking, and he had a 4.2 grade point

average in high school, which fit Har vard’s ac ademic st andards. Lin chose to at tend Har vard. After graduation, Lin went undrafted in the 2010 NBA Draf t. Eight teams had invited Lin to predraft workouts. He later joined the Dallas Mavericks for mini-camp as well as their NBA Summer League team in Las Vegas. Lin recovered from an injury to his left knee during the 2011 NBA lockout. The New York Knicks claimed Lin of f waivers on December 27, 2011, to be a backup. After the Knicks squandered a fourth quarter lead in a February 3 loss to the Boston Celtics, coach Mike D’Antoni decided to give Lin a chance to play due to “desperation”, according to exper ts. “He got lucky because we were playing so bad,” said D’Antoni.] Lin had played only 55 minutes through the Knicks’ first 23 games, but he would unexpectedly lead a turnaround of an 8–15 team that had lost 11 of its last 13 games back in Februar y. Now with the playof fs upon us, can he help lead the Knicks to the ultimate goal — a championship.

Comedy Hot Spots Broadway Comedy Club 318 West 53rd St., New York, NY 10019 • 212-757-2323

Joey Kola Joey Kola has performed for hundreds of thousands of people throughout his career in the US, Canada and England. Gotham Comedy Club 208 West 23rd St. # 1, New York • 212-367-9000 • Friday, April 6, 8:30pm Ha Comedy Club 163 West 46th Street, New York, NY 212-977-3884

Chris Monty Born and raised on Long Island, Chris was fas-

cinated with show business at an early age. He yearned to be in front of an audience singing or dancing. Many a party would find Chris performing in front of friends and relatives to a big round of applause. The Brokerage Comedy Club 2797 Merrick Rd., Bellmore, NY 11710 • Apr 6 - Apr 7

Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme Fresh off of their Comedy Central Stand Up special, Broken Lizard Stands Up — Kevin and Steve are back on the road to tell you what it’s like to die in a vat of beer, how cops treat them after seeing SuperTroopers and the downsides of a fat man hanging around with a little bitty fella.

Carolines Comedy Club 1626 Broadway, New York, NY • May 2-5 Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT) 123 East 24th Street, New York, NY • 212-563-7488

O’K Productions Presents Comedy It’s about the pulse on the street and knowing the hottest comics in town... Pinkhat Presents Comedy features the comic’s favorite comics. Laugh Lounge NYC 151 Essex St., New York, NY 10002 • Thu, 29 Mar 2012 10:30 PM

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


Staten Island’s best kept secret for all your bridesmaid, Mother, flowergirl, prom, special occasion, communion and accessory needs. Alterations done on premises outside alterations are welcome. Call for an appointment today! Alvina Valenta • Bari Jay • Bill Levkoff • Dessy • Haute Bride • Jim Hjelm • Saison Blanche • Watters & Watters • And Many More

245-247 Main str. Staten Island N.Y. 10307



Always a bridesmaid.indd 1

| 2/25/12 5:51 PM


Prom Special $40 Off Any Tuxedo

2791 Richmond Ave. Staten Island, NY (In front of the Pergament Mall)

718-698-4859 80 Tuxedo world.indd 1

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

2/28/12 1:13 AM

s ’ o t i V


Hot & Cold Catering For All Occasions Entrees Include: Fish, Veal, Beef, Pork & Pasta

We also have a wide range of desserts including custom order cakes for special occasions

We have a Full Deli, Homemade Roast Beef & Turkey, also Boar’s Head Meats 1916 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11229 718-332-3577 M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g



We Cater to Small Parties

Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner Open Mon–Thurs: 6am-12am • Sun: 7am-12am

SAUTEE SPECIALS Kid-friendly, Delivery, Take Out

1611 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11229-3809 (718) 336-4195

& Barber Supplies

8301 5th Avenue (corner of 83rd st.) Brooklyn NY 11209 (718) 748-3678

360 New Dorp Lane Staten Island NY 10306 (718) 980-5384

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g



MOLD AND STAIN RESISTANT Available in 40 colors Great for Showers and Back splashes

Available at

tel: 718.317.8500

Dun-Rite Renovations

31 North Bridge Street Staten Island, NY 10309

Where the job is always DUNRITE!

718-836-RITE (7483)

9054 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn, NY

L&T Modern2/22/12 Kitchen Inc.

Dunrite_card.pdf 1

9:01 AM

201 60th street, Brooklyn, NY 718-492-8282 181 53rd street, Brooklyn, NY 718-439-0081

landt_kitchens_card 1

2/22/12 11:03 AM

Creating and Crafting Better Kitchens & Baths

Home Improvements

Your dreams begin here...

Interior & Exterior Specialists • Over 30 Years Experience COME VISIT US AT OUR NEW SHOWROOM 93 Main Street, Staten Island, NY 10307 Showroom (718) 227-2632 Fax (718) 227-2066

w w w. yo u r s m i n e a n d r s . c o m

yours_mine_ours_biz-card.indd 1


M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

... take your dreams to reality. Stop in soon to learn how easy it can be. 53 new dorp Plaza, Staten Island, NY 718-979-5450

kitchensnthings_card 1 2/22/12 8:48 AM

2/22/12 11:00 AM w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m


MAC5DES GN full service graphic design each project customized to your specific needs

s a n Ti

wayne mcLean creative director


customized web site solutions for your small to medium sized business

COSTUME CHARACTERS Inc. • Clowns • Magicians • Face Painters • • Ballon Artists • Candy Carts • • Inflatable Rides • DJ’s • 516.885.5449

Licensed and Insured

Alatsas & Taub

Tinas_costumes.indd 1


(718) 317-1834

2/26/12 4:35 PM

a family of customized

products and services Your Neighborhood Law Firm With Citywide Experience • graphic design

Call Now For A Free Consultation: 718-891-1200 • internet business



Sam’s Deli

alatsas_taub_card 1

• beauty & cosmetics

wayne mclean

• health & nutrition


• product brokerage

creative director

2/22/12 9:11 AM

BEER • HOT & COLD SANDWICHES Open 7 days a week • 5a.m.–Midnight 288 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 11223 (718) 266-0377

Sams_deli.indd 1

The Sydney Opera

2/27/12 8:23 PM

Don’t replace it – Refinish it and save A great solution for independence in the bath

• Over 20,000 Satisfied Customers • Commercial and Residential • Fully Insured and Bonded • Family Owned and Operated Business

8846 16th Ave. , Brooklyn, NY 11214 • 866-399-8827 • 718-238-8460

reglazing_plus_card.indd 1

3/6/12 8:50 PM

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


INDEX Notices to Notice section Auto Leasing

Empire Auto Leasing & Sales Infinite Leasing & Finance

Family Fun

Strike 10 Spa Di Da Carnival Kids

Health & Beauty

Harbor Fitness 3 Da Noi 5 Dr. Martingano 15 Zumba 18 Dr. Avshalomov 27 Care Pharmacy 28 Dr. Chiappetta 37 Genesis 40 Platinum Styles 68-69 Faces 71 Jet Beauty 83

61 74

28 29 29

Fashion / Apparel Raising The Barre Lester’s Bridal Dreams Ivor y & Co Always A Bridesmaid Tuxedo World

Food & Drink

Lavilla Bassett Coles Brenmans Cuccio’s Coral Bay La Strada Buckleys Luncheonette 5L’s Vito’s 3 Star Angelina’s

25 31 35 36 80 80

Home Improvement L&T Kitchen Eurohouse Your’s, Mine & R’s Mondial Tile Richmond Tile & Bath JM Synthetic Grass Precise Premier Freedom Pest Control Bay Decorators Kitchens & Things Mill Bergen Pools Dun-Rite

8-9 11 12 34 39 41 55 67 75 80 81 82 88


Jewelers Christian Adams Vick’s J.B.D.

2 35 37 & 59

40 54

Law Firms

Costello & Costello P.C. Alatsas & Taub

33 44-45

Pet Services

Christina’s Petstyles Brooklyn Zoo Petsvilla Petzlife

60 62 63 63

Real Estate

Coldwell Banker Bergen Basin Coldwell Banker Help Wanted Troiano Bedford Funding

Schools & Camps Mill Basin Oasis St. Adalber t Stepping Stones Poly Prep Academic Advantage Chess Camp Mathnasium

Water Cooler

43 57 59 60 73

17 19 21 22 22 23 24 25 84-85

Spring 2012

Standard Sudoku Puzzles by,Book 1

Puz zle

SudokuADVERTISE #1 WITH 5 4 3 1 8 9 2 7 6 9 1 2 6 3 7 5 8 4 6 8 7 5 2 4 3 1 9 1 9 4 2 7 8 6 3 5 Where 3 6 5 content 4 9 1 7is king 2 8 2 7 Call: 8 3347-492-6039 6 5 4 9 1 347-492-6040 4 2 6 8 1• 347-733-7849 3 9 5 7 For Rate Info 7 3 1 9 5 6 8 4 2 8 5 9 7 4 2 1 6 3

Sudoku #2 4 2 1 7 5 6 9 3 8 5 8 7 6 4 9 2 1 3 3 7 4 1 6 5 8 9 2

M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g  Sudoku #3 6 7 3 9 5 8

Sudoku #4 8 5 7



7 7 13 46 47 48 49 49 51 52 53 65 87

For tune Unique Goldmine




7 3 4 1 8 6 2 9 5

6 8 2 9 7 5 1 4 3

5 9 1 2 3 4 8 7 6

8 2 5 6 1 7 9 3 4

3 1 6 4 2 9 5 8 7

9 4 7 3 5 8 6 2 1

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m







Dun-Rite Renovations Where the job is always DUNRITE!


Bathrooms Finished Basements

Wood Flooring Crown Mouldings & Trim Custom Painting Windows

Granite Specialist


Free Shop at home services


Just Imagine a New Bathroom in 8 Days

718-836-RITE (7483) 9054 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn, NY

LICENSED & INSURED HIC LIC#1399338 M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g


Luxury Luxury R I S T O R A N T E

Elegance Elegance

Staten Island Advance Rates Angelina’s Ristorante

Bar / Lounge



Tel: 718-227-2900

Executive Chef Marco Zuccala

Staten Island’s Premier Boutique Caterer



M e t r o p o l i ta n L i v i n g 

Lunch Dinner Parties Catering

w w w. m e t l i v i n g m a g a z i n e . c o m

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