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What are your favorite pieces from your own portfolio? Any of my circle prints are my favorite right now. That's really what got me attention recently. But that's not why I'm interested in them. I really like the idea of breaking out of the rectangle and how framing your work in different shapes changes their composition. I really want to explore that more.

What's your least favorite thing to photograph? I'm not sure if there are any subjects I dislike photographing. But one thing I dislike is posed photography. I'm talking about a posed shot of life, not a commercial posed shot or an artistic posed shot. I want to capture moments—moments that can't be replicated very easily. When my first nephew was born, I took a photo of him in the hospital. It was a black and white close-up of his face and in the background you could see my sister's arm and hand holding his finger. It was a precious photo. When my sister had her second child, my mom asked if I could take the same photo. I told her absolutely not because then it wouldn't be special. But I did take other photos of the baby that were special. I now have a 7-month-old girl. I do not want her learning to smile when the camera comes out. I want our photographs of her to capture moments in her life. Posed shots will just capture what she looked like, but not who she was.

I don't consider myself a photographer of people, besides my family. I'm really only interested in landscapes right now. But the idea still applies. The circular photo of Loch Ness was taken on a sunny day in March. We were riding down the loch when a pretty ugly storm blew right over us. It created the most unbelievable look in the water and sky. It was freezing cold, and water was splashing over the bow of the boat, but between breaks, I ran to the front of the boat, snapped a shot, and ran back to avoid getting wet. That moment will probably never happen again in the same way. But I got a photo of it. I think that's pretty special.

How does your music influence your art? I've noticed a lot of similarities between art forms. Like, the core of a song is the composition: chords, melody, lyrics. The same is true for fine art: lines, focal points, subject matter. And then you add color and texture to it. Those words mean the same if you're talking to a musician or an artist. I think it's pretty common to find great artists to be talented in other arts. Like I said earlier, it's the act of creating something, not the tools, that gives you the high.

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What are some things that you believe are beautiful?

To me, beauty has two prerequisites: truth and goodness. Picasso's Guernica is one of my favorite paintings, though I think a lot of people would say it's neither true nor good. It's a depiction of the travesty of war. And though its subject matter is deep, intense, and altogether difficult to take in, it's driving home the fact that war is terrible. That's true. And it pushes you away from the evil of war to the desire of peace and hope. That's good. So in my opinion, Guernica is beautiful.

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