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I had been here once before in the late fall, and The Castle’s mood seems to change with the seasons. Last time I came, the harvest of okra was ending; things were going to sleep for the winter. This time, I arrive just as spring is starting to show reminders of what’s to come. A lovely trail of daffodils welcomes you into the cross-laid pathway. The Pet Cemetery is surrounded by daffodils just beginning to make their annual appearance. The large crucifix that stands in front of the dozen or more tombstones (all for animals that in the past two decades Mr. Banks has cared for and/or tried to nurse back to health) with names ranging from ―Specks‖ and ―Grey Wolf‖ to ―Ranger‖ and ―Brownie.‖ Now I can see hints that some of the walls will be shadowed by honeysuckle vines and pecan trees. From the tower in the back corner of The Castle, you can see a view of the Smoky Mountains now becoming green. Mr. Banks’s crops also have a reputation for growing unusually large– huge pecans, green onions, and turnips. Should you happen to run into Banks while visiting I wouldn’t be surprised if you go home with a bag full of fresh vegetables . . . the turnips are delicious!

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