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If you would like to visit The Castle, please feel free to send me an email. I don’t think I saw street signs. I know, however, that if you call and are re-directed to Mr. Banks, he will be happy to meet you at the Castle. Or you can ―go down highway 411 South of Maryville for about 15 miles and stop at the corner market,‖ and he’ll meet you there and show you the way.

If you would like to read an interview with Mr. Banks or see additional photos, you can visit For more information or directions, please email A special thanks to Floyd Banks, Jr. for being so generous, gracious, and open-hearted. You make the world a better place. —-Anika Toro

**All Pictures in this feature are courtesy of Anika Toro. 37 method press

Method Press Issue 01  

The debut issue of Method Press. Method press is an independent art-filled quarterly celebrating low-fi thinkers. If you would like order yo...

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