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I think she does. She creates her work using a Nikon D300 and a range of lenses. She is trying to step out of the box more with these; Laura has made a few attempts at TtV but feels she is not quite there yet. (TtV, Through the Viewfinder photography, is a photographic technique in which a photograph is shot with one camera through the viewfinder of another camera.) In the future, Laura would love either a new D300, or in the perfect world, a D700. She also would love a Leica but then again, ―Who wouldn't!‖ she says. Laura owns a lot of vintage cameras, which she wants to start shooting with, but right now, financially, it's not an option since the cost of developing film and then scanning in the negatives is too expensive. But, she says, ―one day!‖ Laura says, about her initial connection to photography, ―I'm honestly not sure where I fell in love (with photography) . . . but I started taking classes when I was 17. I had always loved art and somehow photography felt "right" . . . yes, a cliché! But it's something I’ve left and come back to over the years. I got my degree in photography a few years back and loved it, then marriage plus moving countries meant my priorities changed. It wasn't until my husband deployed almost 2 years ago that I started taking photography seriously again. Finally, I’m finding myself in a place where I’m truly happy creatively. I firmly believe photography comes from who you are as an individual; you can't copy someone else or reproduce their work, because it lacks passion. You have to experiment and learn and discover yourself in your work to be truly happy with the outcome and yes, I have my cheesy moments!‖ I wanted to delve a little into Laura’s creative process and what inspires her. She told me, ―I'm not sure I have a process . . . sometimes I will have an idea and from that another idea and then finally, I end up with a photograph I love. Sometimes I just take the camera for a walk to find inspiration. Inspiration is a funny thing . . . it comes and it goes! Right now it's March, and spring hasn't kicked in, the pregnancy is tiring me out, and I’m working my larger-than -it-was-before behind off with my portraits (not that I’m complaining) which leaves my fine art a little lacking. Sometimes, I need to escape for a day; a place I love will speak to me over and over.‖ Other days, she says she creates ―whole series of images‖ that leave her ―grinning like a Cheshire Cat.‖ ―Sometimes I lie in bed, and it almost comes to me in a random thought (I have some of my best ideas in bed, in the shower, and when driving). Sometimes I just look around my home for things that will look pretty together or interest me. I never stop looking at what's going on around me which helps. I love when an idea works out better than I ever dreamt of when I almost "stumble" upon the perfect moment. Anything that speaks to another individual or conjures up an emotion amazes me.‖ Laura believes you can never stop learning. ―I see all these amazing photographers around me, and I want them to teach me, show me new tricks and help me find ways of improving my work. I love to take workshops and wish I had more options for these, because it opens your eyes to things you never knew existed.‖ She also added that some of the people who inspire her ―are artists who have lived the dream, so to speak, been true to themselves, and never given up. I see work on Etsy that blows my mind, then there are the more well known photographers who over the years have inspired me: Ansel Adams, Dickie Chapelle (... the woman had guts, determination & did it all wearing pearl earrings), William Eggleston, Richard Avedon . . . It’s funny, but many of those I admire have shooting styles totally different from my own.‖ When I asked Laura where she sees her life in five years, she said, ―We have another 18 months here in Germany, and then who knows . . . we're hoping for Spain or Alaska which will open me up to all kinds of new photographic adventures! I want to explore more, take more workshops, see my work for sale in stores, and of course, raise a family. I'd like to find more time for the things I love . . . I want to take photos full time!‖ She added about future plans: ―One day I would like to own a shop, sell my work, and maybe other pretty shiny things, and teach again; I love teaching.‖ In the meantime, she will be busy experiencing the magical next phase in her life, motherhood; she says she will continue to be curling up with her cats. I love the unconditional love my fur covered family members give me . . . and reading . . . books are another form of escape for me.‖ Laura will continue her passion in photography. ―There's nothing more appealing to me than getting lost amid the old streets of a little town or exploring abandoned buildings, photographing every tiny little detail that makes a place what it is.‖ And she will maintain her caring leadership role in the group fPOE (Female Photographers of Etsy) where she encourages new members to ―have fun . . . experiment . . . take advice . . . don't copy, but find yourself . . . try it all!‖ **All Pictures in this feature are courtesy of Laura Evans Photography. 39 method press

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