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We’ve watched shocked, and humbled, from our comfortable lounge rooms and safe studios as natural disasters have ripped parts of the world apart. Our hearts ache to help those in need at this tragic time, especially our kindred spirits, artists. We imagine precious works lost, beloved supplies gone, and a deep turmoil from which many are struggling to pull themselves with no way of knowing where to begin to rebuild. It is to this end that Method Press and all its collaborative artists have agreed to donate any profits from the premier issue to an individual artist affected in Japan and hope to bring to you a follow up feature article in our next issue that looks at how these natural disasters are affecting artists and how these artists are having to reinterpret their worlds through their art works. If this is you or someone you know, please contact us directly. Our prayers and blessings are with you all.

Method Press Issue 01  

The debut issue of Method Press. Method press is an independent art-filled quarterly celebrating low-fi thinkers. If you would like order yo...

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