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FEATURED ARTIST | Laura Evans Photography Teresa Chipperfield

LOVE! LAUGH! BELIEVE! That is the title of Laura Evans’s Photography shop on the e-commerce site Etsy. This speaks volumes about the woman behind the lens. Upbeat, caring, creative, and imaginative. Laura, who comes from Cambridge, England, lives in Germany right now with her Californian military husband, and they are expecting their first child, a boy, in April. I asked her how she felt about motherhood. ―I’m excited and scared shitless... it's been a long, long hard journey to this point, which I honestly never thought would happen, so there's been a lot of nerves. Sometimes I wonder if I’m as excited as I should be, but because the journey here has been so emotionally taxing, until I hold my little boy in my arms, I won't quite believe it's happening (even though I look like I have a watermelon up my shirt).‖ She also answered my question about how pregnancy has influenced her photography : ―You know, I wanted to do a whole series of self-portraits during my pregnancy, but I seem to have managed (so far with two weeks to go) only five!! I just can't get them right. I admire so many people who have the art of self-portraits down . . . mine tend to work out more through luck than anything. But otherwise, I’m not sure pregnancy has influenced my actual photography; I’m still the same person I was, just with a lil dude growing inside me. Being a military spouse is not easy, and Laura gave me a heartfelt response when I ask her to tell me about it: ―I love my husband with all my heart; I am so incredibly proud of who he is and the life he chose . . . the same can be said for all those who give everything for their country, to serve others as active duty military, spouses and families; the things I see them give up on a daily basis are a different kind of sacrifice, and I’ve been privileged enough to meet some amazing people along the way who have helped me discover myself and lead me to the place I am today.‖ Laura has an honesty about her that is really refreshing, and she has a great sense of humor. Laura elaborated on this topic: ―Humor wise . . . many would say I don't have a sense of humor but that's simply because (and I'm sorry to say this) many American’s don't get the British sense of humor. Mine is incredibly dry, sarcastic and a little twisted at times. I really do enjoy the simple things in life. I like smart humor as opposed to things like Jack Ass (which I find pointless). I really am not sure how else to describe it and my favorite jokes really don't sound that funny written down!‖ Laura has been working on developing a home-based photography studio so that she can continue to create her beautiful and poignant images after the birth of her son. This can be a very challenging time for women to stay true to themselves in their creative work while raising a family, she discussed how she hopes to keep the balance but is unsure how: ―I'm that person you don't leave your kids with; they kind of terrify me in a way adults don't . . . The studio, for me, was something I never wanted until I fell in love with boudoir, and then it became a reality because I had a baby on the way, and I needed to be able to work more from home. In some ways, my unborn son has forced me to step out of my comfort zone and do the things I really love‖. I was interested to know what it was like to set up a first time studio. ―I put together probably the most basic studio ever . . . I own three lights and two backdrops. I made the decision to invest in good quality, long-lasting items now whilst I have the chance, and I love the way it looks. Most of my advice came from established photographers who were happy to help me out with suggestions and of course the fabulous "boudoir divas" who I turn to more than I realize. I use our basement—not very business like, I’m sure—but it's a free space!‖ Laura produces a lot of amazing photography, and I asked her which pieces she would be hanging in the baby’s room. ―So far, I have only hung a couple of images in the lil dude’s room (it's still very much a work in progress).‖ She has hung up ―all the fun of the fair‖ as well as some letterpress prints of letters and numbers that were a gift from a friend. When I asked how she would describe her work, Laura said, ―Eclectic….ME.‖ As I browse through her beautiful images, I find myself fascinated, reading the storylines they evoke. Her photographic philosophy is ―Be yourself . . . photography is about who you are as an individual … you have to love the subject matter to create the perfect image.‖

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