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The Castle space spreads the word and feeling that what we want to accomplish we can. If we strive to live with good intentions, a good life will follow. You have to listen to your heart. Carvings about the castle include recipes for ―Happy Food‖ and instructions on how life could be if we all lived as nice and honest people. This inscription to the left describes Floyd Banks’ belief that it takes 7 good people to influence 1 bad. But it only takes 1 bad to influence 7 good. The world right now is imbalanced (50-50) and we need to strive to be 80% (good people) / 20% (bad people) for a good life together.

Even the many faces of Satan that appear, Banks says, are reminders that good exists; that evil tries to break the will of the good, and that good can triumph. I admit that I don’t see many of the faces that he says appear in the walls, but many do and more importantly, Banks does. He has framed all of the images of Satan in red, and all of his family members can be seen outlined and/or shaded in black. The shading does make the images appear more apparent. Banks has photos of his dad, grandmother, and Sam Houston in picture frames ready to compare the likeness to the faces on the walls should anyone wants to see and compare for themselves.

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The debut issue of Method Press. Method press is an independent art-filled quarterly celebrating low-fi thinkers. If you would like order yo...

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