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Blurbpoint Media™

Specialized SEO Link Building Partner! Company Overview:

At Blurbpoint Media™, we are driven by the motto…’your goal is our goal’ and hence strive diligently towards giving utmost quality oriented services and putting the best food forward to deliver the goods in superlative degree. Our experts think out of the box to help you reach your goal in a short span of time with proven and effective internet marketing techniques also focusing on brand building strategies for your business. By selectively choosing the appropriate strategic marketing techniques that have ROI centric focus, we extend our services to promote your business through the 9 most important SEO services that would definitely make a marked difference to the traffic in-flow to your website. Getting your website search engine optimized in all aspects so as to enhance the visibility is our main objective. Our innovative and SEO-savvy experts combine and leverage a very cost effective campaign that would work wonders for your online global presence. At every walk of your business we help to tap the power of internet and maximize your profits. All the techniques used by us are absolutely white hat SEO techniques that would only promote and increase the exposure of your website. We have 250+ full-time Professionals working 24x7 and have served 1000+ clients since 2008. We are highlighting our Guaranteed Directory Submission Service in this overview.


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Blurbpoint Media™

Specialized SEO Link Building Partner!

Guaranteed Directory Submission Service Directory Submission Plan

Total Directory Submissions PR2+ Directories PR4+ Directories PR5+ Directories PR6+ Directories PR7+ Directories Manual Submission Detailed Submission Report Fortnightly Reports Submission Time


Price per submission

Plan 100 100 20+ 10+ 2+ Yes Yes 3 Days

Plan 300 300 80+ 20+ 10+ 10+ 5+ Yes Yes Yes 7 Days

Plan 500 500 150+ 30+ 25+ 25+ 15+ Yes Yes Yes 10 Days

Plan 700 700 150+ 40+ 20+ 20+ 20+ Yes Yes Yes 15 Days

Plan 1000 1000 170+ 50+ 30+ 30+ 30+ Yes Yes Yes 20 Days











For a personalized/custom quote please feel free to contact us at +1-518-444-4040 or email at; we are looking forward to a long term business partnership / contract with you.


email: | web: | : +1.518.444.4040

Guaranteed Directory Submission Service  
Guaranteed Directory Submission Service  

At Blurbpoint MediaTM, we are driven by the motto...’your goal is our goal’ and hence strive diligently towards giving utmost quality orient...