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Meet Method Press Anika Toro is a mom by day/artist by night (and nap-time). She enjoys photographing the everyday beauty of the overlooked and forgotten. Loves include collaborating, listening to records, strange cameras, and comics. Catch her artwork on etsy and follow her blog at She is part of the Stealth Design Team at Method Press.

Ashleigh A. Coyner is a natural light photographer honing her skills with lots of practice on her two beautiful children and awesome surroundings. In a former life, she was a fish biologist working on the Columbia River. She is now selling her artwork on etsy and blogs at She is considered somewhat of a Design Ninja here at Method Press.

Dee Copley is a photographic artist who enjoys evoking emotion by blurring the edges of common perspective. She is currently the VP Gouda Cheeseball at Method Press. Her art tends to live at

Jen Jae Stanley lives in Austin, Texas. When not lending a hand at Method Press, she spends her time trying to capture this wide world within a tiny frame. Catch her online at or

Julia Williams is a member of the design team at Method Press. A marketing girl and published photographer by day, aspiring activist and gypsy by night, she has a penchant for shenanigans, up-cycling, gardening, travel, design, and painting. You can find her artwork at

Katie King created Method Press in 2011. She eats drumsticks bottom up and could go for a game of tennis right about now.

Mandy Bryant is a photographer from a very small town in Indiana, where she resides with her sweet little family and their two dogs. She drinks chai lattes, wears bows, and says 'yay' a lot.

Natalie Callwood is an artist, photographer and mother of three, living in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Check her work out at

Sara Montague Miller is the grammar guru who edits the magazine. She lives on the Gulf Coast with her husband, works as a full-time mental health therapist, and also sells photography at She’s also staring blankly at you from the cover of this issue.

Teresa Chipperfield is a British mixed media artist, writer and photographer who lives with her family in the beautiful state of Oregon. She is an independent business owner and a contributing features writer for Method Press Magazine. Glimpse her work at and

Victoria Bennett Beyer is a photographer and graphic designer who tries to see the glorious detail of life and to share it with others. She put together the photo spread featuring the Female Photographers of Etsy (of which she is a member). See her work at

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Method Press Issue 01  

The debut issue of Method Press. Method press is an independent art-filled quarterly celebrating low-fi thinkers. If you would like order yo...

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